The Jefferson Lies: Exposing the Myths You've Always Believed about Thomas Jefferson
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The Jefferson Lies: Exposing the Myths You've Always Believed about Thomas Jefferson

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America, in so many ways, has forgotten. Its roots, its purpose, its identity―all have become shrouded behind a veil of political correctness bent on twisting the nation's founding, and its founders, to fit within a misshapen modern world.

The time has come to remember again.

In "The Jefferson Lies," prominent historian David Barton sets out to correct the distorted image of...more
Hardcover, 304 pages
Published April 10th 2012 by Thomas Nelson Publishers (first published January 1st 2012)
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Mike (the Paladin)
While I'm not a "scholar" (I only have a minor in history and all other "learning" on my part has been autodidactic) I'm not so "fussed" about this book as others seem to be. There has been great consternation since it's publication with people lining up and taking sides (largely along political lines) trying to stifle it or keep it in print.

The book is not as I had been led to believe a "tissue of lies". It's an attempt on the part of the author to counter certain modern ideas that have been bu...more
I have had a copy of The Jefferson Lies for a while now in a stack of “to read” books, waiting until I had the time to get to it. But after being made aware of the “controversy” over this book last week I bumped it up on my list and have just finished it. As I expected when I bought the book, I found it to be an indispensible volume of historical facts that had been carefully researched and documented—just like I have come to expect from all of David Barton’s books. In this book we get the chanc...more
Fred Forbes
As Thomas Jefferson's 6th great nephew, I have some interest in the topic and have seen a number of refutations of the Sally Hemings dna "proof" issue in the past few years. But I had not paid as much attention to the charges that Jefferson was a racist, an atheist, that the University of VA which he established was designed as anti-religion, anti-clergy and purely secular. The author takes on each of these assertions, examines them in the context of their time and often in Jefferson's own words...more
Started The Jefferson Lies by David Barton. So far, it is a page turner (despite the numerous footnotes that can distract at times).
History is never written by its actors, and when it comes to "accuracy", it is only as good as the research, analysis and referencing done by the author. David Barton is a strong historian. Even if some claim that he has a religious agenda, I find interesting to review historical periods or people using someone else's looking glass: up to me to decide if I believe i...more
CV Rick
I sat in Barnes and Noble yesterday and read this book. I wouldn't buy - thank God I didn't.

David Barton isn't an historian. He's a preacher. It shows.

It's obvious that his heroes in history didn't exist - but they are still his heroes nonetheless. He creates his heroes out of the past by picking great deeds and then assigning to those deeds men of character and resilience that he would admire in men of the present. Then he assigns those characters the names of those men in the past who accomp...more
You will not find me giving books endorsed y Glenn Beck positive reviews very often. Nor will I buy gold from whatever company he preys on the fears of the elderly for. However, this book recalibrated my views on a central figure in our nations history and would have gotten a fourth star but it was just a little too repetitive for me to give it that one. But every American should read it. I learned some new things, but more importantly, learned things I thought to be true were lies and vice vers...more
James Reyes
Sep 24, 2012 James Reyes rated it 1 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Nobody
Shelves: garbage
All I can say is, "What a pile of unscholarly horseshit!" The list of easily verifiable inaccuracies is beyond baffling. Barton is no more a historian than I am an aerospace engineer.
The most interesting part of this book is how he describes the historical malpractice used by historians. The first is deconstructionism. Deconstructionism is the practice of tearing down heroes and institutions. The second practice employed by historians is Post structuralism. Post structuralism is the belief that each individual interprets history by himself using only his/her personal feelings to judge it. The third is Modernism which is judging history in today’s context. The fourth is Minim...more
Pierre A Renaud
Kerry Nietz
Prior to reading this book, I had only surface-level knowledge of Thomas Jefferson. I knew he was an important and central figure in the founding of America, and I also suspected he was an intellectual genius.

