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Coldheart Canyon
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Coldheart Canyon

3.63 of 5 stars 3.63  ·  rating details  ·  4,598 ratings  ·  243 reviews
A famous Hollywood actor loses his looks - and is drawn into the dark and twisted world of Coldheart Canyon...

Following extensive cosmetic surgery, Hollywood superstar Todd Pickett needs somewhere to hide away while his scars heal. His manager finds the ideal location, Coldheart Canyon - a dream-palace hidden away in a corner of the city so secret it doesn't even appear on
ebook, 704 pages
Published October 2nd 2001 by HarperCollins Publishers (first published January 1st 2001)
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I picked up this audio book because it had 19 discs and it was $8.00. I also knew Clive Barker was a fairly popular horror author - and having read almost all of Stephen Kings and Dean Koontz's books I thought this would be a good intro to Clive Barker.

You know how you pull up to a stoplight and you can hear the music in the car next to you and you kind of start singing along? Keep that in mind when choosing an Audio Book. This audio book had a LOT of sex in it. Described in a nice deep man voi
First published back in 2001, ‘Coldheart Canyon’ came three years after the publication of Barker’s epic love story ‘Galilee’. With many fans of Barker’s work expecting the sequel to ‘Galilee’ to be following, or indeed the first instalment of the long awaited ‘Abarat’ quartet to emerge, ‘Coldheart Canynon’ was an interesting return to Barker’s darker, more apocalyptic and dare I say more depraved side of his fiction.

Written during a very difficult period of Barker’s life, with the unfortunate a
Sherri Dub
I have read nearly the entire collection of Clive Barker novels in existence.
While I enjoyed them, each for their unique plots and tantilizing hints at sexual prowess, this book is my all time favorite.
The canyon is a mystery that anyone would want to explore.
It is a place where you have to ask yourself, if you could, would you? And if you saw it on an active night, could you look away, or would you be enticed to peep on.
While the protagonist, Todd is trying out sort out his Past and Present pla
May 23, 2011 Victoria rated it 2 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Victoria by: Lisa Woodfin
Ugh. I’ve been sat here for a good 10 minutes now, staring at a seemingly ever-blankening screen because I simply don’t know where to start. This book has left my mind in a state of turmoil, thoughts and ideas tripping over themselves to get to the forefront of my brain. I want to say how much I hated the book but I can’t, because I didn’t hate it. But that said, I didn’t like it either. Or, more truthfully, I hated it and liked it all at the same time.

To strip it back to its bare bones, the
Ugh. I like Clive Barker movies, but his books are hit and miss. This one started off promisingly. I do like haunted house stories, and this one had a nice "golden age of hollywood" twist to it. But halfway through it started getting really dumb, and by the end, I was totally turned off. RIDICULOUS ending. You just want to smack all the characters. How many times can the main character be saved, and then go back, and then be saved, and then go back, and then be saved, etc. Stupid.
William Johnson
Coldheart Canyon is the ultimate example of an immense and graphic imagination finding no moderation, patience, or substance. As Barker even admits in his introduction, a lot of stuff was going on in his life when he wrote Coldheart Canyon. And as bad as I feel for poor Mr. Barker, the art and the artist must be firmly separated.

Coldheart Canyon is 686 pages long. That is 300 pages too long for the material at hand. The story has about five climaxes (and that's just structurally; being Barker, i
Stephan van der Linde
This is about moviestar Todd Pickett, whose career comes somewhat to a dead end. He finds it difficult to accept, and endures a furtive facelift to improve his features.

The unknown surgeon makes a mistake and this goes wrong. To avoid the press, Todd hides in a resort in Coldheart Canyon, where he can heal, or awaits the healing of his face.

Tammie, the chubby founder of Todd's fanclub (who is in love with him), gets hints of his new whereabouts, and is looking for him through the desert nearby
I like Clive Barker or I wouldn't have read this, but I'm far from just trusting him blindly. He is either fantastic or awful with nary a warning in between.
Truth be told although I gobbled this greedily I couldn't help but form an opinion of meh, it was a boring story prettied up with kink. The villainess seemed nasty until it was revealed she was just a bully who had been given a fragment of power that she didn't understand, and that she just squanders.
The monsters were barely there and not p
Alex Telander
Coldheart Canyon is a clear example of what happens when a brilliant, literary mind sits down to create long, great work. Over six hundred pages, Clive Barker’s new novel ascends to a horror level above Stephen King, Peter Straub, and Neil Gaiman, both in story and literary style. Barker has often been slotted into the genre of “horror writer,” and it is when one reads Coldheart Canyon that one realizes he really in a league of his own.

