L'idéaliste (Trois destinées, #3)
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L'idéaliste (The Wanton Dairymaid Trilogy #3)

3.43 of 5 stars 3.43  ·  rating details  ·  1,257 ratings  ·  136 reviews
Isabel Grayson a un rêve : devenir une femme d'influence luttant contre les injustices sociales grâce à la fortune et au rang social de son mari. Sir Tobias Aldridge est loin de correspondre à cet époux idéal, et pourtant, si elle parvient à transformer cet incorrigible séducteur en un homme respectable, elle obtiendra ce qui lui est si cher, le respect de tous. Mais Isabe...more
Mass Market Paperback, 372 pages
Published December 2011 by J'ai lu (first published January 1st 2009)
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I loved the first two books.
And Toby?
I just could not wait to read about him!

But Bel annoyed me so much I could not even read it to the end.
I just skipped it all and read the epilogue.

She was a horrible whiney person.
Yes, charity is admirable,and your faith in God is a good thig.
But please don't be a darn Mother Teresa if you are not one.
We had the constant motive of her oh-so-sizzling Spanish blood that clashes in a big CAA-BOOOM! with her want to be all prim,proper and saint like.
I hate...more
It's official: Tessa Dare has become one of my (very few) auto-buy authors. Three books, three winners. What else could I ask for? Just keep 'em coming, Ms. Dare. If you write it, I'll read it. :)

Note: I have no time to write a review now, but I'll try to get back and do it eventually.
Rachel (BAVR)
Warning: GIFS and light spoilers ahead!

Blergh di blah crap.

There are no words to describe what a tedious experience reading this book was. I have no one but myself to blame. Well, I suppose a portion of the blame can fall on my GR buddy Karla for this buddy read. We went into it for the LULZ and suffered instead, the blood of bad romance staining our hands forevermore. Our mistake, I guess.

A Lady of Persuasion isn't much of a story. Reading it was like watching one of those reality shows where...more
Beanbag Love
This one actually only rates 3.25 from me.

Isabel and Toby are somehow the title for this series, and their story really doesn't deserve to be elevated that high. While I still love Dare's writing, I was disappointed in several aspects of this book.

First of all, Dare loses one star right off the top for squeezing Joss and Hetta's HEA into a tiny side story. Their back stories and their personalities, the difficulties inherent in an interracial marriage during the Regency era, are enough to fill...more
What happens when the well known and infamous rake Sir Toby Aldridge and a reformer for all causes in need of help Isabel Grayson surprisedly fall in love!

The last in the trilogy by Tessa Dare, A Lady of Persuasion was a wonderful ending to this amazing trilogy. Bel Grayson (The sister of Gray hero from Surrender the Siren) is a true do- gooder willing to help any and all causes while at the same time fighting down her passions and feelings due to a harsh life lesson by her mother whom went ma...more
Barbara M.
2 Stars...It was just ok

I'm so very disappointed...and very very shocked!

I've been a HUGE fan of Tessa Dare ever since I read "Goddess of the Hunt" and as you all know I do not give ratings where ratings aren't due, and I'm not going to start now.

This author built two perfect and entertaining characters in her previous books...And I can't believe this is how she decides to tell their stories. We all get to know Sir Toby in "Goddess" and I found myself in awe of him...I liked Toby from the start...more
Lady of Persuasion is the third and final book in this marvelous trilogy by Tessa Dare. Tessa has written a beta hero who is a gentleman in public but quite the tiger in the bedroom. This is quite the change from those heroines who embody the Madonna/Whore complex. They are women who are polite and proper in public, but when they are alone with the men they desire, off goes their proper mask and out comes a seductive and lustful woman who will do whatever they want with the hero in terms of bedr...more
I really didn't care for this one. I think with 3 stars I'm being really generous, since it was only by an incredible effort, and a lot of page skimming, that I managed to finish it.

I loved the hero, Toby. He's a perfect physical specimen, and blessed with the ability to not only charm ladies, but also to get on with them as well. He's perfectly happy to drift through life enjoying himself and making the lives of those around him more pleasant.

