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Cicada (Cicada #1)

4.07 of 5 stars 4.07  ·  rating details  ·  150 ratings  ·  66 reviews
Summertime for Blair Reynolds and her friends had always been carefree and fun...until the summer they happened upon something that was not human. As they band together in a fight for their lives, Blair's true love becomes something more than human. Something unnatural. And their entire survival depends upon their ability to keep a secret.
ebook, 220 pages
Published July 14th 2011 by Belle Whittington
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When you see a paranormal YA novel, you figure it's going to be about angels, vampires, faeries, you know, the usual. What we don't see often is something more along the lines of extraterrestrials. Cicada is one of those. It's a bit strange at times, but It's original and very imaginative.

The story starts pretty quickly with no messing around. We get thrown into Blair's life in the start of what has to be the strangest summer of her life. I did like the characters, in that they weren't annoying
Blogging For The Love  Of Authors And Their Books
Nic's Review

I wasn't sure what I was going to think when I began this book....... This book was awesome and I couldn't put it down. I'm not much for space aliens but Belle Whittington sure did know how to capture my attention and keep it. Thanks for the lovely read. I would definitely recommend this book. I already started her second book Firefly, as soon as I finished this one. I love the characters, the banter and the suspense.
Candace Smith
This story will keep you reading to the end and anxiously waiting for the other two parts to the trilogy. The characters are engaging and the locations described beautifully. The building love story is heartwarming and adds to the paranormal suspenseful experience. While apparently geared towards YA, I found this book a great read and recommend it.
My Rating: 3.0 / 5

First thoughts:
Please let me point out how much I love this cover and how the novel reflects the mystery that we're already presented in this picture. For me it's a unique story, unlike anything I've read before and I definitely need to find out more about the story Belle Whittington has created. If you're looking for something else than your usual paranormal novels, pick up Cicada.

More detailed:
When I first started Cicada, I didn't expect it to be a story about aliens. I was s
Jodie (Books for Company)
In Short
- Cicada had a new and unique paranormal creature
- I enjoyed Belle's writing
- The main characters were well developed
- I felt the romance wasn't necessary
- This is an imaginative story

In Long
Cicada has one of those blurbs which doesn’t really give much away so you find yourself starting a book which you don’t really know much about and have no idea where the story might go. I didn’t even really know what paranormal creatures were involved in this.

I did expect
Stefana Alexandra
There are moments in life when keeping a secret is the most important things. No one has to know, even your best friends. Can you keep a secret?

Summer is a relaxation moment, but for Blair Reynolds, a seventeen years old teenager, summer is not what she was expecting to be. Her friends leave, the college is starting for them, so this may be the last summer they spent together. Felling that the summer will be to short, Blair is trying to keep what’s left from his friends. Until something interfer
Belle Whittington sent me Cicada for review. From the first pages, I started to love it. And after I finished it, I was so captivated with it that I had an idea – a kernel, which developed nicely and grew into a publishing campaign. I talked with my fellows, Sabryy and Ramo, about my idea, and they loved it. Then, I talked to Belle about our intention to create a publishing campaign for Cicada. As you can guess, her answer was a positive one, even impressively good for us, and at the same time f ...more
Cicada by Belle Whittington is an out of this world book. She doesn't drag on the story, keeping it a continuous mystery. With more and more surprises along the way.

Blair is a normal girl with normal friends and family, until one summer when something totally bizarre and Definitively not human happens. Something that will change her life forever. And keeping a secret is the key to survival to this mystery.

At first i thought the book looked so interesting cause the cover did, and least expected
Sherry Gammon
I won this book and put off reading it for a while due to a busy schedule. Big mistake! I really enjoy this story. I found the characters engaging and the story exciting! I feel MS Whittington is a beautiful writer. She presents an exciting story with well-designed prose. About the only think I didn't like was the ending. Sorry, I Hate cliff-hanger...unless I can pick up the next book and continue reading. SO please, Bella, Please Hurry;} and congrats on a well-written, entertaining novel.
Some books just feel like they were written for you only. That's how Cicada felt for me. When I was 13, I was obsessed with the TV show Roswell. The dormant UFO-freak in me rejoiced when I learned that Cicada featured a different kind of paranormal, my kind of paranormal (that sounds weird...)

