Blame It on the Mistletoe
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Blame It on the Mistletoe (Bright's Pond #4)

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Welcome back to Bright’s Pond, where strange happenings are afoot at the Greenbrier Nursing Home.

The folks have suddenly grown younger, happier, and even a bit friskier thanks to Leon Fontaine, the newest Paradise Trailer Park resident. But Mildred Blessing is suspicious and sets out to investigate while the wedding to end all weddings is being planned.

Only, in Bright’s P...more
Kindle Edition, 370 pages
Published (first published August 1st 2011)
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The residents of Bright's Pond are all delightfully zany characters who all come together to make a loveable small town community. Christmas brings with it a crooked little man who makes all the residents of the nursing home feel young again and acting silly, a romance that leads to a wedding, and a young girl who finds a new home and new life.
Kathleen (Kat) Smith
The elderly residents of Greenbrier's Nursing Home are simply up to no good! No good in the eyes of the residents of Bright Pond that is. Now that Hattie Grace who is almost ninety years old is now riding a tricyle like a three year old, and another couple is kissing like teenagers under the newly built gazebo on the property. Just what is really going on?

As Police Chief Mildred Blessing attempts to investigate all the angles on this strange dilemma, along with the nursing home doctor, they beli...more
Shari Larsen
You might be wondering why I would be reviewing a "Christmas" book in the middle of summer, but I love this author and her Bright's Pond series, and I just couldn't wait any longer to read this newest one.

There are strange things happening at the Greenbrier Nursing Home, where Griselda's sister Agnes has been living for a few a months. The old folks there have sudden gotten friskier, riding tricycles and acting like teenagers in love. All this is attributed to the newest resident of the Paradise...more
Blame It On The Mistletoe
Joyce Magnin

Book Summary: Is There Really a Fountain of Youth in Paradise? Welcome back to Bright's Pond, where strange happenings are afoot at the Greenbrier Nursing Home. Strange even for Bright's Pond. The residents suddenly act like kids again riding trikes, climbing trees, and of all things falling in love. Some of the townsfolk blame it on the crooked new gazebo, or its builder, a quirky little man who quotes Don Quixote, collects water from the fountain at the Par...more
How do you describe Joyce Magnin's books? Fun reading, easy reading, carry the Christian message reading. No, not always the whole Gospel, but enough to catch the interest of any reader who is searching. I have now read 3 of her Brights Pond series and enjoyed all of them. (That's why I keep coming back for more!)

Her characters are well drawn. Some of them are real people, and then just for fun she throws in people like Leon Fontaine in "Blame it on the Mistletoe." Leon is not believable as a pe...more
Welcome back to Bright's Pond where the residents make even your strangest relatives seem normal.

What's going on at the Greenbriar Nursing home? Resident's riding trikes down the halls? Seniors making out in the gazebo? This is strange even by Bright's Pond standards. Who or what could be responsible? Is it the fault of the new gazeebo, or the strange elusive man who built it for the residents? Maybe it's drugs or something in the water. Police chief Mildred Blessing has her hands full trying to...more
Anne Baxter Campbell
If you'd like a little humor and romance with your Christmas novels, this one could be just your cup of wassail (non-alcoholic, of course). I certainly enjoyed it.

Odd things are afoot at the Greenbrier Nursing Home. Old folks have begun acting like youngsters. Ol' Haddie's been peddling a trike around the halls at top speed, and Faith and Clyde (equally old) have been smooching on the gazebo. Speaking of which, the gazebo is a little off kilter too.

Sort of like the odd little man who built it. L...more
Victor Gentile
Joyce Magnin in her new book, “Blame It On The Mistletoe” Book Four in the Bright’s Pond series published by Abingdon Press takes us into the life of Police Chief Mildred Blessing.

From the back cover: Just married

Is There Really a Fountain of Youth in Paradise?

Welcome back to Bright’s Pond, where strange happenings are afoot at the Greenbrier Nursing Home.

The folks have suddenly grown younger, happier, and even a bit friskier thanks to Leon Fontaine, the newest Paradise Trailer Park resident. Bu...more

“Blame It On the Mistletoe” by Joyce Magnin gets 4 stars from me. This book is a long story, and it did seem to drag on at times. But with that said I did like the book! This novel is the fourth novel in the “Bright's Pond Series”, it is a stand alone but I might have been able to give it five stars if I had read the other books in this series.