I have to admit, though, that I really disliked the...more
Maureen Feeney
Jilted and now scandalous rake,Sir Toby Aldridge, sees his ex-fiance sophia and her husband Gray at a ball. He sees Gray's beautiful dance partner, and seeking revenge he whisks her away. When realising its Gray sister Isabel he does something rash, he proposes.

Isabel Gray while dancing with her brother is swept out on the balcony by a beautiful stranger. Isabel has a plan, she must marry a titled man with money, and political views. This way she can become a influential member of society so th...more
God, how I hated this heroine. She was absolutely obnoxious. I could see how she came to be that way, but I still found it hard to care for her. *insert random muttering and grumbling*

This book is a perfect example of why romance trilogies/series often piss me off. I liked the hero in the previous two books, he was a charming rogue. But then, in time for his own book, he got a personality transplant, and became this boring, eager to please, sappy wuss. WHY??? Was that really necessary, Dare? *in...more
I've read some of Dare's other books & enjoyed them. I just couldn't get into this one. Lots of skimming! I wanted to kick Mr. Nancy-pants (Toby) in the teeth. Bell was a walking/talking contradiction. She's run out of charitable causes, so she decides she's going to marry for a title and money -then use her new status to take do-gooding to a new height. I guess she feels like it's okay to be a fortune hunter if you're going to use your husbands status & money to make a real difference i...more
Courtney Milan
A Lady of Persuasion is the final book in Tessa Dare's trilogy, and it’s the story of Toby—Lucy’s school-girl crush from Goddess of the Hunt (which you should have already purchased). It’s also the story of Bel, Gray’s sister, from Surrender of a Siren. Which, y’know, you should already have purchased, too. Sorry. Not trying to make you feel guilty.

But speaking of which, A Lady of Persuasion is a book about guilt. It takes Isabel, a lady who is afraid of feeling good, and in fact, feels guilty w...more
What a disappointment. After a really good first part and a second solid, I felt rather let down by this final part of the trilogy. I just didn't like it. I never felt any sort of attachment to the (main) characters. I didn't understand any of their "problems" or motives, and the "drama" part was too shallow. It felt as if there wasn't any resemblences of plot at all. Everything happened so fast, I was always waiting for something big to happen, some event that might give this story some directi...more
Loved this book, Loved this series, and Love this new author!! I actually won this book from Tessa Dare's website and she wrote a little note in it and autographed it! This book was my favorite of the three in the trilogy.

Toby was so sweet, funny, charming and such a gentleman! I am so glad he got his happy ending! I have been able to relate to the leading females in each of the three books in one way or another. It was so wonderful reading their stories and watching them grow and work through...more
Missy Ann
Made it almost a third of the way in. I can't stand it. It's awful. I want to choke the life out of Bel. It's a shame, I really like the first book - but this one was a waste of time.
The third and final novel in the historical romance trilogy by debut author Tessa Dare, this is the love story of Toby Aldridge and Isabel or 'Bel' Grayson, the half sister of Gray Grayson and Joss Grayson from Surrender Of A Siren. In order to exact revenge on Gray Grayson for 'stealing' his betrothed in Surrender Of A Siren, Toby is determined to marry Bel in order to steal Gray's little sister from him. Bel finds her happiness and life goals in serving the charitable needs of children and the...more
Isabel Grayson is a half-British and half-Spanish beauty, born and raised in the West Indies and newly arrived in London. It's her first season, and Bel is determined to find a husband - and fast. Her main goal in life is to help those less fortunate than herself, and nothing makes her happier than devoting all of her time and energy to charity. After all, it's the only way she knows to channel the fiery passion that burns within her, a passion she fears is too like the madness that ripped her m...more
I found this book really disappointing, mostly because I found Isabel borderline insufferable. For all her so-called angelic goodness, she was completely selfish and very self-centered. She was a know-it-all and self-righteous and I spent half the book wanting to give her a good shake. Every time she started nagging Toby to do these things that she wanted without thinking about him at all? I went a little nuts. She was also sort of hopelessly naive, and I didn't understand that at all. How can s...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Mary Kathryn
Really this book is a 31/2 star book. Isabel was SO annoying!! Why did Tessa Dare match Toby with Isabel? I hated her so much so I am not going to talk about her because talking about her is annoying. So I'll talk about Toby. I loved Toby. He actually reminded me of my husband. Maybe because everyone liked him and he was a big flirt. I also really liked Joss and Hetta. I wish we could have seen more of their story and less of Isabel.

