Demons at Deadnight (Divinicus Nex Chronicles, #1)
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Demons at Deadnight (Divinicus Nex Chronicles #1)

4.26 of 5 stars 4.26  ·  rating details  ·  2,318 ratings  ·  305 reviews
For seventeen-year-old Aurora Lahey, survival is a lifestyle.

Aurora has the crappiest superpower on the planet. And it's just unleashed a hit squad from hell. Demons are on the hunt, salivating to carve her carcass into confetti.

The Hex Boys--mysterious, hunky, and notorious for their trails of destruction--have the answers Aurora need...more
Paperback, 404 pages
Published January 7th 2012 (first published January 5th 2012)
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4.5 stars

Three things you will absolutely love in this book:
1) It is completely hilarious
2) It is completely action - packed and
3) It is completely awesome!

The one thing I love about books is that it has the ability to think and make you laugh. This book made me laugh so hard that sometimes I'd keep reading the same joke again and again just to continue my laughter.

Aurora Lahey proved to be an excellent female lead whom I loved very much.
Things you might love about Aurora
1) She's courageous

Soooo... I effing loved this book! I'm freaking happy I read it!
You haven't read it?

I may throw some s bombs. No, not what you think of, you naughty, spoiler bombs. And unless you want to become a pancake under one of them and then get yourself blown up and shredded into bloody, unidentifiable pieces, you LEAVE RIGHT NOW AND READ DEMONS AT DEADNIGHT!!!

For the rest of you whom I managed not to scare away, you are very welcome to read my rant review on DaD...more
"Trust me, if I can see you, I can smite you." - Aurora Lahey

Holy crap, this book was fun. Okay: imagine, if you will, the Black Dagger Brotherhood, only they're teenagers, and they aren't vampires, and they don't have 400 pages each worth of angst-driven back story, and they're written with a Goonies-like combination of charm and goofiness--but instead of bikes and baby fat, they have cars and chiseled abs. Those are the Hex Boys, a crew of six demon-hunters who each have a unique supernatural...more
Dec 15, 2011 A&E rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  (Review from the author)
It's our book so we're admittedly biased. But hopefully you'll enjoy it too!

Here's the first chapter...

Chapter One

Someone’s car was totaled and it wasn’t my fault.

But who’s going to believe a teenager? “The demon did it” excuse, while more creative than “the dog ate my homework,” was still as unbelievable. And much more likely to get me sent to the psych ward. So when the fang-filled flying hellion barely missed me and dropped like a wrecking ball onto the SUV, exploding shattered bits of glas...more
Jen  (In the Closet With a Bibliophile)
Seriously hilarious! This book was fabulous and suspenseful. I only wish I was lucky enough to have only guy friends in high school because WOW, that would have made things so much more pleasant. Besides, if those boys were the Hex Boys...WIN! I've a sudden urge to molest some hard rock abs. Then again, don't we all?! YUM!

Full Review (Updated 2/7/2012):

Snarky, fast and furious, Demons at Deadnight by A & E Kirk is fast paced and hilarious, providing an epically fantastic read and and seriou...more
“Ironic, is it not, that the great Divinicus Nex cowers in fear from that which should be her fated prey? A decidedly diametric circumstance."

What? It's irritating when the monster hunting you has a better vocabulary than your own. Maybe it could do my eulogy?”

It's bad enough getting chased by demons. But demons with exceptional vocabularies? That just burns.

Aurora's been chased by demons, ever since her near-fatal accident. Why do they chase her? She doesn't know. All she knows is that they're...more
Litchick (is stuck in the 19th century)
Before I begin my review I have to confess that at one point while reading this book I was laughing so hard that my fiancé came into the room and told me I sounded like Stewie when he finds something to be so funny that he loses all control over what his normal laughter sounds like.

Let’s start with the main character, Aurora, aka Divinicus Nex. She’s snarky, quirky, funny and can see demons. She knows when to talk shit, when to keep her mouth shut, when to fight and when to run for the frigging...more
The book opens introducing us to the heroine, Aurora. She is described as having long auburn curly hair, blue eyes and impossibly long legs. I admit that last description made me jelly so I was looking forward to hating Aurora. But, no. In the first chapter I see that she is funny, snarky, and a bit goofy. Shoot. I was going to like her. *looks down at short legs* Oh well... ;D

We find that Aurora has a gift... or a curse. She can see demons and they know about her. Why? The purpose? Well, that i...more
Michelle, the Bookshelf Stalker  Queen of the Undead
When there's something strange in your neighborhood, who ya gonna call? Ghost Bustser The Hexy Knights, aka, the Hex Boys, aka, my Superhero Harem! Well, at least, that's who I'm calling! No, seriously, I'm calling right now, and I'm beginning to think they've blocked my number... Can't imagine why, it's only like the 100th time I've called. But that's another story.

Soon after moving back to her childhood hometown, Aurora Lahey not only reunites with some old friends, she also determines to sta...more

Its hard enough being the new kid in school, having crazy unmanageable red hair....and having super hot boys live next door, who may or may not have been your elementary sand box mates and who may or may not make your toes curl and your face turn red....let alone being a magnet for foul smelling soul sucking demons. Needless to say, the chance of Aurora Lahey focusing on homework, meeting new friends and settling down may not be in the cards for her probable future.