This story is about the strange happenings at Greenbrier Nursing Home. It is also about Griselda Sparrow and how her sister’s needs and other issues keep...more
Faith Farrell
"She said she'd help us get to the bottom of this. I'm beginning to think someone is poisoning us, or something, making us act all weird, maybe piping mind altering gas in the heating system, or putting drugs in our oatmeal." ~ Agnes Sparrow, resident at the Greenbrier.

Introducing Mildred Blessing, Bright's Pond's one and only police officer {and therefore the chief of police.}
Mildred Blessing has a new case to investigate, and Mildred always gets her man.
This time her mystery is strange behavio...more
Blame it on the Mistletoe is the fourth novel in Joyce Magnin’s Bright’s Pond series. In the small town of Bright’s Pond, the characters are a bit quirky and the situations sometimes bizarre!

Residents of the local nursing home seem to have found a source of rejuvenation and are acting years younger than their age, leaving those in the community to wonder who or what is responsible. With a mystery to solve, as well as an on-again, off-again love story, Blame it on the Mistletoe is full of surpris...more
If you enjoy colorful characters, with a surprise around every corner, you will love "Blame it on the Mistletoe".

And if my review sounds a little less than enthusiastic, please bear with me. Ms. Magnin wrote three previous novels in this series that I'm now wishing I had read before "Blame it on the Mistletoe", which is the 4th Bright's Pond novel. I was expecting a sappy Christmas romance; instead I got a story that centers around Christmas (but it does have a few sappy moments).

Griselda Sparro...more
Welcome back to Brights Pond and the characters we love so well there. The Holiday’s will be different for Griselda this year since Agnes is in an assistant living place. Agnes seems to adjust well at the Greenbriar Nursing home except for one thing, and that is, something strange is going on around there. The patients seem to act younger all of a sudden. Like one of the older, and smaller ladies riding around on a tricycle? What on earth is happening there? Well, like me...more
Lisa Johnson
Title: Blame it on the Mistletoe (Bright’s Pond Series)
Author: Joyce Magnin
Pages: 368
Year: 2011
Publisher: Abingdon
There are three other novels in the Bright’s Pond Series and the titles are: The Prayers of Agnes Sparrow, Griselda Takes Flight and Charlotte Figg Takes Over Paradise. The characters introduced in the first three novels continue in this fourth novel, Blame it on the Mistletoe. Griselda is a middle-aged, single woman who has lived in the same small town all her life and even still re...more
Maureen Timerman
What a delightful read, full of chuckles and good laughs! Agnes Sparrow is now in a nursing home, Greenbrier, and is loosing some weight. Griselda is now taking flying lessons, and doesn't know if she wants to live alone or marry Zeb.
There are such goings on! Enjoy the play on names throughout the book! Is it the Mistletoe or water from the Fountain of Youth?? Meet Leon Fountain, and all the youngins at the Nursing Home! Enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving at Ruth's, her take on a tropical one!!
A gazebo is discovered and some of the residents at the Greenbrier Nursing home are regaining their youth, start doing odd things, like riding tricycles and dancing like they are teenagers, and other odd behaviors. The group sets out to find the truth.
To add variety to a typical fare Ruth plans a Tropical Thanksgiving. Go on soaring adventures with Matilda, listen in while the Yuletide committee discusses the upcoming Christmas agenda, meet new characters and stay in touch with familiar ones. Th...more
Gail Welborn

Blame It On The Mistletoe: A Novel of Bright’s Pond, by Joyce Magnin, Abingdon Press, 2011, 368 Pages, ISBN-13: 978-1426711626, $14.99

“I’m telling you… a magic spell has fallen over Greenbrier…,” Agnes said to forty-three-year-old Griselda Sparrow, as she settled her 700 pound frame into the nursing home wheelchair.

It had been Agnes’s “skyrocketing” weight that forced Griselda to check her obese sister into Greenbrier when she could no longer care for her at home, with the aid of a “forklift” n...more
I loved this book. I have read other books by this author and enjoyed them too. Bright Pond is the kind of village I would love to visit. This story takes place in the 60's I believe. It was time when things were simpler and you get that feel with the characters and this book.

I also feel we all need to have a little fun and fantasy in our lives especially around Christmas and this book let me sit back, read and dream.

