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Wicked Business (Lizzy & Diesel, #2)
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Wicked Business (Lizzy & Diesel #2)

3.71 of 5 stars 3.71  ·  rating details  ·  18,860 ratings  ·  2,050 reviews
Janet Evanovich, #1 New York Times mega-bestselling author, is back and better than ever, proving that when it comes to hunting down bad guys and hidden treasure, the real fun is in the chase.

When Harvard University English professor and dyed-in-the-wool romantic Gilbert Reedy is mysteriously murdered and thrown off his fourth-floor balcony, Lizzy and Diesel take up hi
ebook, 336 pages
Published June 19th 2012 by Bantam (first published 2011)
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I think I've reached the point where I just have to overlook certain things in JE's books.
Things like: the last line of this book is a line that originally appeared in a Stephanie Plum novel. She has done that in the Plum series also; the same line will appear in 2 books. Things like: this series is the same formula as the Plum series & there isn't really enough of a difference to pull it off well. So I overlooked these things & enjoyed Wicked Business. I lol a few times & even like
Kathy Davie
Second in the Lizzie and Diesel humorous romantic suspense series revolving around a group of extraordinary beings---the Unmentionables. Based in Salem, Massachusetts. In this story, they're after the Luxuria stone, the stone of lust.

Diesel is a secondary character from the Stephanie Plum series. We were first introduced to him in Visions of Sugar Plums .

My Take
Well. It is consistent. It's just as light, fluffy, and nothing as the first book, Wicked Appetite . It might even be too light for a be
Just like the Plum series, with some name changes and a little supernatural nonsense thrown in.

LIzzie = Stephanie and she's pretty much the same character. She makes cupcakes instead of being an incompetent bounty hunter, but apart from that, she's much the same. Talks a good game, but always needs a man to bail her out of trouble.

Wulf = Ranger (dark and mysterious)

Diesel - Morelli (sexy and a lawman)

Glo = Lula

Clara = Connie

Blown-up cars

Naked men in the bed.

Which one(s) will she end up sleeping
This was better than the first Lizzy and Diesel book, but still not one of my favorite books. It was okay.

The thing is, I like paranormal books. There are a lot of great paranormal series out there. Harry Dresden, Rachel Morgan, Kate Daniels - and more. This book was funny, but not very well written. Kinda like the Stephanie Plum books. Wait, make that exactly like the Stephanie Plum books.

Lizzie is Stephanie. Diesel is a combination of Ranger and Morelli (sexy and flirty but he doesn't try to h
Barbara ★
I absolutely love this series...cupcake baker turned sleuth, Lizzy is funny as hell and Diesel is to-die-for sexy. The antics they get up to are just too much and their "crew" are just hysterical. We have Gloria "Glo", the counter girl at the bakery, who is a wizard-wanna-be and always trying potions on anyone requiring magical assistance and travels with her manly Broom. We have Carl, Diesel's pet monkey who's forever giving people the finger. We have Cat 7143, Lizzy's shelter cat who seems mor ...more

Don't waste your time. If you enjoyed the characters from the first book in this series then you may enjoy this one, but honestly it was weak writing and terrible sentence structure. I honestly read this one because of the characters, Diesel and Wulf, from her Plum series, but even her strongest characters bored me in this book. She had an okay action sequence at the end and I guess the only real thing I loved about this book was Wulf's character change at the end. I hope to see
As a huge fan of the Stephanie Plum novels (I promise, it has nothing to do with the fact that I share the same name with the main character), I was overjoyed a couple years ago when I heard Janet Evanovich was coming out with a paranormal series. To combine the wit and the comedy of Stephanie Plum with paranormal stuff, it had the makings of a great series. To tell you the truth, I was satisfied with the first installment but this sequel, WICKED BUSINESS, left me a bit disappointed.

Don’t get me
Just picked up the book and as I always do with any Janet Evanovich book, I dove in ready to spend the next couple hours with a book glued to my hands.
I read the first few pages and felt like I have read this before.
As I continued I kept thinking....."havent I read this before".
As a rule of thumb I LOVE all of Janets books, however I cant seem to get past the first few chapters...the monkey the vampire guy who leaves his handprints in flesh....nothing different thus far.

I realize in the Stephani
Fun book. I needed a laugh. I know Evanovich is totally formula driven but sometimes, when I need a laugh, the books are fun to read. It's a plus it's paranormal and also local to me.

It irritates me to no end that she continued the same guy/romance formula that trashed her other series in this book. The bad boy (Wulf), good guy (Diesel) triangle thing is not only totally seethrough but annoying as hell.

