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Supervolcano: Eruption (Supervolcano, #1)
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Supervolcano: Eruption (Supervolcano #1)

3.02 of 5 stars 3.02  ·  rating details  ·  732 ratings  ·  171 reviews
Yellowstone National Park sits on a hotspot: a plume of molten rock coming up from deep inside the earth capable of volcanic eruptions far greater than any that have occurred in times past. It has been silent for many years, providing false security for a nation unprepared for the full force and fury of nature unleashed.

It begins with explosions that send lava and mud fl
Kindle Edition, 429 pages
Published (first published January 1st 2011)
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i really am not looking forward to writing this review. this was the worst book i have ever read, and even though david was kind enough to point out that most of the books i read are shitty, he is wrong. this one is the shittiest.

and it has nothing to do with the frequent disparaging of rhode island. not content simply to use it as a unit of measurement (although he does), he also says many unflattering things about the state itself. but considering how crappy this book is, i am pretty sure rhod
Kate E
Excellent writing, and the geologist in my heart approves of the technical background details. A bit slow in pacing, though it may be justified. If this thing does go off in our lifetime, it's going to be a long time before humanity as a whole understands the implications for their lifestyle, not to mention their survival possibilities. We're a stubborn lot.

So, Harry, where's the next book? Don't let little things like eating and sleeping slow you down, man - alteration of an entire planetary ec
I REALLY wanted to like this book, I've read Turtledove for years, and when I found out he had written a supervolcano book, I was pumped. I'm afraid this one should have been called Crappy Family: And a Volcano Blows Up.

I have to imagine that, should a nice chunk of the nation be obliterated, with major cities completely wiped out, and hundreds of thousands of people killed, even in California, they'd be more concerned with recent events than the fact that newspapers are getting thinner as paper
First Koontz, now Turtledove!

Two of my favorite authors just came up with barely readable books...this must be a record.

Let me start by saying that this is not alternate history...this is not even science fiction...this is...this is...just like the film "2012'!

What I mean with that is a disjointed, confusing, repetitive, pointless, apocalyptic yarn that goes nowhere.

The ENTIRE cast of characters is fairly disagreeable...well maybe not the geologist...but everybody, and i mean everybody, else is
My advice: don't read this. I spent most of the book rooting for the supervolcano to rise up and destroy the characters (with the sole exception of Kelly, the geologist grad student, who is out in the thick of things with the developing volcano. She inexplicably finds love with Colin, the main male character, but I was mostly able to overlook that because she was often the one giving me my volcano fix).

The details about Yellowstone and how it might erupt are done well enough; Turtledove does his
Possibly one of the most boring books I've tried this year - I gave up 120 pages in. The characters varied from highly unpleasant to kind of unlikeable. I'd think the author's a bit of a misogynist for the daughter and ex-wife characters and the internal dialog of the cop main character, but really all the characters sucked so perhaps it was all intentional so we'd be happy if they all got smothered in volcano ash. I'm hoping that's what happened in the story, anyway. Not sure how one can make a ...more
Paul Ditroia

This man has a PhD in Byzantine history. He has written some of the most well researched, best alternative history novels I've ever read.

Why at this point in his career he chose to write this USA network movie drivel I have no idea.

The characters are one dimensional and unlikable, the event itself in the book was underwhelming, and the aftermath was "So what?". No real drama, no tension. There was about a 10 page section that made me feel like I was playing The Sims. She took something out of h
I'll start on a positive note: the material devoted to the actual eruption was good stuff; intense, suspenseful, and even a little scary. The pages devoted to it just flew by, and I really wanted to see what would happen next. Perhaps one of the most compelling aspects of the material was that it was kind of evocative of the series "It Could Happen Tomorrow" on the Weather Channel - it was a worst case scenario type of situation, but the events were compelling, rather than wholly unbelievable.

I was anxious to pick up this book because (a) I'd read quite a few of Turtledove's earlier novels and really enjoyed them and (b) recently read another book on the subject of a super-volcano eruption at Yellowstone called "Ashfall" by Mike Mullin. Technically its a YA novel but thus far its been far superior to the drivel in Turtledove's version.

This may be a first for me in that the author has managed to craft an entire book without a single sympathetic character - except for Pickles, the cat
I had this book on pre-order for two months. I have never been more disappointed by a good author. Not only is this novel a mess of meaningless foreshadowing and characters, the "science" was deplorable. My fifth graders could have constructed a more interesting "what if " story after watching any decent National Geographic super volcano DVD. Despite my frustrations with this book, I slogged all the way to the end, somehow hoping Turtledove was going to craft a clever twist or make me even care ...more
Renee Daughtry
Wowee zowee.

