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Alice in Deadland (Alice in Deadland, #1)
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Alice in Deadland (Alice in Deadland #1)

3.31 of 5 stars 3.31  ·  rating details  ·  2,962 ratings  ·  358 reviews
The sensational bestseller. #1 Science Fiction and Horror bestseller. More than 50,000 copies sold in less than three months.


Civilization as we know it ended more than fifteen years ago, leaving as it's legacy barren wastelands called the Deadland and a new terror for the humans who survived- h
Kindle Edition, 1st Edition, 232 pages
Published November 19th 2011 by Mainak Dhar (first published January 14th 2011)
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“Alice, my child. You cannot die or become just another Biter. The prophecy needs you to live, to bring an end to all this suffering.”

This was an okay story, but it had issues.

Alice came across as quite dumb at the start of this book. What kind of seasoned zombie hunter, who has spent her entire life fighting zombies, runs towards the place where she just saw a zombie vanish, hoping to stumble upon a nest, with absolutely no back-up, no-one knowing where you are, and just the gun in your hand
I marked this as "read" because this site doesn't have a "started it, but it was so bad I couldn't finish it" option.

The story appears to be post apocolyptic / zombie book and the main character a supposedly a super-warrior-teen-chick named Alice who, coincidentally, resembles the fictional character Alice of "Alice in Wonderland". According to the blurb, her world is turned upside down when she sees, and then follows, a zombie (or "biter") wearing a pair of dirty rabbit ears. In so doing she di
The burns.

What sounded like a great story turned out to be a repetitive, poorly crafted and woefully edited steaming pile of not much. The first couple of chapters do very little but remind you over and over again what a brilliant fighter Alice is. And after she follows a Biter with bunny ears down a rabbit hole, well that could be the best metaphor ever for the direction this tale was going to take....down.

The author did so much explaining, and yet the explanations themsel
I love zombies. I love post-apocalyptic stories. I love Alice in Wonderland. Alice in Deadland sounded like it was made for me.

Many of the ideas behind Alice in Deadland are interesting ones. The Alice in Wonderland parallels (although I am biased), the conspiracy, the half-zombies... The trouble Mainak Dhar has in Alice in Deadland is the trouble so many writers with great ideas have--the execution.

Alice in Deadland reads like a summary of a book, and even that summary could use some trimming d
Clearly and sadly, This was not World War Z.

Very rarely I dislike books. Mostly because I cannot write a novel to save my life and don't feel overly critical of anyone who writes. However I disliked this book. Alice in Deadland was pretty bad and I'm surprised at the number of such generous and positive reviews.

The premise and the story is good, but the way it evolved and was written felt like a high school short story written for English class. The author used the term "be that as it may", oh
Don't believe the hype! Or the 4- and 5-star ratings. Alice in Deadland was a huge disappointment. Normally I don't rate books I stop reading, but I felt compelled to in this case because I was so totally duped by the book's back cover blurb and hundreds of glowing reviews on Goodreads and Amazon. (I didn't compare usernames to see if they were the same reviewers on both sites.)

Anywho, I won't waste any more of my time by writing an in-depth critique. My advice to anyone thinking of reading Alic
This is the fourth book I have read by Mainak Dhar. I would say he is probably one of my favorite authors. The use of imagery in his stories as well as the way he weaves a story is amazing. I would have to say the fact that it has Zombies makes it that much better. The two best parts of this story are Bunny Ears and Alice. The comparisons that are made between Alice and Wonderland and this story almost make you laugh. I would say a must read for a “DEAD HEAD”.
Angie McGinley
Boring. Yup. A book about zombies and Alice in Wonderland boring. First, there's not much actual tie in to Lewis Carol's Alice but a zombie in pink bunny ears and a mad zombie-human hybrid queen. Once you're introduced to those elements it goes somewhere else entirely. I would have been up for that, but the writing was so poor, plus numerous grammical/spelling errors and bad editing of the story line, just made me quit. I felt that there wasn't any good character development. The author sets up ...more
I loved this book! It had so many elements that I'm used to (ie the Book of Eli, Alice in Wonderland, the Matrix, Zombieland, Hanna). I was very excited to see that Alice wasn't just a naive character; she was just as foreboding as her surroundings. I feel the message of the book is to be careful about what we do now because it will shape our future, indefinitely. Even though the Biters were zombie-like, they weren't as fantastical as what I'm used to. They seemed to represent the "dead state" o ...more
Amy_Read to My Heart's Content
This book had me divided. There were parts of me that loved the similarities in the fairy tale book, Alice in Wonderland, albeit small ones. Like when she follows a "Biter wearing bunny ears down a Biter hole"; okay that made me laugh. Couldn't help it!
Also the Queen in this story seems much more fair than the Queen in the fairy tale story. Though it was funny when she said,"Off with their heads." Nice.

