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The Last Good Man
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The Last Good Man (Niels Bentzon #1)

3.48 of 5 stars 3.48  ·  rating details  ·  1,134 ratings  ·  205 reviews
According to Jewish scripture, there are thirty-six righteous people on earth. Without them, humanity would perish. But the thirty-six do not know that they are the chosen ones. In Beijing, a monk collapses in his chamber. A fiery mark has spread across his back and down his spine. In Mumbai, a man who served the poor dies suddenly. His body shows the same mark. Similar de ...more
ebook, 400 pages
Published March 29th 2012 by Simon & Schuster UK (first published 2010)
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Dan 1.0
According to the Talmud, thirty-six righteous people exist on earth and if they all die, so does humanity. Now, people are dying all over the world with strange marks on their backs and it's up to a Danish policeman named Niels Bentzon to find out why. There have been thirty-four deaths already. Can Niels save the last two good men and save the world?

First off, I received this ARC from Scribner in exchange for reviewing it. This did not influence my opinion in the least. To be honest, The Last G
Full disclosure about this review: Scribner offered me an ARC in exchange for this write up, and being the cheap and shameless person I am, I accepted it in the hopes of opening a pipeline of free books. The problem is that I’ve only got about three stars worth of love for this, and I don’t know if that’s good enough to convince them to send me more. So if anyone from Scribner’s asks, I gave it an enthusiastic five stars. Shhhh. It’ll be our little secret.

This starts with a pretty intriguing pre
Apr 08, 2012 Marilyn rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Marilyn by: book give away from Goodreads
I won this book in one of Goodreads give-away promotions. Honestly, I didn't have really high expectations before I started it, but within the first few pages I was hooked. It is better written than I had expected and the story is not only gripping, it keeps you guessing up until the very end. (I really like that in a mystery/thriller.)

The story revolves around the murders of diverse people around the world who have in common a strange mark on their backs at the time of death. The case catches t
Lisa Hunt
I loved this book! One of the best fiction books I've read this year. I would give it 4.5 stars. The beginning of the book (maybe the first 2/3) is excellent, and after that it gets a little slow, but still interesting. I did feel there were plot lines that were left hanging a bit, but the main stuff is all resolved. The book is set primarily in Copenhagen and the main premise is that there are apparently 36 good/righteous people on earth and they are being killed off. This is based on something ...more
Karina Petersen
"The last good man" is an exciting and fascinating novel were Niels Bentzon as the main character runs against time to solve the mystery about the 36 good people who are according to the Jewish mythology, the ones God has put on earth to make a counterbalance between good and evil, but if all the 36 people dies the world will be doomed. A. J. Kazinski takes the reader on a world tour to Africa, China, Venice, Copenhagen and many other places were there has been mysterious killing’s, nobody under ...more
El planteamiento de la novela resulta interesante, lleno de misterio y con un toque místico. No te desvelo nada si te lo cuento porque está en cualquier sinopsis: los 36 hombres justos destinados a proteger el mundo están siendo asesinados. Supongo que no hizo falta más para que me decidiera a leer esta historia, un crimi con un toque diferente, al estilo de La trilogía del Baztán de Dolores Redondo. Sin embargo, pese a lo que podía esperar, el libro resulta aburrido.
El argumento es original y q
Ο Βενετός αστυνομικός Τομάζο ντι Μπάρμπαρα στέλνει σήμα στην Ιντερπόλ προκειμένου να ενημερώσει ότι έχουν σημειωθεί 21 ανεξήγητοι θάνατοι σε όλο τον πλανήτη μη σχετιζομένων μεταξύ τους αλλά με ένα κοινό χαρακτηριστικό. Στην πλάτη κάθε θύματος υπάρχουν αριθμημένα σχέδια-σύμβολα και στη ζωή τους έχουν πασχίσει για το κοινό καλό ή έχουν διακριθεί για πράξεις αυτοθυσίας. Ο Τομάζο τίθεται σε διαθεσιμότητα για τον υπερβάλλοντα ζήλο του όταν μάλιστα θεωρεί ότι η αιτία είναι μάλλον μυστικιστική-θρησκευτ ...more
Crazy for Books (Stephanie)
This book started off really slowly. I almost gave up, but wanted to read because books coming from this part of the world are getting a lot of attention. I felt lost within the first couple of chapters jumping from person and subject. I couldn't get a clearly defined hold on who where the main characters of the book until reading quite far into the story.