There were many things I’d heard about him that troubled me, though, too. I knew he owned slaves. I’d heard the rumors about illegitimate children. Vaguely remembered there was a movie with that premise. (Never saw it.) I also was used to hearing that he was a deist, or possibly an atheist...more
John Martindale
I didn't know about the controversy surrounding the book until I got online to write a review. It looks like for political reasons, the publishers gave into pressure and pulled the book. As a result, many now get the pleasure of dismiss this book as a pile of BS without even reading it. On amazon there are multitudes of petty reviews by people who merely got on to bloat over the fact that a book by a Christian author was pulled off the shelf. It really is sad, for "The Jefferson Lies" is incredi...more
In addition to the historical errors, this book suffers from two primary problems:

First, there is significant weight to the argument that Barton is responding to straw men. While he claims to be responding to the “twentieth-century practices that now dominate the study of American history and its heroes: Deconstructionism, Poststructuralism, Modernism, Minimalism, and Academic Collectivism.” (xvi), an examination of his footnotes tells a very different story. For chapters 3-7, Barton takes a spe...more
In this book David Barton tries to convince the reader that Jefferson was an extremely religious man and that all of his decisions were based on divine intervention (not really, just me exaggerating). It is really disheartening to see this "Jefferson debate" taking place. It seems that the atheists want to paint him with the "I am a secular" brush and the religious fanatics want to pain him with the "I am a Saint" brush. Neither one suits me at this point in time. I believe that Jefferson was a...more
Sandra Strange
Everyone who is interested in history ought to read this well documented book that shows how very UNobjective historians are in their portrayals of historical figures and events. This author shows how so much of the modern view of Jefferson is just plain WRONG. The book documents each lie, quotes modern historians that accept and repeat the lie, quote MULTIPLE documents that show that the opposite is actually true, then shows how the lie originated, quoting letters and contemporary documents and...more
Excellent read! The author, David Barton goes straight to the source for information: 1) Thomas Jefferson's own writings, 2) Jefferson family writings, 3) Friends & Acquaintenances of Jefferson, their writings, 4) Newspaper articles of the period, 5) Historical sequences based on fact rather than modern conjecture; this he documents solidly.

No wonder those who want to re-write history (revisionist), especially Jefferson's history are up in arms about this book. It's even more interesting tha...more
Blain Dillard
Do you remember when you first heard that Jefferson fathered a child by his 14 year old slave mistress, Sally Hemming? Coincidentally, that widely reported news story was broken right in the midst of Bill Clinton's Monica Lewinsky scandal, written by a "scientist" against the impeachment of the then President. What you may not know was that story was later debunked and retracted, and of course, that was scarcely reported. Such are the insights found in The Jefferson Lies. I found this book a ver...more
Author Barton clearly, convincingly, and compellingly ... with tons of documentation ... debunks and defeats some critical current conceptions we've been inculturated to think about Thomas Jefferson. Barton's apologetic addresses issues including allegations of Jefferson's paternity of several of his slave-girl Sally Hemmings, the secularity of U.of Virginia, TJ's supposed championing of separation of church and state, authoring his own "bible", and of course his anti-Christian deism. Barton len...more
As in all of David Barton's books (at least the ones that I've read), EVERYTHING is thoroughly documented, which I appreciate. It does make the reading slightly tedious, but while reading, you know you are truly getting the facts. Even though I thought I knew quite a lot about Jefferson, this book made me realize what a great man he was, not perfect, but a thinker who knew what he believed and why. I especially appreciated the refutation of the Hemmings story, and the reasoning behind WHY Jeffer...more
Sandy Shin
I picked up this book because of the promises made by the seller,all of which were as full of lies and misstatements as the book itself.

This is a book I threw away, along with the others I'd bought at the same time by this liar. The only hopeful news I can give is that, in this day of easy fact checking, it will be so much harder for someone to get away with distortions, omissions and willful lying in order to rewrite history to his own twisted point of view.

Double check everything David Barton...more
Aug 29, 2014 Jim marked it as do-not-read
Shelves: historical
Junk history.

Barton’s abrupt, and short-lived, fall from grace began with the publication in April 2012 of his book “The Jefferson Lies,” which portrays Thomas Jefferson as an orthodox Christian who saw no need to separate church and state.