Todd Pickett is a lot like Bruce Campbell, the renowned Holl
This book is absolutely wretched and I'm totally embarrassed that I read an almost 700 page book that is just plain bad. The book is billed as a 'Hollywood Ghost Story' and I was excited about its promise. It did not live up to its promise in any way. I have never read Clive Barker so I have no idea if this is typical for him or not - regardless, I can't imagine ever putting more time into reading him again. The book is disjointed and rambling - several times I thought it was finally ending but ...more
Adam K.
Clive Barker is a sick man. And that's it. No buts here. I'm not, like, judging him for it. Lord knows I've read sick, grand guignol stuff before. I would say that his writing is sicker than anything else I've ever read, but I think that's what he's striving for. Unfortunately, we're supposed to think it's important, and those into BDSM would read Coldheart and think they've found something important to justify being turned on by the ENDLESS sick sex scenes in this book. My problem with the book ...more
Barker is back to working in the genre that I love - HORROR!
The way this book is written has me wondering if there are slivers of truth in regards to the inner workings of Hollywood. This has great splashes of the horror and fantastic with a torrent of erotica lavishly poured over the top.

Plot ***Spoilers***
Todd Pickett is a has-been actor at twenty-nine; used up by the very system which turned him overnight from an Ohio farm-boy into a superstar. In a desperate attempt to regain his lost beauty
Geert Daelemans
Certainly not Clive's best, but it could have been much worse

Todd Pickett, one of the hottest movie stars of the last decade, faces the downfall of his career when extensive plastic surgery goes terribly wrong. On the run from his fans and the ever bloodthirsty press he hides in the deep woods of Hollywood. The luxurious mansion of the long deceased silent movie actress Katya Lupi seems at first the ideal hiding place. But when he discovers that the house is still inhabited by the ghost of Katya
This book scared me a little. Todd Pickett is one of the biggest movie stars in the world. A producer advises him to get a facelift when he is in his early thirties and the surgeon botches the job. He hides out in an old movie stars dream palace. The palace grounds are in habited by ghosts and their offspring created by their liasons with animals. There is also a mysterious woman who owns the house and has control of the secrets locked within the walls.

Most of the characters in the book were tru
D.M. Dutcher (Sword Cross Rocket)
A B-movie actor with his career on the slide retreats to a secluded villa in a canyon. However that villa was owned by a legendary 20s actress who is using an evil artifact to gain eternal life.

This would have been a better book if Clive Barker didn't write it. Because it's Barker, there's graphic and often perverted sex flashing through the novel, as well as his typical violent tics (tearing off skin is one.) The story though is great, and doesn't need the violence at all to make its points ab
A very weak and sloppily written story, based on a fairly interesting idea. The second chapter especially seemed written in a hurry and added later on to justify the existence of the book. Too many little mistakes in the plot, such as the time when the hero finally decides, after much thinking, to try and find dr Barrows's telephone number, while 10 pages earlier he was talking to his assistant, cancelling an appointment with him. But it wasn't just that. There were wholes everywhere in the stor ...more
You know those “as seen on TV commercials” where the announce claims, “but wait, there’s more!”

As I read the overlong “Coldheart Canyon”, I kept hearing that cheerful announcer. “But wait, there’s more overcooked mushroom stroganoff to choke down!”

I used to read Clive Barker books back in the 80’s and early 90’s. The main thing I remember about the stories were the gore and sheer weirdness. I know I read “The Great and Secret Show” and “Weaveworld” but I have no strong memory of them. I wonder w
Bunny Dracula
Even though he's rather hit-or-miss for me, still, I have always admired the way Clive Barker manages to get under the skin and embed his hooks into the meat and gristle, ripping convention apart. At his best, he forces you to consider life from a skewed perspective, forcing the reader to take leave of the senses for the sensual; at his worst, he's the contrived novelisation of "Hostel II". I have read almost everything he has written and while some of it has been dreck, it has been memorable dr ...more
A'ndrea Wilson
Coldheart Canyon had the potential to be a really good book. I liked the storyline, but not so much the execution of it. It was way too long of a book, but really unnecessary in length. There were a few places where the book could have ended, but it kept going on and on. It felt like the author just let himself write without structure or limitations and then the pub company didn't shave off the excess. The book was overly sexual and erotic to a point where it was a major turn-off. Even at the en ...more
Orrin Grey
Clive Barker's early short stories and novellas are huge, huge influences on me, but I haven't read any of his more recent stuff because, well, I'd heard it wasn't all that good. Coldheart Canyon certainly supports that.

