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Princesse vinyle

3.66 of 5 stars 3.66  ·  rating details  ·  1,225 ratings  ·  204 reviews
La vie d'Allie, seize ans, tourne autour de la musique. Sa collection de vinyles dépasse les 900 disques, et elle a trouvé le job d'été de ses rêves : vendeuse dans un magasin de disques vintage. Et lorsqu'un mystérieux garçon franchit la porte de Bob & Bob Records, le cœur d'Allie bat sur un nouveau rythme. Craquant, stylé avec ses bottes en cuir, " M ", comme elle l'...more
Broché, 380 pages
Published January 4th 2012 by Editions Albin Michel (first published December 14th 2009)
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This is one of those books where a whole lot of nothing happens.... Don't get me wrong the characters experience a few things... maybe it's just not that interesting. Not bookworthy perhaps?!?!?

The book is basically about a girl who works in a record store. She's really into music. She starts a blog about said music, witnessess a robbery and meets a fella with the music bone as well. Throw in freshly divorced, dating parents and a somewhat quirky best girl friend experiencing a cheating boyfrien...more

It’s a good thing I don’t judge books by their first lines. Or their second lines for that matter because lines like, “I sensed him in my midst. The air seems to thin when he’s near me.” Does not even scratch the surface of how delightful I found Allie to be. With those two lines, one might imagine girls of the frilly dress and maybe even ghostly would be lovers. Not the case. Thank god.

Vinyl Princess is a girl with a passion for the little record shop she works in; a passion running a c...more
This is my favourite book, hands down, always will be, and I have read a LOT of books.
This story is about a teen music junky named Allie who works at a vinyl music store called "Bob & Bob's" and her summer there.
The plot is very subtle and there are many other subplots to it. That's kinda what I like about it. It's a really laid back story but at the same time it can keep you on edge.
The characters are fantastic. Allie is so indie and unique you have to love her. She's anti-mainstream and lo...more
Just okay. A LOT of YA books have a protagonist with an immense passion/talent/hobby/etc., and sometimes it feels real, and sometimes it doesn't. This one didn't ring true for me. The passion for music/vinyl felt hollow and forced. I did like the details surrounding vinyl collectors and Berkeley though............

Ugh. It's been extremely difficult for me to construct my review of this book. I hate being scared to give a harsh review on Goodreads, but I am. I really wish we could set our reviews...more
Mar 05, 2010 Mahlon rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Anyone whois from northern CA, or likes musically-themed novels
Recommended to Mahlon by: Amazon
Shelves: read-2010
The Vinyl Princess is a must read for anyone who spent any time in Berkeley in the 90's. When I was in college Amoeba Music (disguised as Bob and Bob's records in the book) was my refuge from the chaos and craziness that was (and is) Berkeley. Reading this book brought back many memories for me. While not as good as other novels in the genre such as High Fidelity or Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, it comes very close. Anyone who enjoyed those two books will enjoy this one.
Peace Love and Reviews
Name one sixteen year old in real life that doesn't own an ipod, zune, or any device that can download music? Allie is just crazy, unique and awesome that she live in this modern digital age. Record store business calls her a throwback, audiophile or a record geek. She is a girl who collects LP is practically a walking music encyclopedia and just the unique type of character that I am looking for. Did I say that I think she is awesome? She lives in Berkley with her mom, a housemate named Suki wh...more
Alex Green
The Vinyl Princess
By Yvonne Prinz
Harper Collins
ISBN# 978-0-06-171583-9

"I've always loved independent music stores because the staff is usually there because of a genuine love and appreciation for music…some of my greatest music discoveries have come from picking up an album at an indie store and the cat behind the register saying "You like this man? Have you heard of so-and-so?" I prefer to shop where people understand me and the music--the music I like."

--Brother Ali

“Folks who work here are pro...more
Reading this book is a little like struggling to work out who you are as a person. Your identity is seemingly in flux and there are many details and facts floating around but you're not exactly sure how they all fit together to make you. The Vinyl Princess is a book that knows what it wants to be but isn't wholly successful. If it were a tiled floor I would say the grout was missing, it has all the right pieces but just doesn't mesh together entirely.

The characters voices were indistinct, the pr...more
The Vinyl Princess is perfect. Main character Allie lives her life loving music, her job selling vinyl and her friends and family, basically she's awesome and I want to be her friend. The book was realistic but in the way that everyone in the book was cooler than me and I only wish I was that awesome. From Allie's extensive knowledge of music to her best friend Kit's fashion know-how I bow down to these people and am extremely jealous of them.