I mean her other series (Stephanie Plum) is like 10 books over the expiration date because s
There is no one like Janet Evanovich for light easy humorous reads with quirky beloved characters. Even the "bad guys" are not so bad. While Wulf and Hatchet are working at cross purposes to Lizzy and Diesel, they take turns saving each other's lives. Guess that's a family thing, as Diesel and Wulf are supposed to be cousins. I'm not sure if that is first cousins or distant cousins.

For those not big on paranormal, there isn't enough weirdness to drive you away from the story. It's more like a s
I had high hopes for this series, but I'm feeling quite a bit let down. It's so predictable and well, boring. I can usually read a Janet Evanovich book in about two hours (I've been reading her for almost twenty years, I now realize it is out of devotion not because she's written anything wonderful in over ten years), but this took me over a week.

The characters are one dimensional, the plot is trite and the writing itself is uninspired. I think she's taken the formula failsafe too far and she's
Brief summary
Lizzy and Diesel are after the Luxuria, or Lust, stone in this book. Hot on their heels is Hatchet. Wulf is a mysterious as usual. There is a new Unmentionable looking for the stone this time and she makes Wulf look normal.

What I liked
There was a lot more going on in Wicked Business than there was in Wicked Appetite. Lizzy and Diesel are all over the place looking for clues to the Luxuria stone. And I liked seeing a nice side to Wulf in this book. I hope we see that again.

What I di
Blair Mirth

Quick thoughts: Entertaining, Mysterious and Fast paced.

If you're looking for a quick, fast paced, dialogue heavy, quirky crime comedy then I would recommend you check out the Wicked Series. Book two, Wicked Business was packed with hilarity, secrets, betrayal, delicious sounding cup-cakes and adventure.

The two main characters romance continued to progress in this book and I really liked the last line as I felt it wrapped up their progressing relationship wonderfully. Of course I have my favour
Francesca the Fierce (Under the Covers Book Blog)
This review was posted at Under the Covers

I think I really need to give this up. I keep doing it to myself. I had already complained when I read the first book in this series that this was just a supernatural version of the Stephanie Plum series. As in the characters seemed to be the same just with different names, the plots had only changed the bounty hunter for the supernatural but still had the same feel to them.

WICKED BUSINESS is more of that, even though I will admit that maybe with the exc
Amanda Patterson
Lizzy was living a normal life baking cupcakes in Salem when she discovered she had a secret power to find enchanted relics. Lizzy wishes she didn’t have the power. Her life was far less complicated. Now she spends her time chasing after stones that have the power to destroy the world.
The delicious Diesel needs Lizzy to find the stones so that he can get them back to the ‘office’ for safekeeping. His evil cousin, Wulf, and his sidekick, Hatchet also want the stones. This caper continues where Wi
I kept forgetting to put down that I had read this book, which gives an indication about how I liked the book. =)

Enough with the monkey, I'm sick of the monkey! Actually I disliked Carl the monkey when he first appeared in the in-the-between the numbers Plum book so, to be fair, I was sick of him long before this book. =P On the plus side, I like that the books take place near Boston. I've been there only the once, but I can picture the places, like the Old North Church and the graveyard, better
I don't know if Evanovich has lost is or she simply has one plot and doesn't move on. She used to be an author I ran out to buy, wanting to be one of the first to read the book. Now I wait on the hold list at the library and was BORED with this one. As always, a couple of funny lines, but just a "yawner". In fact, I thought the book was longer than it was...and but for the fact that there were no more words, I wouldn't have known the book was over...just one long same-same story.

I will continue
I adore Janet Evanovich. I have read all of the Stephanie Plum novels and am really enjoying the new Lizzy and Diesel stories. The relationship between Diesel, Lizzy, and Wulf is starting to remind me of Morelli, Ranger, and Stephanie. The classic love triangle done in a funny way. While some people can argue that most of the books begin to read the same after a while, I keep reading because I love the characters she creates. Honestly, what other author can write a monkey named Carl into their b ...more
Yolanda Sfetsos
After reading the first Lizzy and Diesel book, I was looking forward to catching up with them again.

Lizzy lives in Marblehead, in an old house she inherited from her great aunt. Life used to be normal, until Diesel and Wulf (his cousin) decided to make an appearance and turned everything upside down. Now, she's got a ninja cat and can find items of power. Not to mention that Diesel keeps popping in and out of her life--with his crude monkey--dragging her from one problem to another in their ques
Lori McD
*NOTE: The eBook edition has links in the story text to exclusive bonus content from Janet E - pictures of places in the story and more info about each. It's a neat feature.

