A Gentleman’s Honor - Intrik Cinta Sang Mata-mata (Bastion Club, #2)
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A Gentleman’s Honor - Intrik Cinta Sang Mata-mata (Bastion Club #2)

3.99 of 5 stars 3.99  ·  rating details  ·  2,954 ratings  ·  99 reviews
Alicia Pevensey terpaksa menyamar menjadi Mrs. Carrington, dan mengaku sebagai seorang janda agar bisa mendampingi debut adiknya, Adriana. Ia hanya ingin melihat Adriana menikah dan ketiga adik laki-lakinya tidak perlu lagi mengkhawatirkan kondisi keuangan mereka. Namun, rahasianya itu terancam dibongkar oleh Ruskin, seorang pemeras dan pengkhianat. Keadaan semakin rumit k...more
Mass Market Paperback, 612 pages
Published November 22nd 2011 by Dastanbooks (first published 2003)
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Astri  Nasthasia Videlia

Finished!! Suweeerrr... Sepanjang gw baca ini.. kerjaan kipas2an teruuusss... hohohoooh

The man that I'm looking for.. hahahha...

neeh Pria bener-bener deehhh... so sweet bangeettt...

cuma yg bikin sebel cuma 1.. ga bisa cepet ngungkapin perasaannya.. cuma pinter menyiratkan ajah.. hmpffth..

baca lah Temans... dan nikmati sendiri ke.gentleman'an si Tony ini.. ahaaayyy...

===PecintaPriaNakalBersaksi... Tony is soooooo.. Naughty!! *inget adegan depan cermin* ===
Lori McD
I must admit that I'm intrigued by these books... I can't say I'm hooked, but there's definitely a quality about Ms. Laurens' writing that draws me into a story and keeps me there.

I enjoy the characters and the situations. I like getting to know more of the Bastion Club members as they play small roles in each book, helping each other out of the tough spots. What I don't understand, though, is how their club is helping ANY of the members for it's main purpose: helping each man to find a bride o...more
My good impression of this series lasted only until this book.
I so wanted to read about Tony Torrington and had great expectations for him. I was just so wrong.
To start with the positive things, I really liked the progressive discoveries behind the investigation of the smuggling/shipping mystery and the final scheme was rather unusual, very realistic and well created and hidden.
However the villain was so easy to identify;( I never could understand how the hero fell in love with the female lead,...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Carrie Olguin
Here's the thing: I enjoyed the story except for two "buts"

First "but" is the prose change for the sex scenes, as if written by a completely different author. Purple comes to mind. The writer of these sections doesn't seem to know how to use "and" properly. Words ending in "ly" abound, often more than one in a row. And the concept repetition in the same sentence, ugh. You have to read it to understand.

Second "but" is the "little misunderstanding" between the H and h - he has chosen her as his wi...more
skywalker (emotionally numb)
I hereby declare that i’m going to practice abstinence, atleast for the next 12 months. My recent escapade has me retching. Constantly. For 3 days straight.

Hey fellow goodreader, stop your dirty mind from assuming things! I meant I’ll stop with reading historical romances for the next year and the reason for that decision and the puking would be this book. And the other books from this genre that I’ve read.

Word of advice- you can go back to rereading JA and finding similar bo

Helene Harrison
ISBN? - 9780749940287

Genre? - Historical / Romance / Erotica / Regency / Mystery

Characters? - Anthony / Alicia / Adriana / Freddie / Geoffrey / Gasthorpe / Christian / Jack / Matthew / Maggs / David / Harry

Setting? - London (England)

Series? - Bastion Club #2

Title? - A lot of the actions of Regency rakes in Laurens's books seem to revolve around their honour, and this is no different - he feels obliged to help her.

Character Analysis? - I didn't like Alicia as much as I did Kit and Leonora in both...more
Stephanie Laurens writes good stories with steamy love scenes that can go on for pages and heros to die for. Anthony (Tony) Blake is one of them. He is comparable to a Cynster hero, which if you are a fan of Laurens, you know what he is about. He is handsome, trustworthy, and very possesive of the heroine who is bound to become his mate in every sense.

Alicia is the heroine. She pretends to be a widow so her younger sister can have a season in the Ton and find a good husband. This facade almost...more
This is one in the Bastion Club series. I'm not sure which one, but I believe it is the second. I usually like Lauren's rather heavy style of writing, but this one has too much introspection. Perhaps it was the ereader program I was using, but by the time I felt like I was ready for the story to take off, there it went off into introspection land again. This is one of those reads that if the hero & heroine had a good, honest, conversation with one another instead of bed hopping, then this bo...more
Sheila Melo
Good Addition to Bastion Club Series

A GENTLEMAN'S HONOR is the second book in the Bastion Club Series. The Bastion Club is the refugee of a group of men who have returned from war where they operated at spies. They have all determined that they need to marry and have decided to support one another in their quest.

