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Intuition (The Premonition, #2)
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Intuition (The Premonition #2)

4.31 of 5 stars 4.31  ·  rating details  ·  16,363 ratings  ·  646 reviews
I don’t open my eyes so I can’t see him, but I can smell him. He thickens the air I breathe, choking me with his scent…his aroma. I shiver. I have to resist. If I’m not strong, then I will be relegated to the same fate as this predator whose sickness infects me even now. But now, I crave him and he knows that; he has been counting on my need to end the gnawing pain. How he ...more
Paperback, 394 pages
Published December 22nd 2011 by Createspace
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Wow.. I think I need to get my breathing under control for a minute before I begin this review... *sigh*

Where do I begin? The book started off right where I wanted it to, with Reed and Evie and their intense and breathtaking romance. Then there is Evie gaining even more strength and kicking major ass. The practice fight scene with Reed was majorly hot. She is finally getting strong enough that she might be able to consummate her relationship with Reed and the intense agony of waiting the whole b
I had hoped that this book would be better than the first, but I think it was actually worse.

This book seemed to be mainly about (view spoiler)
Tanja (Tanychy) St. Delphi
May 09, 2014 Tanja (Tanychy) St. Delphi rated it 1 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: people who love Spanish soap operas, telenovelas or whatever they're called
I'll try to mark all the spoilers here, but if you haven't read the book one and you're planing to then don't read my review.

Here goes the rest of the story, so shall we?!

Like I said the book one finished with our love triangle. So yes, now that another boy Russel is angry on our little girl Evie cause in the meantime she transformed him into (view spoiler). She is left with "the love of her life" Reed (he is the hot angel if you're confused) and so life goes o
H ∞Δnother book Junkie∞
Intuition (The Premonition, #2)
BY: Amy A. Bartol
Read review for first book InescapableHERE

Intuition is the second book of the Premonition series. This series just keeps on getting better and better. The events are better, more intense and more evolved. In the first book Inescapable, Amy A. Bartol presented a GREAT characters, in this one she did not disappoint, she keeps on her fabulous characters. I have never EVER read a book that i loved EVE
4.5 Stars

Intuition- the second book in the Premonition series- Just as good as the first for me! I have to keep reading, because I need more REED!

 photo 7b662f09-7532-45cb-9192-0f063a31a04c_zpsbfd66dde.jpg

We get to meet a lot of new characters in this one, and the paranormal love triangle goes to a square...

My main man- Reed
 photo 79b06076-b4b1-4608-8dba-3da9c4026f5e_zpse14e83b0.jpg
“I didn't really begin to live until I met you.”

We have Reed. Evie wants Reed, she loves Reed, but she also wants to protect Reed. She will do anything to protect him, even if that means not being with him for a while.

Then we h
Feb 26, 2015 Laz rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: angel lovers
Do you want a book with angels? Do you have a thing for breath-taking romances? Do you like action? If your answer to these are yes, yes, yes then you should go ahead and read this series without a hint of doubt.

While this, in a way, was better than the first book I shall reserve my 5-star rating for the rest of the books.

This book follows Evie and Russell as they run away. From everything and everyone. Find out why.

This book also introduces us to Brennus, who's a Gancanagh and a Highlander. You
4.5 kickass stars

Wow, this book took me by surprise! I really enjoyed the first book in this series, but everything is kicked it up a notch in this one, and I couldn’t get enough!

Evie is recovering from the events at the end of the last book, and by her side is her loving and faithful angel, Reed. OMG, I love him! Evie and Reed are solid together, and the swoon is gorgeous as they take stock of all they have been through think forward to the future.

“And then, there is love … an emotion I have ne
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Much like the first book in the series, I'll give this one 3 stars. Some parts were much better than others. All in all, even with the "negatives" listed below, I do think this book is stronger than the first book.

Quick aside. Some people think that 3 stars is bad. And for a lot, maybe it is. I rate a little differently. I see star ratings more as a bell curve:

1 star = bottom 10%
2 stars = between 10% and 30%
3 stars = between 30% and 70%
4 stars = between 70% and 90%
5 stars = top 10%

So for
I love this series, and I absolutely adore the characters in this book.
Reed, Evie, Russell, Zephyr... Even the strangely named Buns an George... They are all like family to me now. I love them all. Strangely, I am also pulling for some of the new villains in this most amazing sequel--everyone loves a bad boy with a soft spot, you know?
I have one MAJOR critique, however: Russell's "southern accent" ticks me off.
I was raised in the South. I have lived in Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Arkansas, and
Merve  Özcan
Neler oluyor neler :D
What to say about this?