Secular critics had long denounced Barton as a fraud who manipulates and misrepresents history to serve political goals. With the publication of “The Jefferson Lies,” several dozen academics at Christian colleges stepped forward to join the chorus.

Led by Warr
David Barton isn't a historian. I don't know. This book somehow left me the impression that he just wrote this book to manipulate history. Or mythology. Or maybe both of them. He tried to show off as heroes people that were incapable of achieving something worthy of being read. If all these "heroes" were alive today, they would publicly accuse Barton that he made them look like idiots.
2 out of 5 stars, only because the plot was somewhat interesting. I'd definitely not recommend it to anyone.
John Ellis
The deception in this book is so blatant and absurd that it would be slightly amusing if I didn't have family and friends who have swallowed Barton's balderdash.

I read this book with my copies of Jefferson's letters beside me, constantly referencing those letters. Barton's lies are often so obvious as to be puzzling. Unwilling to ascribe motive, I'm not going to speculate as to Barton's endgame. I do, however, encourage people to check Barton's claims against Jefferson's own words.
Phill Wright
I just finished this book. David Barton did a great job dispelling many of the myths and lies about Thomas Jefferson. It renewed my faith in "true" history. I am sick and tired of the revisionists who try to change our history to meet their political agenda. This book busts all of their lies about one of our greatest US Presidents, Thomas Jefferson. This book is more of a list of facts and answers to questions, than it is a historical narrative. It was easy to read and follow.
John Lefevre
So far this is an interesting book that looks at the rumor and innuendo surrounding this president and tries to clarify the air. I am still a little on the fence since I normally am guarded about books where Glen Beck does the forward and the author has a professed religious agenda, but I am staying objective, and Willa update the review at the end. The first part about Jefferson having potentially fathered Sally's children was excellent.
Oct 02, 2012 Alicia added it
I've made it through one chapter and I am thoroughly enjoying myself. Did you know that Jefferson established a church to be held on the Senate floor on Sundays and it became so popular that 2,000 people called themselves members?
Who is Thomas Jefferson?
If you've been educated at a public school it is likely you do not know. For instance, did Jefferson have slaves? This book answers that question and many more. It also gives some insight into the facts behind the questions. Barton uses many original document quotes to support his argument that modern reconstructionist history is inaccurate and intentionally deceptive. Virginia law back-in-the-day did not allow individuals to free their slaves. The penalties for violatin...more
Aug 13, 2012 Dean marked it as to-read
I'd like to read this but I can't seem to find a copy. Anyone know why or have a copy??
I know this book has garnered some controversy. That is one of the reasons I wanted to read it. Writing history is always a daunting task. Is an author getting the real accurate portrayal of the person or are things being taken out of context and used to further an author's thesis or agenda? This book hits on several things that are dear to the hearts of Americans regarding Jefferson. Is he an american hero or a villain. So many claims are made about Jefferson and usually to support a current vi...more
I've seen David Barton live and on TV programs throughout the years. He is an amazing historian. Barton addresses a number of lies that have been spread about Jefferson and addresses them piece by piece. He covers every angle and supports his arguments with actual quotes (imagine that!); this book is well-researched and heavily documented. I am constantly amazed how others in academia get away with excluding documentation and/or simply quote other academics rather than actual sources. Barton is...more
"The Jefferson Lies: Exposing the Myths You've Always Believed about Thomas Jefferson" was time well spent. This is not a dry account but a well written narrative with understandable logic, good citations and justification for the conclusions made.

The book filled in a lot of blank spaces I had regarding some of these myths like whether he fathered children through a slave woman he owned. He didn't. I actually didn't think he did but through logic and citations and DNA evidence, David Barton dem...more
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David Barton is the Founder and President of WallBuilders, a national pro-family organization that presents America's forgotten history and heroes, with an emphasis on our moral, religious and constitutional heritage.

WallBuilders is a name taken from the Old Testament writings of Nehemiah, who led a grassroots movement to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem and restore its strength and honor. In the sa...more
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