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Catwoman, Vol. 1: The Game
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Catwoman, Vol. 1: The Game (Catwoman Vol. IV #1)

3.74 of 5 stars 3.74  ·  rating details  ·  3,158 ratings  ·  192 reviews
A New York Times Bestseller

As a part of the acclaimed DC Comics—The New 52 event of September 2011, meet Selina Kyle, also known as Catwoman. She's addicted to the night. Addicted to shiny objects. Addicted to Batman. Most of all, Catwoman is addicted to danger. She can't help herself, and the truth is–she doesn't want to. She's good at being bad, and very bad at being goo
Paperback, 144 pages
Published May 22nd 2012 by DC Comics (first published September 2011)
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4.5 stars

Before I had a chance to read this, I went looking online to find out which of the New 52 titles I wanted to zero in on. I remember one critic/blogger blasting the new Catwoman saying it was sleazy garbage. It was, by the way, the same critic/blogger who was singing the praises of the new Wonder Woman. Outstanding!
Well, I thought Wonder Woman, Vol. 1: Blood was crap.
Hmmm. Guess I shouldn't be terribly surprised that I thought Catwoman: The Game was fantastic, huh?

The moral of the story
Honestly, I don't really give a damn about Catwoman. But I'm a fan of Judd Winick. We won me over with Barry Ween, and I'll pretty much pick up anything he writes.

So I picked up this book, and I wasn't disappointed. I like that it focuses on Selina Kyle as a character. I like her voice. I like that Batman shows up, but only a *very* little. He's an occasional walk on. He adds a little flavor, but he's not a major player in her story.

Simply said: I liked it. Good story. Good characterization.

A lot of controversy surrounded Catwoman's reboot as part of DC's New 52. Along with Starfire's questionable outfits, sexuality and posing, Catwoman's raunchy, angry sex with Batman, culminating in this splash page, DC successfully offended many of their established readers.

I have always liked Catwoman (and totally ship her with Batman, though I'd never followed her titles. The New 52 gave me an opportunity to finally get to know her properly, though I understand in reading it, why former fans o
Sam Quixote
I generally like Catwoman but have to say that I’ve never read a book with her as the central character (though I’ve tried) mainly because I felt the character to be far too one dimensional; Judd Winick turns this around with his first book on the character in “The Game”. His Selina Kyle/Catwoman is confident, skilled, and greedy, but is given more of a personality through her vulnerability for her friends, her feelings of justice and retribution against abusers of women, and a confusing love fo ...more
God, I love the art. Completely over the top and bouncy, like the writing. Wait, have I just described boobs? The reboobed rebooted Catwoman is ridiculousness. Which is what I expected and wanted.

Yeah, she has sex with Batman. It is hilarious.

From "Queer Creatures" On Our Backs Nov/Dec 1992 by Judith Halberstam

When Batman and Catwoman try to get it on sexually, it only works when they are both in their caped crusader outfits. Naked heterosexuality is a miserable failure between them...
Do not read this. Fans of Selina will just be offended. Everyone else will be bored. The comic is one of those comics that are all about being sexy, but it fails at this constantly. For a comic that defaults to bras and prostitutes to interest the reader, it only inspires boredom and occasional revulsion.

The first issue is the worst. It has no plot. The only thing that happens is Catwoman's apartment is blown up, and she has very unsexy sex with Batman. We learn more about Selina's breasts than
I had a blast reading this first volume of the New 52 Catwoman. The main selling point was Catwoman's character, who's portrayed as a relentless thrill-seeker, a woman who feels truly alive only when in dire danger. While she ends up in lots of avoidable situations, this comic makes clear that Catwoman is extremely intelligent - she lands in bad spots because part of her wants to, not because she doesn't know better. Her backstory makes her live-for-the-moment attitude very compelling.

The art is
 Danielle The Book Huntress (Self-Proclaimed Book Ninja)
I'm working my way through my library's graphic novel collection and availing myself of the New 52 titles. I would be remiss if I didn't check out Catwoman. I did start reading an earlier run (single issues) with Ed Brubaker several moons ago (still have a stack I never got around to reading). I thought, why not try this?

Catwoman isn't always my favorite. On one level, I like that she's morally ambiguous, sometimes on the good side, sometimes on the bad side. I like strong women who can fight an
After reading the absolute travesty that is Catwoman Vol. 3: Death Of The Family, it was only fair to see how Judd Winick fared with Gotham's favourite feline at the start of her New 52 run. After all, it couldn't be as bad as Ann Nocenti's garbage, right?

