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Dragon Heat (Dragon #1)
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Dragon Heat (Dragon #1)

3.66 of 5 stars 3.66  ·  rating details  ·  2,457 ratings  ·  103 reviews
Lisa Singleton has an unusual roommate-a fifty-foot dragon named Caleb who has glittering scales and a bad attitude. Little does she know that Caleb is actually a powerful warrior sent to protect her from those out to steal her magic and destroy the world. Or that Caleb can take the human form of a sexy hunk. Now, if he doesn't stop distracting her with those gorgeous bedr ...more
Published April 2010 by Penguin Group US (first published 2006)
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Laura the Highland Hussy
The only thing that saved this from a 1 star rating was that the last 80 pages or so were pretty good. I was soo disappointed in Allyson James. I have read her before, as Allyson James, and as Jennifer Ashley- who wrote one of my favorite books--Pride Mates-- and the Immortals series. Well, if you like dragons, and Chinatown, San'll love this. I now know more about dim sum and Chinatown, than I ever cared to. I also didn't like the halting way Allyson James wrote this book. It had to ...more
A whole lot of mehhhhhhhh...with some squicky and memorable (in an awful way) food sex tossed into the mix. The insipid and rather TSTL heroine creates an ice cream sundae (yeah, you read that right) on the gigantic manly man hero's turgid and tumescent manly parts, complete with cherry "right on the tip of his hardness." Not sexay. Not anywhere near it, really.

Combine squicky food sex with rather repetitive and info-dump writing, plus questionable Chinese cultural aspects (uh, I'm Chinese and
This was a quick read with an interesting concept and world. It's not very often that Chinese culture, San Francisco or dragons are featured in romance novels.

Everyone has their eye on Lisa Singleton because she has untapped immennse power, only she doesn't know it. The only thing she knows is that there's a golden dragon living in her apartment. His name is Caleb and he's there to protect her from the black dragon. The two have struck up an unlikely friendship, although the puzzling human emot
Lisa Singleton's world is like no others. She lives with a real, live golden dragon whom she inherited along with her grandmother's property.

The snarky Caleb is a surprisingly good companion for the lonely young gal trying to make her way in a new city, but when a black dragon in the form of a human sets his eyes on Lisa, Caleb decides it's time to become more than just an impotent watcher from dragonspace.

When Lisa finds herself in the middle of a attack by one bent on capturing her for the bla
Caleb, a golden dragon (warrior-dragon) has been sent to Lisa to protect her from Malcolm, a black dragon wanting to use Lisa's powers, she hasn't any knowledge of yet. To be able to protect her more effectively Caleb is turned into human form by one of the witches that sent him to Lisa.
Caleb is strong , witty and smart for a golden dragon, who are supposed to just fight, eat and mate. Adjusting to his human form takes a little work but he blends into it perfectly.
Lisa is brave, caring and inno
This book was awful, but earnest. I might have given it two stars if not for the extensive rapey qualities of the story. Details below.

After reading the Stormwalker series I went to check out the author's back list, and WOO BOY there is a huge difference in quality. The prose is overwrought and repetitive, especially in the first 100 pages where the author seems to have added buildup but not reread for flow. The plot is poorly constructed, too: the heroine powers up too much and too fast with ev
Cherry Dragoon
This is another retrospective review. I've read the Dragon series by Allyson James sometime ago and I'm going to review these books together since they have similar traits. The main thing I like about these books is the author's "voice". Allyson James is a very good story teller. She is one of those rare ones who can weave a story around a reader's head and make a reader forget reality. Completely whisk you away to another world. She creates a world with such convincing authentic flare th
I really loved this book. I've read so few book about dragons and I was so excited to read this. I was disappointed in the least bit. I really loved Caleb. He's a dragon who had to learn and adapt to human ways in other to be able to protect Lisa and he was so charming. The story was very engaging and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I also loved Malcolm. I felt sorry for him being a dragon trapped on earth and not able to go home. I loved Saba too. She was a very strong witch and a very lovable charact ...more
I liked my first book in this series. Dragon Caleb who is a Golden dragon is the protecter of Lisa. He has been put in charge of being her protecter but an evil witch. Lisa's grandmother has passed on and knew of the golden dragon and the spell that kept him from truly coming into this world. A door in Lisa's apartment keeps him from stepping into the world from dragonspace.
When Lisa's life is threatened Caleb will cross space to come into Lisa's world to save her but at what cost to his own and
I'm conflicted about this book. I like the different take on dragons... but the story was flowery and ridiculous.

