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Citizen Girl
Nicola Kraus
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Citizen Girl

2.38 of 5 stars 2.38  ·  rating details  ·  5,341 ratings  ·  611 reviews
Citizen Girl is the sophomore effort from Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus, whose Nanny Diaries sent Park Avenue mothers running for cover and catapulted the duo to cult-like status amongst gossip literature's elite. This time around, our heroine is Girl, a twentysomething women's studies major whose liberal arts education led her to believe that saving women from worldwid ...more
audio, Abridged
Published by Random House, Inc. (first published September 7th 2004)
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Nikki Boisture
Dec 04, 2013 Nikki Boisture rated it 1 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Only my dearest enemies.
Recommended to Nikki by: No one, thank god. I would disown anyone who recommends such id
Dear Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Krauss:

Please stop. Stop writing books. OK, The Nanny Diaries had it's moments and was a compulsively readable little tale. Congratulations, your first book was successful and made you probably richer than you'd ever dream possible. Why didn't you just stop when you were ahead?

You must realize that Citizen Girl is absolutely abhorable. I wanted to give it zero stars, but I didn't want anyone to think I had forgotten to rate it.

Your protagonist (the idiotically n
Mar 01, 2008 Amanda rated it 1 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: a blind slug
This book tried to be super clever and witty, but I knew it was doomed once I realized that the main character's name was actually 'Girl' (and it wasn't just her boss being disrespectful by saying "Hey Girl!") and another main character's name was 'Guy'. Other 'clever' names consisted of Buster, the boyfriend, and 'My Company, Inc', the employer. That showed the authors were trying just a little too hard...

From there, it just got annoying as the writing was choppy and new characters and situati
Dec 04, 2013 Patty rated it 1 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: idiots, masochists
Shelves: chick-lit, crap

I should have put it down as soon as I realized the main character's name was "Girl." No, really. And her boss is named "Guy"! And her boyfriend is named "Buster"! And the woman brought in to reorganize her company is named "Manley"! Wow, authors, you're so smart, your readers will never figure that out! ... wait.

1. Girl is not at all a likable character. What a whiny cliche of feminism. I have a hard time reading a book when I find nothing to connect with or like about any o
Jan 23, 2010 Lauren rated it 1 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: no one
Why I am even bothering to review this crap of a book, I don't know. There is nothing more unsatisfying than spending time reading a bad story. Thankfully it was a quick read because there was no point to the plot, you could skip over paragraphs and be fine.

I'm hugely disappointed as well as unsatisfied because I expected more from the authors of the actually funny "Nanny Diaries". But man, did they fail to deliver with this story. It read more along the painful lines of "The Devil Wears Prada",
Andrea be honest, I am not sure why I even finished this book. What was supposed to be cute, clever....or maybe a cynical, eye opening, thought-provoking look at corporate culture just ended up being stupid. Seriously stupid.

The main character was named Girl? And the boyfriend character was named Buster? And the boss was named Guy? And the company was called My Company? And the investors were called The Bank? Seriously? This not only left me confused at the start of the book, but it also serv
"Citizen Girl" is meant to be a satire of corporate consultation. The emphasis on sexuality in the workplace is meant to criticize, but, like the main character Girl, seems to whine. "Citizen Girl" is an example of chick lit, meant to be intelligent, that is banal and uninteresting.
While Girl does face a few serious dilemmas, the writing tone implies that she's more interested in whining about her problems than fixing them. Her co-workers and friends seem to have a similar perspective. The only
after reading the nanny diaries, i expected more from these authors. it seemed like the same basic story told in a different environment and setting. and naming the main character girl was kind of annoying as well.
Janet Morris
I've read other reviews that were unforgiving about the way that this particular novel was written, and while some have their points, others seem to miss the charm and wit of the book. Yes, there are issues, but have we ever truly seen a perfect book? This book has some good qualities in it, but it also shows us that we need to really examine our society and our way of life.

The character names were commonly used to critique the book because they were completely generic, but the point of having n
Rachel McCready
While this book's main character, Girl, didn't have the charm of Nanny from The Nanny Diaries, she did resonate with me in her frustration: under bosses who expect the most and give the least, boyfriends who leave her guessing, and family that seems to have no idea what the world is really like.

Like The Nanny Diaries, Citizen Girl's readability comes from the reader's disgust with the supporting characters. As you read, McLaughlin will have you screaming "What!?" and groaning with shared humili
Um. What was this?

