Tempest (Tempest, #1)
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Tempest (Tempest #1)

3.73 of 5 stars 3.73  ·  rating details  ·  8,695 ratings  ·  1,721 reviews
Manhattan, 2009. Il diciannovenne Jackson Meyer è dotato della facoltà di viaggiare nel tempo. Una mattina, due uomini fanno irruzione nella camera della sua fidanzata Holly e le sparano; Jackson assiste impotente alla scena e, in preda al panico, salta nel tempo, ma si ritrova bloccato nel 2007, senza più riuscire a tornare nel presente. Così decide di rivivere il passato...more
Copertina rigida, 393 pages
Published November 3rd 2011 by Fanucci (first published 2011)
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Wendy Darling
I think that a lot of readers are going to enjoy Tempest a lot more than I did, judging by the insane marketing efforts planned for this book and by the early reactions I've seen. And to be fair, this is a very readable novel that kept me turning pages so fast you'd think I was eating potato chips. (view spoiler) Unfortunately, my own overall reading experience was a very frustrating one be...more
Emily May

I hate giving out one star ratings. I really hate it. And thankfully it doesn't occur too often because most books have something redeeming about them, something that I can think "yeah, the book wasn't great, but I enjoyed that one bit". I'm afraid I couldn't find this at all in Tempest. Harsh as it may seem, this is one of those novels that I honestly have no clue how it got published. It made no sense, the characters were one-dimensional, parts were misogynistic... and to top it all off, it w...more
Steph Sinclair

Until the last ten percent of Tempest, I was resigned to giving it one lonely star and, for once, not having even an inkling to pick up its sequels. I truly believe some people will be captivated with the story Julie Cross has woven together because it's not a bad book, it 's just not a good book either. In all honesty, this is more of a 1.5 star book simply reliant on the principle that it just wasn't for me. However, it really doesn’t fit on my 1.5 star shelf, which is home to some pretty crap...more
Everybody Seems to Like Tempest But Me Picture

Now that there are a few other people with ratings near mine, I don't feel like the only dissenter in a field of praise.
Jun 25, 2011 Lora marked it as maybe  ·  review of another edition
Update as of 6/25/11: Okay, is it just me or are they trying to mimic the cover for Hush, Hush? And the title? Wasn't Tempest the original title for Silence, the final book in the Hush, Hush series? Geesh! - copycat much?
Time travel is a very tricky subject to get into. (Look at the epic failure of Lost for example). There is the usual paradox of, if we go back in time then what happens must already have happened to make us go back. As well as the endless time loop theories. Tempest battles this with separate timelines. So now my questions are: if we change timeline, then what happens to our self in the original timeline? Does a fake us keep living there? If not, is it as if we never existed there, or do people...more
This review also appears on Gypsy Book Reviews.

Tempest is the book being buzzed about in the YA blogosphere. I’d jump whenever I saw somebody talking about it, reading about it, Julie Cross talking about it… I wanted to read this book and I would make time travel to the future possible in order to read the book right now.

October, 2011 I found out it was on NetGalley. I requested and squealed three days later when I was accepted. I’d read the first four chapters and dying to know what came next.

Crystal Starr Light
Time Traveler's Wife + Jumper

NOTE: Provided via Amazon Vine Program.

Jackson Meyer has a unique ability: he can jump into the past. But his jumps are only a few minutes or hours into the past, and nothing he does there affects the present. His perception of his abilities change when two men barge in on him and his girlfriend, Holly, and shoot her. Now Jackson is desperately learning what is special about him and how he can use his abilities to save Holly.

I initially selected this book because it...more
Maja (The Nocturnal Library)
Forget everything you know about time travel…

I’ll start this one with a confession: time travel stuff makes little to no sense to me. It’s true, my mathematical-logical intelligence is lower than my shoe size, and when I try to make sense of all the time lines and paradoxes, I get this throbbing headache in my temples that refuses to go away. Because of that, the opening sentence (Jackson’s words to Holly) meant very little to me – I knew next to nothing to begin with, but I’m happy to say that...more
This story is like a roller-coaster ride, the fun kind where you don’t want to get off! (Not the kind that leave you with the mother-of-all-headaches and nauseated, thinking why, oh why did I get on?!) Anyways…..yes, the fun kind where you don’t want it to end. I wanted this story to go on and on, to find out what happens next!!

