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Little Men
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Little Men (Little Women #2)

3.82 of 5 stars 3.82  ·  rating details  ·  33,618 ratings  ·  989 reviews
At Plumfield, an experimental school for boys, the little scholars can do very much as they please, even slide down banisters. For this is what writer Jo Bhaer, once Jo March of Little Women, always wanted: a house "swarming with all stages of...effervescence." At the end of Little Women, Jo inherited the Plumfield estate from diamond-in-the-rough Aunt March. Now ...more
Paperback, Signet Classic Edition, 352 pages
Published May 4th 2004 by Signet Classic (first published January 1st 1871)
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Soumia Conan she has 4 sisters the same thing in her story little women:
ANNA Bronson Alcott
Elizabeth sewall Alcott
Abigail may Alcott
do you see something??
In the…more
she has 4 sisters the same thing in her story little women:
ANNA Bronson Alcott
Elizabeth sewall Alcott
Abigail may Alcott
do you see something??
In the novel : little women there are 4 sisters
Megbeth March
Josephine March (Louisa
Elizabeth March ( the same name of Louisa's sister)
May March (the same name also)

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There is not another book in all of literature that I hold as dear as this one; I never expect to find another that gives me half as much pleasure. It would be impossible to count how many times I've read it over the years (it has to be dozens and dozens by now), and it remains a locale of constant pilgrimage, as I still return to it at least once a year. I'm always a bit nervous whenever I take it up again that my education of postmodern "isms" will have made me suddenly immune to its charms (a ...more
Travelling Sunny
When I was in the 5th grade, my mother gave me this book. Granted, it was an abridged version for children, but it was a CHAPTER BOOK, and was REALLY LONG, and was the first - absolute first - classic story that I'd ever read. I spent the next two years reading this book over and over again.

I remember having a Snoopy sticker - the nicest sticker I'd ever seen of Snoopy - and stuck it to the front cover of my book to mark it as my own.

30 years later, I read Little Women. Which I loved. And a week
I have always enjoyed these classic books. They were originally written for older children and the easy language and innocent themes reflect this. This is the 3rd in the Little Women series and follows the lives of grown-up Jo, her husband and the 12 boys and 2 girls that she teaches in her boarding school. It is full of traditional morals and is highly didactic. It is essentially a collection of short stories. As a mother, these books remind me of some of the traditional values that I want to t ...more
I found this book to be even more entertaining and heart-warming than Little Women (and I loved, loved, loved that book!). Little Women, of course, is a pre-requisite to Little Men. However, my 10 year old boy read Little Men first and still absolutely fell in love with the book and all the characters. Now, he is inspired to read Little Women (something he felt sure boys would not read)
My 13 year old girl read Jo's boys (sequel to Little Men)---loved it as well!

Here is my Little Men review I pos
Lovable hoyden Jo from Little Women has grown up and married and, along with her Germanic Bhaer of a husband, now runs a school for boys at Plumfield. In addition to her own children she's got 12 little men that she's lovingly shaping and wants to add some girls to the mix as well. Through a series of vignettes we see Jo and her charges through a series of adventures where the March family continue their almost too good to be true development of "real family values" in post civil war Massachuset ...more
Little Men is, technically, the sequel to Little Women and picks up a good numbers of years later, after Jo March and her husband, Professor Bhaer, as they start their school at Plumfield, the house that originally was owned by Jo’s Aunt March. The novel opens when Nat, a street-bound boy with an amazing ability to play the violin beautifully, shows up on Jo’s doorstep, and from then on out the story features a stable but large group of kids and their kind and guiding adult influences. The Bhaer ...more
Someone once told me that Little Men was written before Little Women. When she tried to get it published she was refused. She was told that the public wanted a story about young ladies from a woman, not young men. It was after that, that she wrote Little Women. Sometime after that became a huge success she published Little Men...I'm not certain if she found someone to publish it for finally resorted to doing it herself. This motivated me to find and read Little Men which was good....and with th ...more
I re-read Little Women, which resonated with me at age 24 going on 25 in a way that it never did when I was younger, and then since I knew nothing would satisfy me but more Alcott, I decided to keep going, since I'd never read the sequels.