LOVED this book! It's the 2nd in the Lizzy and Diesel series. Lizzie and Diesel are Unmentionables - people with "powers" out of the ordinary. Diesel's power arsenal includes being able to appear and disappear at will, unlocking anything, and locating Unmentionables, especially those who are causing trouble. Lizzy makes out-o
Jan 18, 2013 Tricia rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Stephanie Plum fans
Another fun romp from Janet Evanovich! I'm a fan of the Stephanie Plum series and though I was a little apprehensive about continuing this series, I truly can't say no where Diesel is involved. He's one of my favorite characters! In my opinion, this book was better than the first, Wicked Appetite, where I believe Ms. Evanovich spent much of the time introducing her cast of characters, their setting, and why they were doing the things that they do. Now, that she's got all of the background info o ...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Monica Williams
For those who are looking for something to bridge the gap between the Stephanie Plum novels, you might want to give this other series by Evanovich a try. The dynamic is similar. Attractive single, slightly above average woman solves mysteries (in this case they are more supernatural than the Plum ones)and has two men in her life. One is deadly, dark, handsome and mysterious and the other is gorgeous, but just quite out of reach. Wulf the former, and Diesel the latter provide the eye candy and ro ...more
I am calling this a liked not loved and good not great book. I can not pick out any obvious flaws or things that really irk me about. I enjoy a light, comical "weird things out there" book. (So far so good). I enjoy Janet Evanovich (will continue to pick up new releases from her). I love a buddy comedy (again, we are doing fine in this department). There's the whole good vs evil (still going strong).

The premise of the series is that there are "special" people who have extra abilities. Lizzy can
I don't get the appeal of Evanovich, at least not through this book or the previous Lizzy/Diesel pairing. The sexual tension between them is more talked about than felt.
I do like the voices given by Lorelei King, especially Diesel's voice.
I still dislike Glo, who's too optimistic, not to mention oblivious, to be true. Every guy she meets is sure to be The One. She's equally sure that's she's going to be, maybe even is, a wizard. Although she never gets the spells right and always leaves out some
Fun book. It's time for Lizzy and Diesel to go after the next stone that's connected to the seven deadly sins. The first book was gluttony, this one is lust. It starts with the murder of a man who had been searching for it. Now Lizzy and Diesel are searching, with Wulf and Hatchet doing their best to get to it first. There is also a new player, a woman named Anarchy, who is definitely on the wrong side of crazy. There were lots of fun moments in the search, especially when Carl the monkey got in ...more

*The hardcover edition of Wicked Business *containsPlum & Wicked stickersinside!

Whether it’s monkey business, funny business, or getting down to business, Janet Evanovich’s Lizzy and Diesel series proves that there’s no business like Wicked Business.

Lizzy Tucker’s once normal life as a pastry chef in Salem, Massachusetts, turns upside down as she battles both sinister forces and an inconvenient attraction to her unnaturally talented but off-limits partner, Diesel.

When Harvard Universit

The Good: Like most Evanovich novels, you're almost guaranteed a good time when you read Wicked Business. It's fun, it's relatively fast-paced, and the characters are always true to life. Lizzy and Diesel still share that ever-present conflicting spark. I rather enjoy tension between characters, so I like that Evanovich hasn't raced to break it. I also appreciate that her characters, no matter how inconsequential, have something memorable about them. In this book, I have an affinity for Carl. No ...more
Heather Boustead
Wicked Business
Lizzy and Diesel Book Two
By Janet Evanovich

Pastry Chef Lizzy Tucker has been pulled into a world of magic and mischief when she finds out that she is someone who can find magic objects. Diesel comes into her life to protect her from his cousin and so that she can help him find the seven stones that hold the seven deadly sins. When an English professor is thrown off his fourth floor balcony Lizzy and Diesel begin a scavenger hunt that will lead them all over Boston in search for th
Kelly Robinson
Wicked Business by Janet Evanovich is more of a 2.5 star read than a 3 star book. The second book in the Lizzy and Diesel series follows the life of Lizzy Tucker, a pastry chef in Salem, MA. Lizzy has supernatural powers and because of this has been partnered with the supernaturally gifted hunk, Diesel. Diesel protects Lizzy from all of the riffraff trying to harm her because of her powers, including his cousin, Gerfwulf "Wulf" Grimoire.

In this book, a Harvard Professor who has been hunting for
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Janet Evanovich is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Stephanie Plum series, the Lizzy and Diesel series, twelve romance novels, the Alexandra Barnaby novels and Trouble Maker graphic novel, and How I Write: Secrets of a Bestselling Author, as well as the Fox and O'Hare series with co-author Lee Goldberg.
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“If I could just get Broom to cooperate, we could fly, Glo said. Then we wouldn't have to worry about traffic. Harry Potter didn't have to worry about traffic.

You relize Harry Potter isn't real, right?

Of course, but he could be. I mean, maybe not Harry Potter, but someone like him. Who's to say?”
“It would be difficult to tell," Wulf said. "I've always been a romantic. I've seen Casablanca twice, and I sat through the entire ordeal of Titanic".
"Didn't you enjoy Titanic?"
"I was relieved when the ship went down".”
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