Super Baby Food: Absolutely Everything You Should Know about Feeding Your Baby and Toddler from Starting Solid Foods to Age Three Years
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Super Baby Food: Absolutely Everything You Should Know about Feeding Your Baby and Toddler from Starting Solid Foods to Age Three Years

3.81 of 5 stars 3.81  ·  rating details  ·  1,295 ratings  ·  307 reviews
Shows how and when to start your baby on solid foods, with detailed information on the best and safest high chair, spoons, bibs, and other feeding equipment. This book also shows how much you can expect your baby to eat and drink during the months of her first year with information on her digestive system at each age.
Paperback, 593 pages
Published January 1st 1998 by F. J. Roberts Publishing Company (first published 1996)
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While I recommend this book highly- there is invaluable information and hints for preparing your own baby food- I feel morally obligated to warn the world that the author is completely, totally nuts. You do have to wade through some looniness to get the goods. The woman is excited to have found a use for dryer lint, for the love of pete (its for playdough... not food. She's not that crazy.)
The basic premise, that you should feed your baby homemade baby food made from organic fruits/grains/vegetables is sound enough. The tips and directions for preparing said fruits and vegetables for baby consumption are also helpful. However, the author clearly has absolutely no qualifications, and is simply writing this overly preachy, at times bordering on ridiculous tome based on her own experiences. Aside from many typos and flat-out mistakes (like putting the registered trademark sign next t...more
Mar 05, 2009 Brittany rated it 3 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Anybody who wants to make their own baby food but just needs a push to get started
This book has really helped me break out of my DIY shyness. I bought all of my first child's baby food. Now, after reading this book for baby #2 I have been cooking, puree-ing and freezing my own baby food now since he started eating vegetables. The only jarred baby foods I've bought for him are for traveling. I haven't quite made Ruth Yaron's "super porridge" from organic brown rice and all the other good (but probably nasty-tasting) stuff she puts in it, but I have been feeding the baby fresh...more
A great book on introducing solids into baby's diet and making your own baby food. Making your own baby food is actually quite simple and not very time consuming. The book is very thorough and works well as a reference book to return to over and over again as questions arise.

The author does overdo it on her fear of bacteria, etc. but I figure that is just her personality type and/or she's writing a book about baby food and doesn't want to get sued.

One piece of advice that I would add, which I do...more
This book is formatted like a homemade text book. Which is weird. Also, there's a 15 step set of instructions about how easy it is to make baby cereal, starting from grinding your own grains. Perhaps their definition of easy and mine are from different dictionaries? Anyway, I didn't make it much past that. I could tell that this was not a book for me.
Mallory Hall
The cover doesn't give it away but this is an EXCELLENT source for raising a vegetarian child. There is nutritional information, recipes for baby food, time-saving tips, and some fun activities thrown in for good measure (like growing an avacado plant). The writing is VERY informal (the author includes little smiley faces after jokes) so for that reason you are going to want another book (I suggest NEW Vegetarian Baby) for nutritional research.

Even for the non-veg parents out there this is a gr...more
I was sold on making my own baby food when she brought up that commercial, jarred baby food usually has a 3 year shelf life. It does make one wonder what they're putting in that stuff to give it longevity such as that.

The recipes in the book are great and the information has been very useful. I'd feel more comfortable taking her advice if I knew her qualifications for writing a book about baby health and nutrition. As far as I can tell, her knowledge is limited to her own experiences and readin...more
Heather Endsley
A must-have if you are interested in making homemade baby food. Complete resource for how best to choose, prepare, purée and freeze any food. Complete reference guide to look up specific fruits and veggies. Also how to make baby's grains, rice, legumes etc homemade. Tons of healthy snack ideas. This book is so comprehensive it includes how to make homemade yogurt, cheese, fruit leathers, even play dough. This is my essential guide for how to serve my kids the healthiest foods possible. I agree t...more
Dec 12, 2007 Lisa rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: new parents
Shelves: parenting
Life outside the jar. Baby food jars, that is. This book is good for health-conscious parents, especially those believe pre-made foods are truly time-saving, or just 'as good as' fresh, whole foods. The author gets a bit too obsessive with detail, but the focus on vegetarianism (nope your kid doesn't 'need' meat!), attention to developmental readiness, and tips on batch preparation and storage are worth it.
Leatha Adams
There are some great pros to this book, but I think it also has some big cons.
The pros. This book really helped me figure out how to start feeding baby. I like how she lists foods for every month and baby's changing needs. This books is nuts and bolts. Absolutely anything you want to know about feeding your baby healthy food is in here making it a great reference book. I love how she lists just about every fruit and vegetable in the back and how to prepare them, how to ripen the specific fruits...more
Very good and quite thorough, however would love to see a companion site or forum setup for finding and sharing recipes as the recipes in the Appendix just give you a limited set of possibilities. Preparing, Cooking and Serving your child proper food with excellent nutritional value is becoming harder and harder every day. Processed foods are tough to avoid, as are the depressing introductions of genetiically modified foods into the human (and indeed the Earth's) food chain.

