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Vittorio the Vampire (New Tales of the Vampires #2)

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With Pandora, Anne Rice began a magnificent new series of vampire novels. Now, in the second of her New Tales of the Vampires, she tells the mesmerizing story of Vittorio, a vampire in the Italian Age of Gold.

Educated in the Florence of Cosimo de' Medici, trained in knighthood at his father's mountaintop castle, Vittorio inhabits a world of courtly splendor and country pl...more
Published July 4th 2000 by Random House Audio (first published 1999)
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That it I'm afraid. I'm finished with Anne Rice after following her since the first - there's only so much angst you can take before depression sets in.

Early Anne Rice novels, the first Lestat books in particular, carried you along in wonderment at a new view of the world, but that wonder has grown stale and stagnant, and lanquid posing while waiting for the next sexual frisson does not, for me anyway, make for interesting reading.

Wondering about your place in the world is all very well, but mo...more
Tiresome so far. Vittorio is a weenie.
Vittorio: The Vampire is the second novel in the New Tales of the Vampires series by the legendary Anne Rice. Honestly, I first read this novel a few years ago, but I fell in love with this story so much that I had to read it again. I've read some love and some hate reviews on this novel and honestly, I don't see why their would be any hate. Sure, everyone's opinions are welcome, but I personally think this novel turned me into a vampire lover. Yes, I know many will say, "Not her Vampire Chronic...more
I probably got to page 43-50, and then started to jump around in the book, and decided to read the end of the book. Well the first couple chapters I was enjoying, when the character was talking about his about his life, but when his family was slaughtered, he goes out finding the Ursela, who had put the attack on his family, he finds her, is ready to take his revenge, blah blah blah, just to be made into a vampire, then falls in love with her. OKAY to me that is just weird, you fell in love with...more
The truth is that I really wanted to finish with all the Chronicles and "Vittorio" managed to convince me that I am right by doing just that. I barely managed to get through the entire book and very often I wanted to put it aside, and only my persistence kept me going. I think I got tired of the writing style, with the same descriptions and lack of engaging action. The mixing of the vampires and angels is a bit peculiar, for some it all falls in the supernatural category, but for me is a bad mix...more
Austin James
Vittorio the Vampire is the second (and final) book in the series "New Tales of the Vampires" by Anne Rice. It's different from the previous novel, Pandora. This novel has entirely original characters. Whereas Paganism played an important role in Pandora, Christianity is the focus in this novel.

And I think that's the part of the novel that shines. By this time in the series, the vampire thing is kind of old. I still enjoy the vampire aspect, but I found the angels in this book to be a refreshing...more
Jul 01, 2013 Bonnie rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Fans of gothic horror
Strange and somewhat different in style than Anne Rice's usual vampire writing. This means that it was exciting wondering what horror was going to unfold next, but the character was not full of passion and wonder and dear to my heart the way her Vampire Chronicles characters are. But I think Anne Rice meant for it to be that way; seems she just wanted to get out of her comfort zone.

My biggest problem with this story was the repetition of each of her vampires: why do they all have to come from we...more
Ceren Ünlü
Anne Rice'in yazdığı Vittorio nihayet okundu, bitti. 300 sayfa; geliyoruz gidiyoruz ağlıyoruz. Hala bi gıdım yol alamamışız. Kitap bitti de şükür dedim yaw. Anne Rice sen naptın bacım ? Patladım okurken, olacak iş değil :-( Rönesans İtalya'sını anlatıp durmuş, öküz can Vittorio'nun ağzından. Vittorio'da şeytan dediği Ursula'ya anında -cidden anında- nasıl kapılıyor anlamış değilim. Senin kardeşlerinin kafası koptu gözünün önünde... Ananı babanı tüm sülaleni gömdün bi destur de !!! Şeytan da şeyt...more
This one was interesting mostly for the section where the main character is held prisoner along with dozens of other humans by a coven of vampires. The coven is basically "farming" the humans; keeping them barely alive with vampire blood mixed into their food, harvesting the ones who get too weak and turning the stronger survivors into vampires themselves. It's an odd concept. The rest of the book? Convoluted and boring.
Mai Gharieb
If there was a half a star I would have given it to that silly boring book! I am really sorry for this. Anne Rice used to take me to places of wonder but in this book she took me to a hell called "what the hell is this?". I wont say much but I really hated this book. I really love Anne Rice and all the vampire chronicles but this one is a failure!
I guess this book embodies the reason that I don't read more Anne Rice books- they're kind of boring. The main character is super chatty and SUPER angsty. Angels and demons and all kinds of nonsense made it kind of a weird book. I suppose I'd like it more if I was less sarcastic and had a longer attention span.
Rosemary O'Malley
I read this twice; not because I loved it, but because I wanted to see if my initial opinion was still there

I found this one to be, well, boring. It felt like nothing happened. I had no emotional connection with Vittorio, at all. It was a disappointment.