But, once I got into the story of Niels and Hannah, the story moved along quickly. I have to say that I realized Niels place in the story as
I spent a lot of the book thinking I already knew what was going on based on the explanation at the beginning of the book and the description of the death in China. It was annoying the characters didn't know what I did and it felt like a big waste of time for them to investigate. I mean probably 8 of the 12 CDs were pretty much useless and at times boring. There was so much unnecessary stuff about random people that did nothing for the plot of the story. Maybe it's a foreign language thing, peop ...more
In the Jewish Scripture it is said that 36 righteous people on earth protect us and without them we perish.
A series for murders have occurred in different locations around the world. The victims are all good humanitarians.
Tomaso di Barbara, a police in Venice, Italy, starts making a connection of the different murders but his boss does not want him investigating. Tomaso sends information to Copenhagen. Niels Bentzon , a police in Copenhagen, starts investigating and receives the information Toma
Hillary Pincus
I loved this! I would liken it to a Dan Brown "Robert Langdon" story, but with differences. Where Mr. Langdon is seemingly flawless man with a good heart, Niels is a troubled man with his heart in the right place. I wasn't sure if be able to follow as the story is based on a Jewish myth (?). Well written, a real page-turner, LOVED the end. Highly recommended!
This is the second book that Ive now read about this Jewish myth about the 36 good people. In both books, the people who were being killed were of questionable character and so the whole premise of the story cannot hold up. The very foundation of the story isnt built correctly because of this and so the story itself crumbles. This book was written much better than the other story though{The Torah Code}. This story was actually quite interesting until part 2 and than it just completely fell apart ...more
Christine Canning
I enjoyed this book - the mathematical and religious elements made it Dan Brown-esque, but heaps less predictable. A touch of Scandinavian darkness helped make the characters more interesting, and I wanted to get back to it frequently to see what happened next. Pacing in the last 3rd of the book could have been better, but it's worth the read.
Idea of the myth that there is always 36 righteous people on Earth is intriquing. What happens when someone starts to murder them one by one? What will happen if none is left?
The idea was good, great even, but somehow I got bit bored before even reaching the mid section of the book. Maybe the pace was bit too slow, can't really say... Maybe it's just another DaVinci code.
But while reading you must ask yourself this question, at the end, Who really is Righteous?
Book & story itself really ain'
Christine Van Heertum
Niels est négociateur au sein de la police danoise. Il n'est pas très apprécié de ses collègues. Ni de son supérieur, qui, un peu pour le mettre sur la touche, le charge de contacter des personnes qui font le bien autour d'elles. Car il semblerait que quelqu'un assassine les personnes foncièrement bonnes.
Venise. L'inspecteur Tommaso a rassemblé un épais dossier sur les meurtres de plusieurs personnes dans le monde. Des personnes qui ont en commun de faire le bien autour d'elles. C'est donc tout
Laine Cunningham
I selected this book because I found a number of parallels in the structure to a work I'm currently writing. I was interested to see how the author (in this case, two authors working under a single name) handled the information readers need to know to understand the plot points as well as how that information was spread across multiple characters.
The first 100 pages were strong enough. But the middle part bogged down in elements that were repetative and, frankly, the devices used by the authors
I was excited by the premise of the book,but very disappointed in the execution. Maybe it had to do with the translation,but it seemed silly having cops running around looking for "good people".There should have been more deductive work,more of Hannah's puzzle solving...more something.The end was also quite disappointing,but I don't want to spoil the ending for those who haven't read it so I won't say more about that.
It's difficult to accept the concept of thirty six rightous souls, when throughout the book we're consistently being informed that by following your hideous and obscene urges, being attracted to a member of the opposite sex, you are prevented from being a "good person". Where did this nonsensical figure come from? There are millions of people around the world who perform selfless tasks everyday.

I also have a problem with the scientific evidence suggesting that near death experiences aren't just
Birgit Alsinger
Spændende og usædvanlig krimi, selvom jeg synes at plottet blev mere og mere vagt som bogen skred frem. Startede stærkt men endte lidt "fesent" :-)
DNF @ 3|4s in. Completely lost interest. Not as riveting as I expected it to be.
Very entertaining thriller based around a detective investigating murders around the world where the victims all have a strange mark on their backs inferring a link to an old Jewish story that there are always 36 "good people" in the world at any time in history. It looks like someone or something is going after them, and the plot expands from there. Lots of interesting ideas and insights pop up throughout the story. It's well written, thrilling, has interesting main characters, and is quite the ...more
Paul Pessolano
“The Last Good Man” by A. J. Kazinski, published by Scribner.