I read The Nanny Diaries a few years ago and found them a quick, brainless read. So when I had a bit of a cold and saw this at the local library, I thought it would be good to read over the weekend while fighting some viruses and hanging out on my couch. Well, wrong.

Apparently this is a satire, and it is certainly exaggerated in all possible ways, but what exactly was this trying to tell me?
Everyone in this book is meant to appear very archetypal by having names like "Girl", "G
Aug 22, 2007 Snarky's rated it 2 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: weekend novelists, people who like the learning annex
Omg, this was in the "Take us we're FREE" bin so I did. I am curious why a fiction book of chick lit variety would need two authors and I'm going to find out despite the dire warnings from people who love me.
Initially, it was bad. Girl, the main character, wasn't likable and in the first few chapters, you didn't know where the story was going and I was just like, "Yeah, yeah, is it the last page already???" But despite of that and the bad reviews I caught online, I continued reading because I believe that every author deserves the chance... to be given a second chance. And the premise of the story was highly interesting for me, if not relatable, because Girl here was trying to sort her life with a n ...more
You know how I always refer to the lead in the book as Girl and the future love interest as Dude? I do that mainly because I am always behind on the reviews and I can't remember the names of anyone. This book pretty much did that throughout the whole book and it was super super annoying. Everything was rreferred to something super generic and while it kept everything straight, I was kind of annoyed by it.

Girl works for some rah-rah women's organization whose head is insane and she is fired. Half
Was enticed to buy this because of its $4 price tag on Borders' Bargain Bookshelf. The blurb is good -- "satire ... highlights key issues (do you have to look hot to get ahead?) for women in today's workplace" -- but is entirely misleading. This is "sophomoric" in that it's the authors' second book (they also wrote "Nanny Diaries") and that it's just so dumb.

The main character's "name" is Girl, and other characters are called by descriptive words instead of traditional names. It took me a few c
How did this book get published? If I could only give this book a ranking of 0, believe me I would. This has got to be the worst chick lit book I've read in quite a long time. I always try to give books a chance -- by actually finishing it -- but with this one, I just can't bring myself to do so.

"Citizen Girl" is the sophomore effort from McLaughlin and Kraus, who debuted with "The Nanny Diaries". This time around, our heroine is Girl, a twentysomething women's studies major whose liberal arts
Jun 22, 2009 Jaclyn rated it 1 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Absolutely Nobody
I read this book only because I needed to read an unpopular book for the Summer Reading Challenge and this was the most appealing choice on the list. I don't know if my awareness of the fact that so many others hated it colored my impression of the story or not, but I tried to go into it with an open mind despite that. In an attempt to try to make the best of it, I purposely did not read Nanny Diaries so that I wouldn't have the high expectations that book apparently set for so many readers. Now ...more
Maybe one of THE worst books I've ever read. I just kept going, hoping it would get better somehow. But it never resolved into anything at all, and I am sorry I wasted the time. The characters were all entirely unsympathetic - the main character was whiny and I had so much trouble empathizing or feeling any sort of sorry for her. Usually I love when a story is based at all in Connecticut; this time, I was ashamed that she was presumably FROM Waterbury (it's barely mentioned). The storyline is a ...more

I've read three books by these authors that I enjoyed. However, I have no idea what they were thinking when they wrote this book! Whatever thoughts they had of a best seller feel through. If you have any self-preservational skills, they will definitely come in handy if you find yourself wanting to even read the synopsis. Supposedly, Girl (yes that is her name, which really isn't the problems seeing has the nanny in Nanny Diaries was referred to as Nanny) is a heroine, unless my definition of a
Katy Knapp
One word sums up my feelings for this novel: mehhh. The plot has great potential. The story is about a young woman in NYC who has aspirations of making a difference in the world by working for non-profits. There could be a truly inspirational "girl power" story here. Instead, the authors create non-sensical scenarios and shallow, boring dialogue. I could care less about every character in the book - including the protagonist, who the authors just call "Girl." I am still baffled about why they gi ...more
I don't even know wtf was going on with this book. It started out all cute about some girl in an office in New York and she was writing a paper to present at a feminist conference and then it just started spiraling out of control. She got a job at a company that looked great and started dating a guy who seemed cool (if a bit manipulative) and then the company kept trying to exploit women and the boyfriend never stopped being a dick. The girl (whose name is Girl, in case you couldn't figure out i ...more
how utterly depressing. you think it can't get worse after the ending of The Nanny Diaries but then it does.

the authors employ the same trope of using "Girl" as the main character's name, her boss is "Guy", the person she dates is "Buster", another character (a woman) is named "Manly". they obviously think they are sooo clever and so much smarter than their readers.

the problem is, the book tries to be about women, and feminism, and the way women identify, and why women are afraid to be identi
Jun 24, 2008 Anna rated it 1 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: absolutely no one
Shelves: chick-lit, fiction
I should have known this would be a horrible book. There was a shelf full of autographed copies sitting at Borders and they were selling at a discounted price. Gee, I wonder why... Plus, the cover looked looked it was trying way too hard to look cool. But silly me just assumed it was a good deal so I bought it. Silly me. It was not.

