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Driven (Drive #2)

3.29 of 5 stars 3.29  ·  rating details  ·  811 ratings  ·  115 reviews
Driven is the sequel to Drive, now also an award-winning film. As we exit the initial novel, Driver has killed Bernie Rose, “the only one he ever mourned,” ending his campaign against those who double-crossed him.Driven tells how that young man, done with killing, later will become the one who goes down “at 3 a.m. on a clear, cool morning in a Tijuana bar.” Seven years h ...more
Paperback, Large Print, 224 pages
Published April 3rd 2012 by Poisoned Pen Press (first published January 1st 2012)
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Steve Lowe
Can a sequel be better than the first book? In this case, I think so, though there's more to it. This might take a minute to make my point, but follow me here.

This is the sequel to novel DRIVE, which was made into a movie starring Ryan Gosling. (hey girl, read the fucking books, too) I fucking loved that movie. I saw it before I read the book, and I'm kind of glad I did. After reading DRIVE post-movie-viewage, I found the book to be quite a bit more distracting and random, less focused than I h
I really enjoyed Drive, the writing, style and non-linear story, so I was interested to see where this story will go with the sequel. The first major issue with Driven is that it tries to continue a story that really didn’t need to be continued. But now, Driver seems different. Driver’s campaign against those who double-crossed him has ended; now seven years have passed and driver has a new life and a successful business. One day he and his fiancée were attacked by two men and while Driver can d ...more
I'm being hard on this one, largely because of the promise it held. For about 2/3 of this book, I was rating it pretty high, but then the wheels came off (sorry). I've not read the first book, Drive, but I tried. At the time I almost thought it a parody, because of it's hyper clipped delivery. It was like reading a shorthand version of Elroy (post White Jazz). If I'm going to do that, I'll just read the real thing. I need the extra hundred pages or so to fill things in. But then the Drive movie ...more
DRIVEN. (2012). James Salllis. ****.
This is Sallis’s sequel to his earlier novel, “Drive.” It features the same character, named Driver, who, in this book, often uses the name Paul. A Driver is what he is – or was. He made his living doing stunt driving for B films, and adding to his income by being the driver for the getaway cars at holdups – or whatever. Thing of it was that he had only one condition: You only had five minutes, after that he was off. Now, it’s seven years later and he has suc
Tim Niland
In 2004, James Sallis wrote the short novel Drive, which I think is one of the most perfect pieces of crime fiction ever written. It had everything: plot, characterization, action and style. Shorn of everything ornamental, it was unstoppable and I thought would be the only of its kind. But after that story was surprisingly made into a movie, Sallis gives us a sequel - just as haunting, riveting and enigmatic as the first book. This no cash in, however, he is the master storyteller twisting multi ...more
2 stars in Goodreads say its ok read and this was an ok read at best to me. I have come to expect much better,more even writing,storytelling than this by a great writer like Sallis. I have read Drive and 4 Lew Griffin books,Devil Have Your Eyes and this is his weakest effort so far.

He is known for short less than 200 pages non-linear,existential crime,noir writing that have meaning,strong characters,atmosphere and i rate him highly for books like that. This one didnt have anything like that. Dr
There was no need for Drive to have a sequel, but there it was and I had to see what happens to the Driver. This one I listed to on audio, it's only three discs, I finished it in one day or walking and errands. It isn't as good as the first one, simply because the first one covered Driver's basis and established his personality already and those were the most interesting parts. Plot wise it's somewhat similar, once again someone's after the Driver for sins of his past and he must resolve the sit ...more
A good hard-boiled noir read. A local author with a strong knowledge of southern AZ will also give you a setting that is very familiar, especially for a long term resident itself who knows who places have developed (and undeveloped). The story is through the eyes of the intended victim who hasn't exactly grown up and lived in the sterling life. He was a killer and now someone is after him, but who! Seems to be coming from all directions and each new "advantage" brings more questions. It's a fast ...more
Bobby Luke
This book was so much better than the first one. Although Sallis still jumps around during the story, it is much easier to follow, and I never found myself getting confused about where we were in the timeline. He also does a fantastic job of keeping you guessing right until the very end. The ending was much different than I had expected, and pleasantly so. Both of these books are really quick reads, and well worth the small investment of time. Now I find myself hoping that there will be another ...more
Driven doesn't quite live up to the high bar that Sallis' other works have set. The biggest problem here seems to be excess; a too-large cast of characters, too many references to events unseen, too many hints at future stories, too much everything crammed into a too small package.

