The Clue in the Diary (Nancy Drew, #7)
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The Clue in the Diary (Nancy Drew #7)

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Nancy uses a lost diary to exonerate an innocent prisoner.
Published July 22nd 2003 by Random House, Inc. (first published 1932)
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I have to point out that I read every Nancy Drew I could get my hands on back in the late 70s. I was about 10 years old. They were consistently interesting, with cool facts about geography, science, and history. They were not too scary or gory; they always ended well. Nancy had a steady boyfriend and two best female friends; she could drive and, though she didn't have a mother, had a loving mother-figure in her life, without the messiness of a stepmother or a parental divorce. At the time I atta...more
The Clue in the Diary by Carolyn Keene is the seventh book in the Nancy Drew mystery stories trilogy. While Nancy and her friends, George and Bess, are returning from a carnival, they witness an explosion in a beautiful mansion. Hoping that no one is in the blazing building, they run to the rescue and unexpectedly figure out that they are confronted in a mystery. As their interesting day goes on, Nancy finds a couple artifacts knowing that it is connected to the mystery. Finding these artifacts...more
I couldn't resist picking this up in a book sale the other day.

This was the first Nancy Drew I read as a girl, I found it lying around my Grandparents house in Marshfield; a cast off of an older cousin or Aunt.

It was everything I remember plus with my aging has taken on a new level of hilarity. As an added bonus, this is the one where she meets Ned Nickerson (who is a slightly creepy stalker type).
John Yelverton
Yet another great Nancy Drew story. In this one she uses a diary to try and free a prisoner wrongfully accused.
Nancy Drew finds a Clue in a Diary - unfortunately the diary is written in Swedish and the person she knows who can translate it is so sick he's hospitalized but this doesn't deter Nancy.
A quick synopsis -Nancy and her friends George and Bess, meet a woman with a little girl at a carnival who are financially desperate. On the way home they spot a fire, while George and Bess drive to a neighbor's house, Nancy runs up to the house and tries to rescue anyone who might be trapped. Instead she sees...more
Okay, so Nancy finds a diary during a house fire and believes there could be a clue in it to find the arsonist. (hence, the title) while leaving the scene, her car is in an accident and meets Ned Nickerson -- Yay! He falls head-over heals in disgusting puppy love and will do anything to help solve the case. As in every Nancy Drew book she has a charity case, The Swensons, whose father/husband has gone on the job hunt and not sending money! Of course this sends Nancy on another case --Yippee and...more
Darcy Stewart
I really liked this book. Wow she really takes down the criminal. Too bad the owner of the diary had to go jail for a while. At the beginning I was very suspicious of him. Towards the middle of the book I realized he wasn't. I'm so glad Ned Nickerson came into the picture. It's quite funny when he moves Nancy's car. Ned was very helpful to Nancy. It's interesting how all of the mysteries tie into one. I like how George and Bess are in this one. I like Nancy's too best friends. I love how George...more
This is the 1932 edition! I didn't even know the Nancy Drew books had been changed so much. The language is much more poetic and precise, charming, interesting! Words like "indolent" and "laden" and "to divine her unspoken thoughts"

I read the more recent edition and it has some things added for more details, but I prefer the better vocabulary in this older edition and I am having my eight year old look up some of the words.

I am up reading it to be able to explain the words and talk to her about...more
Like all Nancy Drew books, this book was amazing. I just wish it was longer! The Clue in the Diary, by far, was the best book in the series as of now. I couldn't put it down. The characters had very intriguing backgrounds, which made the book even more interesting. I just loved how Carolyn Keene writes.

Nancy, Bess, and George were having a carefree drive, when they witnessed a house fire... it was the Raybolts's house! The Raybolts are a very despised, wealthy couple due to Mr. Felix Raybolt......more
AUTHOR: Keene, Carolyn
TITLE: The Clue in the Diary
DATE READ: 04/09/14
GENRE/PUB DATE/PUBLISHER/# OF PGS: Mystery/1932/Simon &Shuster/202 pgs
TIME/PLACE: 1930's/ IL
CHARACTERS: Nancy Drew/girl detective

FIRST LINES: "Why do you stare at me in such a fascinated way, Nancy Drew?" Plump Bess Marvin, divining the trend of her chum's unexpressed thought, smiled good-naturedly & reached for her 5th chicken sandwich. She had always maintained that picnics...more
The "Nancy Drew" suite is a wildly-ranging melting pot. I appreciate its refusal to depend on crime. Readers mistake "mystery" as a synonym for "crime fiction". Authors forget the immense array of scenarios they can create, without 'a body'! I commend and appreciate that it most often creates 'mystery for the sake of mystery'. Riddles, attics, hidden passageways.... these are why there is a melting pot of numerous flavours.

One disadvantage, is that many titles work out to be superior. This one f...more
Not the most mysterious of the Nancy Drew books and there was no doubt as to who "did it", but still a good read non the less.
Nancy, Bess and George are returning from a country fair when they see a house explode into flames. Nancy stops the car and they are rush to the house to see if anyone was left inside. Nancy see a man running from the house into the bushes and picks up a small diary which she thinks he dropped. Then she see a young man getting into her car - it's Ned Nickerson (first time we've heard of him) and he's just moving her car from the fire. The owner of the house, "Foxy" Fred Ryerson, was a man who ha...more
In this book we finally meet Ned. The handsome and helpful boyfriend of stylish and super smart Nancy!
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While returning from a carnival, Nancy, George and Bess witness a large home suddenly burst into flames. Thinking that there may be someone trapped inside, the girls rush to the house to help. They are unable to enter the home because of the heat, but Nancy spots a man running away from the house and later finds a diary, written in Swedish, which contains numerous technical drawings. Did the man start the fire? Does the diary belong to him? And what became of Felix Raybolt, the owner if the home...more
Mallory Barrett
Summary: When Nancy Drew witnesses a burning house, she immediately suspects foul play, and tries to find the culprit. The case brings her close to a poor little girl, Honey, and her mother, who are waiting for money from Honey’s father. Nancy, of course, tries so hard to help them, and is mortified when all the evidence seems to incriminate Honey’s father. Thankfully, Nancy finds that it is instead the couple who was living in the house, trying to cheat money out of the insurance company. After...more
The Clue in the Diary is a children's story by Carolyn Keene (pseudonym) and the 7th book in the Nancy Drew series.

