Girl Unmoored
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Girl Unmoored

4.12 of 5 stars 4.12  ·  rating details  ·  300 ratings  ·  105 reviews
Apron Bramhall has come unmoored. Fortunately, she s about to be saved by Jesus. Not that Jesus the actor who plays him in Jesus Christ Superstar. Apron is desperate to avoid the look-alike Mike, who s suddenly everywhere, until she s stuck in church with him one day. Then something happens Apron s broken teenage heart blinks on for the first time since she s been adrift....more
Paperback, 325 pages
Published March 6th 2012 by Fiction Std, E Book (first published January 1st 2012)
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Had the voice not captured my attention faster than a tiger in a cage at the local zoo, GIRL UNMOORED would have been a three star read for me. But the voice spoke to me louder than a teenager projecting for the stage six inches from my face with spittle and grunts angled in at the appropriate moments for emphasis. Apron Bramhall proved as unique as her name, her red hair sticking out beyond her head, her choice of phrase more precocious than her thirteen years, and her spirit lifted high above...more
Apron Bramhall is thirteen years old and her mother passed away six months ago. She lives with her father, a Latin professor, and his new girlfriend, Margie, who April will only refer to as M. She's feeling lost and lonely until she meets Mike, who plays Jesus in the local production of Jesus Christ Super Star, and his boyfriend, Chad.

Girl Unmoored is a very sweet story about a young girl growing up in 1985. Apron's only thirteen when she loses her mum and now she has to deal with her dad's new...more
Kristilyn (Reading In Winter)
Thank you to SparkPoint Studio and NetGalley for providing me a copy of this book for review!

I have to admit that I was very easygoing into this book. From the cover to the synopsis (that I lightly glossed over), I assumed that I was going to be taking a journey down a light and fluffy contemporary, perhaps a nice summertime read. I really didn’t expect the story to completely take me over and have so many issues in it. And this isn’t a bad thing at all — I’d say it was a pleasant surprise to g...more
GIRL UNMOORED is a coming of age story set in the 1980s. That alone earned my rapt attention. Then you have the first line: "Jesus was in his underwear."(pg.9) That line, of course, made me think "Wha...?", but I also laughed. I never expected, though, to be so personally moved by the story.

GIRL UNMOORED reminded me in a way of a movie, maybe My Girl. The story isn't the same, or even similar. It's more of a feeling portrayed, or brought back. This story is the summer of a young, impressionable...more
Sharon Chance
I absolutely fell in love with this book. Jennifer Gooch Hummer has created an adorable, feisty young heroine in Apron Bramhall. The seventh grader is still getting over the death of her mom, trying hard to deal with her dad's choice of a new wife, trying to understand why her best friend suddenly doesn't want to have anything to do with her, and all of the rest of the angst and agonies that girls have to deal with at that tender age. But she receives a little bit of help from the highly unusual...more
Larry Hoffer
Darn you, Jennifer Gooch Hummer, for making me cry while marveling at your storytelling ability!!

Apron Bramhall is having a tough time of things. It's 1985, and things aren't going as well as she'd hoped—her best friend decided she'd rather be friends with a more popular girl, her mother died not too long ago, and her evil stepmother is pregnant. But luckily, Jesus saves her—or at least Mike, the actor who plays the lead in a production of Jesus Christ Superstar and bears more than a passing res...more
Frishawn Rasheed
This is a story that though peppered with a myriad of complex and often heartbreaking issues, never forgot that it was set in a world being experienced through the mind and heart of a young and for the most part, still very innocent girl.

Apron Bramhall has lost her mother to Cancer, her father to a Brazilian nurse's aide named 'M', and her bff has sailed off in search of the big fish in the popularity pond. So it is no wonder that Apron is having a few issues in the feeling loved and secure depa...more
Chrissy (The Every Free Chance Reader)
Did I enjoy this book: I really did. In fact, the first thing I said to my husband when I finished this book was "that was a really good book." Plain and simply put. I read this book every free chance I had...I put off household chores in order to read this book. I could not put it down. When I had to put it down, all I wanted to do was pick it back up again.

Girl Unmoored is told from the perspective of 13 year old Apron Bramhall. To have gone through everything that Apron has gone through in he...more
Lynn Reynolds
Mirabile Fabulam! as Apron might say.

