The Wild Beasts of Wuhan (Ava Lee, #3)
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The Wild Beasts of Wuhan (Ava Lee #3)

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In The Wild Beasts of Wuhan, Uncle and Ava are summoned by Wong Changxing, "The Emperor of Hubei" and one of the most powerful men in China, when he discovers that the Fauvist paintings he recently acquired are in fact forgeries.

Ava uncovers a ring of fraudulent art dealers and follows their twisted trail to Denmark, the Faroe Islands, Dublin, London, and New York. But the...more
Paperback, 324 pages
Published February 23rd 2012 (first published January 1st 2011)
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Another winner from Ian Hamilton, with the intrepid Ava Lee doing her usual amazing sleuthing and tracking down of villains. This time the subject is art fraud and we get a fascinating look at the art world and what might be going on behind the scenes. We also learn a bit more about Ava and her complicated family and get to know some of the characters a bit better.

These fast-paced, intriguing mysteries will translate into movies very well and I look forward to seeing them on the big screen.

I am a sucker for this series. I don’t know why it is, but I admit a fascination with the heroine, Ava Lee. I love knowing where she is staying in the capitols of Europe and Asia, what she eats, where she exercises. She is more disciplined than I am, which I admire, and it is interesting to see what someone driven can accomplish in a day with unlimited funds and a sense of vengeance.

Author Hamilton never seems to lose sight of where Ava is in the day. Ava catches planes like other people catch...more
Joey Comeau
This is the best of the series so far, I think. The detective work is fun, and the book continues to include charming "lifestyle porn" ala Entourage. In the last book, we saw some of the benefits of her Uncles connections, and so it was very satisfying to see the other side of that coin in this book - the consequences of those connections, and the things she can't control. The books are getting more thoughtful as they go along, if you can get past the Starbucks Instant VIA references every ten p...more
The third Ava Lee novel did not disappoint. Again, she solves a mystery involving a bad debt, this time in the art world. On the whole, the book is less violent than the previous two. Actually, there was more opportunity to follow Ava's analytical process as she delved into old accounting records and found the relevant information. There is a perfect teaser tied into the book that left me wanting more!
Ellen Roseman
I've read all three Ava Lee mysteries published so far and liked this one the best so far. Lots of insight into art counterfeiting. Lots of moral dilemmas for Ava. Too much dropping of brand names, but it's lessening. Author has four or five more to come, including one set in Shanghai. I'm looking forward to reading them, since they combine sleuthing, numbers and business quandaries.
This is the third book featuring Ava Lee and Uncle. This time she is investigating art forgery traveling from China to London to Denmark to the Faroe Islands to New York and finally back to Toronto. this is a quieter book with less physical violence as Ava unravels a lengthy trail of deception.
1. I liked the actual mystery well enough, although I felt like the entire novel was mainly a setup for the next one, where (it's hinted... actually stated) the stakes will be relatively (ahem) higher.

2. If and when Ava Lee hits the big screen, I'm worried that it'll just be an excuse to show a sexy Asian woman beating people up, eating sumptuous meals, jogging through the world's parks in her Adidas tracksuit, engaging in snappy dialogue while wearing Brooks Brothers shirts (because how visuall...more
Toni Osborne
Book 3, in the Ava Lee Mystery

“The Wild Beasts of Wuhan” brings Ava, a forensic accountant and martial expert to the glamorous underworld of art forgery. This quick-witted, pure class and sexy Chinese Canadian sweetheart is savouring in the opening of this installment the good weather with her family on a Caribbean cruise near Curacao. When Uncle called in an urgent favour, Wong Changxing, one of the most powerful men in China, is livid after discovering his collection of Fauvist painting are fo...more
Brian Williams
Ava Lee is on the hunt for $73 million her clients (who are not nice people) paid for phony paintings. Her journey takes her to London, New York and several European locations as she learns about the art auction world and the artists who do the "in the style of" paintings that get passed of as genuine works of well known artists, as in this case, Monet. I don't think that it gives too much away to say she gets the money back, but her way of doing so is illegal. She doesn't tell Uncle how she get...more
“Formidable...Ava Lee is unbeatable at just about everything....She’s perfect.”—Toronto Star

Meet Ava Lee, alluring but deadly, with a mind like a steel trap, as she chases millions of dollars and dangerous criminals around the globe in this exotic and fast-paced new crime series by Ian Hamilton.