First of all, there are just too many characters here for such a short book. With so many of them coming and going, it quickly became difficult to remember who they were or why they were there. Some of the characters
Nov 09, 2014 Sarah rated it 2 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: People who really loved the first book
Shelves: borrowed, ebook
The ultimate Bechdel fail: female character does not get a line before she becomes a plot point. She does, however, smile wanly as she does so. Later, she gets a line. One. I think I am supposed to forgive this due to the still-later presence of a woman who is smart both mechanically and academically. To her credit, she can't be arsed to learn men's real names. I think that was just meant to be quirky, but in the midst of everything else, I find it a refreshing "don't have time for your crap" at ...more
Poco puedo decirse de un libro de apenas 150 paginas que se te hace largo y que es una secuela totalmente innecesaria de Drive. Por si fuera poco la sinopsis oficial es errónea ya que apunta a que Irene muere en este libro situado 7 años después del primer libro, cuando Irene moría en el primer libro.

Como digo, estamos 7 años después de los eventos de Drive. Driver intenta llevar una vida mas o menos ordenada, con su propio negocio de restauración de coches y con una novia parece que duradera. T
Driven by James Sallis 4/5

The sequel to Sallis's Drive has just as much nail biting action as it's predecessor. It's 7 years later and Drive has taken a name, Paul West. Although we don't see much of that name as Drive has to fade into the background again as sins of the past are catching up to him. Seemingly out of nowhere killers are after him again, and it's a cat and mouse adventure ride. Nothing makes sense to him, the facts just don't jive.

Sallis, again, gives us a fast paced, concise adv
A true storyline continuation from the first novel, Driven seemed more predictable than the first. Gone is the jumbled timeline, the story flows in one direction, and Driver's heart, like the Grinch, seems to have grown considerably from the first book.
Again, like Drive, the text and style is simple, but plods on smoothly. Action scenes are concise and vivid.

I'm not left with the same sense of satisfaction at the end of this novel. I might feel better if a third novel was written in this series,
Jun 19, 2012 Alan rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: James Sallis fans, Drive and Driver fans (but with reservations)
This is a sequel to James Sallis's "Drive" which was also made into the 2011 film by director Nicolas Winding Refn.
The plot of "Driven" finds the Driver character in Phoenix, Arizona, seven years after the events of "Drive", where he has tried to start a new life away from movie stunt and getaway car driving. Hoodlums start to follow him around and seem intent on killing him and his loved ones for unknown reasons. Driver enlists the help of a shady character named Felix to help him hide out and
A different name, a different city, and a different life, but nothing really changes for Driver. For him, the lull is almost just time suspended. Eventually, it will begin again, and, when it does, the past will become his present once more. Six years after he left Los Angeles, this is exactly what happens to Driver. As he unsuspectingly walks down the sidewalk with his fiancee, two men attack. Driver quickly dispatches of them - instinctively, but, when the dust settles, his girl is dead, and h ...more
Gloria Feit
He is called, simply, Driver, because that’s what he is, that’s what he does and, he feels, that’s what he will always do. Once one of the best stunt drivers in film, his life has taken different turns, most of them illegal. But he gave up that life over six years ago, became a successful businessman named Paul West, a man with a ‘normal’ life and a fiancée he dearly loved. Until one day when his old life catches up to him, and he has to kill the two men who have suddenly appeared and attacked h ...more
Robert Chazz Chute
Loved this, with a few reservations. I wasn't that impressed with the movie based on the first book, Drive. After reading Driven, I'm curious to check it out. The writing in Driven is spare and sometimes poetic and wry. There were sentences where the turn of phrase delivered such punch I stopped to reread and savour. I love reading a neo-noir with a protagonist filled with existential angst. (That's my kind of writing, too.) Amid the action, the author pauses to ask what it's all about and is li ...more
Will they ever stop coming for him? That is the question on your mind as you start reading Driven, the follow up to author James Sallis' hit book, Drive, which was adapted into the acclaimed film of the same name in 2011 starring Ryan Gosling.

Sallis writes novels as I imagined an L.A.-based writer would. Reads like a screenplay, and at fewer than one hundred pages, it’s ready to be adapted.

Reads tight—like a Helmet song, his text is tightly woven around a few repetitive chords, except the one-t
Let me start by saying the writing is as fantastic and poetic and sparse as the original—no problems there at all. But the story…that’s where it gets me.

