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Iron: Or, the War After
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Iron: Or, the War After

3.56  ·  Rating Details ·  226 Ratings  ·  56 Reviews

When an intelligence spy from the Resistance--the rabbit, Hardin--steals secret information from a military base of the Regime, his actions set off a chain of events that reverberates through the ranks of both sides, touching everyone from the highest-ranking official to the smallest orphaned child. When the snow finally settles, who will b
Hardcover, 152 pages
Published November 27th 2012 by Archaia (first published April 10th 2012)
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Aug 01, 2015 karen rated it really liked it

this is another somber tale told with animals. it is not whimsical and lighthearted; it is more like Duncan the Wonder Dog: Show One and Each Day a Small Victory, where the animals are as far from disney as you could imagine.

 photo DSC08587_zps878b1e25.jpg

this story is not as mindblowingly good as duncan, but the artwork is similar, in that is is black and white and pretty badass, and to someone who has been told they have a shitty eye for art, that is enough to meld them together in my mind. but i know a LOT about art - i c
Debbie Zapata
Jun 26, 2015 Debbie Zapata rated it liked it
Shelves: eyesome
The outside of this book is beautiful: gold and black designs stamped on a red cloth cover. And on the inside the drawings perfectly match not only setting of the story (an unnamed land of constant Winter) but the mood as well. Somber drawings in muted shades of grey, blue and black work better for this unusual war...or after war....tale than vivid colors would have. And the characters drawn with animal heads but human bodies give the book an exotic flavor that makes it more interesting than if ...more
Syahira Sharif
Aug 31, 2012 Syahira Sharif rated it it was amazing
“IN A WORLD OF CONSTANT WINTER… When an intelligence spy from the Resistance-the rabbit, Hardin-steals secret information from a military base of the Regime, his actions set off a chain of events that reverberates through the ranks of both sides, touching everyone from the highest-ranking official to the smallest orphaned child. When the snow finally settles, who will be the true patriot and who the true traitor?”

The heart wrenching blurb caught my eye while the cover of anthropomorphized rabbit
Sep 06, 2013 Jessica rated it liked it
Shelves: graphic-novels
SOMEONE EXPLAIN TO ME WHAT I JUST READ?! I think I'm semi-intelligent but this abstract concept idea just blew me out of the water---

Speaking of blowing things up---this book had the recipe for an effective novel: art, mood, characters, themes: (espionage, war, survivors, rebels, terrorist attacks, BOMBS, & CHILDREN. I'm just not sure when it was all mixed together it did not formulate into anything but a sense of "Should I read this again?" or "Did I not pick up on the little details?" "Are
Joey Dhaumya
Apr 18, 2014 Joey Dhaumya rated it it was amazing
NOTE - Minor spoilers up ahead.

Before I review the book itself, I want to write a little about the graphic novel as a literary form. Now I don't mean to set to set myself up as a formalist pedagogue, because I'm not, please believe me (pliz), but the creative latitude that a graphic novel can give to it's author +/ illustrator differs greatly from that available through prose, poetry, epistolary etc. forms of writing. The imagery that the written word attempts to form in your mind is where a gra
Jun 05, 2013 Harry rated it really liked it
Each page of "Iron" is a sombre reflection of desperate times. The story is grim and dreamy, supported beautifully by the moody artwork. There are few expected elements - no sound effects, a changing narrative, and characters that are far more complex than their dialogue is. I would love to see more of this world.
Jun 13, 2013 NaomiRuth rated it really liked it
Shelves: ya, af, graphic-novels
I loved the artwork. I kept petting the pages, they just looked so soft.

I don't usually like stories told through animals (I generally loathe them entirely, outside of Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nihm) but I think it really worked well.

I liked it. I liked it a lot.
Sep 29, 2015 Andy rated it it was amazing
Shelves: graphic-novels, 2015, spx
Complex tale of the aftermath of war and the people (actually anthropomorphic animals) caught up in the intricacies of espionage resulting from war. The art is absolutely stunning and the story challenging in its minimalism. This is a story to come back to and savor again and again.
Jan 03, 2013 Kat rated it really liked it
First published on Radiant Attack - Sci Fi, Fantasy, Weird and Big Freakin' Squid

In an endless wintery wasteland, a rebel steals a secret letter from the government. This rebel is a rabbit, and the consequences of his actions affect his children and his friends. Hunted by the government, the children attempt to find their own morality in the tensions that remain in the post-war world.

