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Mary of Nazareth
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Mary of Nazareth

3.37 of 5 stars 3.37  ·  rating details  ·  559 ratings  ·  99 reviews
"Adakah orang di muka bumi ini yang mengabaikan keberadaan Maria? Dialah peletak perubahan spiritual terbesar sejak munculnya monoteisme. Kaum Evangelis telah meringkasnya dalam beberapa ayat yang eliptis dan misterius."

Selama beberapa tahun menuliskan novel ini dan melukiskan profil "Maria-ku”, saya berusaha menggambarkan Maria de Nazareth , yang lahir di Galilea dalam ke
Paperback, 477 pages
Published December 19th 2011 by Imania (first published January 1st 2007)
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Great book. Gives an account of what Mary's life may have been like prior to the birth of jesus. The jist of the story is that Mary and the rest of her villagers (all of israel really) is under the thumb of Roman rule, specifically under the rule of Herod who is a paranoid, greedy, lunatic. After her father is taken away to be crucified for standing up against Roman mercenaries, she contacts Barabas who is a robin hood like hero of the people to help her rescue him.

Afterwards, Mary and her fami
I was soooo disappointed in this book. I mean, I understand that in "historical FICTION" the author takes license to tell a story that she/he wants to tell regardless of the facts...However, this particular story, having to do with Mary, the mother of Jesus was so outrageous, that I almost stopped halfway through.

I did like the idea of Mary, the activist as opposed to how she is usually portrayed, not that I really believe that a woman in Isreal in 3BC could have really been an "activist" in th
A translation of a novel by a Polish Jew who has written best-selling novels about several women from the Hebrew Bible. An epigraph from David Ben-Gurion says, "Jesus is the most radiant figure in History. But although everyone now knows that he was a Jew, no one knows that his mother Mary was also a Jew." She's certainly a Jew here, but one who rebels against the Jewish strictures on women. This story imagines her life mostly BEFORE Jesus, except for an odd, disingenuous, perhaps dishonest, epi ...more
Who was Mary of Nazareth before she became the Mother of Yeshua? This novel, whose main character is based on Jesus' mother, attempts to shed a ray of light to the unrevealed life that Mary had. It would've been more effective, in my opinion if it were the sort of novel that filled in the blanks - Girl With a Pearl Earring comes to mind, and not a novel that created an alternate reality distorting what are widely-accepted facts and beliefs. The problem with a subject so popular and well-loved as ...more
I'm a big fan of Marek Halter. I was looking forward to reading this one.

It's a good story about a woman living in Biblical times. It has strong characters and a good plot.

However, I found myself having a hard time believing this was Mary of Nazareth's story. I was expecting a story either filling in the blanks on the story in the Bible or an alternative explanation for how she became pregnant. Halter's version takes so many liberties with the original story that I found it hard to believe this
This was an exciting book for the first few chapters but it soon went downhill for me. I was surprised that the mother of Jesus could be depicted as annoying and condescending. I feel as though the author wanted to portray Mary as having wisdom and strength that astonished those around her, but instead she came off as very haughty and holier-than-thou. I am disappointed that I tarnished my idea of Mary by reading this book.
Khoiriyyah Azzahro
Mary hidup di masa kekuasaan Raja Herodes
(pada sebuah film tentang Maryam yang pernah
Saya tonton di televisi, sang raja juga dikenal
dengan Raja Herod –tanpa akhiran ‘es’). Raja ini
terkenal amat lalim dan semena-mena terhadap
rakyatnya. Suatu hari, serombongan tentara
bayaran raja menggeledah satu persatu rumah
penduduk. Mereka sedang mencari orang-orang
yang mereka anggap sebagai bandit-bandit
pemberontak. Menurut mereka bandit-bandit ini
ingin merampok petugas pajak dan menculik raja.
Bandit-bandit in
" En conclusion, Marie restera longtemps dans mon esprit parce qu’il m’aura fascinée en mettant en avant cette femme que j’admire et porte dans mon cœur d’une façon particulière. Elle n’est pas lisse, peut-être pas parfaite mais elle ne s’écarte pas trop de l’image de celle que nous connaissons tous (ou presque), tout en devenant plus humaine, plus… caractérielle, peut-être. On découvre son histoire avec un énorme intérêt, comprenant que certains personnages mentionnés dans les Evangiles sont pl ...more
Carol Lueck
This story reveals Miriam (Mary) in a new way for me. I think that is why I like to read historical fiction. Even though it is fiction it can open new vistas in our thinking. The Miriam in this novel is a young girl eager to study and learn - not a privilege allowed to the women of her era. She becomes fearless in standing up for what she believes to be right and speaks her mind among learned men of the time. The portrayal of the political times during which Miriam lived helped me to see another ...more
Je suis très dubitative après avoir lu ce livre.