This had so much promise, especially since I’m so gushy over ‘Drive.’ And truthfully, the first two-thirds of the book is on par with the original—the high-octane energy, the dazzling storytelling—but you’re eventually just waiting for something to happen that never does. Characters and arcs are introduced that eventually putter out and go nowh
It's been several years since I read this book's predecessor, Sallis' DRIVE, but DRIVEN seems a more-than-worthy sequel. Focusing once again on the ex-Hollywood stuntman/getaway driver, the mysterious Driver, DRIVEN is a pared-down masterpiece of modern noir. It's lean but meditative, reflecting on the nature of chance and coincidence, and the ways in which our innate paranoia can affect how we react to the situations in which we find ourselves. It's also a novel that engages with the debate as ...more
Carlos Garcia
Después de la maravilla que fue Drive, no puedo sino sentirme decepcionado de esta secuela.

Nuestro carismático personaje principal, que anteriormente vimos evolucionar hacia su verdadero ser, orillado por las circunstancias, carece de cualquier desarrollo personal que pudiera tener en esta historia. Al inicio del libro conocemos un aspecto diferente del Conductor, pero este casi desaparece para el final del libro. Creo que Sallis se ha esforzado demasiado por convertirlo en un antihéroe.

Better in some respects than Drive was. Driver -I can't help but compare him to High Plains Drifter's "Stranger" and Pale Rider's "Preacher"- has tried to escape his nature, but others won't let him. So he kills. For revenge, for self preservation, for love?. He kills for things I'm never sure he feels, we know little of his thoughts. Once again, I'm left feeling that I need to know more. That I want to know more. Sallis has a knack for getting his dialogue and his story telling just right. Desc ...more
Max Magbee
The sequel to DRIVE (the film version of which was one of the best films of last year) picks up seven years later with Driver living in Scottsdale, AZ. He has a successful business and a fiancee, both of which he loses when a couple of hit men end up killing her during an attack on the couple.
Author Sallis has a nice style for neo-noir fiction and his stories (as well as his characters) are always very quick and lean - like the prequel, this book clocks in at just under 150 pages - but they are
What I liked:
* Concise, vivid background/setting snapshots.
* Clever observations about life, people, etc.
* It's about a fugitive who turns on his hunters.
* The two driving scenes.
* Fixing up the car.

What I didn't care for:
* No characterization; you are given a name, and you might be able to deduce gender from grammar cues; rarely anything else.
* The storyline and plot are so spare that I spent much of the time wondering, "What is going on? Where are we? Who is talking? What just happened
I just reread "Drive," so was happily surprised to see that Sallis had just published this sequel. And while it contained many of the things I loved so much in the first book -- the unique writing style and spare noir story telling -- it also suffered to an extent from being compared to the original. The plot was thinner and subsequently weaker than first time around; and while Sallis has a great ear for dialogue, his characters this time all seem to be equally deep and wise. Everyone from frien ...more
I really enjoyed reading this book, it is very well written. It is a book where you have to really read every sentence or else you don't know what's happening any more. The story is ok, I guess you have to read the first book to understand everything...
Roberto Ochoa
De entrada la narrativa aquí si es lineal, no es el rompecabezas cronológico que fue la primera parte y desgraciadamente no tiene a los personajes secundarios entrañables de la primera parte, pero fuera de eso sigue siendo una novela acerca de la vida del "conductor" años después de que escapara. El libro sigue teniendo esos maravillosos momentos donde los personajes sueltan sus filosofías de vida, es cuando James Sallis brilla sobre todo cerca del final, el cual encontré maravilloso, por que ha ...more
He's baack!! Heads up, read the inside jacket first; the update really isn't in the story. New characters, new drives, more reasons to play hide 'n' seek and retaliate. Killing is so nice when it is just there because somebody else it going to kill you first. Can't believe I wrote that, but ws unable to find a way around it. Shakespeare, in his day, had to cut to the chase. (Ever count the dead bodies in the final scene of Hamlet?)
Driver still had his dry humor, may be trying to get up to speed
Hs Outlaw
Quick - Precise - No wasted - Motion....Good novella with a familiar character that seems different but similar from Ryan Gosling's version of the Driver in the movie "Drive".
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James Sallis (born 21 December 1944 in Helena, Arkansas) is an American crime writer, poet and musician, best known for his series of novels featuring the character Lew Griffin and set in New Orleans, and for his 2005 novel Drive, which was adapted into a 2011 film of the same name.
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Drive (Drive, #1) The Long-Legged Fly (Lew Griffin, #1) Cypress Grove (Turner, #1) The Killer Is Dying Cripple Creek (Turner, #2)

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