Don't Put Me In, Coach: My Incredible NCAA Journey from the End of the Bench to the End of the Bench
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Don't Put Me In, Coach: My Incredible NCAA Journey from the End of the Bench to the End of the Bench

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An irreverent, hilarious insider's look at big-time NCAA basketball, through the eyes of the nation's most famous benchwarmer and author of the popular blog (3.6m visits!). Mark Titus holds the Ohio State record for career wins, and made it to the 2007 national championship game. You would think Titus would be all over the highlight reels. You'd be wrong.
Published March 6th 2012 by Random House Audio (first published January 1st 2012)
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As a longtime member of Club Trillion, I read Titus's blog for years, eagerly awaited new posts, and looked forward to the book as soon as it was announced. After tearing through it in the span of twenty-four hours, I rattled off a definitive text to my friends among the "Trillion Man March": "don't waste your time."

There's a lot wrong with "Don't Put Me In, Coach." For one, the bulk of the material will be extremely familiar to fans of the blog, who I imagine comprise most of this book's reader...more
Dan Lee
A very grudging three stars. May deserve two stars instead.

The anecdotes are interesting, the descriptions of teammates and coaches enlightening, but I just can't stand his writing style. Ever have a conversation with someone who's convinced they're hilarious and WILL. NOT. SHUT. UP? That's Mark Titus. That's this book.

Specific examples? I can do that. Here's one sentence from the book, verbatim:
Again, it was frustrating to know that we probably would have also beat Michigan had The Villain been
Meh. Wouldn't recommend it. Written by a 22-year-old and reads like it. He's also very fond of words like "vagina" to indicate that people are either not good at basketball or are being jerks. Kept making me wish I could force him to go one-on-one with some WNBA players. Glad I got it from the library and didn't give money for it.
Looks like most of these reviews start off with an explanation of where the reviewer fits on a scale of predisposition to interest in this book. I never read Titus' blog, but I love college basketball and have read and enjoyed his articles on Grantland. I think that's like a 7.5.

This book is an entertaining read thanks to Titus' engaging style and sense of humor. My main complaint is that he zips through four years at warp speed. I put the book down convinced there was more that should have been...more
First of all, I know that anytime a reviewer posts a review on a book that they didn't finish they get slammed...mainly by other reviewers. With that said, here we go...

Mark Titus is smart, funny, and edgy (maybe too edgy?)...

"Don't Put Me In, Coach" is written by Mark Titus, a walk-on player who sat the bench 99.9% of the time during his 4-year NCAA Div I basketball career at Ohio State University. This book has received some buzz in stories on NPR and other media outlets, so when I had a chanc...more
I was a Goodreads winner of this book, and fortunately for me, I am a targeted reader. I love college basketball, and while I was not specifically aware of Mark Titus, I do remember seeing some of the Ohio State teams he was on. Once I saw his team play in person in San Antonio during the NCAA tournament. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Mark's often irreverant relationship with the basketball life, his teammates, the college experience at Ohio State, his blog, and about every other topic that...more
I was hoping to get a behind the scenes look at a college basketball team that made me laugh. And that's exactly what I got. Mark Titus' stories about living the life of a walk-on for 4 years at OSU made me laugh out loud on numerous occasions.

However, I have an important message for Mr. Titus. Mr. Titus, I believe you may find the following links useful: or Seriously man... no person should have that much diarrhea. I only wish I could have to...more
If you love basketball and/or college humor, read this book. You will be laughing out loud. Although if you are not a fan of the crude, juvenile language of the average 18-22 year old male, you may find yourself cringing at several points. Colorful metaphors for body parts and functions abound.

