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A Witch in Winter
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A Witch in Winter (Winter Trilogy #1)

3.76 of 5 stars 3.76  ·  rating details  ·  1,621 ratings  ·  206 reviews
Anna Winterson doesn't know she's a witch and would probably mock you for believing in magic, but after moving to the small town of Winter with her father, she learns more than she ever wanted to about power. When Anna meets Seth, she is smitten, but when she enchants him to love her, she unwittingly amplifies a deadly conflict between two witch clans and splits her own he...more
Kindle Edition, 368 pages
Published January 2012 by Hodder Children's Books
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Remember how Beautiful Creatures was being accused of being a Twilight wannabe when it first came out?

To tell you the true, not once had I thought about Twilight when I read Beautiful Creatures, and Lena Duchannes is nothing like Bella Swan. But now I had finished reading A Witch in Winter by Ruth Warburton, I see what a real Twilight-wannabe looks like.

A Witch in Winter would have been an interesting, amazing paranormal YA romance if only Ms. Warburton truly knows how to breath life into her ch...more
I wanted to love this book. It was recommended to me by a friend who insisted that I would love it because it was original, well-researched and stayed true to the beliefs of witchcraft.

So, let me tell you now that it was not.

It was not original. I found quite a few similarities between this book and The Craft movie, as well as The Secret Circle by L.J.Smith.

Then we have the instant love recipe which is really getting on my nerves. Seriously they were confessing their love for each other in like...more
Megan McDade
Reviewed on my blog :

So, A Witch in Winter is about a girl called Anna Winterson who moves to a small fishing village called Winter with her dad. Her dad has just recently lost his job and fell into a depressed state so moving to Wicker House in Winter is a new start.

Wicker House is a damp, run down and just about liveable house, overlooking a forest with the sea in the distance, nothing like living in London. For some reason Wicker House reminded me of th...more
Amanda K
Also reviewed on my blog, The Vintage Bookworm. (

I can tell you right now that I will most likely have trouble writing this review. I have a love/hate relationship with this book. It took me a while to get into this book, which then made it to where it took seven days to finish it. When I was reading it, it aggravated me so much because I'm not very used to this much UK English. But when I put it down to do something else, I kept thinking about it. The story line....more
Could a harmless, fleeting thought of that cute guy at school spark a chain of events that will forever change your life and every single person you're connected to? You think not? Anna Winterson would strongly disagree. Shortly after she and her father move to the small coastal town of Winter, Anna finds an old, hidden grimoire in their house. During a sleepover with her new friends, they each use it to perform a love spell... just for fun, right? For everyone else it is, but when Seth Waters d...more
When Love and magic ware mingled together, how do you know what is real????????
A Witch in Winter is story of Anna, who had no knowledge of her being a witch. Shortly after moving to a small town Winter from London with her father, Anna found a grimoire hidden in their old creepy house. Though she started her life normally, things went wrong when Anna and her friends tried a love spell from that grimoire for fun. Accidently the spell worked on Seth , the guy Anna thought about while casting the s...more
I love books about witches. I think perhaps my obsession with witches all started with the movie Teen Witch. It’s a movie from the late 80′s about a girl who discovers she is a witch… or perhaps it stemmed from another witch movie from the late 80′s The Worst Witch. (Which was also a book!) I mean who wouldn’t want magical powers! I even wrote a book in elementary school about turning myself invisible and playing pranks on people at school. Regardless I’ve wanted to discover that I just happened...more
Amy (Turn the Page)
3.5 Stars

I have always, always loved stories about witches and witchcraft, especially historical novels about witchcraft. When I realised A Witch in Winter was a contemporary, I was momentarily a little disappointed, but Warburton creates quite a rich, historical atmosphere with her setting that there was no chance of this becoming too Sabrina-like. I like my modern-day witches to have a strong connection to the past and A Witch in Winter definitely achieved that.

A Witch in Winter is a fun read,...more
'You're a witch! You're a full-blooded, 100% witch!"

Okay, so I stole that from The Secret Circle, but that is basically what the book comes down to.