In The Wild Beasts of Wuhan, Wong Changxing, a rich Chinese powerbroker, has just been bilked out of $100 million in an elaborate art forgery con. His one hope of recovering the money, and of saving face,...more
I loved The Disciple of Las Vegas. Want to get this read before the Mystery Group discussion of Disciple at the end of this month.

Well into the book and The crime/mystery ties right in with my career as an art historian/museum curator. Art dealers can be villains! This is the third book in the series and a bit, perhaps quieter than the second. Intriguing thread to follow to get to the truth of the matter, but Ava doesn't give up easily. I was up late finishing this one.

The art at the heart of th...more
Gloria Feit
Ava Lee undertakes a most formidable task in this, the second in the series about the forensic accountant who specializes in recovering money for a sizable commission in partnership with her mentor, referred to simply as “Uncle,” a rather mysterious man apparently with triad connections, headquartered in Hong Kong and with deep roots in China. It seems that Uncle’s boyhood friend, Wong Changxing, a powerful and impressive industrialist, bought about $100 million worth of paintings, 15 out of the...more
Shonna Froebel
This is the third book in the series featuring Ava Lee, forensic accountant. Here the book begins as she is on a cruise with her family. There is discord, and when Uncle calls with an urgent new case, Ava is easily persuaded to fly to Hong Kong on her way to Wuhan where the potential clients live. They are wanting to recover the money spent on paintings they have discovered to be fakes, all Fauvists, a group often know as Wild Beasts. Ava doesn't like the feeling she gets from Wong Changxing as...more
Miz Moffatt
Full review posted on Across the Litoverse

Two months have passed since Ava's last assignment. While savouring the good weather on a family cruise around Curaçao, Ava takes a business call from Uncle. He has little information to offer, but the client—Wong Changxing, the "The Emperor of Hubei"—has called in an urgent favour and needs to meet with the duo immediately.

Wong, one of the most powerful men in China, is livid after discovering his collection of Fauvist paintings are forgeries. His love...more
I had a mixed reaction to this one. I enjoyed seeing Ava in action as she followed the paper trail to try and discover who had been behind the forgeries. Though really not much is happening I thought there was real tension in suspense as she worked the puzzle. But I thought she was a bit naive to think the Wongs had dropped the idea of revenge. And that her choice at the end in how to collect some money was not only unethical but also a lot more dishonest then she struck me as being.

My other big...more
After reading the third Ava Lee novel, 'The Wild Beasts of Wuhan' by Ian Hamilton I can not believe that I haven't heard of the Ava Lee character before! Hamilton has created a dynamic, likable female sleuth who uses her brains and strength to solve the crime. In this installment, Ava Lee is asked to identify who sold fraudulent art to a Chinese mobster. After solving the crime Lee is faced with an intense moral dilemma; how far do you go to help a known mobster?
Hamilton's newest book is fast-pa...more
Rebecca Martin
I don't know if I'm getting more patient with the series or what, but I enjoyed this book (the third one I have read in this series) more than the others. Perhaps it was because I was actually able to follow the plot and figure out what each place and the characters attached to it were adding to the story? Maybe it was the interval in the Faroe Islands where Ava kicks ass and gets up to some unmentionable acts? I don't know. All the things I objected to before are here--the constant reference to...more
Maybe it’s just me, but when I pick up a novel featuring a Chinese-Canadian lesbian protagonist written by a straight white man my guard is immediately up. So I admittedly came into The Wild Beasts of Wuhan with quite the critical eye.
It’s not that I didn’t like the ass-kicking and sleuthing part of this novel for what it was, but the queer and feminist problems I had (including how it deals with sexual assault, lesbian gender, capitalism, and trans women) overshadowed any enjoyment I felt. It w...more
This was interesting even for me, who doesn't know much about art. You get to learn a lot about how the artists, dealers, brokers and buyers work. So, in that aspect, the book introduces you to a new world (which is one of the things that make me an avid reader). You also learn that contrary to some of her actions before (extortion, violence) Ava has strict beliefs about promises and the value of life.