I wanted to like this book SO MUCH and kept plowing through the choppy POV and crappy dialogue but I just can't even finish.

I made it to page 74 and after reading this: "One of the girls behind the desk, a blonde who'd be porky in another five or ten years, had not a clue concealed anywhere about her person."


No. Do not waste your time.
Didn't survive the first CD. Starting off with a potty-mouthed loser as protagonist was a poor choice by this author. Stick with alternate histories, Harry.
Oh my god. It has been quite some time since I've read a book I disliked as completely as this one. It had rare, small moments, sure, but overall? The idea of a "What if...?" story involving the supervolcano under Yellowstone isn't bad, it's the book itself.

We open with Colin Ferguson, a Southern California cop, who is on vacation in the Yellowstone area getting over his ex-wife who left him for an aerobics instructor. (My first 'wtf?' moment was that the main character shares a name with an ac
I normally really like Harry Turtledove's books. However, this one left me a little cold.
The basic premise is that the Supervolcano under Yellowstone Park erupts. Now this sounded like a really cool disaster novel.

There are a couple of problems with the novel:
•It takes at least 1/3 of the novel before the Supervolcano actually goes off. This should've happened sooner in the book.
•After it goes off, Harry Turtledove describes some of the devastation, but it's less graphic than I would've liked -
Yellowstone Park is known as a national treasure, and a wonder to behold, but few know about its deadly potential. The park sits atop a gigantic supervolcano, which has gone off in the past, and is due to erupt again virtually any time. Humanity has never witnessed the wrath of a supervolcano... until now. Harry Turtledove begins a new trilogy, Supervolcano, with the first of the series, Eruption.

Synopsis for Eruption :

A supervolcanic eruption in Yellowstone Park sends lava and mud flowing towar
Patrick Justo
Come on: it's Harry Turtledove! You know what you're going to get: a smart, tough drill sergeant character (in this case a police LT), a frivolous middle aged woman (his ex wife), a smart younger woman (his new love, a vulcanologist), and a variety of "everyman" younger characters. All the characters will make pop culture references endlessly, and most of them will speak "military" small talk: "Have a good day" "Have a better one".

These characters will all find themselves in a drastically change
Let me just say up front I wasn't able to finish this book.

In the beginning I was actually enjoying it quite a bit. I have read several books by Harry Turtledove and I have learned to forgive his lack of character development in favor of his incredible ability to weave historical and technical details into a realistic, while also fantastic story. I was enjoying the lead up to the volcano eruption, including all the little nerdy bits of volcano science, and was looking forward to an exciting sto
I don't know if this is supposed to be part of a series or a stand alone novel. If it's the beginning of a series I'd feel a little differently because it just sort of ends with a bunch of unanswered questions.

I don't normally have trouble keeping characters straight in my head but for some reason I had problems with everyone except the main character and his girlfriend. I'd always have to think for a minute to orient myself with the change in point of view.

I guess I expected more of the book
Dave Moore
Sep 02, 2012 Dave Moore rated it 1 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: NO ONE
I just finished this book and, honestly, I would be hard-pressed to explain why I stuck with it. Despite an intriguing premise and a great cover, it was nothing more than a soap opera-type glimpse at a dysfunctional family we are given no genuine reason to care about. Further proof of the old saw about a book and it's cover. Being a fan of Crichton, Warren Fahey, and a few others who make their work compelling by making the science central to their plots interesting and suspenseful, the way scie ...more
Not even sure where to start exactly. This book was just not what I expected at all and it was all in a bad way. I was looking forward to a really good epic/global disaster and instead I got a ho-hum effort full of bizarre references and use less scenes.
The author spent more time on less important plots than he did on the actual eruption. There is a killer loose in the LA burbs and that wastes a good 100 or do pages. There is enough family drama to invite Dr. Phill into the mix. Then there is a
Harry, Harry, Harry. Harry, Harry. Harry.

What have you become? What aberration is this? What has become of...

How in Gods name can a novel about the eruption of a super volcano be as dull as volcanic ash?

This books leaves you with more questions than "House of Leaves" and none of the questions are about the story as there doesn't seem to be one.

Maybe in the sequel...