*sigh* I really don't get these YA teenagers. Anna Winterson is a very powerful witch, and as soon as she discovers she has magical powers, she promises that she'll never use it again. Why?! I understand that she's hesitant because she has no idea how to control her powers, but she becomes friends with an entire coven of witches. They could teach her...more
Anna and her father have just moved from London to the coastal village of Winter for a fresh start after her father lost his job. Although Anna wasn't happy about the move she actually settles in quite quickly and begins to make friends. After a few drinks at a sleepover one night Anna's new friends think it would be a great idea to try out a love spell. Anna is sceptical - she doesn't believe in magic - but she gets caught up in the fun and names Seth in a spell. None of them are expecting anyt...more
Donna {Book Passion for Life}
A Witch in Winter is one of them novels that you can lose yourself in straight away. From page one British author Ruth Warburton has created an engrossing and captivating novel that is Young Adult Paranormal Romance at its best.

The story follows the life of Anna Winterson, a young girl who moves into the small town of Winter with her father. The house they move into is known amongst the town people as a witches house but Anna is quick to shake it off, well that is until she finds a mysterious b...more
My Rating: 4.0 / 5

First thoughts:
This is a very magical book about witchcraft, first and true love and about dealing with the consequences of your own behaviour. Seth and Anna are a beautiful couple to watch as they grow closer and realize that they care about each other. This is a beautiful story and I'm looking forward to find out how it continues, hoping that all questions will be answered and all wishes will come true.

More detailed:
My favorite aspect about A Witch in Winter is the magic we g...more
I'll start with the things I liked about this book. I LOVED the setting. I live by the sea, and so does Anna in this book so it got plus points there. Also, I've read that the author used to live in Lewes and this was one of the inspirations for Winter. I live not far from there and have visited a lot, so it felt kind of homely reading the book. Winter was described really well, and the beautiful but creepy vibe resonated throughout the book. Similarly, I enjoyed reading a book set in England. A...more
Review also posted:

I really love to read books about witches. Maybe it has something to do with Harry Potter, or maybe it's because I'm still holding onto that childhood fascination I had with them, (I dressed up as a witch every year on Halloween from the time I was five until I was 10) but I still love to read about them. So A Witch in Winter was something I was really excited for.

The biggest issue I have with this book is the characters, particularly S...more
A Witch in Winter tells the story of Anna, a girl who moves away from her beloved London to a town on the South coast, and into a creeptastic old house. I absolutely adored the setting for this book, I love YA books set in the UK (especially ones written by UK authors), and the small town location really added to the atmosphere of the story. I love how relevant the sea became to the plot, and just how scary it could be, how such a beautiful and natural element could be utilised in such a way.

Keren Hughes
Firstly, let me say I absolutely love this cover. The colour is striking and makes it stand out on the shelf. The model is beautiful and I just love the way the whole thing comes together.

But whilst it was the cover that drew me in, it was the stunning story within that kept my attention.

A WITCH IN WINTER was simply sublime. It was a fast-paced, well-written, wonderful story. Very fluid in it's motion. I picked it up at 12 noon yesterday and was finished within the day. I was just so hooked I f...more
Jessica (Jess Hearts Books)
I haven’t read a lot of books about witches but was really interested to check out A Witch in Winter purely because it’s written by a British author and the story’s set in England which is a bit of a rarity with paranormal young adult fiction. It was really refreshing to read a book set in an old British seaside town but at the same time it wasn’t so British that it wouldn’t do well over seas. I think that Ruth Warburton does a fantastic job of writing a solid British supernatural book that can...more
Charlotte Phillips
It appeared to me, that this was one of these books that was bigged up to be something else, and yet when reading it, it was not as promising as you thought it would be. It actually reminded me of the wiccan series that I read earlier on in the year as well as many other books about witches who do not know what they are until they perform what they thought was a silly spell with there friends. I am trying to remain positive about the book because it was engaging and it was a good write, but it w...more
Catherine (The Book Parade)
This review was originally posted at The Book Parade

When I first ever saw A Witch In Winter and read the blurb, I didn't think I would particularly like it. It sounded like just yet another average, soppy, possibly-a-little-bit-cliche paranormal romance. Although it did involve witches, which was a good point and made it a little different; I can't remember reading a paranormal romance revolving around witches recently... Angels, werewolves and vampires - yes, but Anyway, I just ha...more
With the arrival of vampires, shifters and angels, witches have taken the background. Luckily, 2012 brings us some very interesting young-adult debuts featuring witches, including Witch in Winter.

When at a slumber party Anna by accident bewitches her crush Seth to fall in love with her, she doesn't know what to do. She has found an old spell-book and she tries everything to undo the spell. But her powers are attracting unwanted notice, and some people might do anything to make her stop...