This book is about Anthony Blake, Viscount Torrington (who appeared in the Bastion Club prequel CAPTAIN JACK'S WOMAN). Tony meets Alicia Carrington, a widow who is launching her younger...more
Jan 02, 2012 ies rated it 4 of 5 stars
Shelves: romance
4 bintang karena bukunya SL, aaahhh... lagi2 subjektif *tp ya suka2* [lol]

sebenernya ini buku aku baca dari desember, tp aku kelarin kemarn tgl 1, aku masukin 2011 aja deh..

again, heronya too good to be true!! konfliknya lebih ke menangkap mata2
untuk emosi para lead nya sendiri dr awal udah suka, sampe akhir jg ttp suka
paling pas bagian si hero nya ngira heroinnya janda, jd kaga ngaruh2 banget dan sudah tau passion itu apa, padahaaaallll... bukan janda hehehe :P
Book two on my slow quest to work my way through this series. I read it before, years and years ago, and I vaguely remembered liking it, so I had hope that I'd enjoy it, especially after getting to see Tony a bit in Captain Jack's Woman.
Within a few chapters, my mind had decided that Tony was going to be played by James Purefoy, for some reason. (view spoiler) Since my mind had cast someone for Trentham in the last book as well, I just rolled with it. Maybe it'll keep it up and...more
Karena keadaan keuangan keluarga Pevensey yang minim, Alicia memutuskan untuk menyamar sebagai Janda Carrington agar adiknya, Adriana, bisa melakukan debut. Tapi rencananya terancam batal karena Mr Ruskin mengetahui bahwa Alicia bukanlah seorang janda dan mengancam Alicia untuk menikah dengannya jika tidak ingin Ruskin membongkar samarannya. Keadaan bertambah buruk ketika Alicia mendapati bahwa Ruskin terbunuh dan pembunuhnya berinisial A.C, apalagi semua bukti mengarah ke Alicia.
Anthony Blake,...more
This is by far the most enjoyable read from the Bastion Club novels. Wasn't able to read the summary so I expected nothing of it but I was really fond of the recurring characters especially Kit (Captain Jack's Woman). It's just like Stephanie Laurens to keep her characters appearing in a series, there's a sense of familiarity there. Although I was able to guess the bad guy, I still enjoyed the characters' exchanges, and I'm fond of reading about close-knit families, which are present here at Ali...more
Bintang 3.
Buku ke2 seri Bastion Club.

Bujangan ke2 anggota BC: Anthony Blake Viscount Torrington.

Setelah pensiun dari kegiatan mata mata yg ia jalani selama +/- satu dekade, Tony merasa bosan karena tak adanya tantangan dalam kemudahan hidupnya sekarang. Satu kegiatan yg sekarang ini sangat enggan untuk dihadapi dan dijalani oleh dirinya dan juga beberapa anggota BC yg lain adalah bersosialisasi dilingkungan kaum bangsawan. Namun diantara anggota BC yg lain hanya Tony yg sering berinteraksi dilin...more
This is the second installment of the Bastion Club series, this is the story of Anthony "Tony" Blake Viscount Torrington and Alicia Carrington.
Alicia the female protagonist pretended to be a widow of virtuous and impeccable breeding in order for her younger sister Adriana be introduced to the Ton and have a successful match in marriage. In truth they are orphaned and in destitute situation and have three more younger brothers who she wants to have a continued better education. It is understandab...more
Dea Natassya
Misteri di dalam novel ini menarik buat ditelusuri walau aku bukan penggemar genre yang harus ngebuat aku berpikiran terlalu keras buat ngeduga-duga siapa pelaku pembunuhan yang sebenarnya. aku excited banget pas baca novel ini dari awal sampe tengah-tengah. dan, habis di tengah-tengah sayangnya aku mulai bosen karena sudah tahu dengan mudah siapa pelakunya, dan author sepertinya terlalu bertele-tele dalam menceritakan penyelidikannya. ngebosenin, dan, hubungan antara Tony dan Alicia sepertinya...more
Man, I had no idea the homicide rate in Regency England was so high. Stephanie Laurens uses homicide, or home invasion/theft as a major plot device. I love her books, the heroines are almost always awesome and assertive, but I'm starting to bet myself on how quickly someone will be killed.