I don't know if I can do it.

I started to read this as a sleep aid or something to help decide what I should have for lunch.

I will admit right up front that I love a good disaster pr0n book, movie, TV show. It's sick, I know.

This wasn't such a bad book. In fact, the actual story is really good. What happens if the volcanos under Yellowstone blew? What happens if you're away from home and get stuck across the country? What happens if the city you lived in was buried under ash and you just got away in time only to land in a refugee camp? What if you're a single parent, just laid off from her job, trying to make ends me
Holden Attradies
I have yet to be disappointed by a Harry Turtledove book. His writing style, of cycling through a large number of point of view characters so you get to see a major world event from many different angles over a long period of time, is rather amazing. As the super volcano under Yellow Stone is something that I've read a lot about this book was right up my isle. I had a hard time putting it down and have already started the next book.

Was it perfect? No, it had a few flaws. After the explosion the
Jordan Anderson
After finishing this one, I have to scratch my head in wonder at the numerous backlash and overwhelming hatred it seems to garner. I'm not saying this is an amazing novel (it isn't), but at the same time, I'm not saying that it's as flat-out awful as a lot of readers would have you think.

Look, I'm a reasonable guy, so I would be remiss to not mention that there are some issues with "Supervolcano". I'll agree that the book moves at a glacier's pace. It's ridiculously slow, even by general fiction
Bruce Nordstrom
This is going to be hard to write, because I have been a Turtledove fan for years. And I did not like this book.

The premise is that a Super volcano--in this case, Yellowstone National Park--erupts, sending thousands of tons of ash into the atmosphere, lava by the ton rolling across the countryside, huge rocks flying high. It is a disaster of history changing proportions, and it raises hell with the environment as we know it. And yes, this is a fact. Yellowstone is a super volcano, scheduled to e
Jeanne Boyarsky
I've read some of Harry Turtledove's alternate history novels and liked the ones I chose. This was not one of those. According to the back cover, the book is about a supervolcano that goes off in Yellowstone and the aftereffects. Out of the 450 page book, the volcano erupts around page 170. That's quite an exposition.

I did like the multiple storylines so different cities could be covered. Cell phones were in surprisingly good shape. The characters felt one dimensional or like stereotypes or some
John Lamb
Worst book I read all year. Uninteresting characters and plot. You've got an exploding supervolcano and Turtledove managed to make it boring.
Bob Keeney
This is one of the worst stories I've read in a long time. Where was the conflict? What was the problem to solve? Neither of these happen. Instead we are subjected to "normal" everyday life after the Yellowstone volcano erupts. It was a yawner.

The other thing that really bugged me about this story was the constant use of "super volcano". Really? If this really happened I doubt anyone would say super volcano. They'd say when Yellowstone Blew or The Big One or almost anything other than Super Volc
I'm not sure why everyone is busting on this book. It's traditional Turtledove. Normal people dealing with extraordinary events. In this case, it's the family and friends of Colin Ferguson (assumably not the actor from Eureka! ).
I don't like a few of the characters (cough ex wife cough) and none are perfect but that's Turtledove's style. Be aware that Turtledove is a serial writer. The first book is just getting things going in most cases.

In any case, I've enjoyed the first book and if you lik
LOVE a good 'doom and gloom' book! I really liked this book, though hated the character Vanessa,
especially after what I am calling 'the Pickles incident'. It almost made me want to quit reading the book - but I know that is what some people would do in that situation though. Makes me angry though. I liked how the author had his characters think ahead to various situations of things that would be bad in the future. I want more! Is there another book after this one? I'll have to check that out an
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Dr Harry Norman Turtledove is an American novelist, who has produced a sizeable number of works in several genres including alternate history, historical fiction, fantasy and science fiction.

Harry Turtledove attended UCLA, where he received a Ph.D. in Byzantine history in 1977.

Turtledove has been dubbed "The Master of Alternate History". Within this genre he is known both for creating original sce
More about Harry Turtledove...
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“...all the pools are going batshit like you wouldn't believe.... Batshit... It's a technical term... Fleidermausscheisse, okay?"
Fleidermausscheisse? Kelly silently mouthed the word, and as silently clapped her hands. With a dictionary and patience, she could read scientific German. Thanks to fragments of Yiddish from her folks, she could make a better--not good, but better--stab at speaking it than most of her anglophone peers. But she knew she never would have come up with that particular terminus technicus in a million months of Sundays.”
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