The cover makes Mai Ling seem interesting, but I found her character a bit boring. She didn't r...more
Benita Applejacks
I thought I would hate the main character when I began but she is surprisingly likable and easy to read about. A nice, escapist mystery that you can wrap up in a day. I haven't read many mysteries that don't begin with some murder so it was nice to read about someone tasked to uncover theft with only their wit and world knowledge. It doesn't surprise me that the author was a journalist, the writing is very "plain", and not in a bad way. It's refreshing to read something less prose heavy that's s...more
Brenda Kirton
Ava Lee is a very interesting and somewhat unpredictable protagonist. This time, she is attempting to get a large amount of money back for a powerful couple in Wuhan. The is a great deal of pride and saving face involved for the couple who had been sold several fraudulent paintings. I find it fascinating to follow the money trail,as it were, in the story. The undercurrent of violence beneath the surface kept my interest throughout. Although I do not care for the up close look at a gay relationsh...more
Another Ava Lee adventure! She tries to help a wealthy Chinese man and his wife get back some of the money they paid for faked art and Ava does her best despite all the road blocks that come her way. Less 'kick action' in this story but still exciting as she travels far and wide to help these clients (who don't make it easy!).
Not brilliant but it is a good read and I really enjoy travelling to new locales with the snobbish Ava who is becoming a little more flawed and harder to like. Makes her an excellent heroine in my eyes.
This is my first Ava Lee mystery, though her third in the series. It features an interesting character: a lesbian accountant, born in Canada but with ties to China, who makes accounting problems go away. It is always ambitious for an author to write cross-gender, and I'm not sure Hamilton completely pulls it off. Ava does a lot but doesn't really feel much about what she does. I still thought it was an interesting book. In this one, a rich, well-connected Chinese man was fooled into buying some...more
Another enjoyable romp around the world with Ava Lee.
Jillian Ivy
Another globe trotting Ava Lee book. In this book Ava is not quite as cool all the way through. Her clients go behind her back, and she is limited in the revenge she can take. I wonder if these clients will appear again, and allow Ava to win, or if they are destined to be a thorn in her and her uncle's side. This book also has a appearance of one of her 1/2 brothers. Obviously the plot of the next book, but I want to know as much about Ava as I can, so looking forward to the next book.
Of the first three novels, I found this one to be the most static of the lot - until closer to the end of the book. For the most part, we get to see how art forgery works as Ava traces a paper trail, so there's not much "action" going on. Overall, I did enjoy the book but was a bit bothered with all the mentions of the relationships... Ava and Maria seem to be moving quickly in theirs and I can't help but wonder whether it'll play a big factor in the next two books.
Muhammad Gibran
From the Filipino billionaire to emperor of hubei. Crazy title. This time is not just about the money....

You can caught a glimpse about Art and Forgeries in this book. You will also travel with Ava to someplace in the middle of nowhere ( thank God the Internet, so I can googled the place). The only thing that make somewhat unsatisfied is the ending, you can say its not a straightforward ending like the first 2 book. I really hope it continue in book 4.
Buried In Print
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Interesting development of intrigue and international suspense. Not a page turner, but kept me interested and wanting to keep reading.
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Ian Hamilton has been a journalist, a senior executive with the federal government, a diplomat, and a businessman with international links. He has written for several magazines and newspapers in Canada and the U.S., including Maclean's, Boston Magazine, Saturday Night, Regina Leader Post, Calgary Albertan, and the Calgary Herald. His nonfiction book, The Children's Crusade, was a Canadian Book of...more
More about Ian Hamilton...
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