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Immortally Yours (Monster M*A*S*H, #1)
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Immortally Yours (Monster M*A*S*H #1)

3.64  ·  Rating Details ·  780 Ratings  ·  132 Reviews

No one patches up the incoming wounded like Dr. Petra Robichaud. Recruited by the gods for her uncanny medical skills, she’s the best M*A*S*H surgeon in the army. Along with a nosy guard sphinx,vegetarian werewolf, and otherparanormal paramedics, she bandages soldiers who are built like Greek gods (literally). But when one sexy immortal ends up
Paperback, 320 pages
Published August 28th 2012 by St. Martin's Paperbacks
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Kerrelyn Sparks
Aug 20, 2012 Kerrelyn Sparks rated it it was amazing
I loved this! Made me laugh out loud! Very clever story and great world building. A delight to read!
Laura the Highland Hussy
Aug 29, 2012 Laura the Highland Hussy rated it really liked it
Review posted on Demon Lover's Books & More

Do you guys remember that show M*A*S*H? I remember watching reruns of it with my dad back in the day. Basically it’s the day-to-day goings on in a Mobile Army Surgical Hospital during the Korean War. It was zany, but at the same time, it was serious. It was a brilliant show.

You may have noticed the series name is Monster M*A*S*H which is a play off the song, yeah, but it’s primarily a paranormal version of M*A*S*H.

The heroine Petra, is part fae, b
Jennifer (Bad Bird Reads)
From http://readingandwritingurbanfantasy....

At a Glance
I wasn't blown away by Immortally Yours, but I found the concept refreshing and the characters entertaining. It was a good read overall.

The Good
Here's The Story...
Petra is a doctor in a world of paranormal beings. Forced to leave her life on earth because of her half-fairy blood, she's now a surgeon for the soldiers of the war of Gods. She wants nothing to do with the tedious war, but she has no choice. Her desolate existence brightens whe
Also review at : (in Indonesian)

I hope I don't sound biased, since I got the book from the author, and its come on my birthday, so I consider it as my gift, lol! Ehm, okay. I don't know about MASH show since I'm not Americans, but I like the different twist of paranormal romance that Angie Fox use for Immortally Yours. First POV is not my favorite and I often found Petra Robichaud, the heroine, too annoying and insecure. She's a doctor who just took from
Nov 30, 2012 Shell rated it it was amazing
Angie Fox Immortally Yours
Angie Fox, author of the fan favorite Accidental Demon Slayer (Biker Witches) series, has come up with a fantastic new series that blends the paranormal with immortal gods and sets them in a war zone that recruits vampires, weres, demi-gods and humans with not so pure blood, to patch up the casualties of the war in a MASH unit.
Old gods vs. new gods are battling to the death with the souls of the humans both fighting to save the wounded and fighting the battles on the l
Sonia Cristina
Aug 15, 2013 Sonia Cristina rated it it was amazing
Shelves: english-books
I loved this book! When I finished it, I wish I had the next already, I think I'd read it immediately.

Petra is a physician, a mortal one, she's human and half-fae and she has the abbility to see ghosts. She works - involuntarily - at a MASH unit treating hurt soldiers from the war between the old-gods and the new-gods (a war that started 500 years ago).

One day, she treats Galen and, given her supernatural abbility, she keeps his sould from leaving him and, so, not letting him die.

Being atracted
Sep 28, 2012 Visionary rated it it was amazing

So happy that Angie Fox has a new book and series out. There is just something about her books, the wit, the humor blended into fun characters and plot that really absorbs one.

Really liking the concept of this book! Even in a foul mood I have been smirking, cracking a smile, even laughing at some of the things inside this book! Eager to know what happens next.

So far have not learned too much on Galen. Just that he got wounded and Petra was the one that operated on him. But he's an onery sob!
Jo Smith
Jan 21, 2014 Jo Smith rated it it was amazing
What a superbly original book. The writing was refreshing & Fresh. The character of Petra & Galen were matched perfectly, Dr Petra is responsible for putting back together immortals from their battle, she performs small emergencies always wanting more. Then she got more than she wanted - in the magnificent body known as Galen, she started a prophecy when she removed a dagger from his chest. Galen has faith & when he died Petra touched his soul. The sub-characters are full of that, ...more
Jess the Romanceaholic
I'm... not really sure how I felt about this one to be honest.

On one hand, as a fan of the classic M*A*S*H* television show, I really enjoyed the medicine on the front, with the feeling of helplessness that comes from patching up soldiers just to send them back out to die in what feels like a meaningless war.