Cicada is a wonderfully constructed story about changes and the end of childhood. After summer ends, four out of five characters are going to college, but a different kind of "change" will send them on dif
Stefan Eveline
Blair is a lovely young girl caring and brave.She have a group of friends Andrew his brother Everett ,David and his girlfriend Natalie and she loves to spend time with them because they are like a family for her.She lost his father and his other brother Aaron and she misses them every day and the only family has left is his mother and his brother Andrew.She loves to work with his grandpa in his veterinary clinic and she wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up
Everett is his love because she
Alyssa Archambo
One thing that Cicada definitely has going for it is its originality. I don't think I've ever read a book even slightly similar to this one. One of my favorite parts is how she combines a mythological story with her imagination to make up fairly believable creatures with an interesting history. When the action is there, it's very good, though I did find this book to be a bit slow. I think some of the romance and Blair's internal rationalization of things could have been cut out so there could ha ...more
GENRE: YA Fantasy
THEME: Aliens
RECEIVED: Review Request for Book Tour
3.5 Stars

I didn’t know what to expect with Cicada the synopsis caught my attention right away and the cover didn’t give much of a hit of what to expect. But I truly enjoyed this one of a kind young adult novel. Finally! A book without the usual paranormal creatures and a plot that just kept on making me guess. Though the beginning was a bit slow for me, when it started picking up I c
Cathy  Keaton
* Plot: Things definitely happen, although, perhaps timed a little off what they should be. Blair is a high school girl whose friends have all just graduated from high school, except she still has another year left. Everyone else is going through major life changes, especially when they all encounter a creature that appears to not be of this world. Her old friend Everett ends up being the most affected by this creature, and thus changes the most, and also makes some drastic changes to his future ...more
Splash Of Our Worlds *Yiota*
I'm not entirely sure if i'm allowed to review the book. I mean at the start says i have to keep a secret whatever i've read, right?

*sigh*..Fine..i'll risk it..but i won't give much info..i love my life you know...

Cicada is a small, in general, book and fast. There is so many things happening in, so much action and mystery that it keeps you on the edge of your sit until the end. It's written without too many details, but enough to have you guessing and want to know more. The story has to do with
Alexia Purdy
See my feature and review here:

I loved this story! It is not your usual paranormal fantasy story. Throw in some intriguing sci-fi and it blows you away! It is told from the point of view of Blair Reynolds as she hangs out with her older friends as they enjoy their carefree youthful lives. In the summer, things start happening around them that can't be explained. Together they must fight for eachother's lives, accept changes to come and ultimately find eac
Traci (The Reading Geek)
Belle Whittington's Cicada is the story of Blair and her group of best friends who discover something one summer night that isn't human. Blair and her friends become involved in a dangerous mystery that they must keep a secret in order to survive.

Cicada is a mysterious and captivating story that I read in just a couple of hours. Blair is an interesting protagonist who hangs out with her older brother and friends. She is tough and will do anything for the people that she loves. I enjoyed the frie
Hannah (Jaedia)
For 17-year-old Blair Reynolds and her friends, being the bearer of secrets is getting really old. But it’s something she learns to deal with, because there’s no other option. If the people in her small town ever found out what she and her friends discovered in the woods and hid in the storage room, the whole town would be up in arms, literally. You see, folks here don’t believe in aliens from outer space. Besides, if they ever found out what two of those aliens did to one of their own, well, le ...more
Mlpmom (Book Reviewer)
I wasn't completely sure about reading this book when the author approached me to be honest. Not because I didn't think she was a good writer (because I do) or because I didn't think the cover was pretty (because it is) but because a book about aliens? Just usually so not my thing.
In fact, I think I have only read like..three in my life time. So you see why I was a little apprehensive about trying it.
Little did I know that I had nothing to fear.
This book was so great and unusual and unique and
Paige Bradish
When I received Cicada I wasn’t exactly sure what it was about and a good way into the book I still didn’t really know, but that made the book even more enjoyable because you didn’t know what you were going to get. Blair the main character has a tight nit family and a close group of friends which we can talk about later and one night while at her grandparents farm they find a crop circle. Their not sure what it really is or how it got there but there first thoughts are aliens. One night in the w ...more
Michelle  novelsontherun

I joined the blog tour for Cicada, without knowing anything about the book. I liked the cover. I liked the title of the book. Sometimes I prefer to know nothing about a book, so I have no expectations or reservations. It is a whole fresh experience for me.