The characters are unusual but they are the type of people that make you feel a...more
I probably would give it 1.5 if I could. The story was ok, kind of cute I guess but the writing is so weak that I was aggravated much of the time. It is like the author does not have an editor to point out all the discrepancies, holes, etc. And some of what happens is just ridiculous - not the "mystery part" but things like the way Griselda gets Mercy into the play by tricking her mom, the fact that this tiny town (it seems like the population can't be more than 200 at most) has its own nursing...more
Judy King
Funny how things work out; when I started this book I didn't realize it was the third in the series about Griselda and her sister Agnes and their little town with the Paradise Trailer Park.

As a matter of fact, I read Charlotte Figg Takes over Paradise first and then some time later stumbled on The Prayers of Agnes Sparrow -- not realizing it was about the same town -- I've missed the third in the series by getting into this book -- I always read Christmas stories in December. None of these are...more
I love making trips to Bright’s Pond in Joyce Magnin’s books. Blame it on the Mistletoe is no exception. The characters are eccentric, lovable and just a bit looney but hey, at least it keeps life in Bright’s Pond interesting. Blame it on the Mistletoe is a wonderful Christmas foray into life at Bright’s Pond. Take a woman who is living her life for herself for the first time, throw in a jealous sometimes boyfriend, and an elderly population that seems to have found the fountain of youth and you...more
Perhaps it's been the mood I've been in for the past few weeks, but this book was not the happy one I was hoping for. I had an idea where the premise was going, but it did seem to drag on and on. I found it very difficult to find a "happy place" in this book. Perhaps some of the situations came too close to home to be enjoyable. The other books about Bright's Pond were more enjoyable to read, more light hearted. I can't say I particularly enjoyed reading this book, but I did want to find out wha...more
Midnight Storm
If I could give this book zero stars I would. The characters are one dimensional and not believable. Dialogue comes across as stereotyping and lacking. There's nothing dating the tale to make stereotypes and outdated racial terms as either acceptable or adding anything to the book. I found this poorly written, unimaginative, and a display of the author's lacking vocabulary. There really are more words than scrumptious to describe a pleasing meal. I only finished this book to try to find somethin...more
It's rare I don't read a book in its entirety. I feel I've given this book a fair chance, but I can no longer deny my loss of interest (at 35% on Kindle--Chapter 11). It started out slightly humorous but went downhill from there. Way too much redundancy in events, conversations. Poor plot development (a friend also reading the book--is at 63%--says there is still no further detail on the mystery at Greenbriar). Overall very disappointing read, I'm sorry to say. I doubt that I'll be visiting Brig...more
Trudy E
Join the community of Bright's Pond, where mischief is afoot and love is in the air! Something very curious is going on at the nursing home and elsewhere in the community as a quirky little newcomer erects a gazebo and a fountain and magical things seem to happen. As preparations are made for the Christmas pageant and parade, Griselda must decide between the dashing pilot, and her long-time steady, Zeb. This was a fun read, but I would like to see a sequel to wrap up either this particular volum...more
Cindy Winder delong
I enjoyed this book. It was a fun read. It was a little slow in the middle, but I stuck with it and it got much better. There must be another book following this one because this book left a lot of loose ends. I would have liked more definite answers about Leon and Griselda had a present that she never opened. I found that sort of strange that the author took the time to tell about someone giving her a present and then never telling the reader what the present was. The present was never mentione...more
Linda  Van Wert
Good book, easy read and a heartwarming story about a small town couple who discover they love each other, some suspense at the Greenbriar old folks home, and a magical man name Leon who can never be found but does magical things for the Greenbriar residents and for a Christmas Eve wedding.
Oct 12, 2012 Rayni rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommended to Rayni by: Author recognition
I loved this book. It is the 4th in the Bright's Pond series, but only the 2nd one I have read. I always enjoy a good Christmas book. I had not met Griselda or Agnes Sparrow.

I loved Leon Fontaine. One of the discussion questions at the end of the book is: "Who was Leon Fontaine, really? Who did he remind you of?" Good question. Not one I'm going to discuss here. But I did add this book to my paranormal book shelf.

I hope there will be more Bright's Pond books.
When a mysterious artiste rebuilds a fountain and a gazebo the nursing home residents start acting like children. Is it really Fountain of Youth water? Will Griselda really marry her long-term off again on again boyfriend, or is she falling for her flying teacher, or is it his plane she loves?

Just a nice, light, simple read filled with funny quirky characters.
What a ridiculous book. The characters were quirky, which can sometimes add to the enjoyment of the story, but in Blame it on the Mistletoe, they were annoying. There was a lot of repetition and the plot didn't hold together well. At the end, it rather fell apart. I don't know how the title even fits the story. Not a good book in my opinion.
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