Apron is the delightfully quirky twelve-year-old heroine of Girl Unmoored by Jennifer Gooch Hummer. Her mother recently died and her dad is burying his grief in a pile of student essays - he's a Latin teacher. Worse yet, Dad has also decided to marry his late wife's sexy Brazilian nurse. About the only person who pays any attention to Apron is her eccentric grandma, who claims tiny people have been cleaning her house at night.

Then Apron meets Jesus. Well, r...more
What a surprising book this turned out to be. I was expecting a quirky story about a girl named Apron but I wasn't expecting to enjoy it as much as I did. This story follows Apron as she goes through her life. Her Mom is dead, her Dad married her Mom's nurse who is a total b word and her best friend has a new best friend who hates Apron's guts.

This book takes place in the 80's and I didn't know that when I first requested this book for review. I'm not much of a fan of books set in the 80's, well...more
I LOVED this book! It is one of the best books I have read in a long time, and it has everything besides romance that makes a book good: parental drama, best friend drama, school drama, societal drama, etc. Here's the set-up: A young girl named Apron is being raised by her father and his Brazilian girlfriend "M" (Margee), who was her mother's caregiver before she died. M and Apron don't get along at all, and her father is so busy being a college professor he barely notices Apron, who ends up tak...more
LAURA KAY A Novel Review

Apron Bramhall (yes that’s her name, Apron) is a girl unmoored. She recently suffered the loss of her mom, and now her father is preoccupied with his new girlfriend “M”, and her bff, Rennie has dumped her for a chance to be more popular. What Apron really wants is someone to save her…and who better than Jesus. More like Mike, an actor who plays Jesus in Jesus Christ Superstar. Mike and his boyfriend Chad show up in Apron’s life when she needs it the most....more
“I swallowed a piece of my heart that was now lodged in my throat.” There was a lot of that happening in Girl Unmoored.

Apron's story was both sweet and sad, but mostly sad. Consider her life: a daddy who’s not all there plus a horrible step mom to be. A friend who is not really a friend, and a memory of things that doesn’t paint the most accurate picture of the past. She’s a sad kid, but a brave one.

But it’s that last aspect I liked: her willingness to put herself out there.

That said, there...more
This was an incredible story about facing loss and struggling with grief. Apron Bramhall is going through more than your typical teenage angst; set in 1985 when AIDS was only whispered about, she befriends a young gay couple in the midst of coping with the loss of her mother and the new girlfriend of her father. Throughout the story, Apron teaches her friends as much as they teach her - about love, tolerance, and moving on even when there doesn't seem to be a way. Without being tyranical, elemen...more
Lauren Jarvis
I received this book in a Goodreads giveaway. I have tried and tired to keep reading it and get into it. and I just cannot. The writing is really bad. The story line is often jumpy and the transitions of events or characters thoughts are often very loosely controlled. I found more then 6 grammer/spelling errors within the first 4 chapters.

I am a firm believer in finishing every book that i start because i like to give the writer the benefit, however this one i cannot go any further with.

I reall...more
I'm so glad I stumbled on this book thanks to some deal I read last weekend. I loved it. Apron, the main character, makes you want to hug her and cheer on as life takes some bad turns. The book made me smile, laugh, and tear up. I definitely recommend this book as it is well written and an interesting story.
Rose Finnerty
Moving and emotional beyond its young adult years. Jennifer Gooch Hummer elicits visceral emotional reactions through her writing and keeps your mind on the characters even when the book is put away.
Rebecca Phillips
One of the best books I've read this year. Quirky, witty, hilarious, heartbreaking...I could go on and on. I loved it so much.
I loved the author's use of language and her characters. It left me in a puddle at the end, but well worth it.
Welcome back to the 80s! Thank you to BookSparks PR and Fiction Studio Books for sending me a copy to share with you. I am glad to share Jennifer Gooch Hummer’s novel Girl Unmoored.
Apron lives in Maine and has recently lost her mother. The new woman in her dad’s life M may not be what she seems. M seems to enjoy wreaking havoc in Apron’s life. As Apron goes through the year and goes what will she discover about herself? How will she survive her mother’s death? Then there is life at scho...more
Kristi (Books and Needlepoint)
Apron is just finishing up the seventh grade and has had a pretty rough year. Her mom passed away and her dad has started a relationship with Margie (or M, as Apron calls her). Margie is from Brazil and had been her mom's nurse, but now lives with Margie and her dad. She is on a work visa in the United States and Apron believes is looking for Mr. Right so that she will not have to leave. Meanwhile, that is all that Apron wants her to do -- leave.