While the characters were great the overall atmospher...more
I have to admit that I had tried to read The Vinyl Princess several times before giving up because of the lackluster beginning, but recently I pushed myself through it, and as it turns out it just gets better and better from that point. A great discovery, no?

The Vinyl Princess tells the story of Allie, a girl who considers herself to be the official Vinyl Princess. It's summertime and Allie's looking forward to a relaxing summer filled with music, hanging out with her best friend, thinking of h...more
Ok, first off, I have to say that the cover on this is totally wrong. It's attractive enough, but Allie describes her look as "the love child of Sid Vicious and Chrissie Hynde," and repeatedly describes her own rooster hair and brunette hair color. Long golden locks? I don't think so. But that doesn't make the book bad.
I found it quite compelling, thought-provoking and entertaining, actually. We follow Allie, a 16-year-old who's been (unlawfully) working at a record store for two years. She's ob...more
Honestly, I did not understand what this book was about and I have to admit, I'm still not so sure exactly what this book is about. I feel like I failed the author for not understanding...:(

However, I did understand in some aspects that The Vinyl Princess is kind of like a coming-of-age novel where Allie finally matures and grows up and she's not as naive as she was in the beginning of the book.

Allie was an interesting protagonist. There were definitely times when I felt like she was rambling of...more
Allie is a sixteen year old vinyl obsessed music geek stuck in the digital age. She is passionate about music and not just one genre, but she is an expert in just about everything. She works at a grungy old record store with a varied cast of crazy characters which suits her just fine. Her entire identity is wrapped around her work and love of music. Prinz includes tons of info about the music and musicians that make you wish the book came with a soundtrack accompaniment. Luckily thanks to music...more
~This is not the full review~

I was very excited to read The Vinyl Princess because it has three of my favorite things: music, blogging, mystery (and a little romance).

Told in the first person, present tense, Allie has a strong and opinionated voice. Her passion for vinyl is evident and as you read, you can see why she calls herself The Vinyl Princess. Her character is easy to relate to. Unlike some YA books, Allie's mom is present throughout the entire novel and her grandmother makes appearances...more
The Vinyl Princess—I just can’t help but roll that title in my mouth. The Vinyl Princess stars Allie, a sixteen year old vinyl, LP, obsessed freak. She has a typical routine going, but this summer spells not one, but two guys and a close-up with a gun, her mother’s boss roaming her house in underwear, and freshly printed copies of her own zines.

The Vinyl Princess I expected more from. I think this is partly my fault; I am not a music fan. I like music and will listen to it whenever I can turn th...more
Obsessive record collector and self proclaimed “Vinyl Princess,” Allie is seventeen and already living her dream-working at an ultra-cool record store in Berkeley, CA. Working full time, Allie’s summer is peppered with often hilarious and sometimes dangerous adventures in retail. She also begins a blog and zine called The Vinyl Princess, finding her voice in her most favorite of topics-music! Her personal life also competes for drama in the story with a great best friend with a dud boyfriend, a...more
Book review:
I was reading the Vynnyl princess. It was a really good book. At first There is a girl and she creates a website called the vynnyl princess. She also is on summer break and she gets to be in her favorite place. The record store, where she has a job there. Then she meets someone named Joel. She thinks that she might be falling in love with someone she doesn't even know about. So one day she is helping him out at the record store and he asks her out. And of course she says yes and she...more
Trisha W.
Jan 08, 2010 Trisha W. rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Anyone who likes music.
Shelves: my-books, read2010
I wasn't going to write a review for this book because it wasn't the best book I have read and I thought if I wrote a review it would be a negative one. But after thinking about the book some more I have decided to still write my review and give it my honest opinion.

I liked The Vinyl Princess. I think the one thing that made me keep reading it was the boy that is mentioned in the beginning of the book. I wanted to know who he was so I kept flipping pages. And as soon this boy was out of the pict...more
Charlie (Letter Trails)
“Music, to me, is one giant puzzle, and collecting music is about finding all the pieces and trying to fit them together.”

Allie’s passion about music and vinyl records is so jaw-dropping. I seriously need a friend who loves music the way she does. As I was reading, I felt jealous that she gets to spend her day around awesome music. Unfortunately, there were times that it all felt forced. Or maybe it was too much to be real. There were times that I felt that I was hearing the author’s voice n...more
I'm more of a paranormal type of gal so when it comes to contemporary YA, I like it to have a little flair. I usually find my flair in the form of the novel using a different media to tell a story coupled with regular first person/3 person POV-- Gamer Girl had online gaming, Hold Still had Ingrid's journal, How To Say Goodbye In Robot had the radio show to name a few recently. (Oddly enough, I didn't connect this piece of information until I was thinking about this review, but it's really true)...more
cEe beE
Superlative read! I thoroughly enjoyed this book! The narrator is 16 yr old Allie. Smart, wry and obsessed with music and vinyl records, she works at Bob's and Bob's Records in Berkeley. Summer is out, and unlike other girls her age, she prefers to hang out full time at the musty old store, waiting on customers, watching for shoplifters and the resident crossdressing homeless duo who loiter around.