This book was tragically bad. The main character was not likable and I didn't care at all about her problems. None of the supporting characters were interesting eith
Robin Cicchetti
Girl is a born and bred liberal feminist who wants to change the world, and also make a living wage. Set in NYC we follow her descent in the capitalist inferno, each twist becoming more bizarre than the last. Witnessing the heroine justify that every compromise with her beliefs is somehow justified simply made me feel dirty. This writing team is very clever and often snicker-out-loud funny, as they proved with their entertaining bestseller The Nanny Diaries. While that book provided a few peeks ...more
Maybe you haven't been on the wrong side of the Want Ads, degree(s) in hand but no experience and really no clue what you want to do in life. So you take a job that looks good, you think will make you feel good, and if anything makes ends meet. That's basically what Citizen Girl is about. I don't understand the low scoring on this book. I have always felt that this book was about me. Well, not entirely as I'm not in New York and don't have access to nearly as many crazy things as our heroine, bu ...more
There is absolutely nothing remarkable about this book. It reads sort of like a Devil Wears Prada without the humor or caring about the characters at all.

I've had my share of bad bosses, so I could relate a bit to Girl's plight. However, I didn't think she rang true as a feminist or a person (to be quite honest). I didn't like her, I didn't feel bad for her, and the ending was a little too late for me to feel like she finally had some convictions.

Stick with the Nanny Diaries, as least there wa
Jun 10, 2010 Cathy marked it as to-read  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: audiobooks, chick-lit
Taking a brief break while I listen to the Carrie Diaries! Will return right after, Girl! This book has been so funny so far...and I"m so happy I listend to the audio version instead of reading it because the narration is a riot. I now know what ROFL stands for:)

Okay I've given up on concentraiting on this one..maybe it's a book I'd be better off reading...I really enjoyed the first few chapters but couldn't pay attention for the past 4 discs (at least)! It's more me than the I"m going to
Camille Mccarthy
This was a very strange book. I've never read "the Nanny Diaries" but I enjoyed the movie a lot so I thought this book would be a fun girl-read (like the book version of a chick-flick). However, this book was a lot darker than I expected. It follows Girl, an idealistic feminist whose mother runs a writer's colony and prefers to be called "Grace" instead of "Mom." Girl gets fired from a feminist NGO where her boss is ordering her around like a child and giving her absolutely no independence. She ...more

"Citizen Girl is the sophomore effort from Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus, whose Nanny Diaries sent Park Avenue mothers running for cover and catapulted the duo to cult-like status amongst gossip literature's elite. This time around, our heroine is Girl, a twentysomething women's studies major whose liberal arts education led her to believe that saving women from worldwide oppression was as easy as reporting for duty at her local feminist non-profit. As Girl soon learns, no job is ever as i
I keep seeing the words "parody" and "satire," and having read this all the way through (that fact alone will remain the biggest mystery of my life), I get the feeling that the writers and those gushing over this catastrophe have a smug "you're obviously not smart enough to get it" attitude ready for any and all (the vast majority of the literate public) who are appalled by this travesty on paper. Like, "Yes, it's disgusting." Wink, wink. "That's the beauty of it."

If that's the thought behind th
Joanna Mcdonald
Really good book all about how a woman (Grace) struggles with her career, family and relationships.

Easy reading and is a feel good book.

Grace is a hardworking and determined young woman who won't let anyone stand in her way of promotion. She can be a bit naive in the working world sometimes and this leads to her being let down alot, but she manages to dust of her slingbacks and jumps back on the horse.

Good book about how determination can get you far in your career.
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Kraus graduated from New York University's Gallatin School of Individualized Study. She met Emma McLaughlin while both were attending New York University, and working as nannies. She lived as a child at 1000 Park Avenue, whose residents she claims inspired some of the characters in her fiction.
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