Fortunately, it's far from it. The Game is a solid romp that focuses on the thieving Selina Kyle living for the adrenaline rush and having to face the consequences that lifestyle ultimately brings. The book is a non-stop thrill ride, with most
Crystal Starr Light
Bullet Review:

Surprisingly good! Sure, she's scantily clad and that bugs me, but it *is* Catwoman after all. I love her humor, I love how she can be upbeat but also serious, I love her relationship with Batman and I love how she has female friends. Story is good, art is good, action is good.

Would not hesitate to pursue this line.
Quentin Wallace
The first volume of the New 52 Catwoman was definitely a different take on the character. Still robbing people and still sexy, but the story by Judd Winick is more of a character study than usual, and a dark one at that. You have more graphic violence than usual for a Catwoman story, as well as a peek into her mind. It seems she's even more troubled than you'd expect, and may even harbor a death wish. The Batman relationship is also explored, although I don't really like the way it's handled. Ma ...more
One of the better entries in the new 52 movement. Catwoman can range from comically laughable to one-dimensional pussy; however here, Winick makes her an interesting case study of a broken person on a self-destructive tear that she knows cannot end well. Batman is involved, but he's used very well; not just as a crutch or a way to boost sales. His presence makes sense, and you see more about their strange relationship and why it is how it is; there's genuine love, but he cannot stop her from the ...more
Beautiful illustrations and a very good story line. Good intro to Catwoman and her friends and foes. There were definitely some sad moments in this story of Catwoman inadvertently stealing some "dirty cop money" rather than simple drug money as she suspected. And - whoa! - her relationship with Batman! That carries on for some pages and I had to go show that my husband. I thought he'd appreciate it.

'kris Pung
Well this was much better then I thought it was going to be, probably shouldn't have passed over it about 100 times at my library picking other random titles instead.
Victor Orozco
Wow! I have to say there are certain changes here in there present within the New 52. With Catwoman you get a more interesting conflict. No longer is Selena Kyle a cold personality, but she is definitely very twisted. She is a thief who does it not just for the need but for the enjoyment. She has a good heart, if not a really strong moral compass. Interesting turn with her friend at the beginning and the end. I also appreciate that bit against those Russian criminals.

I have to complain and yet..
I would probably bump this up to a 3.5 stars if I had the option. It was an enjoyable read. I've always thought Catwoman was one of the best villains/anti-heroes/lovers in the Batman mythos.

Is she worthy of her own title though?

I enjoyed reading through this volume. The art is beautiful and really carries the story along. Not that the story is bland, but it's nothing amazing either. Somewhat falling on the fact that neither of the antagonists in this book are very memorable. I'm also really ho
Federiken Masters
Dec 03, 2012 Federiken Masters rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Rebootistas perennes
Recommended to Federiken by: Su dibujante
Un comic que compré casi exclusivamente porque me encanta el dibujante. Y en ese sentido valió la pena. Y no es que el guion me parezca malo, Winick suele ser buen narrador. Pero más me meto en el "Nuevo Universo DC", más me molesta que se caguen en todo, incluso dentro de la sub-franquicia Batman, donde supuestamente todo iba a quedar más o menos parecido. Para ilustrarlo me basta con un solo y perverso ejemplo: en un momento Catwoman se disloca el hombro y dice que preferiría parir a un pibe q ...more
Peter Derk
What is Catwoman's deal? Seriously.

She goes back and forth, living the fast life with stolen diamonds or whatever, but then always feels regretful when one of her dopey sideline friends gets caught up and usually murdered in a fairy non-graphic fashion.

I mean, what's the deal here?

I'm cool with a reckless lady stealing weird jewels and living it up on the run. And I'm cool with a story about a lady trying to get things right. But honestly, I'm fairly bored and frustrated by a story about a lady
So, several months after DC relaunched their entire superhero line of comics (aka The New 52), the first batch of collections have started to appear in comicbook stores. Since I don't buy single issues of comics, this is the first chance I've had to check out DC since the relaunch.

(Side note: I've also been meaning to check out the critically-acclaimed Batman and Wonder Woman New 52 series' but the collections have only been released in hardcover editions thus far.)