The 'twists' could be seen a mile away. The characters were likeable enough, but nothing spectacular.

I like paranormal romance, but I don't like the sugary sweet, gag-me, romance of this book.

I understand that there's gonna be books I don't like much, this was one of them. Reading it became a battle of wills, I hate to not finish a book...

I guess this is the first book in a series, a
1.5 stars
The first thing that popped out at me was the writing, and not in a good way. It was stiff. It used the same type of sentences throughout the whole book. It bored me. Variation in sentences was needed. For instance, using one word sentences is okay. In fact, more that okay, it is needed. I found no one-word sentences in this book.

Another thing that I couldn't handle was the info-dumping. Long, looooooooooong, passages of info. You get the picture. If I wanted to read long passages of i
The Dragon Series is a tale of love, dragons and plain old happy bonking. Now there's not a lot of bonking but be warned you may be like holy, moly if you read it. The story centers on a modern day city and a mythical dragon homeworld called Dragonspace. In book one, we read the love story of Lisa, a 1/4 Chinese woman with a broken heart and Caleb, a Golden, warrior dragon. I don't want to reveal too but there's a BA witch, scary supes and a surprise you don't see coming.

Lisa Singleton has an unusual roommate-a fifty-foot dragon named Caleb who has glittering scales and a bad attitude. Little does she know that Caleb is actually a powerful warrior sent to protect her from those out to steal her magic and destroy the world. Or that Caleb can take the human form of a sexy hunk. Now, if he doesn't stop distracting her with those gorgeous bedroom eyes, they may not have time to stop their enemies before all of existence is wiped out. At least Lisa and Caleb will ha

I gave it three instead of two because towards the last half of the book, it picked up and I enjoyed it a lot more. I'm getting ready to read the next book, and I'm excited because I really liked those two characters in book one.
BJ Rose
good start to a series. I liked the concept of being a dragon only in Dragonworld but retaining some powers while in human form. Conflict with Black Dragon was entertaining but not all that tense.
I got to page 30 before I gave this one up. I can't really define what makes me not care for it, but it just isn't for me.
Eh, not that great or exciting and the explicit parts were very dull, and overused.
Felicia (Ferishia)
This is one of those books I asked myself why did I waited so long to read it. I am really surprised that I liked this so much.

The story was kinda of strange to me at first. You have a Lisa who is an assistant on a cooking show and then there is her companion Caleb. Caleb is a very big golden dragon who is suspended in dragonspace that's just inside Lisa's spare bedroom. He's been put there by three witches to protect Lisa from Malcolm, a black dragon that has been trapped on earth until she com
☂ ℬrandi

Jennifer Ashley is one of my favorite authors and while I haven't been bowled over by everything I've read, I do blame her for (and am beholden to her because of) my obsession with shifters. And, because I know what will happen when I finally read them, I'll curse her now (and bow down to her greatness) for the delirium that will result when I read the Highland Pleasures series. In summary, I like her, I like her books and even when they haven't been awesome, they've still been good.

In case you
I really liked this book. It was an interesting and unique story. But the only the that bugged me, that was never answered, is:

**Spoiler ahead** The silver dragon in Lisa has millenia more to live, but as I understand it, Lisa herself will just have a human life. What happens when Lisa dies? The silver dragon will continue but will be buried in the next generation's youngest girl until that girl makes an unselfish sacrifice. But then she will be Caleb's grandaughter or great-granddaughter, whic
In all honesty, I don't really know how to describe this book. I feel like it's my guilty pleasure, because even I made fun of myself for reading it. Even though I say that, I know that I'm going to read the second one.