The book that didn't feel like it was ever going to begin (the haunted locale doesn't really show up until more than a hundred pages in) also didn't feel like it was ever going to end. It kept wrapping things up, and then still having a couple hundred pages left to go.

That said,
Dustin Baker
The first Clive Barker book that was hard for me to want to finish. Everytime it would get engrossing, it turns its attention to some other trivial matter, eventually losing my interest right as the climax begins to wind up, which then carries on for about eighty pages longer than it should have. The Devil's Country is a great idea with a lot of untapped story potential which is sidelined by the main story of vain Hollywood stars that never seem to stop whining. If you want to read Barker, there ...more
I love haunted house and ghost stories. I am always on the lookout for new reading material on these topics, but it is sometimes difficult to find well-written, engrossing novels in this genre. I wasn't disappointed with "Coldheart Canyon."

This is the story of Todd Pickett, an A-list Hollywood actor who must go into "hiding" while his facelift-gone-wrong heals. A friend chooses a house, tucked away on a remote piece of land, which has seen all sorts of perverse activities since it was built by
Really liked this twisted take on Hollywood's hidden history and the clash between old Hollywood and the new breed of 'action hero'. Always surprising, I love how Clive Barker writes men and unconventional heroic women in his stories, and the dreamlike parts of this book, the horror and the wonder, are truly spellbinding. Also, there's quite a bit of erotica here - if you like that sort of thing...
Highly recommended.
Piper Draconi
Coldheart Canyon is by far the darkest in sexual imagery and demonic prowess, in my humble opinion.
Todd Pickett, the stories main protagonist, reminds me of Hollywood’s very own Brad Pitt, thrust into a dark void of sex and lustful slavery. I must read for Barker fans, or the lustful adventurist.
Docked this one star because it was multiple chapters too long, but ending where it should have ended (the house collapsing on itself) would have been too pat. I can appreciate Clive Barker's intense interest in the classic Hollywood stars (how appalling it would be to find your name in this cast of characters) and their lavish, hedonistic lifestyles and their fans' rabid obsession, but at some level I suspect this was just an excuse to put outlandishly disturbing sexual situations down in print ...more
I have issues with Clive Barker. In theory I should love him, the gore factor, the homoeroticism, the 80s, etc., but somehow I find his books inherently forgettable and that annoys me because I really want to love him and he insists on making that so hard for me. I keep being surprised by books of his, they jump out at me from nowhere and I discover I’ve read them and just couldn’t remember a damn thing about them. (Actually the reason CB keeps cropping up in my house at the moment is that my hu ...more
I liked how this tale started, very spooky. However, at times it wandered and just got plain weird. Needless to say the sex scenes between half ghost half monster characters were on the weird side.
Preposterous yet emblematic; never restrained, overly graphic, written handsomely... it is less a mess than previous novels surely, though undoubtedly nowhere near as great as his short stories are. ("The Forbidden", for me, reigns supreme in that category--maybe it's my favorite short story of all time.)

Yup, L.A. is rife with possibilities of the supernatural and evil forces colliding is not too much of a stretch. The ironies, nay, the gruesome details, is what makes Barker such a supernova. Le
Matteo Pellegrini

Todd Pickett è un attore ormai al tramonto. Dopo una plastica facciale con cui pensava di ritrovare il successo e che invece lo deturpa, si nasconde in un canyon fuori Los Angeles, ospite di una villa di proprietà di un produttore e di un'attrice famosi negli anni Venti, la cui bellezza è miracolosament eintatta. Qui scopre una misteriosa stanza chiamata "la Caccia", interamente ricoperta da un mosaico che raffigura scene infernali degne di Hieronymu Bosch: demoni, mostri, divinità, massacri di

Wow, is the best way to put it. This book goes pretty far out there and by the time you want to put it down, you can't.
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Clive Barker was born in Liverpool, England, the son of Joan Rubie (née Revill), a painter and school welfare officer, and Leonard Barker, a personnel director for an industrial relations firm. Educated at Dovedale Primary School and Quarry Bank High School, he studied English and Philosophy at Liverpool University and his picture now hangs in the entrance hallway to the Philosophy Department. It ...more
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