John Gaster
Could not finish it… I got to the part where there were angles, and I said, self, this story sucks…
Leslie Wiederspan
I thought this book was going to be like "Pandora". In a way, i was. It's the story of how Vittorio first became a vampire. But, I didnt like it. For starters, he is a 16 year old boy and she makes it seem like he is a knowledgeable man, fully grown. I get it, back in the 1400's boys were stronger and were taught in the ways of Lordly ways and war. But Vittorio is 16. I find this story really hard to believe. Oh, and throw in the gaurdian angels and the constant referenced to Christianity. This...more
Mayara Arend
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
I just didn't like it as much as the original vampires. I missed the original characters, honestly. It just didn't feel complete without them, and I was almost expecting them all to appear behind every page. Sure, Vittorio was a good character, and the part about the angels was fascinating...but this book went more mature than my previous reads with Rice (Other than this one I've only read Queen of the Damned and The Vampire Lestat) and this is my personal taste...but I just wasn't a fan. Sure,...more
Some years ago I read the Mayfair Witches series and I really enjoyed it. So, why not read one of Anne Rice´s vampire books? Big mistake! This book was a total disappointment.
Vittorio, son of a rich lord, sees his family slaughtered by a group of vampires and only escapes because a female vampire, Ursula, thinks him extremely attractive. Vittorio swears vengeance and with the help of a group of guardian angels, sets out to kill the sons of the devil. But the growing fascination he feels for Urs...more
David Gillis
I found that this novel was a bit of a disappointment. On the one hand, Vittorio is a deep character with enough angst coursing through his body he could put Edward Cullen to shame. Vittorio is angry, lustful, depressed, and confused as he moves throughout the story, and Rice manages to capture that rather well. However, many of the scenes are described rather dreamily. This could be on purpose, as Ursula seduces Vittorio, and we the readers are taken along for the ride. If so, then it is an int...more
This is a great novel!!! What I have learned is that by the love a person can be saved and by the love that very same person can be doomed and brought into the world of shadows and blood. Living forever and always remembering the sins is the greatest burden because there is no coming back. Vittorio's rage to revenge brought him into the hands of those who destroy and kill for living. Imagine yourself being in love with someone who saved only one life, yours. WHAT WOULD YOU DO??? Would you contin...more
i cannot believe that this is from anne rice. o.O i love all the books of the vampire chronicles! i have read lestat, interview, queen, blood and gold and pandora. all of them were marvelous. so it was a mere shock to read this one. most of the book is too religious for me, i have to admit that. i didn't like the emphasis on it. also the short span of time that is told annoys me greatly. there is nothing interesting in it! it is how vittorio was made, that is all. also the vampires are so unlike...more
Vittorio the Vampire presents a differing picture of vampires than what Anne has presented with her seminal Vampire Chronicles Series (which I'm slowly working through).

The story begins with young Vittorio and his family living in regal elegance in Lordship over the hamlets and farmland of their valley located somewhere in Italy within proximity of Florence. The story quickly escalates taking the reader on a harrowing journey.

I don't want to say too much ruining the story, but Vittorio becomes...more
I enjoyed this book, the opening of the book hooked me completely. Vittorio has a dream a terrible dream which comes true.( not going further- no spoilers here) I like a beginning that is shocking and unexpected. The rest of the story was written wonderfully in my opinion. I would suggest to anyone who likes the writings of Anne Rice and hasn't had the chance to read it.
A favorite of the Ann Rice books. I like the way that the story began and end. I also like that it was just a stand alone story in the New Tales of the Vampires set. I like that it finished its story by the end of the book. It also had a fitting ending. Sad to see that Ann Rice no longer writes about vampires. She was much better at it than Stephanie Meyer.
Her tightest plot, this is the story of Vittorio, a Renaissance nobelman who is forced to make a deal with a vampire. Rice shines with her historical description. The ending reminded me of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, but with vampires and blood. I felt like I was inside the authors head.
Kathleen  Faher
So I am done with all of Anne Rice’s vampire novels. All twelve. It was kind of hard to keep reading in some spots, like Merrick and Memnoch the Devil, but I managed it. Vittorio…the second of Rice’s New Tales of the Vampires, the spin-off series. Apparently the second and also the last, since she hasn’t touched it since this one in 1999. So this was written right after The Vampire Armand and obviously Rice was going through a Renaissance phase, since Armand took place during the High Renaissanc...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
In Vittorio, the Vampire, Anne Rice tells yet another vampire story, but tries to disconnect from the familiar set of characters by introducing a completely new character in a new setting. The young Vittorio is an Italian noble raised in the time of the Medici's Florence--15th-century Italy. One night, his family is butchered by vampires and he is spared by a seductive female vampire named Ursula. Vittorio commences a quest to discover who or what killed his family and he discovers the town of S...more
Set during the Renaissance in Tuscany, this is the story of Vittorio di Riniari, the son of a wealthy lord. Along with his mother and siblings, Vittorio enjoys a privileged life, and is sent to Florence to study and learn the finer gifts of life.

Then one evening in his sixteenth year, a man appears at the castle gates. Vittorio's father speaks with the mystery man and returns in an agitated state. He immediately sends guards to every tower and wall. He prepares Vittorio to leave the following m...more
Elizabeth Reuter
I am one of those who lost interest in Rice's vampires after QoTD, but the idea of a new story, in a new setting, intrigued me enough to dive back in.

The characters are familiar, even if Rice has given them new names; Vittorio recalls Lestat with the occassional strain of Louis. His lover Ursula is more of a mystery, a gothic, enticing figure in the shadows leading Vittorio forward.

Rice doesn't go too deeply into them, but lets the plot roll and the imagery flow into a quick read. This bothered...more
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Anne Rice (born Howard Allen Frances O'Brien) is a best-selling American author of gothic, supernatural, historical, erotica, and later religious themed books. Best known for The Vampire Chronicles, her prevailing thematical focus is on love, death, immortality, existentialism, and the human condition. She was married to poet Stan Rice for 41 years until his death in 2002. Her books have sold near...more
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