Category – Mystery/Thriller

A detective in Venice, Italy has been studying the mysterious deaths of people around the world. They all have died with a mark on their backs. The mark is not a tattoo or a burn but seems to be a symbol. Is ideas are dismissed by his superiors and he has to continue his investigation on his own time. In Copenhagen, another detective, Niels Bentzon, who also becomes involved with these mysterious deaths and s
Yvann S
"The correct interpretation of numbers determines whether we live or die. it's life or death That's something that every scientist understands. That was why Tycho Brahe got his nose sliced off in a duel."

"Because of numbers?"

"Because he claimed that so-called complex numbers existed. And his adversary claimed that they didn't."

"Who was right?"

"Tycho Brahe. But he lost his nose."

Venetian policeman Tommaso di Barbara has discovered a trend in killings around the world - every Friday at sunset, a g
I really liked this book; I won't go into detail about the plot, but it certainly was both interesting and exciting. This book is the type of book that includes a lot of supplementary information, allowing you to sort of create your own experience with it: I highly recommend stopping to look up terms, concepts, or names of groups that you don't understand upon reading them. The clarification you get will greatly enhance your experience with the book. Yes, there is quite a bit of supplementary in ...more
Ashland Mystery Oregon
So slap me, I enjoyed Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code, and Kazinski's The Last Good Man even more so.

The mysteries of science and religion collide and slide together in perfect interlocking segments. It takes some brilliant thinking to even conceive of the scope of the mystery, and a mathematician to put together the pieces. But is it intuition or painstaking investigative work that carries the plot? Neither and both, certainly a pleasure to read this global thriller set in Copenhagen, Venice and plac
Chris Spiegel
The Last Good Man by A.J. Kazinski- Release date 3-6-2012
This book has a superb, edge of your seat, plotline that keeps you guessing ‘til the end. First released in Denmark, where it is set, this novel is a little bit DaVinci Code and a little bit Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Police detective, Niels Bentzon, renowned hostage negotiator, has just returned from a needed medical leave when he is assigned the “easy” task of warning various “good” people around Copenhagen that their lives may be in d
Bella (Bella's Wonderworld)

Niels Bentzons ist als Vermittler bei der Kopenhagener Polizei tätig, in den vergangenen Monaten gab es immer wieder Schwierigkeiten in seinem Leben. Um sein Leben wieder auf die Reihe zu bekommen möchte Niels Urlaub nehmen nur noch eine Aufgabe hat er vor seinem Urlaub zu bearbeiten.

Der italienische Kommisar Tommaso di Barbara ist eine Reihe von weltweiten Morden aufgefallen die immer eine Parallele aufwiesen - das Opfer ist ein "guter Mensch" und auf den Rücken der Opfer prangt ein
Christina (Ensconced in Lit)
I won this book from Goodreads first readers giveaways in exchange for an honest review.

The Last Good Man is a thriller about 36 good people who are being eliminated around the world and the two policemen in different countries who are the only ones who believe what's going on: the main protagonist Niels in Copenhagen and Tommaso in Venice.

There are a lot of great things about this book. It's fast paced, well written, and the first half of the book makes mostly the right moves. There are secrets
In The Last Good Man, disgraced policeman Tommaso di Barbera in Venice, has discovered that righteous people, those who are known for their good deeds, are dying all over the world. Each of the bodies has the same mysterious mark. In Copenhagen, Niels Bentzon is also investigating, but he and Barbera don't speak the language. Communicating and passing information is difficult at best. With the help of Hannah Lund, an astrophysicist, a pattern emerges and if she's correct, someone is out to kill ...more
AJ Kazinski
With all the Swedish crime novels on the market, this one is different by being Danish. It is quite a complicated story, featuring a police negotiator in Copenhagen, Niels Bentzon. For part of the story, a policeman in Venice also has a voice, but his job is to funnel the information about strange deaths happening around the world. To further complicate the story, Hannah Lund, a social misfit who is also a genius mathematician, is introduced. She becomes Bentzon’s sid
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