Iron: Or, the War After is a graphic novel from new author/illustrator S.M. Vidaurri. It features anthropomorphic
Julie - Book Hooked Blog
I always say I am a fan of graphic novels, but as I sat down to write my review for this one, I realized I have never reviewed a graphic novel on the blog before. I think I'll skip my usual Writing/Entertainment Value review, but my review for the "writing" will also include the artwork and focus more on the story telling and originality, since most graphic novels don't have that much actual writing in them. I'm also going to use the publisher's description from Goodreads to summarize:

Nov 20, 2012 Jazz rated it really liked it
With quiet artwork and complex, beguiling characters , S.M. Vidaurri pulls off a heart-stopping debut. He is unafraid to change the course of the story by planned decimation or by chance. The result is a story that piques curiosity and sympathy, and builds a longing to see justice served, though even when it is delivered, readers feel the cost.

Iron: Or, the War After begins with the rabbit James Hardin stealing military documents for a rebel cause. Two military officers ordered to find him must
Jun 23, 2014 Jewel rated it really liked it
Shelves: graphic-novels
so I just have to say. the minute I opened this book...
Fantastic Mr. Fox

...I may or may not have thought of Wes Anderson's rendition of Fantastic Mr. Fox. so, if Wes Anderson would ever decide to make a graphic novel, I bet it would look like this. I mean, there's even cigarettes and booze involved.

I was also happily reminded of a much lesser known film,


Blood Tea and Red String.

back to IRON, the characters, despite their animal heads, are just as human-like as if the author drew humans instead of animals. this m
Nicola Mansfield
Jan 05, 2013 Nicola Mansfield rated it liked it
Reason for Reading: I like animal fantasy and I like war stories. This sounded like it might be dystopian, but I don't think it was.

I'll start off by saying I didn't "get" this book. Perhaps it went over my head or I just found the execution too confusing. There are multiple characters and the point of view switches rapidly from one set of characters to another without any segue. This makes it very difficult to get a handle on the story, especially when their are politics and spies involved. It
Jan 02, 2013 Maxine rated it really liked it
At the beginning of this graphic novel, a letter is stolen which sets off a series of terrible events. The novel is both very political and anti-war. It is also, at times, very hard to follow. I'm not sure if this is due to the fact that there is little dialogue or the characters are animals, or perhaps it is the sheer number of characters. Having said this, despite having to go back several times to try to understand what was happening, I found the story intelligent and intriguing.

And much of
Andrea Mullarkey
Sep 09, 2016 Andrea Mullarkey rated it it was amazing
Shelves: graphic
I wish I could remember how this book came into my hands because I'd like to go back to whoever recommended it and thank them. A beautiful graphic novel about a spy who steals military secrets for the resistance and the ramifications of his decision. The effects ripple out to touch high-ranking officers and innocent children alike. Vidaurri's art captures the bleakness and cold of the winter and the harshness of the conditions with just a little softness. And I loved that all of the characters ...more
Leigh Thomas
Jul 03, 2014 Leigh Thomas added it
Shelves: 2014
Moody, muted illustrations featuring anthropomorphic animals with ambiguous missions are at the forefront of S.M. Vidaurri's graphic novel, Iron: Or, the War After. I was drawn to this book by its soft, inky watercolor in mostly blues, greys, and whites, like Narnia without spring. Like its illustration, the story is somber, tracing echoes of actions from opposing sides of an enigmatic war. We see reverberations play out and questions surface through various letters of reasoning, consequences fo ...more
Kirstin Morrell
Nov 12, 2014 Kirstin Morrell rated it it was ok
It was okay. Just okay.

The best thing about this book was the production quality. The paper is nice, the printing has no registration problems, the gold and black on cloth hardback is really nice.

But the story... well, it tells without showing, it jumps around from place to place without bringing the reader with it, and it completely ignores things it could have used like rising action and a climax. It's just full of holes.

