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Lulu and the Duck in the Park
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Lulu and the Duck in the Park (Lulu)

3.7 of 5 stars 3.70  ·  rating details  ·  290 ratings  ·  100 reviews
Lulu can't understand people who don't like animals - people like her teacher, Mrs Holiday. When Lulu tries to help Mrs Holiday to find her perfect pet, she is banned from bringing an animal to school ever again! Then Lulu rescues an abandoned duck egg. She's going to have to take it to school to keep it safe.
Paperback, UK paperback edition, 96 pages
Published March 7th 2011 by Scholastic
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Kim T.
Lulu and the Duck in the Park was quite the adventure. I found the book to be fun-loving, clever, and bright. I loved the educational component associated with the story and the diversity that was depicted through the presented relationships. I loved that Lulu was of ethnic origin. I thought this served as such a positive and had the potential to open up a huge door in terms of possibilities for children who quite often don't hear of minorities working with or caring for animals.

In this particul
I can still say I like everything Hilary McKay writes. Lulu is for younger readers than the Casson family stories, but it's just as good.

Lulu loves animals. Attempts to share that love with her teacher bring the threat that if any more animals are brought to school, Class Three will have to give up their guinea pig for Class Two's stick insects, a fate no one wants.

So, when Lulu almost accidently rescues a duck egg from destruction, she is placed in a major quandry when the egg starts to hatch t
Lulu and the Duck in the Park / Hilary McKay / 2012
Genre: fiction
Format: juvenile lit./ middle reader
Plot summary: Lulu, who loves animals, brings an abandoned duck egg to school, even though her teacher has banned Lulu from bringing animals to school ever again.
Considerations: none

Review citation:School Library Journal, vol 58, issue 11
"he satisfying ending will have children awaiting the next installment in what is likely to become a hit series for fans of other plucky characters like Horribl
Abby Johnson
Miss Amanda has been suggesting this book for a long time, and in my quest for 3rd grade booktalking books, I finally picked it up.

Lulu LOVES ANIMALS. Like, if you asked anyone in Class 3 who loves animals the most, they would immediately tell you that Lulu LOVES animals. Lulu has tons of pets at home (her mom's philosophy is "The more the merrier, as long as Lulu cleans up after them!") and one day her dog even follows her to school. As you can imagine, Lulu's teacher (who does NOT love animal
Amanda Harris
Imagine that you have found a duck egg. You are at school, you've made a nest out of soft hats, and you are hiding it under your sweater. Imagine that egg hatches and the duckling starts to cry. What would you do? In Hilary Mckay's book, "Lulu and the Duck in the Park", this very situation occurs. What does Lulu do? Does she get into trouble? Read and find out!

