Tarnished (The St. Croix Chronicles, #1)
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Tarnished (The St. Croix Chronicles #1)

3.62 of 5 stars 3.62  ·  rating details  ·  499 ratings  ·  124 reviews
My name is Cherry St. Croix. Society would claim that I am a well-heeled miss with an unfortunate familial reputation. They've no idea of the truth of it. In my secret world, I hunt down vagrants, thieves . . . and now, a murderer. For a monster stalks London's streets, leaving a trail of mystery and murder below the fog.

Eager for coin to fuel my infatuations, I must decid...more
Mass Market Paperback, 384 pages
Published June 26th 2012 by Avon
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Lilli Perspice
I have come to enjoy reading books with a "broken" heroine. Dead on the Delta, Unholy Ghosts, even Mind Games all have heroines with some serious issues going on, so I was expecting to be okay with that aspect of Cherry's character. But I wasn't. I think part of the problem is that Cherry lacked much personality past her addiction. Oh, there was the mention of her being scientific-minded, but this played absolutely no part in her daily life past a few short conversations with various characters....more
Jessie  (Ageless Pages Reviews)
Read This Review & More Like It On My Blog!

After going through several (5 or more) steampunk novels last month I took a bit of a breather, only to be broken when I couldn't resist the synopsis for Cherry's first exploits and I am glad I did. Fun, easy and with a new outlook on alchemy and steampunkey (not to mention London!), Tarnished is a fun, entertaining read. The beginning novel of a new series blending steampunk, mystery and the paranormal, Karina Cooper delivers up the goods in her fi...more
Jacob Proffitt
This book had a lot of problems, though the biggest isn't really clear until the end.

First off, addicts aren't charming, fun, or engaging as protagonists. And that isn't fixed by letting your protagonist only act the addict when it is interesting or useful to the story. Addictions have serious consequences and in this story, it seemed like Cherry's addiction only really mattered when it was convenient to the author to manipulate Cherry into some situation she wanted her to be in.

Second, that's a...more
My name is Cherry St. Croix. I am a collector, one of the many who are employed to acquire, kill or investigate for bounties. My rules are simple: I don’t collect children, and I don’t murder for coin. Truth be told, I’ve never killed for any reason.

This book is one of the many reasons as to why I love Steampunk ! A perfect mix of Mystery , Gothic , horror , thrill , subtle humor , romance and obviously .. Steampunk , Tarnished takes the readers on a wild ride through the streets of Victorian L...more
Tarnished is a delicious appetiser which left me hungry for more. It introduces you to dark, gritty and very visual steampunk London where Cherry St. Croix leads a double life.

During days she is up above the black smog of London among the strange cluster of mansions for rich and privileged, bridges and air gondolas, designed by her father and lifted above the city to escape the contaminated air. During days she is Cherry St.Croix, an unconventional daughter of a mad scientist, forced to beh...more
Jess the Romanceaholic
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Expected Release Date: June 26, 2012
Publisher: HarperCollins
Imprint: Avon
Author’s Website: http://www.karinacooper.com
My Source for This Book: Edelweiss
Part of a Series: Yes, Book 1, St. Croix Chronicles
Series Best Read In Order: N/A
Steam Level: Steamy

I stayed up until past three in the morning, even knowing I had to get up at seven, in order to finish this book, because I couldn’t stand the thought of putting it down....more
All Things Urban Fantasy
Courtesy of All Things Urban Fantasy
One of my favorite approaches to worldbuilding is when an author takes an existing city like London and transforms it into something completely new. In TARNISHED, London has finally been consumed by its famous fog and pollution causing filthy and unhealthy living conditions for a great portion of Londoners. The upperclass have built communities a few miles above the fog where the air is clean (they even use gondolas to travel around on top of the fog). I had T...more
Carolyn (Book Chick City)
Reviewed by Gemma for www.BookChickCity.com

For me, steampunk books can be a very hit or miss affair, with some books trying too hard to be quirky with its inventions or trying to be “modern” in a Victorian setting.

Thankfully, TARNISHED isn’t one of these books and to be honest should be tagged more as a thriller set in Victorian England, with hints of steampunk technology. This isn’t a bad thing and is actually a very fun read, as you aren’t bogged down with the inventions.

The main plot is cente...more
Catherine Wilson
Tried something different - new author (for me), new series (for her), with steampunk-ish grace notes. The blurbs for Karina Cooper’s new series, The St. Croix Chronicles, intrigued me. Here is a murder mystery in an alternative historical London with science fiction, horror and romance elements that push it into the Urban Fantasy - Steampunk realm. Sounds like a perfect summer read!