This book is also an insightful look into internet fame - what it means to be a well-known blogger, and how it can reshape your life. You will want and possibly need to read the blog that led to this book...more
I really wanted to love this book... I loved Mark's Club Trillion Blog and I really enjoy his articles on Grantland but this book just wasn't what I was hoping for. I'm not a 20 year old boy so I'm not really the target demographic but even so I was expecting to be laughing hysterically and I really didn't... not like I did reading the blog. As a lifelong Buckeye I enjoyed getting a look behind the scenes and I had a few good laughs throughout but much to my dismay I didn't love it as much as I'...more
"An irreverent, hilarious insider's look..." (from Goodreads summary)

Irreverent? Yes. Hilarious? Eh. Mark Titus spends an inordinate amount of time praising his poor work ethics and morals and too little time on his wasted intellect. It's obvious that he loves to find synonyms for his genitals. I lost count after the first 2 chapters. Should I be impressed? Eh. Will I put this in my junior high/high school library? Nope. It's not worth the space in my online catalog. Where was his editor? This c...more
Parker Young
Parker Young Mrs.Dunlavey
4th hour

The book I picked was Don't Put Me In, Coach: by Mark Titus, it is about a man who at an early age seemed destined to have his life revolved around basketball. Sadly however, due to genetics, and bad luck his abilities never increased. Luckily he is helped by his AAU teammate Greg Oden and Mike Conley. With their help he is able to be go to Ohio State University as a walk-on. He describes the life of a walk-on and relives his most hilarious moments and...more
Rob Warner
It's crude, sophomoric, raw bathroom humor, and never deviates from that. And I laughed throughout. I'm not proud of that, and I hope my mother doesn't read this review, and at 44 I'm too old to find this stuff funny, but this book really cracked me up.
Jeremy Beardsley
I laughed my ass off this entire book. I am fairly familiar with the college basketball scene during the time of this book, but was pretty much clueless about Mark Titus. Never really paid attention to OSU, and I am wishing I had. Mark is funny, snarky, and the same kinda jerky humor as myself, and I found many points of this book where I could relate due to mediocrity. Titus is an 'Everyman' kind of character, who was blessed with a colossal amount of good luck, and he never forgets it. The vul...more
Great book! This author has a great sense of humor and I caught myself laughing out loud different times reading this. I really enjoyed reading this one!
Chris Jennings
Maybe I'm slightly ashamed to say that I couldn't put this book down. Sure, it's filled with fratboy humor and vulgarity and Titus' analogies will mean nothing if you weren't born in the mid to late eighties. But beyond all that is a really interesting account of something that even the most hardcore sports fans aren't aware of. The lifestyle of players who know they will never actually play in a game is quite fascinating. The fact that Mark Titus' benchwarming life came to fruition in the digit...more
Realistically, probably not a 5 star book, but being a Buckeye fan, who went to OSU while he was there, it was awesome reliving those glorious years.
To be more specific, I would give this 3.5 stars. It was certainly funny and very similar to the blog he is so famous for. I really enjoyed the last half of the book and though it was heartfelt, but still funny and interesting. The first half of the book made me wonder if this guy was really the funny, playful, prankster we met on his blog, or just a jerk. I think if I didn't question his jerkiness in the first half I would rank it much higher.

Overall, a very quick, easy read that was mostly enj...more
(Adult-Not written for middle schoolers!)

Hilarious! I LOVED it and was constantly rehashing what I just read to anyone who'd listen. After finishing the book I got online and watched his Mr. Rainmaker video and laughed some more...then I watched the short documentary on his senior night and actually cried. I read some of the other (negative) reviews on here and was disappointed. They take themselves way too seriously. Literary history is not being made here. If you're a fan of basketball, pop c...more
I've been going back and forth between three stars and four for this very funny book - three stars for me, because while I liked Don't I didn't really like it, which is the criterion for four stars. However, that's me, a woman who NEVER watches basketball and am beyond Titus's demographic as well.

I gave it four stars because I realized just how many people I'd recommend it to - I can't figure out which of several basketball-loving family and friends to pass it along to. It's hilarious, a great...more
Tie Kim
If you’re curious how Mark Titus, a college basketball walk-on (i.e., non-scholarship player) who scored 9 total points throughout his 2006-2010 collegiate career at Ohio State has amassed 63,000 Twitter followers, then you might enjoy this book.