Little Men is utterly charming, and you can tell that Alcott just went to town creating the school of her dreams. I told my mom about it and she said, "It sounds like homeschooling!" Each boy has his education tailored to his interests and abilities, when they
Star Rating:

4.25 stars


"With two sons of her own, and twelve rescued boys filling the informal school at Plumfield, Jo March -- now Jo Bhaer -- couldn't be happier. But despite the warm and affectionate help of the whole March family, boys have a habit of getting into scrapes, and there are plenty of troubles and adventures in store."
-Goodreads description

What I Liked:

Everything! Oh it's so hard to narrow down to just a few things what I like. I could go on for hours!
The main thing is prob
This was...boring. You can tell Alcott's heart just wasn't into writing this the way it was with Little Women. It's episodic, which doesn't bother me, except that the 'episodes' don't make you feel any closer to any of the characters. The only ones I felt close to were carry-overs from Little Women--Jo, Laurie, Fritz, etc. The kids all sort of blended together after a while, and I wasn't really invested in any of them. Spoiler in this sentence-->The death of John Brooke felt like it was throw ...more
After finishing Little Women, I dove straight into Little Men, the second volume of the series. Little Men continues some years after Little Women left of and details the life of Jo as she and her husband runs a school for young boys.
This is a charming book, almost as charming as Little Women but not quite. It also lacks the depth of the latter and reads more like a series of short stories detailing the lives of the boys attending the school.
I really liked Dan, the young wild boy who has experie
Dakle, pročitan i drugi dio koji opisuje odrastanje djevojaka, njihov odlazak iz roditeljskog doma i formiranje vlastitih obitelji...
Knjiga je puna predivnih rečenica, a na svakoj stranici se može pronaći nekoliko divnih poučnih citata.
Likovi su predivno opisani i imate dojam kao da ih poznajete; smijete se s njima, tugujete s njima, plačete s njima...
Velika preporuka svima!
Ocjena 5 :)
I was curious to see how this had been abridged to make it more palatable to modern youth. I'd read most of the original as a child but had lost interest part way though. This version at less than 100 pages is a good adaptation. (and at 5 for the dollar a good bargain!) It gives the feel of the story and could be good for young readers. Perhaps as bed-time stories. It's a bit treacley for adults but I might just dig up the original and give it a go.
I mostly remember almost crying through this entire book, because I was so upset that Jo was still married to the old German dude and not Laurie. It was fun to see the March sisters' childen, and the stories about the school were interesting. But there will always be that little part of me that wants Jo and her Teddy to be together . . .
If I had to grab just a few books out of my burning house, this would be one of them. I learned more about how to parent and educate my son in this delightful story than I have reading any other book specifically written on those subjects. It is a treasure that I will cherish as long as I remain a parent.
Moira Russell
I think the last time I read this book was about in 1989 and was surprised at how much of it I remembered. It is rag-tag and episodic, as the author herself freely admits, but genuinely involving. It gets dreadfully sentimental at many points, but so does Dickens. To a modern reader, or at any rate this one, it's interesting how much of it is an apologia for her father and his educational theories (famously his school was closed down; after Louisa's novel became best-seller, his own Record of a ...more
Faith Spinks
Unfortunately I read Jo's Boys and Little Men in the wrong order. My frustration with Jo's Boys had been that it jumped straight in with characters we did not really yet know. However, now having discovered my error I realise that Little Men does provide the necessary introduction. Now having read Little Men I shall have to return and re-read Jo's Boys.

Little Men follows the life of Jo Bhaer and her husband, the Professor, in their school now established at Plumfield, the estate she inherited fr
I have to start off by admitting that even though Little Women is one of my all time favourite books, I didn’t know it was the first in a trilogy until a couple years ago.

Not too long ago I found the second and third books in the same edition as my copy of Little Women at a used bookstore. As soon as I saw them, I knew that I needed to get them. Now I have the complete collection in matching covers. Yes, that makes me happy.

I was a little disappointed when I first started reading. I thought i
For the last 20 years this book has been one of the greatest influences over my life. The moral lessons, as are commonplace in Alcott's writing, are tender and sweet. The storytelling is so enjoyable. The characters are lovable and easy to invest in. Taken together, however, the effect is downright inspiring. LMA has proven that she knows and loves boys and their pranks as much as she loves girls and their many complexities. I am a better mother, a better teacher and a more tender wife because o ...more
I have always loved Little Women, but never much cared for the idea of little offence to all the men out there. But can you really ever top the relationships between Marmee and her daughters? Still, I'm glad I decided to have a go at this book. While it could be considered preachy, I was so grateful for the positive parenting messages--so needed in this world today!