Cooper’s TARNISHED has a lot going for it. I liked the set-up; I liked a lot of the writing. I really liked author...more
Tarnished Shines With Gritty Steampunk Fashion
She straddles two worlds, belonging to none. Daughter of an accused madman, Cherry St. Croix was orphaned at a young age, forced by circumstance and a keen instinct for survival into the life of a thief, a circus performer, and an opium addict. At the tender age of nine, she picked her first pocket. By fifteen, she had been pulled out of that life and thrust into another, just as ill-fitting.

Found by her guardian and set adrift in polite society, she...more
Nicola O.
I'm at a loss to review this without giving away huge, huge chunks of plot.

Tarnished sits well over the line in the Urban Fantasy section; there's no Happily Ever After to make it a candidate for Romance-- but there's no lack of sexy possibilities. I really liked it... my only issue is that it's a bit grisly in places; Cooper definitely brings some classic horror elements to this story. That's a preference of mine, not a problem with the story.

Moody, evocative, creative, surprising -- I loved i...more
Amanda The Book Slayer
3.5 stars

I really enjoyed this book. My biggest problem was the beginning seemed to be wordy and droned on. I understand that she needed to introduce the world but I became bogged down with it. At about the middle of the book the storyline picked up and I was hooked.

I love Micajah and can only hope things work out with him.

I have my suspicion of who the other collector is but will keep it to myself for now.

All I need now is to get my hands on the next book.
I enjoyed the read to a point and am interested in reading the next book but there were many things that didn't add up for me, mainly regarding the heroine's motives and how she got away with the things she did.

This has Steampunk elements but isn't s Steampunk in the technical sense. This is a generous 3 star grade.

A more throughout review coming.
Shellie (Layers of Thought)
Original review posted at Layers of Thought.

It’s a page-turning, action-packed steampunk murder mystery with even steamier romantic elements. It has a feisty lead character so it’s a perfect read for the fans of Gail Carriger – only it’s a bit darker.

About: Petite and feisty redheaded Cherry St. Croix is a bit tarnished. Orphaned at an early age, she is from an upper class family and lives comfortably with a variety of servants in her estate home - albeit as a ward to a never-present male benef...more
Tarnished has taken a bit of history and transformed in a very good alt-his.

But for all the intriguing world (and my love of London), Tarnished failed to grip me. Do not take me wrong, it's a book worth reading. Unfortunately I could not warm to the heroine and the plot had many, many cliché (plus, to be honest, a surprsing ending, albeit completely unfinished).

Cherri St Croix came out as a mystery and not in any good way. I understand that the upper/lower level London represented class. This...more
She-Wolf Reads
I liked this book. I liked it a lot. From the unique setting of a London above and a London below, to a heroine that is complex and problematic, Tarnished has some very unique qualities that set it apart and make me interested in what happens next to its main protagonist, Cherry St. Croix.

The world Cooper created here is fantastic. This is a steampunk Victorian London where the city is divided in two – London above and London below. Due to industrial development, the polluting fog created by fac...more
Kristin  (MyBookishWays Reviews)
You may also read my review here: http://www.mybookishways.com/2012/06/...

I’m a huge fan of Karina Cooper’s, so when news came that she would be starting a brand new Victorian London/steampunk/paranormal series, I was so there! Cherry St. Croix is the daughter of a genius, considered by many to be a madman, and stands to soon inherit the estate and holdings left to her by her late father. Not quite part of the peerage, yet still considered within polite society, Cherry is no lady, and I mean tha...more
Shelley aka Gizmo's Reviews
*Rating* 3.0
*Genre* Steampunk


Tarnished, by Karina Cooper, is the first book in The St. Croix Chronicles. It is also the first book I have read from this author that was unknown to me until I found this on Edelweiss.

Tarnished is a steampunk/mystery/suspense novel that features 20 year old Cherry St. Croix. Cherry is the daughter of a genius, yet society believed him to truly be a madman especially since he died, along with his wife, in a fire of unknown determination. Cherry lives two sep...more

My first foray with Karina Cooper. Bittenbybooks brought her to my attention, and I seen the first book of her steampunk book was for 99 cents on kindle. So I decided to take a chance and read it.

This series is the third steampunk I read. I've read Delilah Dawsons and Meljean Brooks. And I like how eacy steampunk book is not the same. That each author has their own unique twist in the world.

Same with Karina. The world is so different from the other. The heroine leads a sort of double-life, wi...more
Britt Marczak
Holy whoa.