The plot of this book was half expected, half not. Lisa is a cook working for a cooking show and lives in San Francisco along with a golden dragon in the guest bedroom of her apartment. The local witch coven made up of Saba, Grizelda, and Donna have bound Caleb (the golden dragon
Boring. I couldn't even get past the 11% mark without yawning and wanting to put it down. 4 chapters in and barely anything had happened except that Caleb has become a golden, studly human and hormones at first sight has made everyones clothes fall off. Usually I can at least say that the writing was good even if I didn't like a story itself, but even that was lacking (not completely horrendous, but very "meh").
I did not realize that Allyson James was a pseudonym for Jennifer Ashley, whose work I really love. I really struggled with this one at the beginning. The writing was so cheesy and just plain awful on occasions. The characters almost seemed cartoonish. And yet, I liked the premise and decided to stick with it. And it did get better though their continued to be scenes that were squeamish. Lisa, our intrepid heroine is being guarded by a golden dragon, who is literally living in her spare bedroom. ...more
Heather andrews
Caleb is cute, “you do not need Greg Shaw,” he said now. “I like you, and if I were human, I would mate with you. Now, sit down and stay with me. It’s almost time for Cops.” Caleb seems to give the best answers, “you were mortally wounded, then became a dragon and had wild and wicked sex with me. Why should you not be hungry?” I liked Caleb and this book this was a good start to a series.
Amanda Waller-Bline
This book was REALLY interesting. I enjoyed it very much. The 'verse was fleshed out in a way I enjoyed. However, I didn't LOVE it. The book itself was a chore to push through some parts. When the characters randomly act like teenagers instead of the smart adults they're supposed to be, I found myself rolling my eyes at parts. I would like to continue this series, but not at the current Amazon listed price. I never pay $5 for books when the one before it was just 'okay'. So this series can sit o ...more
There were two reasons that I didn't rate this interesting book higher. 1) In his human form, Caleb acted like someone completely unfamiliar with the modern world and present day idiomatic speech yet he had been obsessively watching tv for 6 months. 2) The bedroom scenes didn't do it for me. This is one of those very subjective things so others may have very different feelings. I still plan to read the next in the series even though I will have to go through the hassle of getting it through inte ...more
3 3/4 stars. An intriguing and erotic tale of Lisa Singleton who has to deal with an astounding legacy from her recently deceased grandmother, including an arrogant golden dragon in the spare bedroom of her new apartment. Caleb has been unwillingly constrained by witches who have used his true name to control the powerful dragon for centuries. He convinces a young witch that he can only protect Lisa if he is transformed to human form but there is a time limit for that transformation. Lisa must d ...more
My initial take on this book was: DUMB! And it ended up to BE pretty dumb, too. The language and descriptions bordered on purple.
It was somewhat entertaining, though, in a amusing sort of way, and so I will probably end up reading the followup.

HOWEVER: I sincerely hope that Ms. James lessens up on the purple prosy-descriptions as there is only so much I can take. Also, publishing houses please take note: when you publish books with covers like these, your readers are mostly going to be too emb
I could barely finish this book I had to force myself to finish it and the end wasn't even satisfying this is my first book by this author and quite possibly the last; there's no real romance either.
This one was heading for 3 stars but picked up enough in the second half to warrant 3.5. It wasn't a bad premise but did meander around too much to start with. And no one could accuse the author of info dump, as no one including most of the characters knew what the hell was going on.

Lisa is greiving the loss of her grandmother and finds Caleb, a Golden Dragon, behind the door of her spare room which has become a portal to dragonspace. The witches have forced him to protect her from the Black Dra
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Allyson James writes paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and erotic romance (paranormal and futuristic). She is a nationally bestselling author, a multiple RITA nominee, an RT Award winner, and a Prism winner. She also writes romance (paranormal and historical) as Jennifer Ashley. See Allyson's website for current and upcoming books. See also Allyson's GoodReads bookshelves for all books under all ...more
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