I am going to say, although the cover is very pretty, I am scratching my head to find the significance of the image to the story within the pages. I am not being judgemental , not unless I am missing somethi
Lucia  The Loyal Book
Under the hot summer sun, what can we read? Something refreshing…Vampires? Angels? Lycantropes? Aliens? Yes, you got that right, I mentioned aliens, because they are the protagonists of Cicada, a young adult novel with sci-fi elements. First book in a new series, the story takes place in beautiful Texas, in a small town surrounded by nature. I've just said beautiful Texas because the descriptions of the book fascinated me and created such a realistic and vivid scenary. I was totally in love with ...more
Alaiel Kreuz
When the story begins we are set with Blair who is trying to enjoy her summer break despite the fact that her older brother and all his friends are going to leave town to go to college... which means she is going to be all by herself to finish senior year.
Yeah, she is not looking forward to this. At all... But she does try to enjoy the days she has left with them and pretty much succeeds until something very strange happens.

One day a a crop circle appears out of nowhere in her grandfather's land
Once Upon
As soon as I started to read this book, it had its hooks in me. When you read the blurb for this book it doesnt give you much information. You just know Blair and her friends are going to have something big happen in thier lives and there will be a big secret to keep.

At first I was creeped out with the way things started, but I couldnt but help continue to read, and as the book delved deeper into the secret, I just got progressively more into the book. I finished this in one day within maybe a
2/5 stars

more reviews on Maji Bookshelf blog

Cicada's synopsis was very intriguing. I love books that are about uncovering a secret and also about a group of friends banding together for a cause or goal, so I was pretty excited for Cicada. However while the beginning was enjoyable, I have to say the book dragged a lot. Also the ending was out of the blue and I felt it was a bit too rushed. However, Cicada was enjoyable, it had the potential to be more but in the end it was an enjoyable read.

When I started Cicada I knew only 2 things: it was a sci-fi book, and a cicada is an insect. As I tore through the pages of this fluid and easy to digest novel, I fell in love with the simple Texas story of love and more. Yes it has science fiction elements, but it's not only a book about impossibilities it is also a book about everything that is possible in life, even those things we never expect.

Cicada is a summer story, which made me yearn for long and lazy warm days. I found Belle Whittingto
Books to the Sky
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First of all, the cover of this book is absolutely gorgeous. This is one of those books that I would touch in a bookstore (don't judge, I touch books).

What a unique story idea, and not to mention, slightly creepy. I really wondered how the title of the book came into play when I started this book, but it becomes fairly obvious while reading it.

It all started with the crop circle, and then it went on from there, getting more and more intriguing as th
Michelle Book Briefs
This book was pretty different than what I have been reading lately. I read plenty of paranormal books, but I have not had that much experience in alien books. I have seen plenty of alien movies, but reading about aliens is just plain different. It is creepier to me for some reason. I got pretty spooked a few times while reading Cicada. And I really liked that about the book! Although it might have been all the bug talk that creeped me out more than the aliens, I'm not sure yet. Haha.

Cicada is
Kristan (Lost Amongst the Shelves)
Cicada is a really fun and fast read that is making me miss summertime... a lot. It follows a group of friends for the summer, with the focus on the main protaganist Blair, in a small town in Texas. I loved the closeness of this group of friends, how when faced with the scary reality of a certain situation (don't want to give too much away) they stick together and look out for one another at all costs. That was probably my favorite part of the book. Blair's older brother, Andrew, was especially ...more
Tiffany Holme
This book was surprising in so many ways. I have a very fragile relationship with the entire not human thing. However Belle Whittington has created a well written and intriguing story. There wasn't a point where I felt it was too much or got board with the story. The characters were so realistic and believable and to be honest the story was more about them than anything. I think that was one of the biggest things for me, that the story wasn't just about "It" but about the secrets and what was go ...more
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Belle resides somewhere north of Houston, Texas in a small inconsequential town with the smallest most inconsequential name. There, in the shady reaches of the pines, elms, and oaks, she daydreams of adventures and secrets that she weaves throughout her stories.

Belle adores her readers and fans. <3
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