Meanwhile, she started her own blog, aptly called The Vinyl Princess that's slowly gaining some fol...more
Steph Su
I have trouble finding the words to describe my experience of reading THE VINYL PRINCESS. It is an understated novel that makes its impact not with an incredible premise or fast-paced action, but with the quirky nuances that often pass by unnoticed in our everyday lives, and I love it so much for doing that.

Allie is—and at the same time isn’t—your average teenage girl. She holds herself above the usual petty melodramas of her peers, which makes her refreshing to read about, as well as gives her...more
As far as purpose goes, this novel satisfied mine: distraction from real life and mild entertainment during my free time, with a cute little romance thrown into the plot.

But as far being predictable, that's exactly what you get. If you're someone who has read as many Young Adult novels as I have (I spend about as much time in the YA section of my local library as Allie spends amongst the stacks of vintage vinyl LPs in Bob and Bob's) or even if you just have mediocre inferencing skills, the endin...more
Maan Ivashkov
I really don't mean to offend anyone, but this book was so annoyingly hipster, I can almost feel the black, thick-framed glasses forming on my face and the venti pumpkin spice latte with white mocha from Starbucks materializing in my hand.

I mean, I love music. I really do. But I don't own a vinyl or a turntable or even a cassette tape and I DO download my music ON my iPod, and this book just came of as snobbish and elitist for me. Just because Allie owns 8434534 vinyls and all that shit, it doe...more
catherine james
How does a self-proclaimed music geek with encyclopedic knowledge of vinyl's history survive in an MP3 obsessed, Billboard Top 40 world? If you're sixteen year old Allie, you spend every free moment "practically running" Bob & Bob's Records, comb the flea markets of Berkeley for classic LPs, while composing articles for your blog and zine Not that any of this of this means Allie's without a life - thank you very much. She spends plenty of time patronizing the bohemian e...more
Yvonne Prinz is one of the co-founders of Amoeba Music, an independent music store with locations in Hollywood and Berkeley, California. So she has first hand knowledge and experience befitting this novel about a young girl working at a record store on Telegraph in Berkeley.

Allie is sixteen years old and it is summer. Now working full-time at Bob & Bob Records, she has also decided to start up a blog devoted to vinyl records, called “The Vinyl Princess,” and is working on a printed zine to p...more
Goodreads needs a half star choice...I would give this book a solid 3.5 stars. It was super predictable and super corny, but also super cute and cool. Let me preface my review by saying that I worship at the altar of rock! I love music, I spent a huge portion of my teenage years in independent record stores. I totally related to the theory that you can completely bond with someone over a mutual love of music. I would guess that in my late teenage/early adult years most of my relationships were f...more
Allie is a vinyl expert. At 16 she has already put in 2 years of service working at her local record store; her home away from home. But the numbers of record aficionados are shrinking and so are the store's clientele. In order to reach more LP fans, Allie starts a blog and a zine, talking about all her favorites slowly garnering a larger and larger fan base, including "Fan in Berkley" whom she fantasizes is the illusive mystery man she sees occasionally in the store.

Like a simplified High Fidel...more
I love music but damn, I feel like I've just had a 300-page lesson on music.

There was such a heavy emphasis on music and vinyl records that the plot itself fell flat for me. Gosh, and the music snobbery! Anyone who doesn't own a vinyl record really has no chance when reading this propaganda-like book. Seriously, all the mentioning of artists and albums and music tracks almost drove me mad enough to set fire to everything in sight.

The Vinyl Princess honestly felt like an outlet for the author to...more
I'm being strict to my standards and giving this only 3 stars even though I want to give all the stars to a book with a young female protagonist who loves music and Gets It about vinyl -- that's my favorite idea for a MC in any book I've read in the last year. But. What Allie actually writes about vinyl is pretty brief and almost as pretentious as it is enlightening, and most of the rest of what she goes through in the course of the book is pretty mundane. This is a reasonably enjoyable slice of...more
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Born in Canada, fled in 1989, landed in San Francisco, met a guy, opened a record Store, started writing books: "The Vinyl Princess" (Harper Collins), "All You Get Is Me" (Harper Collins).

"If You're Lucky" (Algonquin Books For Young Readers) will be arriving Fall 2015.
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