Billy & Boingers Bootleg (Bloom County Book)
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Billy & Boingers Bootleg (Bloom County Book)

4.34 of 5 stars 4.34  ·  rating details  ·  2,764 ratings  ·  42 reviews
Collectible Title Paperback
Paperback, 121 pages
Published January 26th 1988 by Little, Brown US (first published January 1st 1987)
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tessa maria lalonde
Hm, let us quote the Billy and the Boingers (well, Mucky Pup) song, "You Stink But I Love You" included as a seven inch in the first few pressings:

You make me sick
You really stink girl
You make me sick
But I love you

Friggin' brilliant. To me, maybe not to you. Opus is playing a goddamned tuba while Bill D. Cat twangs his tongue!! What a joyous cacaphony with which to make a wild rumpus!

Also, I will forever love the neurotic Michael Binkley. I will forever love him in the manner that excludes Outla...more
bloom county at it's height.

i still have my copy with the vinyl "death tongue" record inside. why can't i find this on itunes?

i grew up in iowa city in the eighties. after school i'd wander down to the arcade. i wondered, who's the adult who has the time to hang out a play video games all afternoon? somebody told me it was berke breathed. and that he was something called a "cartoonist". there began my lifelong ambition to draw pictures for a living.
another great bloom county book. i just love how bill the cat was just so anti regular comic strip. when i was younger, i always felt that when i was reading bloom county, i was reading a strip that wasn't meant for kids to read....i mean come was on the same page as the family circus and for better, or for worse.....
Dude! This came with a freaking record by Billy and the Boingers! I used to have a T-shirt from their American tour. U Stink but I Love You is one of my favorites. Seriously, this book had my crying with laughter when I was a kid. And I still love it as an adult.
Was introduced to Bloom County in the high school years. This was a laugh out loud funny book! Now I'm not as enamored with its politics, but it's still a good commentary on the times.
The older I get, the funnier Bloom County gets.

If I'm not mistaken, this book came with a vinyl recording of a couple of Billy and the Boingers singles. Brilliant.
The ESSENTIAL comic strip collection of the 1980's, and the only one that I know of to use the words "Caspar Weinberger" as a punchline.
When I was a kid, I wanted to live in the world of Bloom County where anything was possible.

I still do.
Is this the one that has the line "George Bush is a Twinkie" in it? Oh, I laughed and laughed.
My favorite of the Bloom County collections, although I love them all.
Slavoj Zizek
A charmingly snide satire of popular culture in the 1980s and all the shallow vacuousness that America drowned in during those snow-blind self-inclined hellscape days. Thank god we've moved past those problems, am I right? What? I'm not right? We're still just as stupid and self-obsessed as always? Well, shit.
A depressing look into 1980's hair metal excess. Bill the Cat's rise, and subsequent fall, as the tongue-strumming leader of the short lived, but highly influential Deathtongue almost serves as a cautionary tale for anyone with dreams of rock and roll. After alienating friends, fans, and bandmates; Bill the Cat finds himself in the Betty Ford Clinic with a monumental decision to make: risk everything for a chance at stardom, or give up his dreams and save his own life. A harrowing, introspective...more
I recently learned that what Breathed really wanted to do was make movies. Is it wrong to be pleased that he didn't immediately achieve that goal?
This was one of the most widely read books in my high school. Bloom County was massively popular in the late 80's/early 90's - I remember a talent-show featuring an Billy and the Boingers impersonation, complete with ersatz tuba.

The comics herein still funny to me today, even though this comic is very much of its time. A short Wikipedia course in contemporary American politics should bring any latecomers up to speed.
Alex Stone
Just had to get some Bloom County out there. I haven't done enough research lately to confirm that this is the best book, but I did just read it over a series of evenings before bed and enjoyed it as much as I did back in the 80's. Somewhere I have the recording of the 2 Billy and the Boinger songs that originally came with this book
Mat Brewster
For whatever reason Bloom County was the cool comic when I was in 8th grade. I have distinct memories of the cool boys bringing this one to class. I haven't read the comic since Breathed quit ages ago but I found a bunch of the books at a used book store and have been thoroughly enjoying the strip once again.
I wish I still had the square record this book came with. Every once and a while the songs will pop up on my iPod. U Stink But I Love U magically got stuck in my head while I was doing chores and that's what made me add this book to my GR lists. I love this book, such good memories.
Michael Christopher
A collection of some of the most well-thought-out and insightful comic strips ever to come out of the States: unflinchingly critical of the flaws in US culture, brutally honest about human nature, piercingly sarcastic, and unfailingly witty.
The best rock band evah....Billy and the Boingers :-)

"Take it Milo!"
"Take it where"

Bill going to Russia

"Star Trek" missle defense system

Lola Granola....sniffle.....he could have waited for me....sniffle
Mti Librarian
Everything I know about history and politics during the last 40 years I've learned from Bloom County and Doonesbury. Let me tell you, they are a whole lot more entertaining than my "History of the 20th century class".
The Bloom County books are hard to beat, though the political and cultural references may stump those who weren't aware in the 80s. Facial expressions and pure creativity show Mr. Breathed's brilliance.
A spin-off from the Bloom County comics series, with a slim vinyl recording insert of two "hits" by the Billy and the Boingers, I'm A Boinger and U-Stink-But-I-(heart)-U.
Bloom County is one of my all time favorite comic strips. What isn't funny about a penguin and a hairball hacking cat discussing politics :)?
"I don't know what 'boinging' is, but I'll bet Jim does.' — Tammy Faye Baker.
From back cover.
Devon  Start
This one came with a little record, you had to put a penny on it to make it play. plus bill the cat the rock star
Matt Kelly
The comic book collection that came with an actual playable thin plastic record with two Billy and the Boingers songs!
Hilarious. I even had the original flexible vinyl "record" of "You Stink (but I Love You). Good times.
Vaughn Grabarkewitz
Lord! I wish I still had the record! I still have the original book, bought in 1988. "Chirp, I say. Chirp".
Seriously, the best band ever created came from within these pages.
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Guy Berkeley "Berke" Breathed is an American cartoonist, children's book author/illustrator, director, and screenwriter, best known for Bloom County, a 1980s cartoon-comic strip which dealt with socio-political issues as seen through the eyes of highly exaggerated characters (e.g. Bill the Cat and Opus the Penguin) and humorous analogies.

More about Berkeley Breathed...
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