It's about a step up from a train-wreck.

The plot is remotely interesting, not original, but interesting enough.
I would have given a higher rating if the author could have restrained herself during the dialogue of the heroine and her boyfriend. Every four seconds they are reaffirming how much they love each, how the other one is perfect, how blessed they are to be in love with that person, how the world was dark before the other person came into their life, how happy they a
My fangirl heart~

"Kiss me like you wanna be loved."

This song by Ed Sheeran kept on playing in my head while I read this book. No, it’s not a cheeseballs, Nicholas Sparks type of book. Good heavens, no. It’s actually jampacked with action!

Intuition by Amy Bartol is too much for me to bear. All my feelings, all my hormones–they all went on a rage. (Brace yourselves for a downpour of incoherent fangirl feelings and spoilers…)

Evie and Russell left. They left my sweet, darkly romantic avenging warrio
Konica Sh
In one word: This book bored me to death.

The story started at quite a good pace, however, to my dismay, it started to stink when Russel started telling the story in his southern accent. And again, when I thought it couldn't get any worse Brennus had to enter the picture with his irish dialect.

About the half angel heroine, Eveie, the fisrt book promised her to be strong and independent. My hope increases as everyone in the second story was complementing her to be strong and dangerous. However, it
This one wasn't as good ad the first one. Therefore I would give it 4.5 mostly because Reed wasn't in it as much as Russell and he got really annoying. However he was present a lot towards the end and the ending is HOT.
I really like the new additions and the way things are looking toward ther next book.

In this one Evie sees the danger she poses to those around her and decides to leave hoping to save Zee and Reed from becoming traitors to the dominion but things aren't looking or panning out as
Bartol has potential as a story teller, but oh. my. gosh. I want to punch Russell in the face. HOW can you not know what "y'all" stands for? "Y'all" means "You all." As in, speaking to MORE THAN ONE PERSON! Every time he says "y'all" and he's just talking to Evie, I do a facepalm. Y'all is PLURAL, for YOU ALL. You do NOT use it when speaking to just one person! Also, Southern people DO say "you." Quite often, in fact. I very rarely say "ya." I very rarey hear anyone else say "ya," either. Lots o ...more
Quinn Loftis
Ok, so I don't remember if I told Amy this when i finished this one but thank you for not beating the whole love triangle like a dead horse. I'm personally not a huge love triangle fan. I can appreciate the fact the sometimes a girl has to pick between to great guys...but pick already, ya know. Any ways, I really appreciate the fact that Amy didn't drag it out and that Evie, though she struggles with the emotions that connect her to both guys, makes a choice and sticks to her guns. Another reall ...more
To start off. I do not understand the logic in leaving to save people. Has no one but myself heard of strength in numbers? I understand that this is fiction but what does it really say about how we as humans think strategically. I mean what good can one possibly do by leaving? You end up worrying the people you left and they end up being so distracted that they end up captured or worse DEAD. If ever I were in a situation where every supernatural being out there either wanted me as their "pet" or ...more
Alright so, like the last, this was a good read. Fewer dialogue issues this time around but the pacing still leaves something to be desired. I find myself skimming sometimes just to get forward in the story. It's good to see the author taking advantage of the different possibilities her plot and world create for the characters. It's getting a bit tiring however with practically every male of every species falling madly in love with the main character - I mean, really?! Ugh - use a different plot ...more
Let's start with the fact that I LOVED inescapable!! But this book was started out great but then it turned bad. I'm sorry but I HATE Russell!!! He is so annoying and always getting in the way!! And Evie became so much more irritating as the book went on.

Spoiler Alert!!

How could she just leave Reed like that?!? He did everything for her and she put the idea in her head that she's "protecting" him by leaving him and running away! She made everything worse a
This review may contain some minor spoilers so read at your own discretion.

So, this series went from relatively bad-ass to kick-me-in-the-shins and beat me silly bad-ass! What a great second edition to the series. Amy Bartol has a way of writing that leaves you craving more…. and more. Seriously!

Intuition starts off with more of Evie and Reed so it was all good for me as their relationship is so wonderfully intense that it knocks my socks off! The scene at the beginning when they are demolishing
I am really enjoying this series. I was completely surprised when I read the first book of the series and the second did not disappoint.