This book is a super quick read, has very little characterization, and is set at school. 3 adjectives I would use to describe this book a
Amy Musser
Lulu is most famous for her love of animals. She’s always rescuing them and bringing them home. Which is why Lulu knows without even thinking that she absolutely must save the duck egg that she sees rolling down the hill in the park. Two rambunctious dogs have destroyed all the ducks’ nests and eggs, but not this single blue egg. So as Class 3 leaves the park, Lulu slips the warm egg in her pocket. She tells her best friend and cousin Mellie, but can she keep the egg a secret for the rest of cla ...more
Very cute book about Lulu who loves animals, her cousin Millie and their classroom where their teacher, Mrs. Holiday, cannot handle any more than the 1 classroom guinea pig. This puts Lulu in a tight spot when she brings back a duck egg from their class visit to the park that morning and the egg hatches under her sweater at school. Simple, short, but engaging, this book has around a 4th grade reading level. I know some girls I could recommend it to or it would make a nice, quick read-aloud for K ...more
Sharon Tyler
Lulu and the Duck in the Park by Hilary McKay is a children's chapter book scheduled for release on August 1 2012. Lulu loves animals, she loves them a lot, and they seem to love her in return. Unfortunately, Lulu's teacher does not seem to share that love. In fact, she seems to dislike animals, even the class pet. A disastrous class trip to the park ends with lulu in possession of a duck egg, but she will be in serious trouble if she is caught with anymore pets in class. Lulu is on a mission, t ...more
Madigan McGillicuddy
This delightful series about Lulu, a smart and imaginative little girl growing up in pleasant suburban surroundings is sure to be a hit with young readers looking for early chapter books with just a hint of tongue-in-cheek humor. Lulu loves animals, apples, and jumping off the swings at school. Lulu's teacher Mrs. Holiday isn't so sold on animals. After a field trip to the to the park, and a scary incident with a loose runaway dog, Lulu ends up in possession of a duck egg. She keeps the egg hidd ...more
Hilary McKay's books about Lulu are always fun. In this one, her love of pets causes some problems with her teacher, Mrs. Holiday. Lulu tries to help Mrs. Holiday get to know more animals than just the class guinea pig, but "Mrs. Holiday would not be helped." Then Lulu tries to convince her that the class pet needs a companion. Mrs. Holiday is finally so exasperated that she tells Lulu if she brings another animal into the classroom, that guinea pig will be traded with another class for their st ...more
Big Kid Reaction: Lulu is one of those characters who means well but always seems to get into predicaments. She is sweet and very likable. I love that she's passionate, fun, and a thinker, too. The relationship with Mellie and her classmates also feels authentic. As much as I liked Lulu, Mellie, and her friends, the book didn't grab me. Mrs. Holiday was too much of a caricature (though she does come around); and I thought the pets at school and city park scenes were overdone. All that said, the ...more
Chris Murray
Summary: Kirkus
A warmhearted beginning to a new chapter-book series delights from the first few sentences. "Lulu was famous for animals. Her famousness for animals was known throughout the whole neighborhood." So it begins, revealing its bouncy language and its theme, illustrated by a cheery image of Lulu with bunnies at her feet, a parrot on her shoulder and a mouse in her hair. Lulu's best friend is her cousin Mellie, who is famous for several things but most notably losing sweaters, pencils
Sweet on Books
Lulu loves animals, and everyone knows it. She has quite a collection at home because, luckily for her, she has a mother whose philosophy on pets is "The more the merrier." School is another story altogether. There is a pet guinea pig in her classroom, but Lulu's 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Holiday, prefers her animals in the wild. In fact she goes so far as to say that if anyone brings another pet into the classroom, the guinea pig will be banned from Class Three. So, you can imagine Lulu's dilemma ...more
This book is about Lulu, a young girl who loves animals, all animals. Unfortunately, her teacher does not care for animals and does not want them in her classroom. Too bad because Lulu finds a duck egg that has been saved from being squashed from a bunch of rambunctious dogs who ran through the park. What could she do but take the egg with her to care for it? But will her teacher appreciate her good deed? I first read a Lulu book a few months ago, but I really didn't care for it too much. The wr ...more
Hilary McKay's beginning chapter book series hits a home run when it comes to realistic, spunky characters combined with animal stories that young girls will love. The series follows Lulu, an animal-loving, menagerie-owning girl who is best friends with her cousin, Mellie. Lulu loves animals more than anything, from "the sponsored polar bear family that had been her best Christmas present to the hairiest, unwanted spider in the school coat room." A theme throughout the books is the responsibilit ...more
Patricia Powell
“Lulu and the Duck in the Park” (Albert Whitman 2012) by Hilary McKay is a
perfect chapter (early middle grade) book from an author who understands how to make both kids and adults laugh.
The story begins on a school field trip and moves into the classroom, making this a great read aloud in kindergarten through third grades. Especially if it happens to be spring and even more especially if you happen to be hatching eggs in your classroom.
Lulu loves to jump off swings at the highest point so she
Lulu is a lively third grader who loves animals. She also always wants to rescue them and carry them home. Fortunately for Lulu she has an understanding mother whose law on pets is: “The more, the merrier as long as Lulu cleans up after them.” Unfortunately for Lulu, her teacher Mrs. Holiday is not an animal lover and merely tolerates the Class Three guinea pig. When Lulu decides that the guinea pig needs a companion and suggests several options such as mice, rats, lizards, cats, fish, and turtl ...more
Amy H
i got this book from the publisher and decided to make use of it and had some mommy daughter time.

so i had my 10 year old daughter read this book to me and she liked it. that is why it is rated 5 stars.

lulu is in classroom 3 and they have a pet guinea pig. she feels that the class pet is lonely and should have a roommate. lulu has a best friend who loves all of lulus animals, but told her not to bring any animals to school.

lulu didn't listen. she brought in a dog the one day and had to be tied u
Itasca Community Library
Lulu, who loves every sort of animal, tries to convince her teacher that their class guinea pig needs a companion. Unfortunately, her methods lead Mrs. Holiday to announce that if anyone brings another animal to school, she’ll trade their class pet for a stick insect. When their weekly visit to a nearby park ends in disaster (large dogs running wild and destroying ducks’ nests and eggs), Lulu catches the one remaining egg as it rolls downhill, and she pockets it. All through the school day, she ...more
Dena (Batch of Books)
I love the atmosphere in these Lulu books. They are light, humorous chapter books that offer an entertaining story. In addition, the writing is simplified and easy for early readers to understand. This is a good choice for young readers that are starting to gain confidence and want a slightly more complex reading experience.