Side note: If you have never had children then the chapter dev...more
My library didn't have book 2 in this series so i went from book 1 to book 3, but I really enjoyed reading it. Toby is adorable as a hero, and the heroine was a unique change of pace. Almost as satisfying as the HEA was the come-uppance of the the catty society lady at the end, lol. I also enjoyed the little side romance of Hetta and Joss, yay. It was nice to see how Lucy and Jeremy were doing. I thought the author did a good job of writing a story that stood on its own, while connecting it to t...more
I really liked the first two books in this trilogy. I had my complaints but as a whole I remember really thinking they were rather good. However I just couldn't get myself into this final book. I was interested in the hero as he plays a part in the first book and I was curious to see how that goes. But his reiterating need to state his desire for revenge got old very quickly. And when it switched to the main female character I could care less. Oh well.
It's a good book, but I got a little tired of Isabel's angelic nature. Honestly, I prefer a heroine with a little more spunk.
I don't understand why this book was about Toby and Bel when clearly Hetta and Joss were about a thousand times more interesting.
Quelle déception !
Les deux premiers tomes de cette série m'ont passionnée et celui ci est tellement insipide !
Les personnages ne sont pas attachant et presque antipathique par moment. J'ai régulièrement eu envie de les baffer...

J'ai eu un petit regain d'espoir dans les 100 dernières pages du livre mais bof. Et l'épilogue ne m'a pas plu du tout ! Pas fameux tout ça !

Bref le seul plaisir de ce livre est qu'on y retrouve avec grand plaisir les personnages des livres précédant. Et l'histoire sec...more
Perdani Budiarti
Well, walaupun ini buku terakhir dari sebuah trilogi, tapi aku membacanya sebagai buku pertama karena kedua buku pendahulunya sedang "I'm not available" di rental langganan :P

Sebenarnya yang pinjam adikku, tapi karena memang kami sering berbagi bacaan novel romance, maka tak kulewatkan kesempatan untuk membacanya.

Referensi mbak yang jaga rental mengatakan kalau buku terakhir ini kurang menarik dibandingkan dua buku sebelumnya, namun ternyata aku cukup puas membacanya.

Beruntung aku tidak tahu kar...more
Wendy Hines

She wants to be a woman of influence, but can she be persuaded if she listens to her heart?

Isabel Grayson is determined to find and wed a man of fine political standings in order to become a lady of influence among London society. She isn't looking for love, just the means to cater to her goals of charity work. Toby isn't what she would consider suitable husband material, but he does set her heart aflutter. She vows to reform him into what she deems suitable.

Sir Tobias Aldridge seeks revenge on...more
Amy C
After reading Goddess of the Hunt and Surrender of a Siren, I was eager to read this third in the trilogy about Bel and the poor jilted Toby. And what a wonderful set of books these are.

Toby's determined to gain some sort of revenge on the man who 'stole' his intended, the beautiful Sophia, and Bel is determined to find a man with decent political standings in order to become a 'lady of influence' among London society. There's no room in her life for love and desire, not with her goals for chari...more
Lynne Tull
This is the third book of a trilogy. (I always read series in order. Otherwise, I will have to reread so I can tie the story together. I like to think of the three books of 300+ pages each as one big book of 900 pages.)

This series only rated a "Like" from me. Although the characters were appealing, I didn't feel much depth to them. They were mostly two dimensional. Ms. Dare finally redeems herself in the last 75 pages. I actually felt deep down for the characters. I liked all of the characters a...more
This was so wonderful to read! I actually was closed to tears at the end of this one since it was such an emotional read as well as beautiful characters! What I read up to now in the trilogy about Toby, I knew that his story would answer all my questions I had about him! He didn't change who he was from the beginning of this trilogy until his story either. And the heroine, Isabel, was a perfect match for him because she was so the opposite of him that they learned so much from each other. The bl...more
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Tessa Dare is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of ten historical romance novels and four novellas. Her books have won numerous accolades, including Romance Writers of America’s prestigious RITA® award and multiple RT Book Reviews Reviewer’s Choice Awards. Booklist magazine named her one of the “new stars of historical romanc...more
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