More advice on organ...more
Jaymie Starr
this is a wonderful, extremely helpful tool in learning how to feed your baby, toddler, children, family! A friend of mine gave it me when our 2 oldest were pretty little and I've used it with all four children. I made yoghurt in our gas oven in Texas using this book as a manual & it always turned out amazing. I now have a yoghurt maker which makes it a little easier but not neccesary with this book in hand. I think her perspective on meat is a little extreme and just a tad harsh but the ave...more
Nov 17, 2008 Jill rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Parents
Recommended to Jill by: Karlin (I used to work with at Scirex)
This book is wonderful for making your own baby food. It's definitely the most comprehensive book I've ever seen. In fact, it probably (no, definitely) has too much information. It's broken up into chapters by age, and it tells you what to expect at this age and what different foods you can start introducing.

My favorite part of the book is in the back. It's got a huge reference that is in alphabetical order. Let's say you look up Avacados (surprisingly, this is a really nutritous food for begin...more
Stephen Heverin
I have held off a while in writing the review to take some time to think about it and figure out how I was going to write this review and what I was going to rate it. I am conflicted because there is some really good content in this book, but there are two big issues with the book that really detract from the good content that it has.

The first issue is that throughout the book the author takes condescending attitude towards the reader, in talking down and essentially dictating how certain foods,...more
Honestly, I haven't finished it. It's just not one of those kinds of books. It's one you skim through and use what works for you. For instance, recipes - I do want to try the "Super Porridge" and some other things, but my little one has been going 50/50 with homemade and (organic) commercial food. Not to mention, it goes into toddler stuff, which I'm not yet at with my 10-mo old. So no need (or time and memory) to bother with those sections yet. I say "it's ok" because I think the author is a li...more
This book is geared toward parents who plan to make their own baby food; however, it could also be used as a resource for any parent preparing to introduce their baby to solid food. In addition to numerous baby food recipes and storage tips, it contains a lot of valuable information on things like nutrition and portion sizes, and when and how certain foods should be introduced. It gives parents meal ideas beyond the typical rice cereal, carrots, peas, and bananas fare in order to help them rais...more
What I love about this book is that it presents a complete nutritional, homemade diet for your baby. It isn't just how to make baby food and store it , but it provides an entire meal schedule to ensure proper nutrition. This is what I love. It would be so easy to go to the store and buy some cereal and some fruit and veggies in jars and not get the proper nutrition. This book makes it easy for you to figure out how to do that.

She does have some bizarre dietary additives, but you can always choos...more
While I appreciate the amount of research Yaron put into her book, I wouldn't recommend it to first time moms. She recommends a lot of foods that are high allergy foods, like nuts and doesn't mention appropriate ages to introduce them. However, this is probably the best reference on vegetarian food for babies and toddlers out there. She even goes into the science of the proteins and how to combine foods to get the most nutrients out of them. Overall her food suggestions are healthy and she does...more
Jen Hayes
Incredible book with a range of topics. This is not a cookbook, although it does include many recipes. List of chapters:
Part 1: Feeding your Baby
1. Beginning solid foods: When? What's first? How much?
2. Feeding area and equipment-cleanliness and hints and tips.
3. Baby's very first meal-how to do it.
4. Food allergies.
5. Safety warnings. Ruth Yaron gives a plethora of them, but all of them are sound advice.
6. How much should my baby eat?
7. How much should she drink?
8. Vitamin supplements.
9. Mealt...more
Super Baby Food by Ruth Yaron is about making homemade baby food for your infant and toddler. I found a lot of the book quite informational and a good resource for keeping your child's diet varied and nutritionally balanced. It also had easy ways to make stuff like homemade fruit rolls and arts and craft type of things.