Jo March Bhaer (who I love even better as a mother) and her husband come up with the most creative, ingenious solutions to
I like this one better than Little Women but not as much as Jo's Boys. I adore Dan from the moment he slouches in, and Tommy Bangs reminds me of my own boy. There's not as much overt moralizing here as in LW, and the scenes of domestic life are somehow a little more vibrant in their cheerful chaos. It's in this book that one really sees how perfect the Professor is for Jo, and how happy she is with a houseful of harum-scarum boys to tend. It's certainly hard to be objective about a book one has ...more
I probably judge Little Men unfairly because, well, because it's just not Little Women. I think I was expecting to much of it. I was also upset by, and this is silly, the fact that Jo turned down Teddy's proposal which then led me to view Jo's and the professor's relationship negatively. So it had a big strike against it to start with for me. Let's be honest, it's hard to top something as good as Little Women. I gave it 3 stars, it probably deserved four.
Wow, how does Jo do it!? So charming and wonderful. So practical, pragmatic, selfless and perfect for a romping house full of boys. Gotta love her and Alcott tells an amazing storyline that kept me intrigued and fascinated by it's wholesome goodness. Through her toil, insight and sacrifice Jo learns and is able to enjoy the law of the harvest with relationships, primarily those of the young ones she is trying to mold. Excellent read!
In an age where those who grew up receiving "good hidings" but very little love are at loggerheads with people who love their children most evidently but struggle to discipline them, this beautiful tale from many years ago is a beautiful picture of parenting done right.

Jo Marsh, all grown up from her Little women days, now runs a boys' school with her professor husband Fritz Bhaer. Strong in discipline, unbending in ethics, this couple grasp that sometimes the best thing you can do for a waywar
3.5/5 stars

Mari bernostalgia kembali dengan buku anak-anak jaman kita kecil dulu. Di mana anak-anak bagaikan malaikat dengan kesalahan-kesalahan yg akan membuat mereka jera. Di mana para orang tua hidup damai dan memiliki kesabaran tiada terbatas. Di mana mereka semua tinggal di rumah dengan lahan yg luas, dekat padang rumput dan sungai dan kehidupan alam lainnya. Begitulah kehidupan di Plumfield, sekolah khusus anak laki-laki (yg nantinya ada tambahan dua anak perempuan) yg dikelola Bapak dan I
This was a pretty good sequel to Little Women. I enjoyed Jo Bhaer and her husband Professor Bhaer care for the young boys of Plumfield as they taught them how to be good as well as watched their adventures unfold. I liked Teddy's prayer too as well. I enjoyed it and I hope others will check it out.
Lily Pis
È stato un tuffo nel passato, come se avessi già letto le storie di questi ragazzi, dei ragazzi di Jo
Louisa May Alcott is essentially an early form of an alternative educator. As the daughter of a man who couldn't keep a teaching job because of his alternative education views this should be no surprise. The proof of the pudding is in the eating though, and when you look at Louisa and her sister May (the model for Amy) it is evident that perhaps his methods worked. Louisa became a famous author and her sister May an accomplished artist. Both were brought up to follow their "spark".

As a book I fi
Catherine Siemann
This book is interesting for two reasons: for anyone interested in the educational ideals held by Alcott's father, Bronson Alcott, and his Transcendentalist friends, and for the presumably much larger audience who wants to know what became of Jo March and her sisters. If you're interested for the second reason, here's what you need to know:

Jo and Bhaer live happily ever and run a school for boys in Plumfield, the house Aunt March has left to her . . . and some girls, too; Jo and Laurie remain BF
Setelah mengenal para gadis yang paling dicintai dalam sastra Amerika, Meg, Jo,Amy dan Beth. Kita mengetahui kisah romantis mereka menuju gerbang pernikahan dalam Goodwives yang mengharu-biru. Maka dalam little man, kita akan melihat bagaimana Nona Jo March yang tomboi sekarang sudah menjadi Nyonya Jo Bhaer yang ceria. Bersama Profesor Bhaer suami terkasih, ia mengelola Sekolah Plumfield, sekolah khusus laki-laki . Awalnya Plumfield adalalah sebuah rumah tinggal yang diwarisinya dari sang Bibi M ...more
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First published anonymously:
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Louisa May Alcott was born in Germantown, Pennsylvania on November 29, 1832. She and her three sisters, Anna, Elizabeth and May were educated by their father, philosopher/ t
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