I had a difficult time getting into this book, but once I got past that stumbling block and really settled into the book, I could only hold on and go for the ride with Cherry.

And boy, was it a ride. The entire cast of characters is AMAZING and so very rich. I, for one, swoon for the sweet tooth, the other big bad collector. (What does that say about me? Moving on...)

I also swoon for Hawke. And the earl. And Teddy. OH FINE. I love them all, for different reasons.

The world is absolutely...more
3.5 stars, I wanted to like this a whole lot more than I did. The setting and rich descriptiveness of a steampunk London both below and above 'the drift' didn't make up for characters that felt shallow to me.

While we get quite a bit of background on Cherry herself the rest of the people who surround her were curiously underdeveloped. There isn't much romance to keep things humming and the nature of the relationships she does have with the men in her life were disappointing, well with one except...more
J.L. Dobias
Jun 04, 2014 J.L. Dobias rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Dark Fantasy lovers
Shelves: book-shelf-09
Tarnished: The St. Croix Chronicles by Karina Cooper

I'm not one to twitter a lot but I got this suggestion from twitter and it looked like an interesting submission into the Steam-punk genre although as we see from the authors own self proclamation it is more Dark and Sexy Paranormal Romance and Historical Urban Fantasy. I was recently reading someone's blog in relation to Steam-punk being more Fantasy than Science Fiction because of the whole taking place in the past and being anachronistic in...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
I really loved the next book in this series, which I did read first. Deciding to go back and read the series through the beginning, I purchased this book. I just couldn't get into it. The first 1/2 moved very slowly and did actually pick up mid stream but now judging it by book #2 I'm giving Tarnished 3 stars. I'm definitely glad I read it because I got the back ground I didn't realize I was missing.
After coming off of a YA supernatural kick, I was looking for something more grown up without making me want to kill myself (sorry, I find A LOT of "adult" Jody Picault-type stuff extremely depressing). Holy cow, did Tarnished read like a tall drink of cool water. I love Cherry and have no issues with her drug problems and think it adds to the story, much as Chess' does in the Downside series (one of my faves-read them all now!). There were a few times when I think she broke character a little,...more
I really enjoyed this beautifully written Steampunk novel.

Cherry St. Croix is the orphan of a genius scientist and his beautiful, brilliant society wife. Her parents died in a laboratory fire when she was 5 or 6, and after a short stay in a Scottish orphanage she was either given away or stolen and made to join a disreputable traveling circus. There she learned acrobatics, thievery, beside other dubious skills. The circus controlled it's performers with opium and Cherry finds it useful to suppre...more
OddModicum Rachel Verdi
What truly entertaining world building! Tarnished was an entertianing frolic of a novel... not necessarily brilliant storytelling (some serious plot foibles going on), but worth reading to the end, and perhaps picking up future books in the series. The Cherry St. Croix character had some huge gaping issues and inconsistancies, but she was rather likable for all her faults... kinda like that acquaintaince everyone has in their youth that infuriates you and can't help shaking your head at... but y...more
Coquille Fleur
Cherry St. Croix, the badass, though sometimes exasperating, main character in this first of a series lives in two opposing worlds. Her alternate 1850's London itself consists of two disparate worlds; one dark world below the drift where coal smoke clouds the air hiding all manner of danger, and the society London above the drift, a pretty world build on massive pillars above the rotting old London below. Cherry walks in both worlds, living a double life of intrigue, danger, and some pretty clos...more
This is an interesting steampunk novel that gives you quite the mystery and intrigue. The setting is creative and appropriately dark. So well crafted you can feel the air about you and the movement of the shadows as you cavort with Cherry in the dark underground of London. The character of Cherry and her staff are well crafted and you get to know all of them quite well through this tale. You also get introduced to several of the "circus", or the menagerie people in a club filled with alchemy and...more
Carmel Kelly
I must say the girl on the cover is really creepy looking and looks much too old represent 20 year old Cherry St. Croix (an awesome name, no?).

Cherry St. Croix is more than meets the eye. If you met her during the day, you would see her as a wealthy red-headed socialite orphan who lives above the drift. However, if you met Cherry St. Croix at night, you would see her as Ms. Black, a collector or also known as a bounty hunter, with blackened hair, and often mistaken for a man. Cherry is too young...more
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After writing happily ever afters for all of her friends in school, Karina Cooper eventually grew up (sort of), went to work in the real world (kind of), where she decided that making stuff up was way more fun (true!). She is the author of dark and sexy paranormal romance, steampunk urban fantasy, and writes across multiple genres with mad glee.

One part glamour, one part dork and all imagination,...more
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