Demons at Deadnight was super...more
Lea (YA Book Queen)
Aurora Lahey's problems seem to always begin with a demon. And unfortunately, once she moves back to Gossamer Falls with her family, the local demons start showing an above average interest in killing her. Luckily, Aurora has an upbeat mystery woman willing to battle demons with as little as a feather and a secretive group of guys known as the Hex Boys to look out for her and her fellow Lahey's. But, the closer Aurora becomes to Hex Boys, the more secrets she unveils - and Aurora might be closer...more
This was just what i needed!! Im pretty sure i loved everything about this fantastic book! A&E Kirk, you guys are brilliant!

The characters are PERFECT :D I love them!!! I mean, Aurora snarky and sarcastic comments, her perfect humor and her bravery.. Just.. I adore her! The Hex Boys... Well... Im lost. I'll never find a boyfriend now that ive read about them.. Damn.. They were all sexy, dangerous and so fucking funny! Delicious as hell, too! I can't wait for the next one!

PS! Ayden is MINE!!!...more
Barbara (VampAngel)
Bookish After Dark
I found out about this book because I happen to stumble upon one of the authors book review blog (Teens Read and Write). Alyssa had posted her Book Boyfriend and "Team Buttons" for the Hex boys in addition to the first round of reviews for Demons at Deadnight. I read the first round of reviews that were linked up on the that post and I checked out the "Team Buttons" and I decided that I NEEDED to download this book onto my Barnes and Noble Tablet.

I really enjoyed our main character Aurora very m...more
Click here to read this review on my blog.

In a Sentence: Demons at Deadnight was an entertaining debut with a few glitches, but well-worth the read!

My Thoughts

The first line of Demons at Deadnight immediately drew me into the story. Good thing, too, because Aurora Lahey and I almost instantly hit it off. She's fun, brave, innovative, and has a sense of humor that kept me laughing off and on throughout the book. Aurora is a very entertaining protagonist, and I loved reading the story from her po...more
Actual rating: 3.5/5

Demons at Deadnight is a tale brimming with humor and wit, but underneath the smart mouths lies a bit of a sinister edge, the very real threat of death-by-demon preventing us from getting too caught up in the banter and the romance by keeping us cautiously turning each page to see what might pop out at us and make itself known next. The ladies Kirk exhibit a strong talent for characterization, Aurora and the six Hex Boys beautifully developed and more than a little intriguing...more
The best part about "Demons at Deadnight" is definitely all of the awesome characters and their funny, witty dialogue. Aurora is a great lead, and all of the Hex Boys are well thought out, well rounded characters, too.

The action was very fast paced, there is never a dull moment in this book. It really reminded me of the adult paranormal romances and urban fantasy books that I have read as opposed to other YA in the genre. There is so much action and the authors don't shy away from violence, gory...more
Ashley - The Bookish Brunette
Seriously- Aurora was FREAKING HILARIOUS! I’m mean, that I am laughing OUT LOUD from page TWO… on. And um just a little minor, mini piece of AWESOME- she isn’t a dog person. Shhhhyea! Sorry EVERYONE. I find this super fab, because SOME of us just aren’t!!! Okay, moving on…Aurora is snarky, sarcastic, mouthy and all round SUPER freaking awesome! LOVED her! And ladies… oooh ladies… everything you’ve heard thus far about the Hex Boys? All the hype about how AMAZINGLY sexy they are… how drool-worthy...more
Danielle B!
May 03, 2012 Danielle B! rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommended to Danielle B! by: I saw a review for this book on the blog The Unread Reader (Missie's Blog)
This book was AWESOME! I so can't wait for the second book in this series. The whole story is about a girl named Aurora Lahey who moves to her old hometown because of an incident (which we don't know at the beginning of the book). Aurora isn't just your average 17 year old girl, she sees demons, demons that for some reason are after her and want to barbeque her on a spit. She soon gets help from the mysterious (and freakin' hawt) demon hunting Hex boys who have some of their own very important s...more
2012 is starting off great! So many great books, but this easily is my top 10 so far.

This book was hilarious. A nice change from the either to smutty-for-my-own-good-books or the way-to-serious-for-my-teenage-mind-books. Sure having a serious and mature look at things is good, but come one, don't y'all just ever want to do silly things just to be silly.
Some reviewers complained about the pacing in this story, but I kinda liked it. The book was decently long, but never dragged liked some, which...more
✿ℎazℯℓ - thℯ ℛock Cℎick ℱairy✿


Aurora is constantly running from demons. The funny thing is, she can track them all along. She can kill them, but she didn't know it at first. Then she meets her long lost "dwarfs", her childhood friends who were all so very mysterious now and oh so sexy! They face too many battles. I swear, there are lots of fight scenes here.. some even happened so fast that I had to read it again. They eventually find out...more
4.5 stars

First, I can NOT believe I waited this long to read this book!