What I...more
***This review is SLIGHTLY SPOILERY. You have been warned.***

It took me awhile to get around to writing this review, in part because it took me forever to read the book, and in part because I just felt like I didn't have a lot to say...

It's a very typical YA. Girl moves to small town. Girl sees pretty boy. Boy has a girlfriend (and is dogged by rumors of violence and rages), but girl falls for boy anyway. And (oops) puts a spell on him that makes him lover her, too. Did I mention the girl is a w...more
'A Witch in Winter' is a enchanting tale of magic and witchcraft. I am giving it 5/5 stars because from the first chapter it was gripping, exciting and interesting. I couldn't wait to find out what happened next. I ended up reading the book in only a couple of days. I would highly recommend this book.

Plot: Anna Winterson has just moved from London to a small village called 'Winter'. She starts a new school and meets new people but little does Anna know she is in for a remarkable shock when she...more
I liked this book and it was really fast read when you first got into it :)
Seth was really cute and you fell in love with him.
And I get the whole thinking of Anna. Who is afraid his not really in love with her because of the spell. And I feel sorry for her..
Other then a cute romance story it also had some action at the last part. Which was good.
Though the best part was the romance part. And even though we heard the whole thing a girl falls in love with a guy thing. It was so well written, so...more
This book was a really mixed bag for me. On the one hand it was a fairly standard YA "i don't know i have magical powers" books, which is sometimes just what you need and I loved the descriptions of spells and the rustic feeling of the witchcraft practiced in this book.

However, it was problematic. The depictions of women in this books were pretty stereotypical there was "the bitch"(caroline) "the sage" (maya) and the airheaded friends. not very progressive and i kept waiting for Anna to realise...more
Whispering Words...
‘A Witch in Winter’ is the stunning debut novel of British Author, Ruth Warburton. Action-packed full of spells, drama and romance it truly is a fantastic read and if you haven’t all ready, I would whole heartedly recommend you check it out.

When Anna Winterson and her father move to the small coastal town of Winter, they never imagined that their ancient house was once the home of witches. But then Anna discovers a half burned book in the old fireplace – a Grimoire, the treasured spell book of a...more
I requested this ages ago after seeing some good reviews for it, then I heard it was a trilogy so I waited until all 3 books were out. Then they still sat on my shelf for months. I think I've renewed these books about 20 times at the library, I almost gave them back but every time I tried something would stop me. I knew I wanted to read them so I kept putting them back on my to be read shelf. I was scanning my shelves trying to decide what to read next last week and this jumped out at me so I pu...more
Kate Farron
Soooo, I read a review where someone accused this of being a Twilight wannabe, but I thought I'd give it ago anyway. Yup, it's a Twilight wannabe. I mean, can you even get more cliché? I suppose its kinda of like a cross between Twilight and The Secret Circle, new girl, new town, new school, hooks up with the most popular guy like in Twilight, but turns out to be a witch like in the Secret Circle. Also, the story is much more boring, and the characters are boring, but it's written better then Tw...more
I was so amazingly angry with this book by the time I finished it.

Even though I wasn't expecting much (at all) from A Witch in Winter it still managed to surprise me with the level of stupidity and terribleness scrawled across these pages.
Where to begin with the ranting? Hmmm... let's go characters.

Anna was the main character and supposed heroine. Guess who she reminded me of? Guess. That's right, she was a horrible Luce and Bella combo! Bella was actually better than Anna, at least she was cons...more
Full disclosure: I'm the editor who bought the book! I bought it because it's a gripping, romantic tale with no vampires, no excessive body hair, and -- most importantly -- no submissive female leads. Anna kicks ass, and I love her.
More research was desperately needed while the author was writing this book, particularly into how schools work.

It's stated that the protagonist, Anna, is at college so assuming that she's a regular student who hasn't skipped ahead, she should be at least around 17 or 18 years old. However, the protagonist and her classmates don't act like college students. In fact, they act and speak as if they're at High School.
In High School, you'll know who the popular people are and everyone is able to bitc...more
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Hello goodreaders! What can I tell you about myself... well, I love coffee, hate tea.

I prefer cheese to chocolate (but would eat either, if you're offering).

I grew up on a reading diet of my mum's classics (Wuthering Heights, Pride and Prejudice) my dad's sci-fi/fantasy (A Wizard of Earthsea, Dune) and the Jilly Cooper novels passed around school at break time. I always wanted to be a writer but...more
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