The art is nice, but some of the characters are indistinguishable from ot
Sep 29, 2012 Daniel rated it it was ok
This was, to be truthful, a confusing read. Not in the sense that the the writing or story was confusing, but that the reader is placed in the middle of a story with no background information to go on. What made me give this book two stars instead of one was the story. It had a good flow and was similar to action movies about rebels. The story had strong emotions and was well written. Iron was easy to read and the graphics in the book aren't to bad. This is an interesting book and I would enjoy ...more
Sep 24, 2015 Chinch rated it liked it
Shelves: i-own-it, comics
This is a beautiful book. From the outside cover to the gorgeous artwork inside. It's a book that nabs your attention for it's sheer physical beauty and keeps your curiosity alive. The story in itself wasn't really strong for me. It's a war book and books about war are really not my cuppa tea. The story-line is interesting but not really strong. It was hard to relate to the animal character and to really feel what they tried to convey. It felt as though the book is incomplete in some way. ...more
This is a really beautiful book, but I don't think I get it. I feel similarly about this as I did about Moving Pictures: another too-oblique war story. Again, visually striking but not enough to follow. I had absolutely zero investment in the story or characters, even though some were crows and rabbits (and it's so hard for me not to really love those things!). Flipping through and looking at the images is definitely more satisfying than reading it.
Dec 12, 2015 Kate rated it it was amazing
Безумнейше красивая графическая новелла с антропоморфными персонажами. Персонажи прорисованы очень секси, а кроме того, автор весьма мило уделяет много внимания пейзажу. В основном комикс выдержан в монотонной гамме, как слегка раскрашенные старые чёрно-белые фотографии. Единственная яркая деталь - красный кардинал, появляющийся там и сям. Сама история тоже достаточно интересна и пафосна: Месть, Долг, Патриотизм, - всё с больших букв.
Хороший образчик качественного комикса.
Joe Santoro
Jun 04, 2015 Joe Santoro rated it really liked it
Great character study on the people involved in an Arab-Israeli type conflict... after the direct shooting is over. It's really a shame this isn't the 4th or 5th book of a series that documents the conflict. While it's pretty clear what's going on and what happened, having the actual stories told would have added to the impact of this book immensely.
Sep 23, 2014 Hector rated it it was amazing
A stunning graphic novel--one of the best to come out of the past decade. And yet it tells a very quiet, evocative story. The art is wonderful, capturing the still atmosphere of winter, and the book production is also a standout--the paper, printing, and binding are all unusually high-quality. I hope to God this guy is busy at work on another one.
Stewart Tame
Apr 28, 2014 Stewart Tame rated it really liked it
First off, let me say that this is an absolutely gorgeous book. The fine folk at Archaia have gone out of their way to make this as eye-catching a book as possible. The artwork is all lush watercolors, very fine stuuf. The story is a winter's tale of espionage and single-minded pursuit. This is a positively sumptuous time that will make a splendid addition to any comics fan's bookshelf.
Feb 13, 2013 J rated it it was ok
I really liked the artwork a lot, but the story line left me a bit puzzled. It was hard to feel any sympathy for the characters because of a lack of a back story behind the war and the resistance. I think if we had some inkling of what pre-war and post-war conditions were like and how and why current resistance came about, it would have made it a much better read.
Nov 26, 2013 Chris rated it liked it
Shelves: adult, graphic, fantasy
A very subtle book, both the tale and the artwork. Depths and layers of meaning that aren't obvious, under a surface that takes a bit of work to comprehend. I'm not sure there's enough information for the story to feel complete, but the themes and tragedy come through clearly. It's one to ponder, but I feel it will be worth the effort.
Dec 22, 2014 Jason rated it it was amazing
Gorgeous watercolors don't really soften the blow of this difficult tale that has lots of heroes but no good guys. In war, no one really wins and Iron underscores that powerfully. The story eventually settles on the children and suddenly events revolve around them, making it even more harrowing for the reader.
Mar 17, 2014 Ksenia rated it liked it
The artwork, I have to say, brilliantly matched the somber mood of the story. There is no need to know what sort of war went on before this book's events, because the themes explored here are quite universal in any post-war world.
Aug 14, 2014 Brianna rated it really liked it
Shelves: 2014
really gorgeous images. It's a harsh book. Given the subject matter though- that's to be expected. I wish I was as eloquent with words in the same ways that the artist is so expressive in images, but I'm not.

Good story, great art, it just left me wanting so much more.
Sep 04, 2014 Lesli rated it really liked it
Shelves: fiction, lm-lib-loan, 2014
Can a graphic novel with very little text be lyrical? If so, this GN can be counted as an example of the translational ability of images. The story is somber and sad and not the least bit whimsical. An excellent read that will probably leave you a little heart-sore.
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