However, a lot of the story just fell flat for me. What seemed to be attempts at humor didn't really come across as all that funny to me, while serious issues tended to come across as a bi
Jul 01, 2014 Marjorie rated it it was amazing
My daughter (Maggie Frank) gave me the "Monster M*A*S*H" series for Mother's Day. I love reading series of books, and I gobbled these up in record time! They take place in Purgatory (!), and involve a MASH unit cleaning up during a war between the "New Gods" and the "Old Gods". Hardly a "true to life" adventure! The characters are well written (Medusa is a hoot!), the plot lines are compelling, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. If you enjoy paranormal fiction, I would highly recommend Angie Fox's ...more
Jan 26, 2013 Octavia rated it it was ok
Honest rating: 1.5 stars

You can view the original review on my blog Read. Sleep. Repeat.

I am a complete and total sucker for books that have:

A.) Zombies
B.) Vampires
C.) Mythology (as a whole)

So imagine how cool I thought this book was going to be when I saw there was a sphinx, vampire, werewolf AND "gorgeous but stubborn demi-god" and some type of crazy "oracle"? Then you throw in the whole "I see dead people" bit and I'm like:


I mean how could it not be awesome?!! Easy, the heroine was an anno
Dark Faerie Tales
Review courtesy of Dark Faerie Tales

Quick & Dirty: Humor, action, and passion fill the pages of this medical war romance.

Opening Sentence: Attention all surgical personnel.

The Review:

Immortally Yours is the first series of Angie Fox’s Monster MASH series. I didn’t have any expectations when I started this story, only because I’ve never read any of Fox’s work prior to this. The synopsis seemed fun and it had promise of a good weekend read. The premise was new and not something that I’ve read
Aug 13, 2012 Stephanie rated it really liked it
Original Post Immortally Yours: Kind of Like M.A.S.H. in Another Dimension and Without Hawkeye

About a month ago I did a buzz thrill for IMMORTALLY YOURS by Angie Fox.

I really enjoyed the book. There are a multitude of reasons. The first, and it's nostalgia rooted, is that it reminded me of a supernatural M.A.S.H. -- a TV series I grew up watching. I always thought it was strange that none of those guys on M.A.S.H. got leaves home. That seems more a function of TV ratings. Here it's just the ru
CJ - It's only a Paper Moon

There was a lot of dialogue and short sentences but very little real exposition. No one likes a bunch of expository paragraphs but in this case, it would have helped. Petra wasn't as developed as she could've been. Maybe if she had, I wouldn't have raised a brow at some of her decisions and reactions.

Perhaps then I wouldn't have wondered just what the hell was going on with her and Galen so damn quickly (view spoiler)
Kathy Martin
Jul 27, 2012 Kathy Martin rated it liked it
When Dr. Petra Robichaud is drafted into the army of the gods, she knows it is a life sentence. The gods have been fighting this war for centuries. She is working in a MASH unit near the front and trying to keep it a secret that she can see souls. There is a prophecy that one who can see souls will be able to end the war. Neither side wants that to happen and is willing to kill anyone who has that gift.

One day Commander Galen of Delphi ends up on her table. He dies but Petra is able to grab his
Alexia Chantel
Mar 20, 2013 Alexia Chantel rated it liked it
3.5 Stars

Mythology, MASH, abducted beautiful young doctor forced to serve her life on the battlefield. Sounds like fun right? It sure is, in typical Angie Fox style Immortally Yours has humor action and love.

Petra is a skilled doctor, good enough to get her noticed right? So she is drafted into service and manages to keep her secret hidden, then finds out she just might be the one the prophesies are talking about! Talk about pressure. One good way to relieve all that stress...find a hot soldier
Mar 28, 2013 Lyndi rated it it was ok
Shelves: heroine-ruins-it
The concept is strong. It should be an awesome book. Instead, it's chapter after chapter of Petra being weak, selfish, and shortsighted. And then the author tops it off with a whimper, not a bang. The climax was a total non-event that was stymied by the first person POV. I found myself in the middle of the climax before I realized that I was supposed to be excited and things were apparently wrapping up.

God, this was so disappointing. I think my expectations were a bit high, due to the blurb. I m
Sep 21, 2012 Rebecca rated it really liked it
I won a copy of this book from the author on the Something Wicked blog, and I really enjoyed it! I think the premise of a paranormal MASH unit is really clever, and it really worked well as a setting. The secondary characters were especially appealing, and you get a sense of the camaraderie between them.

Some other reviewers have mentioned that they didn't find this book to be as humorous as some of Ms. Fox's other books, and I would agree that it's not quite as slapstick as the others. The humo
Aug 16, 2012 Lisarenee rated it really liked it
"How about a real case next time, Horace?"..."Just give me something interesting." Or at least the chance to save somebody. We'd lost three patients today. Maybe they'd have died on my table, too, but I owed it to these soldiers--and myself--to try to make a difference.