D'une part quant à l'écriture de l'auteur en elle-même, qui est pauvre, simpliste, avec peu de recherche littéraire. Parfois cela me "retire" de l'atmosphère.

D'autre part quant au manque de connaissances historiques de l'auteur. On ne se lance pas dans une fiction historique sans avoir au préalable un minimum de connaissances. Ce qui manque cruellement à l'auteur.

Littérature de train. Médiocre.

De plus le fac-similé d'évangile apocryphe confié par u
It had some interesting twists. A Jewish perspective of Mary. He covered the times and cultural events. The resurrection was not part of the author's belief system yet implied reincarnation?
Without a doubt, the best book I've read this season! Miriam, who later is known as Mary of Nazareth, as a young girl saves a young thief Barabus from the Roman mercenaries. Later, she goes to him and asks for his help in saving her father from the cross. Their young paths intertwine, and they both hate the cruelty of the rule from Herod and from Rome. Each has a different way of fighting the injustice, one through battle and one through becoming the mother of the Messiah.

This book, based on int
I had liked Marek Halter's books: Sarah,Zipporah, Wife of Moses, and Lilah. While he took a few liberties when telling those stories as well (it is fiction after all), this book goes far beyond okay and intriguing departures from the Biblical story. First of all, his Mary is too unrealistic: she is a feminist who becomes highly educated,(view spoiler) ...more
I have a hard time giving a Christian book a bad review, so to be honest up front, that's one of the reasons why this book is rated 3 stars, not 2.

I picked this book up to read at the library, because I enjoy reading fiction books about Biblical women (the Red Tent immediately comes to mind). I've never read a book by this author, & I was intrigued to read a book from a Jewish prospective - one that is slightly different from the Christian framepoint I was raised with.

I enjoyed the book unti
This is another book in my year-long book reading project. I had very mixed feelings about this book. For the most part, I enjoyed it. There is not much written in the Bible about Mary prior to her giving birth to Jesus. The author was able to recreate Mary’s supposed life with great detail and elegance. Along the way, you meet people you may be familiar with: Joseph of Arimethea, Elizabeth, and even Mary Magdalene and Joseph, but not necessarily as you might have imagined them to be (based off ...more

Making a departure from my non-fiction reading, I picked up a historical novel about the most famous mother of all time.

The story starts out with Miriam and her family struggling to survive the yoke of the tyrannical Roman rule under King Herod. By a freak accident, Miriam's father is set to be crucified. The precocious Miriam boldly sets out to rescue him with the help of a dangerous friend, Barrabas.

It's a crisp book that doesn't weight the soul down with diatribes of heavy handed preaching.
2,5 bintang -- Virgin Mary sebagian besar berkisah tentang masa muda Maria. Selama ini saya membayangkan Maria dalam konteks ke-Kristen-an, agama yang menempatkannya sebagai orang istimewa yang mengandung Yesus sang Mesias. Novel ini mengubah pandangan saya, dengan menggambarkan Maria bukan sebagai orang Kristen, tetapi sebagai perempuan Yahudi, yang tentu memang demikianlah halnya. Cukup menarik juga mengetahui kehidupan masyarakat Yahudi pada zaman itu, yang terpecah belah dalam berbagai alira ...more
Jennifer Kim
What a fascinating read! I always wondered what more is there to the story of Mary who was the mother of Jesus. I mean, if I was God, I would pick the best woman or young girl out there to bear my son. She would also have the character and the strength to guide him and face what God must have known was ahead of both mother and the child.

The Bible fails miserably at painting the portrait of this important woman. Maybe the most important woman in history! She is stubborn, feisty, rebellious, and f
" Existe-t-il une personne au monde qui ignorerait le nom de Marie, mère de Jésus, celle qui engendra le plus grand bouleversement spirituel depuis la naissance du monothéisme.