Nancy and her friends witness an explosion and the burning of a beautiful country mansion. Fearing its occupants may be trapped in the blazing building, they rush to the rescue—and unexpectedly find themselves confronted with a mystery that seems insoluble. The first clue is an anonymous diary—its entries in a handwriting difficult to decipher. Who dropped the diary? Was it the s
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Nancy Drew is a young detective who can't help but get involved in a new mystery. While visiting some dear friends from out of town, she and her friends George Fayne and Bess Marvin see a burning house and a mysterious figure escaping into the bushes. He drops behind a diary, and Nancy must use all her skills to determine who set fire to the house, why, and how Joe Swenson was related to Mr. Raybolt. Nancy and her friends risk their lives to bring the culprit to justice.

I loved reading Nancy Dre...more
Callie Stillion
Nancy is off on another case, a fire case! A house is burned down, so now, Nancy`s friend, Joe Swenson, is accused of doing it! At the sign of the Raybolt house fire, everyone tries to get a hold of the family. But on a summer vacation, their number is temporarily down. No one can reach them, so it`s a bust. When the girls find Mrs. Raybolt in town, they rush over the her hotel that she will be staying in. It appears to Nancy, Bess, and George that she is quite distressed, and lost a lot of stre...more
Another Nancy Drew book finished! This one was a bit different because she meets Ned Nickerson for the first time in this story. I had always wondered how they met, so I'm certain I never read this one as a child, which is nice, as I'm pretty sure I had previously read a few others that I've read lately in my quest to read all of the Nancy Drew mysteries. But on to the book itself. Nancy meets a family who's down on their luck after the husband's invention is stolen by a crooked man named Foxy F...more
Fun, fluffy read. Nancy is generally the smartest person in the room and everyone just seems to accept her authority, despite her having...well, none.
Nancy and the girls are rarely put in any actual danger, but the mystery is decent and we get get the first appearance of her boyfriend, Ned.

Yasmin Razak
I've heard of Nancy Drew but I've never read it or seen the movie. It's an excellent book. I love it. Nancy is a very clever for a 16 year old. I expected Nancy to be more like Sherlock Holmes but then I realize that she's somewhat of a beginner. Nevertheless, I love her as a character as she's strong, likes to help, kind, thinks fast and never gives up. Once again, excellent book. I would totally recommend for those of you who love detective/mystery stories.
Betsey Manzoni
I am amazed that the authors of Nancy Drew were able to come up with so many diffent plots. This time, Nancy is solving a mystery surrounding a patent thief, a house fire, and mail fraud. In the end, of course, Nancy's sleuthing lands a bunch of mail fraud crooks in the slammer. We discover that Nancy also knows a bit of Swedish and that Bess still loves to eat. I was a bit disconcerted when Nancy withheld evidence from the police, but even Nancy Drew isn't above the law and her and her friends...more
Amelia Hurley Novatny 174 pages

I thought it was a good book. It was about how Nancy Drew was driving by a burning house, and then she went to investigate. She found a man running away whom she thougth might be the cause of the fire. Her friend, ned, found a ring with a swedish inscription on it and Nancy found a swedish diary. The man is the father of a poor little girl named honey. She and her mother were suposed to be hereing and getting money from the father, but they were not getting it. Nan...more
The Clue In The Diary, by Carolyn Keene
★★★ and 1/2

This was yet another Nancy Drew mystery. I figured it would be a quick read but it took me longer than expected because as an adult I kept getting bored. But I loved this series when I was a kid, so for nostalgia's sake, I rate this book 3.5 stars.
Nancy Drew is definitely a character that young girls could look up to. She's nice, responsible, loyal, and inquisitive. The books are sweet and fun, and always end with a happy resolve. It's a book se...more
This is the book where Ned Nickerson is introduced, and even from the first, the poor boy is cock-blocked.
I owned it, but all I remember was that there was a diary written in a foreign language (Swedish). Another book where someone steals other people's inventions/textile processes. (See also book 20 and 21)
Nobody loses consciousness.

A weird quirk about this ebook: I think it must have been auto captchaed or something, because in this book, like in another one (but I forget which), there's the...more
Carolyn's 7th novel is a hit in my world! Nancy must help a young man find his stolen diary. Which is why I love this one because does good deeds.
Florie Jo
I am not a fan of Mystery Book/Novels, but this one got me fascinated and am interested to read more.
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Carolyn Keene is a writer pen name that was used by many different people- both men and women- over the years. The company that was the creator of the Nancy Drew series, the Stratemeyer Syndicate, hired a variety of writers. For Nancy Drew, the writers used the pseudonym Carolyn Keene to assure anonymity of the creator.

Edna and Harriet Stratemeyer inherited the company from their father Edward Str...more
More about Carolyn Keene...
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