But then the repetition tended to grate on my nerves. The author stated Alice grew up, not pl
Todd Ward
I originally purchased this book because it was Amazon's #1 rated Sci-fi book and due to all the 5 star reviews. Once I realized how bad this book was, at about 15% of the way through the Kindle edition, I went back to Amazon to read the 1 and 2 star reviews and that's when I discovered many people felt the same way as I did and that the author has been accused of using ghost accounts to create forged reviews. When I originally purchased this book, the average rating was 4.6 stars and had close ...more
Bruce Sarte
Initially, the cover art of this book made me take notice and I thought to myself, ‘Alice in Deadland? Who doesn’t love a good zombie book!’ – that coupled with it being a Kindle Bestseller made up my mind for me. Had to check it out. But I was a little off on my Alice in Wonderland meets Zombies assumption. It is a post-apocalyptic zombie story that’s for sure. But the idea that zombies are just like you and me… except they might bite… is definitely an intriguing twist on the zombie genre but t ...more
Actual rating - 2.5

Alice was an okay character, but she had her annoying moments.

I just couldn't get into this one unfortunately. I was bored through a lot of it, as it was full of info dumps. The book felt a lot longer than what it was, and for most of it, I was looking forward to the end.

Overall, Not awful, but couldn't keep my interest.
Interesting twist on the original plot of Alice in Wonderland. In this action packed adventure Alice was taught the rules of survival, she knew nothing of the old world only the ways of the wasteland they lived in. The only rules they lived by was kill or be killed by the undead. The unfortunate event that Alice finds herself apart of keeps you on the edge of your seat with curiosity, the suspense is intense. Alice would be considered the adventurous child, because she was always looking for the ...more
Mainak Dhar's "Alice in Deadland" is an exciting thriller, a real page turner. I especially loved the development of the protagonist Alice, who is a strong mature fifteen year old girl -- who has been trained since birth to survive in a world filled with danger.

Dhar leads us into Alice's world of the undead roaming the earth, which has become a wasteland. The zombies terrorize the humans who have survived. Dhar's compelling voice propels the story forward in an adventurous and engaging manner.
Cathy (cathepsut)
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Büşra Bal
Ana karakterimiz 15 yaşında bir genç kız, Alice eski medeniyete dair hiçbir şeye şahit olmamış. Anne babasının anlattıkları dışında bizim dünyamıza dair hiçbir fikri yok çünkü tüm medeniyet o doğmadan önce yok edilmiş. Çat pat okuyabiliyor, ama nerdeyse profesyonel bir asker kadar iyi dövüşüyor. Yaşıtları arasında en iyisi,hayatta kalmak için de böyle olması gerek zaten.

Alice gene bir av sırasındayken zombilerle karşılaşıyor, bir iki tanesini haklıyor ancak karşısına en son tavşan kulaklığı taka
Bernie Joseph
Alice in Wonderland meets the zombie shock troops of the New World Order

This remarkably inventive story takes some familiar themes and reinvents familiar fears about contemporary New World Order conspiracies and flings them into a distant but believable future where the survivors of the total destruction of today’s civilization are compelled to fight tooth and nail for their daily bread and for a few brief moments of comfort and security.

Added into the mix are zombie like predators known as Bite
Max G. Bernard
Post-apocalyptic zombie story with a twist

In a post-apocalyptic world where Alice in Wonderland (or at least its charred damaged remains, is the last surviving book, the survivors face numerous challenges, including walking zombies, conspiratorial efforts to keep them ignorant of the true history of humanity, and most importantly, the quest for something to give them hope of a better life.

The author combines a number of science fiction, fantasy, and fairy tale tropes with stirring action sequenc
First paragraph: Alice was beginning to get very tired of sitting by her sister on the hill, and of having no Biters to shoot. Once or twice she peeped through her sniper rifle's scope, but could see no targets. 'What is the use of an ambush', thought Alice, 'without any Biters to shoot in the head?'