Pourtant, ce que nous disent les Evangiles se résume à quelques versets elliptiques et mystérieux.

Durant les années nécessaires à la rédaction de ce roman, dressant le portrait de "ma Marie", je me suis efforcé d'imaginer qui avait pu être cette Miryem de Nazareth, née en Galilée dans le chaotique royaume d'Israël en but
Une agréable biographie évidemment complètement romancée de la vie de Marie selon le point de vue de Marek Halter, mais surtout une très brillante ouverture d'une page d'histoire sur ce coin du globe.

Il me sera compliqué d’émettre la moindre remarque sur la trame de fond qu'est la vie de Marie, car ma lecture des textes bibliques est parcellaire et ancienne. Qui plus est, il ne semble exister aucuns textes relatant cette vie, si ce n'est apocryphes. J'ai donc pris le parti de lire ce roman comm
Jennifer Diakiw
As a fictional account of Mary, Mother of Jesus, it doesn't jibe with my beliefs. But the images of the political climate during the rule of Herod were very powerful and I loved the context-setting, almost the 'back story' of familiar names in the Bible. I'll read more of Marek Halter's work.
I totally got sucked in by the cover.

Ultimately this was more religious/zealot feel good than anything noteworthy.

Mary (Miriam) was interesting in the beginning, but I wasn't convinced by her transformation into the "virgin mother" at the end. It just didn't work for me.
O varianta interesanta la ceea ce s-a intamplat! Oricum nu avem de unde sa stim ce e adevarat si ce nu, cu toate atestarile Bibliei si puterea Bisericii. Mi-a placut ca te scufunzi in lectura, in acele timpuri. Traiesti si simti cu personajele.
I really liked most of this book; the ending and part that makes the miracles hocus pocus kind of turned me off. Maybe it's the Catholic in me, but I didn't like that at all, but it didn't spoil the book for me. A nice story about feminist mary!
not sure this would be the life of Mary, Mother of Jesus. Mary has too much freedom from what little of what I know of the religious beliefs of the time. I am not sure I will continue or finish thos book. The more I read the more outlandish ot becomes.
This insightful book about Miriam (Mary) of Nazareth told the story of Mary, the mother of Yeshua (Jesus), as a young girl --- the Mary you only thought you knew. Other characters who figured prominently in the story were Barabbas the outlaw; Joachim, Mary's father; Joseph of Arimathea, an Essene healer; and Miriamne (Mary Magdalene). It was well-written and well-researched, and an enjoyable read. The only problematic elements of the story came near the end of the book. I'd like to hear from oth ...more
Tracy Hall
this book was interesting due to the fact that you got to see another side of Mary. At one point while I was reading, I remember hearing a rumor that there were remains of another "Mary and Jesus" that supposedly lived around the time of Jesus Christ but I do not remember if it came to anything.
I know that this book is a work of fiction, containing conversations between historical people for which there are no records. However, some of the writing -- especially the last chapter, "The Gospel of Mary" -- tends to give credence to thoughts and ideas which go totally against the teachings of the Church and the beliefs of untold millions world-wide. It is also a book which took me well over 100 pages before it "grabbed" my attention, and at no point would I have been disappointed to not ret ...more
I liked the story. I love reading someone else's ideas about biblical characters' lives and relationships. It is amazing to think about Mary and what her life must have been like to have been ready to have the Savior as her son. I really liked his take on some things, not so much on others. The epilogue is a little weird, useless to the story and made me feel like he was saying Jesus didn't really die and resurrect. I'm not sure if he was, but that is what it sounded like. Either way, I liked th ...more
04/24/10 - I finally finished listening. Still not my favorite story... It deals with a topic that I don't know a lot about, the life of Mary. I am making the assumption that this is mostly fiction derived from the "Gospel of Mary". I didn't really find it enlightening or entertaining. I guess it's just not my thing. Your mileage may vary.

04/12/10 - still listening, I think I'm most of the way through... not my favorite, but I am making it through.

Listening to the audiobook... So far it is kind
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Marek Halter was born in Poland in 1936. During World War II, he and his parents narrowly escaped from the Warsaw ghetto. After a time in Russia and Uzbekistan, they emigrated to France in 1950. There Halter studied pantomime with Marcel Marceau and embarked on a career as a painter that led to several international exhibitions. In 1967, he founded the International Committee for a Negotiated Peac ...more
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