[Just for comparison...I randomly selected a few current authors and NBA players who routinely tweet and their number of Twitter followers: James Patterson (40,000), Ken Follett (16,000), Kent Bazemore of the Golden State Warriors (25,000), Jeremy Lamb (...more
I’m not a big sports fan and of the few sports I do watch basketball really isn’t even on the list. (*Cringe* Sorry but I’m more of a hockey girl) That being said I wasn’t sure if I’d like it at first or not. But I do have to say Don’t Put Me In, Coach turned out to be an interesting book. In short it is a memoir of his rise to bench sitting stardom and how he turned his minor status on his team into Club Trillion, thereby giving hope to the average Joe everywhere.
Mark Titus’s humor is very sar...more
Darn it. I wasted $25 and several days of my life. Granted, as a 47-year-old woman, I'm not the target audience for this book, but I thought it would be fun to see what my son - attending University of Missouri this fall as a preferred walk-on basketball player - might expect to experience.

I tried to glean what I could from the walk-on experience specifically (how he worked out and traveled with the team but played only the last minute or two of a game, etc.), but it was hard to ignore Mark's an...more
Everyday eBook
Finding Fame from the Bench: Mark Titus’ Don’t Put Me In, Coach:

Despite spending four years on the Ohio State Buckeyes, Mark Titus played very little college basketball. However, he manages to make every single one of his forty-eight career minutes into a memorable moment in his new memoir, Don’t Put Me In, Coach. If you love basketball, then there is no question you need to read this book. If you love juvenile humor or are a frequent visitor to, you will definitely enjoy this b...more
Holly Cline
Super quick read. Fun for fans of college basketball. This guy literally had a front row seat to one of the nation's great programs during some great years. Imagine being on an AAU team with Greg Oden, Mike Conley Jr. and Daquean Cook! Or witnessing the emergence of Evan Turner (seriously though, all The Villain stuff left me a bit uncomfortable as I currently root for Evan Turner on a nightly basis as part of my Sixers, though I do recognize it was mostly good-natured. Or I hope it was.). But o...more
Joey H.
Here's the thing about this book - does it have interesting anecdotes? Yes. Did it make me laugh out loud 5 or 6 times? Yes. Did I learn some things about the structure of OSU/NCAA athletics? Yes. This was all I had hoped to get out of this book, but it has a terrible, glaring weakness: the infuriatingly intermittent PG-13 language. I don't know if I should blame Disney/ABC/ESPN, Doubleday, Ohio State, the NCAA, or Mark Titus, but SOMEONE decided it was okay to say things like "S my D" and "I to...more
Allan Colgan
Good thing I got this as a library book because otherwise I would have wasted a lot of money on a sophomoric rambling essay that showed a distinct lack of education in the English language as used to write or communicate with other people. If this is the quality of work that Ohio State University approves as acceptable writing for its students, then the world of education is really in a sad state of affairs.

I find his choice of scatological language, his lack of intensity to the sport, his willi...more
This book was a somewhat informative look into the Ohio State basketball program just a few years ago. It's a very light read, and fairly entertaining, although at times is extremely crass. Pretty much what I expected, having read a little bit of Mark Titus' blog. Titus can be at times quite interesting and insightful, and then bury that with a mountain of scatological humor. Sort of expected from a 20 something jock. Titus' style can probably best be summed up by the trick shot video, which has...more
In high school Mark Titus played basketball with Greg Oden, a future NBA #1 draft pick, and when he doesn't get the scholarship expected to Harvard, he decides instead to follow his friend to Ohio State. He starts of managing the basketball team, but when the team loses a player or two Mark winds up on the actual team. He spends the next 4 years at college, not necessarily playing, but still a member of Ohio State's basketball team.

This wound up being a really funny and amusing memoir. The book...more
TMI!!! I read about 30 pages of this book, then opened and read at various places throughout to see if it got any better. It didn't. If your idea of a good time would be to go to a party of college kids and spend the evening listening to the most obnoxious and vulgar guy in the room pontificate about sports, tell dirty stories about his friends and tell you the story of his life, sparing no gross detail, you will like this book. I understand that I'm not the target audience for this book, but I...more
I should have known from the title of this book that it would be a big nothing. Sure enough. Author Mark Titus is developmentally stuck in seventh grade. He's not that funny. His self-deprecating humor and foul language scream self-loathing. He can't forget how good he was when he played AAU in junior high, and now he is desperate to regain that jock spotlight. He seems to think that readers will rally around him and other under-valued walk-on NCAA ball players, like a famine. The plight of Mark...more
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