Not much of an over-arching s
This has to be the first DC New 52 comic that surprised me in a positive way.
I knew comics like Batman and Wonder Woman were really good. But I took a risk with Catwoman and I am glad I did.
This is a sexy comic depicting a Catwoman in search of herself that see everyone she gets close to get hurt because of her..
Joseph Rice
although never a huge fan of Catwoman, i bought this based on the recommendations of friends, and was pleasantly surprised. thoroughly enjoyed it. this Selina is a very complex figure, and i look forward to reading more about her.
I don't know about this. I was never bored reading it, and I really liked the art. But something just seemed off about it. I think, at least out of what I've read so far, Catwoman is one of the characters who suffered the most from the New 52 relaunch. It's kind of a bummer to see her just back to being a carefree, horny, reckless thief. Speaking of horny, the crazy sex scene between Catwoman and Batman is this book is ridiculous, and feels ridiculously out of place. In general, Batman feels out ...more
If you're looking for a female-centric story that will reassure your belief that women always need a man to come in and clean up their messes, this is the book for you.

I really like the character of Catwoman in her more modern incarnations, and I like 90 percent of this one… but that 10 percent, man, it's brutal. The seeds of a good story and great character development are there, but, at least in this book, she seems capable of only getting herself into trouble, and that's it. Batman will show
Michelle Cristiani
Well, huh. I knew that Catwoman was more violent, more reckless, and more sexual than Batman, but this really puts it out there, in your face. It's a bit gory, and it's way past innuendo between her and Batman. So it was a surprise to see it all right there. And when I say "all," I mean pretty much ALL.

Selina Kyle makes stupid choices. She's beyond reckless; she's self-destructive, and even she wonders why she's doing it.

I like this volume a lot. When you think about it, for established charact
Emily Green
In Cat Woman: The Game, another title in DC’s New 52, Judd Winnick recreates the Cat Woman we know into more of a Cat Girl. She is neither so much of an adult, but young and raw and reckless. This Cat Woman is still naïve, despite her difficult past.

Her relationship with Batman reflects this: how she uses him as both a comfort and a way to inflict pain on herself. To call it a relationship, ultimately, is more of a euphemism than an honest description.

The plot has not yet gone anywhere new, at
3.5 stars.

Hm. I did enjoy this although it didn't feel like it reimagined Catwoman's origins as much as the Batman - Owl first volume did. Maybe it'll go more in depth rather than simply providing hints into how she started off. Feels more like the Nightwing comic, I suppose.

But I did enjoy the drawing style even if many of the shots were gratuitous. Her expressions were great if a tad maniacal (reminded me of Hannelore from QC, actually).

It was a bit gritty/older teen, though. (view spoiler)
I actually really enjoyed this volume. I though Catwoman's character was well-developed, and I am liking where the story is going. Side note: this is definitely not for all YA readers. (view spoiler)
Chris Lemmerman
Like the first issue of Justice League International, the first issue of Catwoman is deceptive. It plays itself off as a cheap porn story, but given subsequent issues, this trade becomes compelling and enjoyable, getting right to the heart of Selina as a character. There are some cliches, and the surprise BatSex at the end of the first issue is strange, but despite these flaws, I found myself really quite enjoying this collection, and look forward to the next.

Guillem March's art is very detailed
April Cote
Catwoman: sexy, naughty, and fantastic at kicking ass. It's why I like her. Some pretty hot moments with Batman. This volume was a fast paced, violent, sexy and a good time. Exactly what I expect to get from Catwoman.
Anna (Yoda Is My Spirit Animal)
Wow is Selina Kyle a bad-ass, or what?! That scene in the police station though, with Reach, when she (view spoiler) Holy Hell was I not expecting that! Also, that scene with Bruce and Selena, in costume "getting to know each other" was totally unexpected. Awesome and kind of hilarious (to me anyways, cause apparently I'm two years old). Definitely enjoyed it and will be picking up the next volume. And I think I'm getting closer to finding a New 52 that I actu ...more
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Born February 12th, 1970 and raised on Long Island in New York, Judd began cartooning professionally at 16 with a single-paneled strip called Nuts & Bolts. This ran weekly through Anton Publications, a newspaper publisher that produced town papers in the Tri state area. He was paid 10 dollars a week.

In August of 1988, Judd began attending the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor bringing Nuts &am
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