Zombies meets "Alice in Wonderland" meets Chinese-Indian politics in this neat little zombie book that takes place about 10 years after the world dropped the nukes trying to rid itself of the zombie
After reading the synopsis of this book, I was definitely intrigued. Then, while on Amazon looking for books, I saw that the whole trilogy was just 99¢. I immediately bought it and started reading. I've seen a lot of good reviews and a lot of bad ones. I personally liked this book. I liked the whole concept of the zombie queen and her believing this Alice is part of a prophecy from a children's story. It was really interesting to see the zombies or "Biters" from the perspective that Alice did as ...more
Tristan Vick
Alice in Deadland is a fun exercise in displaced myth. Dhar takes certain themes from the Alice and Wonderland children's adventures and spins them into a dark apocalyptic zombie story for adults.

Probably the thing I enjoyed most about this series was its pace and Dhars excellent vocabulary--not a single sentence seems to linger or repeat--his story telling is always progressive. That said, there is not much in the way of character development other than a handful of primary protagonists mixed
Alice, a young girl living in post-apocalyptic India, chases a zombie down a shaft and winds up discovering a strange, new world order.

The biggest problem with the book (outside of the stiff, overly-narrated prose) is that it is hyped up as a post-apocalyptic version of Alice in Wonderland (kind of an Alice in Zombieland), yet there are no parallels to the original text. Yes, the main character's name is Alice and she chases a zombie with bunny ears down a shaft, but the connection ends there. E
This book is filled with a lot of fun and excitement. To my surprise it was quite political as well, touching on aspects of the New World Order and Illuminati theories. It is one of those book that if you put it down for just a moment you are still thinking about what is going to happen next. Being a woman myself, I also appreciated that a female character was a prominent figure in the book. Alice in Deadland adds a marvelous connection to a popular storybook (Alice in Wonderland) and the zombie ...more
Shakeera Frazer
Let me start by saying that horror and zombie books are definitely not my style. I am usually disappointed with these type of novels but I decided to try to something different and I was pleasantly surprised. This book was awesome! It was so interesting and action packed and grabbed my attention immediately. I was instantly intrigued by Alice and her ability to get out of any situation. I loved the fact that there was a female heroine. This book is a great read and I recommend it to anyone that ...more
I enjoyed the book Alice in Deadland. It was a great read, and well-written by the author. There were moments when I was truly in suspense and was on the edge of my seat, wondering, “What happens next?” I just had to know! Alice is an extremely likeable character, and one who, well... I really can't give that away, as it would spoil the book.

The author of the book displays the scenes, settings, and scenarios very well. They also get the feeling of the character just right, which I really enjoy.
An exciting and thrilling masterpiece. This is an amazing story that brings an unusual twist to all that may have once seemed familiar. Our worst nightmares are revealed as this science fiction tale about a female, super hero, warrior who fights evil with body mind and spirit. The enemies revealed are surprisingly not the sci-fi type but are found in our everyday, real world. Buy it, add it to your collection and get another copy to give as a gift. You will be thanked and remembered.
After reading Zombiestan I was excited to start reading Alice in Deadland. Mainak Dhar has an increadible style of writing. I find the tales he weaves almost as good as watching it in the movies. The way he describes things without getting to graphic is incredible. This story which is a take off of Alice in Wonderland is so much like it, but at the same time so different. I would say I will be a fan for many books to come.
This sounded promising. A retelling of one of my favorite books from childhood, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, only with the Wonderland denizens recast as zombies. And the first paragraph does sound like something Lewis Carrol might have written, and soon Alice spots a zombie wearing bunny ears and follows him down a hole. After that, well, there's all kinds of stuff involving the real villains, who turn out to be the Chinese government. Most characters would have to aspire upwards to be two- ...more
ObiWan Canubi
Using a classic tale for inspiration is very dangerous territory, walking through the Deadlands with a dull pocketknife dangerous... Don't worry, you will get that reference when you read the book. An author needs to be careful where they tread with such cherished inspiration because they don't want to rewrite the story and be called a rip-off, but they also don't want to insult the fans with a poor representation of a hero or story line and be called much worse.

Mainak Dhar used just enough Alic
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