A war has been raging for centuries. The younger gods had declared war on the older ones and the two had been battling for control ever since. Both are stubborn and determined to win. Everyone else is caught in the crossfire. Th
Amanda [Novel Addiction]
This was amusing. I absolutely love M*A*S*H the show, and you'll see several tie-ins to the series here. In fact, there are a few pl0t lines from M*A*S*H that are directly copied in Immortally Yours. Don't get me wrong, there was still some originality here. But overall, I'd list this book as "cute" more than anything.

I would probably read the next book in the series, but there's no rush.
Anita Hargreaves

I love the author and a privilege to read especially when free. I do think a few typos could be corrected. This author is pure supernatural romance. The characters adorable as always and you actually feel her love for the characters
With war raging between the old gods and the new gods humanity is caught in the crossfire and if you are chosen to join one of the armies then there is no escaping. Dr Petra Robichaud was recruited by the new gods to serve as a medic and it is her job to patch up the soldiers and get them back to the front lines as quickly as possible. When Commander Galen of Delphi ends up nearly dying on her operating table Petra risks all to save him. Galen survives but he is convinced that Petra is the ...more
Oct 06, 2016 Robin rated it it was amazing
Hysterical! She must be a MASH fan. Loved it. Hot romance funny situations.
Jan 13, 2013 Marlene rated it really liked it
Originally published at Reading Reality

The story opens with a line straight out of the 4077th M*A*S*H and somehow it manages to go further into hell. Further even than the gallows humor of that movie and TV send up of the Vietnam War disguised as the Korean War could possibly have imagined.

Because this particular unit of "meatball surgeons" is operating next to an honest-to-gods hell vent, behind the lines of a götterdämmerung being fought between the old gods and the new gods.

The old gods and t
Sep 07, 2012 Kt rated it really liked it
Review originally posted on my blog: A Book Obsession..

As the gods rage, the rest of the world falls. Unwilling drafted into the war between the old and new gods, Dr. Petra Robichaud works in a MASH unit, patching up wounded immortal soldiers and sending them on their way. Her latest patient is different than the rest as he sparks something in her long cold heart as she scrambles to save him, and accidentally reveals her ability to see ghosts, an instant death sentence. To protect herself, she t
Aug 28, 2012 Sharon rated it really liked it
This is an action-packed, fun paranormal romance. If youliked Angie Fox’s Demon Slayer series, then you are going to be pleased withthis one too. Immortally Yours is the first book in Fox’s M*A*S*H series, andlike most series debuts it has some growing pains. The first third of the bookis spent trying a little too hard to be funny, but after that the humor becomesmore realistic. The world-building isn't overwhelming and I really liked theclever and fresh premise for the series. Once the story ...more
Jul 13, 2014 Nic rated it really liked it
Take a MASH unit and put it in Limbo to patch up the casualties of a war between the gods. Throw in a surgeon who has the unlucky ability to touch the dead and a sexy immortal solider. When Galen ends up on Petra's table it puts into motion a prophesy that could end the war between the gods...if only Petra would accept her part.

Immortally Yours is the first book in Angie Fox's Monster Mash series. The book is set in darker surroundings than Fox's Accidental Demon Slayer series and it took more o
Saskia Hadaway
Jan 25, 2015 Saskia Hadaway rated it it was ok
I'm not really sure why I insisted on reading this book to the very end. It definitely wasn't because the plot was exciting or characters interesting. Maybe I figured it would have felt like a major accomplishment to get through a novel so poorly written. I also enjoyed screenshotting the particularly dreadful bits and sending them to my friend for laughs.
I'll be honest. Angie Fox has writing talent. I was very excited when I read the first pages of the book. The writing was quick and snappy, wi
Posted on Dark Faerie Tales.

Immortally Yours is the first series of Angie Fox’s Monster MASH series. I didn’t have any expectations when I started this story, only because I’ve never read any of Fox’s work prior to this. The synopsis seemed fun and it had promise of a good weekend read. The premise was new and not something that I’ve read before, so I found it refreshing.

In a war of New Gods and Old Gods, Dr. Petra Robichaud has been recruited to work in one of the war hospitals. Alongside other
Scooper Speaks
Oct 03, 2012 Scooper Speaks rated it liked it
(I won this book in an author sponsored giveaway)

Favorite Lines: “I didn’t have the emotion to move or to cry or to beat my fists and scream at the injustice of it all. Demand that they mourn for the soldier who gave his immortal life and soul so that they could carry on alive and whole.” (p. 289)

Old gods, new gods, demi-gods, vampires, werewolves and half-fairies–Immortally Yours has it all in a light-hearted romance set in limbo during a supernatural war. Combatants are recruited from the worl
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New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Angie Fox writes sweet, fun, action-packed mysteries. Her characters are clever and fearless, but in real life, Angie is afraid of basements, bees, and going up stairs when it is dark behind her. Let’s face it. Angie wouldn’t last five minutes in one of her books.

Angie is best known for her Southern Ghost Hunter mysteries and for her Accidental Demo
More about Angie Fox...

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