However, she is a little alarmist about bacteria and meat. Sometimes you wonder how the human race managed to survive without refrigeration and anti-bacterial soap for so long. An...more
First of all, if you pick up this book and are semi-intelligent you can skip to chapter 19. I can't stand how in America everyone feels like they have to cover every tiny detail that should be common sense so that they don't get sued. That is what the bulk of this book is. There are 560 pages (all of which I did not read), and the useful information could be condensed down to maybe 100. For example, on the list of foods to avoid before you child is THREE are popcorn, marshmallows, blueberries, a...more
Anthony St. Clair
Oct 10, 2011 Anthony St. Clair rated it 3 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: New parents who can take things with a grain of non-sterilized salt
Shelves: family
A friend recommended Super Baby Food. While I'm glad I've read through it, I feel somewhat meh about it. There is good tactical info on introducing a baby to foods (such as give them one new food at the time, and give it to them in the morning, so if there's a reaction it's more likely to happen during the day, not the middle of the night).

However, recipes are difficult to find, and are not in standard recipe format (except for a larger listing in the back of the back). Much gusto is made about...more
First the negative. There is so, so, so much information in this book, and a lot of it is repetitive. You have to do some wading at times to get through the glut of info, not all of which is helpful, and you also have to take some of the author's recommendations with a grain of salt. Always go with what your pediatrician recommends. There are also some purely silly recommendations (see: uses for dryer lint).

And now the positive. I think the main thing I took away from this book is that you can a...more
I think that the author is a tad over cautious, as in, there is a warning about something ever other line or so. There are also a lot of strange tips that I found a bit unnecessary and just plain weird.

That said, I really liked her philosophy, and the directions are pretty flawless. My kid is just NOT a good eater generally, so we didn't get much use out of the recipes, although I found them tasty - at 3 he's only now interested in pancakes and finger foods, so getting him to eat tofu balls any...more
VERY interesting. I think I'm still 'digesting'... ha! Get it?... still digesting everything that she talked about. There was WAY too much info in there. Holy cow. But I can't complain because ALL of my questions were answered. The best advice I can give anyone reading this book is to take it small bits at a time. I've started with the steaming, pureeing, freezing of fresh produce. And now I'm moving on to the Super Porridge, which I'm really excited about. There is no way that you can do it all...more
I'm so grateful for this book! The information is great to have, and it's organized well enough that it's useful to have around as a reference in the kitchen. I learned a lot from this book, not only about preparing baby food, but about nutrition in general. And her instructions really make preparing baby food easy, inexpensive, and accessible, even for the busiest of parents.

My one criticism of it is that she recommends the microwave for EVERYTHING. For someone who is so obsessed with health an...more
This book has some good information, however it is poorly edited, wordy, disorganized, and repetitive. The information could have been presented in a more concise way in about 150 pages. The author also gave her opinion very freely, often stated that "you should never..." do certain things or feed your baby (or 21 year old child) certain foods, comments which were inappropriate.
Apr 09, 2008 Tamar rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Parents of young children
At first, I wasn't much impressed with this book - it seemed like it had its own complex system of doing things and I'm not big on "systems" not of my own devising. However, reading though more, I've come to appreciate its comprehensive coverage and the many options it gives parents, all with a degree of openness. To give just one example, when Yaron gives suggestions for packaging homemade baby food for storage in your freeze, she suggests several methods, including easy and standard ways of do...more
I got some good ideas for foods to try with Muffin, but overall the book was super complicated. It's billed as easy baby food for people who don't like to cook. I like to cook, so maybe that's my handicap in understanding this book. Too many charts and graphs and cross-references to other pages. I don't know what's easy about that.

I had a hard time with the preachiness about breastfeeding and using only certified organic foods. The author also seems to think that everyone is a stay-at-home mom...more
Jan 05, 2008 Annette rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: New Moms & Dads who don't want to choke their babies with Rice Krispies
Man, I wished I had read this book before I gave my 4 1/2 month old baby a spoonful of sweet potatoes and rice cereal.

I've learned so much already from just the first 30 pages. For instance, I am so dumb I thought "rice cereal" was like...Rice Krispies. NO! It's like Cream of Wheat!!! So here I was with my husband forcing my poor baby to swallow freaking rice puffs and saying "I can't believe our pediatrician would recommend feeding such a young baby such a huge choking hazard." DUMB DUMB DUMB.

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