The romance between Evie and Reed was just as wonderful and the author does a great job in making me emotionally attached to them. Although there were times where Evie was a bit frustrating as her thoughts would sometimes stray to Russell. I hope that in the third book, Evie is completely over the whole soul mate issue and Russell finds a new love interest.

A ne
Mags~CVAddikt~Your shock-wave whisper has sealed your fate
Not as good as the first one of the series ....

What I liked .... the last 40% was pretty good.

Mhhh ... I hate Russell and Brennus.

Worst characters ever!!!

And what's with the accent!!??? They are a TORTURE to read!!!
May 18, 2012 Erin rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Fans of Hush, Hush, Existence, and Twilight
How many ways can my heart be torn apart from one story??!! Well, I think Amy Bartol is bound and determined to find the answer with this series, because Intuition tore me apart, spat me out, and stomped me to bits, and my heart is in need of some serious down time right now!! Amazing sequel, and this series has passed Hush, Hush for my favorite angel story!

For those that read Inescapable and loved it like I did, be prepared for this sequel! It's not just a continuation of Reed and Evie trying t
Hmm ok...This book was very much the same as the last, it's the story line that was keeping my interest and now even that is waning. The forced slang in an attempt to be "cool" is ever present. Now there is a love square and I despise love squares although this one seems to be interesting given the latest addition to the mix is some kind of faerie vampire, but now she has to worry about hurting three men instead of just two and that in itself is arduous, in addition to her becoming predictable. ...more
Damm this book was awesome. It broke my heart, but it was great.
I loved the first book, but this one took everything to another level. It’s a shame how this series didn’t get much attention. Because seriously, this series is so good that it’s now one of favorites paranormal stories.
I don’t know what I loved the most the beginning or the end. Both were so beautiful and so perfect. Oh no actually the end was better.
I love these characters. Reed is so perfect. I’m in love with him.
4.5 stars

Celeste’s review: Great follow up to the first book, Inescapable! I dove right in and was loving all the smoochiness between Reed and Evie. But of course it doesn’t last because Evie accidentally opens a portal and “shadowman” tries to kill her. Dammit! This dials up the intensity and makes it very, very clear that the hunt for Evie is very, very real. There definitely were some agonizing moments and I was turning the pages faster than I could read them.

The next part of the book was fro
Michelle's Paranormal Vault of Books

Oh My God!! This amazing sequel to Inescapable is so heart wrenching! How many ways can my heart be torn apart. Amy did an amazing job of bringing these intense emotions to life. I felt like I was Evie, what she had to go through just tore me up. She was so strong, and I felt everything with her. In a way, I was glad some of the depression parts were then switched to Russel’s point of view, otherwise, It may have made me depressed with her even more. But, I really did not like being in his head
Ok. Deep cleansing breaths. Stepping off the roller coaster ride of a story, that this book is. I really loved the first book, but honestly this one is even better, and that rarely happens with a series. This story was distracting, and intense. I had to tear myself away. I read alot on the train to and from work, which for some parts was not the best idea, i.e when Evie listens to her voicemail messages from Reed. Held back tears, so I wouldn't be embarrassing myself in public.

I do need clarify
May I just say that this is one of those books that end up being better than the first (which is kinda rare these days)
First of all, i read this book in one sitting 'cause i couldn't put it down. So i started reading this book with the usual 'yeah, yeah, she's gotta train, watch out for alfred and now she's going to try to save all her friends'. Typical main character behavior. But that's where it kind of all went wayward.
Ok, so i absolutely loved the training session where Russel reveals that E
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Author of Inescapable: The Premonition Series (Volume 1), Intuition: The Premonition Series (Volume 2), Indebted: The Premonition Series (Volume 3) , and Incendiary: The Premonition Series (Volume 4). Currently working on a fifth novel in the Premonition Series entitled Iniquity.

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“Sometimes, I think I have made you up just to torture myself- and there are other times that I know you must be real because I couldn't have dreamed such perfection.” 79 likes
“I ask God to bind my life to your life so that my mind will be one with your mind," I repeat the words Phaedrus says while I gaze at Reed and hold his hand. "My heart may be one with your heart," I recite it with a small smile on my face, "and my body may be one with your body," I blush a little when I say this part, seeing desire register in Reed's eyes. "From this moment through eternity, so let it be.” 52 likes
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