Lulu is a great character to read about. She is funny, positive, and really sweet. She has a love for animals and makes a point of being kind to everyone and everything. When
*4.5 stars*

When I first read this book, I really enjoyed it, but I wondered if there might be just a few too many jokes aimed at adults for kids to totally love it. Then I decided to try reading it to my 3-1/2-year-old...and since then, I have had to read it out loud approximately 10 ZILLION times! In other words, I was wrong, wrong, wrong about kids being put off by the adult POV of the teacher's subplot! (And it is a very funny subplot for the adults who read the book out loud.)

Totally, totall
Lulu was a lovable character, but the story was kind of hard to follow for a book written for the younger grades. The teacher was funny, and I related to her exasperations with Lulu. I almost recommended this book to a kindergarten teacher for a read-aloud, but I hesitated because of the park scene where some eggs were smashed by a pack of wild dogs. (I thought the wild dogs were a bit of a stretch...)
Susan P
I'm working on third grade booktalks, and grabbed this one b/c it seemed it might fit. Super cute! I love this author, and wasn't disappointed. Lulu is an animal lover - and doesn't understand why her teacher doesn't share her passion. She barely tolerates the class guinea pig. As a matter of fact she'd much rather swap it for the second graders stick insects which don't smell or make any noise. And when Lulu's dog "follows" her to school one day, that's the last straw. If Lulu ever brings any a ...more
Lulu loves animals, so she can’t understand it when people don’t love every animal, like her teacher Mrs. Holiday. In fact, Mrs. Holiday has asked Lulu to never bring an animal to school again after an incident with her dog. When their class is heading back through the park after swimming, something awful happens. Two dogs run rampage through the ducks’ nests in the park, scaring the ducks, ruining their nests and smashing eggs. So when Lulu sees the duck egg rolling down the hill, she just does ...more
I received a review copy from the publisher on Netgalley Thank you!

A charming early reader, perfectly suited to 2nd and 3rd graders who are beyond easy readers but not quite ready for long chapter books. The lovely writing and illustrations, the appealing characters, and the humorous details and plot twists make it a great read aloud, too, which younger children, and their parents, will also enjoy.

So why four stars, instead of five? Well, this is a perfect book, of its kind, but it is defin
Jessica Figueroa
This is a book of Lulu who is known for her love of pets but when she finds that her teacher isnt really interested in animals she works hard to find a pet just right for her teacher. When the teacher threatens to replace the class pet for stick bugs Lulu attempts to back off with bothering the teacher. While out with the class she manages to get ahold of a duck egg and what she wasn't expecting was for it to hatch while she was in class.

This book is cute, sweet and my little siblings and I rea
This is a cute story with likeable characters. The Junie B. crowd will enjoy this, and those parents who object to Junie B.'s speech will not find problems with this series. There is a blue duck egg in the story, which may invite research...yes, there is a bluish duck egg, which I did not realize.
I loved this transitional chapter book about a little girl who loves animals. After two dogs disrupt the nesting ducks in the park, Lulu rescues an egg and returns to school with it. When the egg hatches, Lulu and her cousin Mellie aren't sure what to do.

A great book for readers who are ready for more than Frog and Toad Are Friends, but not quite ready for Magic Tree House: #1-4. Good for readers of Mercy Watson Goes for a Ride.
Adorable, true-to-life characters that children will identify with--Lulu, Mellie and their friends are unique and their teacher Mrs. Holiday rings so true. A clever problem with a satisfying solution. I am so happy to find a new early chapter series to recommend to students.
Known for her fondness for animals, third grader Lulu has filled her house with all sorts of them. If it weren't for the fact that her teacher, Mrs. Holiday, doesn't really like them, she'd do the same at school. After an incident involving Lulu's dog, the teacher establishes a ban on pets, but Lulu breaks that rule when she saves a duck egg during the class's outing in the park. Nestled in a knit hat and hidden under her sweater, the duckling hatches, and Mrs. Holiday rises to the occasion in a ...more
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Hilary McKay was born in Boston, Lincolnshire and is the eldest of four girls. From a very early age she read voraciously and grew up in a household of readers. Hilary says of herself as a child "I anaesthetised myself against the big bad world with large doses of literature. The local library was as familiar to me as my own home."

After reading Botany and Zoology at St. Andrew's University Hilary
More about Hilary McKay...

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