To top it off, her best friend Rennie has decided...more
Beth Peninger
This coming of age YA book is set in the early/mid 80's when AIDS was popping up "everywhere" and the misconceptions on how you got it were prevalent. (You know - don't shake hands with someone who has AIDS, don't drink from the same glass, etc etc. Ridiculous.)
Apron (that's right Apron because some person at the birth records place when she was born misspelled April so she got stuck with the name Apron) is a 7th grader on the cusp of life. In the past 6 months she has lost her Mom to cancer, h...more
Amy Fournier
This book is not a book that I would have picked up on my own I don't think. The overview sounds good and it has a pretty cover, but it's nothing that really would grab my attention. That being said, I LOVED this book. It was beautiful and heartbreaking. It has some very serious issues in it, and a really great message. A few actually. I was immediately immersed in Apron's life and hoped needed to know that things would work out for her. This thirteen year old girl goes through so much in a few...more
Angie Holtz
From Lilac Wolf and Stuff

Did you see that? The main character is named Apron. And the story behind that was hilarious. She was supposed to be named April but her father disagreed so her mother wrote it on the Birth Certificate so intelligibly that the powers that be thought it said'd think someone would have asked!

Apron is a young teenage girl who is waiting to develop. Her mother is out of the picture and her father is shacking up with a nurse aide from Brazil who also hates Apron.....more
I won Jennifer Gooch Hummer's Girl Unmoored in a Goodreads giveaway. I was already intrigued by the premise when I signed up for the contest, and when I started reading my copy I was quickly entranced. Girl Unmoored is the coming-of-age story of Apron Bramhall, a thirteen year old girl in the mid-eighties who is simultaneously dealing with the loss of her mother, her father's relationship with a nurse who cared for her ailing mother -- a woman Apron is convinced hates her, and the abandonment by...more
This novel is by Jennifer Gooch Hummer,the same author that wrote the Milk Face blog post. But if you're expecting something like that in this book, don't be. This is a very serious book. Apron is in 7th grade and has lost everything. Her mother died six months ago, her best friend dumped her for a girl that hates Apron and she's lost her father to her pregnant stepmother, a woman whose name she won't say, she just calls her "M".

"M" is from Brazil and was Apron's mother's nurse while she was dyi...more
Joana Hill
Read more reviews at my blog, Words and Tea Bottles.

I was a bit hesitant about this book at first. The first hundred pages just don't seem to match up to the rest. The story itself is there and goes at a good pace (although the summary on this kind of sucks and doesn't really tell what the book is actually about) but there are quirks in this writing that make it seem a bit amateur. There are typos and such sprinkled through that should've been picked up in editing, for instance.

Also this book ta...more
Author Interview and review!

Things are not going well for Apron. Her mother has passed away and she is left with her good intentioned but absentee father. Her soon to be step mother is pregnant and her best friend has started hanging out with someone new.
But then she meets him- her new friend Mike who owns the local florist shop. And as this new world unfolds, Apron awakens.

This is Hummer's debut novel and it is all sweet, sad and funny in equal mea...more
Cyndy Aleo
In general, I am not a fan of "coming of age" stories. There's usually a life lesson to be learned, and it's usually beaten over the readers' heads.

Jennifer Gooch Hummer's Girl Unmoored is not that kind of coming-of-age book.

Taking place in the late '80s, the book is the story of Apron, a teen who's completely lost in a sea of change. Her mother is dead. Her best friend is hanging out with the popular people. Her father is marrying a woman who hates her. And no one seems to realize how miserab...more
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Jennifer Gooch Hummer is the award-winning author and screenwriter of her debut novel, Girl Unmoored. Girl Unmoored has been optioned for film and will soon be published in German. She has worked as a script analyst for various talent agencies and major film studios. A judge for Independent book awards, Jennifer is also a mentor with WriteGirl, an organization for young adult girls in Southern Cal...more
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“Love doesn't always mean rings and veils and walks down the aisle.
Sometimes love means broken windows and broken hearts,
and not being able to fix either.
And sometimes love means telling you,
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Stay a while, and pick, girl, the roses.”
“I sat there looking normal but thinking about how much I wished we were going to see the real Jesus. Everyone needed a miracle once in a while.” 5 likes
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