Tony and Alicia have great chemistry, and the lack of communication regarding his intent is actually pretty believable. She really nails the "swept up in the moment" of their romance without overdoing it. For m...more
Again, I great guy from Laurens. I cannot understand how Laurens can create such awesome men, but the women are a bit annoying. Anyway, flew through the book it was so good, but again, skipped over the whole intrigue. I am just not into it. There seemed to be too many page filling love scenes too. Obviously, I like a good love scene, but one just about every six or so pages can get annoying.
Felita Hardigaloeh
Tujuan Alicia datang ke London dalam musim season hampir berantakan ketika seorang pria bermaksud memerasnya dg ancaman status aski Alicia. Berniat membujuk si pria, Ruskin, Alicia malah menemukan tubuh Ruskin yang sudah terbujur kaku.

Keengganan Anthony untuk pergi ke pesta ibu baptisnya dibayar dengan sosok lady yang sedang berdiri di depan mayat. Anthony tidak menduga sang lady, Alicia akan memenuhi harapanya sekaligus menantang untuk membongkar sosok janda lugu tsb.

# kasusnya lbh rumit...more
An average historical romance. I thought the misunderstanding was really dumb. It wasn't even believable.

The romance was missing that spark for me. I wasn't convinced.

It's worth reading, but I prefer her Cynster series. I'm off to try book 3 and see if the Bastion Club series improves.
Alicia is living a life of deception--she's masquerading as a widow in order to sponsor her sister's entrance into the ton, while also keeping their impoverished state a secret and looking after her three younger brothers. When Lord Anthony Blake comes across her standing over the dead body of the man who had been blackmailing her, she needs to convince him of her innocence and find the real killer.

Another slightly boring Bastion Club novel (thankfully the next installments get better). Alicia a...more
Aoife Fell
I'm very much a fan of Stephanie Laurens.

And I adore the Bastion Club men (and their women!).

But this re-read left me wanting to hit Tony with a clue-by-four. Alicia I can excuse (no older female relatives, working from book knowledge), but if he'd just said something! The villain is more unique than many HRs, and the various cameos were fun (*waves at Demon*), as was watching the Bastion Club members start to piece together Dalziel's identity.

I enjoyed Jill Tanner's rendition of this audiobo...more
Love story which mix with little bit murder case. wich lead to another big case about traitor.
Seru, penyelidikan2nya bikin tegang. walaupun gampang ketebak penjahatnya Siapa. Tapi klimaks penangkapannya agak datar.
Tony! So amazingly male and dense with it. Alicia! So unable to see passed the end of her nose. I loved reading these two's story. I love how Lauren's characters love so thoroughly!
Deanna Knippling
Here the suspense plot works well, but detracts from the romance to a small extent. A murder in the garden by a man who was harassing our heroine, the plot seems to dwell too much on the idea that the police think that our heroine might have been involved, after someone two degrees of separation from the crown tells them to back off. It felt like the last quarter ran out of steam once the mystery gets tied up, leaving the romance fizzling. Okay, plus I figured out who it was early on, and - even...more
Isis FG
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
I adore this series!! Stephanie Laurens is a master at the Alpha Rake!! I love the men pursuing their ladies!!

What a great story! I laughed and cried many times! Such wonderful writing and really engaging characters!! I love this authors work!!

I adore this whole series and can not wait to see each man get his lady. It is a bit formula with the alpha male who is often chased finding a lady he wants and being forced to pursue her. But formula works that why we love it!

Each book has an add but of i...more
Carlota Garcia
En realidad 3,5
Este libro me ha encantado. Sin duda me ha gustado mucho más que el primero. La historia de amor es tan bonita... Aunque estaba un poco desesperada por culpa Tony.
Lo que más me ha gustado es como la autora mezcla el romance con el misterio, y como de la combinación surge una historia de lo más adictiva e interesante.
Lee Thao
As exciting as the first book, A Gentleman`s Honor did not disappoint me! It was wonderful seeing Tristan, Leonora, Jack and Kit again in the second book! Tony is a remarkable and stunning man in hiw own way and definitely a hot character! Unlike Leonora and Kit, Alicia was more faminine in terms of urges of manly activites. Nonetheless, Alicia is a strong woman with a great personality. Once again, Stephaine Laurens delivered an awesome confrontation between the hero and heroine as well as the...more
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Stephanie Laurens was born in Sri Lanka, which was at the time the British colony of Ceylon. When she was 5, her family moved to Melbourne, Australia, where she was raised. After continuing through school and earning a Ph.D. in Biochemistry in Australia, Laurens and her husband moved to Great Britain, taking one of the last true overland journeys from Katmandu to London.

Once in London, Laurens and...more
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