There are demons, secret society of demon hunters and hexly knights in shining armor riding on their trustie steed driving awesome cars to save the girl. So in a nutshell, absolutely awesome!

The hex boys are anything but your average teenage boys. They fight demons, control elements, own cool cars provided by their parent by their parents, goes to school, has their own guardian fairy?! Yup, not your average teenage boy. All t...more
Stina Lindenblatt
I really enjoyed this book, but the best part had to be the Hex Boys. These six hot guys made the book with their banter and unique personalities. They had me cracking up plenty of times throughout the story. I like the mc because she isn't whimpy or fawning over a guy (or declaring her undying love). She's real (I mean other than the part where she can see demons, which is something most other people can't do).

Although I'm not a big fan of cliff hanger endings, I already knew I'd be reading th...more
Merril Anil
It’s a Laugh riot

I m in love with this book for making me blush, laugh and putting me in high spirits and getting through monotonous days. Characters are fun especially the central characters. The book is hilarious and keeps the humor intact till the very last page unlike other books which starts funny and end up being cliché and sob stories. One girl with witty tongue and six boys …not bad at all…. The book just made my day. i had a hard time proving to people around me that i was sane and ha...more
will have something to say when I return from work...Good read

What an awesome read, this book had me luaghing so much my husband kept giving me nasty looks. I soooo can't wait to read the next book. Just hoping it doesn't take long to come out. If your looking for a fast past, fun, and quick read this is the book to read. Don't miss it!!!

Edit: I just found out that this book is written by two authors, mother and daughter. I thought it was only an author the whole time. Stupid of me. So I corrected "she" from my review to "they".

Aurora could see demons and other supernatural creatures since she was nine or ten years old. When her family moved back into the town, she met her childhood friends, five boys who happened to grow up into five drop dead gorgeous men, apparently with no girlfriend. Then the t...more
A Canadian Girl
Hilarious and engaging, Demons at Deadnight by A&E Kirk sucked me into the plot right away since I didn’t have to wait long for the action to start. With Aurora facing off against a demon and meeting two of the Hex Boys by page 15, A&E Kirk provide instant gratification, and then keep readers hooked with confrontations against demons, detailed characterization, witty dialogue and the possibility of a romance blooming between Aurora and one of the Hex Boys.

As a main character, Aurora was...more
The time is now 3:09 AM. Yes, AM. I should have been in bed hours ago, but I'm not. You want to know why? Three words for you: Demons at Deadnight

Review later in the day after I've slept. Suffice it say that this book frikking rocks!

Review time:

I started this book and was instantly hooked. What in the world was going on?! By the time Aurora met up with two of the Hex Boys I was hooked. The writing was amazing. Each and every single character had their own voice, their own style, they were indi...more
May 17, 2012 Tiana411 rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Everyone who loves kickass YA paranormal books
I loved this book, it was such a fun read without the seriousness of most books these days. Its a nice change from all the dystopian, end of the world, apocolypse genre everyone is writing.
Aurora was very impulsive but such an awesome protagonist and sooo funny. I loved every single character in this book!!! The Hex boys had me howling and swooning. They're dynamics was incredible.
Considering it was written by another mother/daughter duo it worked really well. I was skeptical, especially after...more
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We're Alyssa and Eileen, the Best Selling Mother/Daughter writing duo of YA Paranormal Romantic Thrillers, and authors of the Amazon Best Selling series, THE DIVINICUS NEX CHRONICLES. Book 1, DEMONS AT DEADNIGHT and book 2, DROP DEAD DEMONS have topped the Amazon charts with DROP DEAD DEMONS debuting as a #1 BEST SELLER!

We write about dangerous demons, hot Hex Boys, and one clever girl who must s...more
More about A&E Kirk...
Drop Dead Demons (Divinicus Nex Chronicles #2)

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“I launched into a graceful ninja-like front roll, then stood my ground to face the monstrous heathen, fearless in my determination to vanquish the deadly foe.

Nah, just kidding. I bolted, discretion being the better part of not getting dead.”
“Ayden and Blake stared each other down.
"Oh. My. God," Luna blurted from Ayden's back seat. "It's a love triangle."
We all looked at her like she'd sprouted an alien from her head. "it's just like in a book. Two guys after one girl and-"
I groaned. "That's ridiculous, Luna, this is not a love triangle."
"Says the girl in the middle of a love triangle. Luna ignored my protests and prattled on. "Not one Hexy Boy but two. I've got to call Danica. Oooo," she squealed and clapped her hands,"We could have teams. Team Ayden and Team Blake. With T-shirt and buttons and-"
"I could make a website," Lucian offered.
"No!" My voice pitched with panic. "No teams. No shirts. No-"
"I'll get you some headshots," Blake said, turning his profile towards Luna and Lucian. "I've been told the left is my best side. What do you think?"
"Aurora's right," Ayden said. "This is buts. Blake you can follow us-"
"Dude, you know no one would pick Team Ayden. You're just jealous."
"That's not true. My team would be way bigger than yours."
"Dare to dream, little man, dare to dream."
"Care to make a wager on it?"
"Fine. How about-"
"You two shut up!" I shoved myself out of the car.”
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