Jackson Meyer is a nineteen year-old college student with an oh-so-sweet girlfriend, Holly, living in the year 2009. Jackson seems like the typical normal teenager excep...more
I do want to read this. I love the Butterfly Effect films, about time-jumpers. But I don't want to read it if it's similar to The Butterfly Effect. Everyone's saying 'this is so unique!' And apparently the narrator can't change anything in the past that he jumps to. So he'd just be getting younger and younger, right? Cos he can ONLY jump backwards. And then re-live his life. And jump backwards again.

I know, I haven't read it yet. It doesn't make sense to me. Even if he can't affect what happens...more
Nov 02, 2011 Arlene rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Arlene by: Publisher ARC Give-away
In Tempest Jackson Meyer carries a recessive gene known as the Tempest gene. This gene is capable of producing certain symptoms or abilities such as time travel and advanced memory. When Jackson begins to experiment with his new found abilities, he’s faced with the dangers that come with time jumping and exposes himself to a whole new world filled with lies, intrigue and danger that not only risks those he cares for most, but also the fate of events which he can alter during his time jumps.

Oh, the controversy, oh the response. I really had no idea what to think about this book before I read it after all the stuff that went down. Heh.

The book has an awesome cover and a fabulous premise but, whoa, man. I was totally expecting some greatness with this but I didn’t. So sad, I didn’t. The main problem with this book is the romance aspect of it and the characters.

So, this book, right? It basically revolves around Jackson trying to get his girlfriend back before she got murdered. Honest...more
This book has everything! It is a cross between the Matrix, Conspiracy Theory, and The Bourne series. Very action packed and I have to admit very confusing at times, but in the end all that confusion is well worth it.

What happens in this book is a very intense plot involving several different characters and when you read it, it is like watching a ball of yarn unwind. There are so many secrets that I lost count of how many times I thought I knew something because it turned out to be wrong. I have...more
Michelle Madow
Have you ever read a book that's so amazing, and you love it so much, that you know even the best review can't give the book the justice it deserves?

Tempest was a book like that for me.

I was drawn to Tempest when I saw the "broken flux capacitors" reference in the summary. Back to the Future is my favorite movie ever, so I knew Tempest was going to be a book for me! And I was right. Just like the summary of the book says, the time travel in Tempest doesn't require a DeLorean, flux capacitor, o...more
I really wish I could have enjoyed Tempest more then I did. The concept is really actually cool and I liked most of these characters but I think the way it was delivered ruined it for me. It was erratic, confusing and moved rather quickly and eventually I lost interest and had to skim the rest of the book to finish it.
I am looking forward to seeing this on the big screen though, maybe it'll do better as a visual?

Thanks Crystal for touring this out and Amber for sending it. Sorry I couldn't loved...more
Gwynn White
What a disappointment. Great cover, great premise, poor read. I didn't even finish it. It just wasn't compelling enough. Where to start with review?

Oh... you mean the book had characters? Is that what those card-board cut-outs were? No kidding. Jackson was tedious, Holly unremarkable and Adam stereotyped. And I hated that Jackson refused to tell Holly - the girl of his dreams that he loved so much - about his time travel secret. That sure is the basis for a long and happy life togethe...more

Actual rating: 3.5 stars

When I first saw a copy of Tempest at the library, I spent a few minutes contemplating whether or not I should pick it up. While time travel novels and movies have always interested me and I always had that nagging feeling in the back of my mind that I'd enjoy Tempest after reading its synopsis, the negative reviews it received from trusted friends of mine discouraged me. However, I decided to take a chance and pick up the last copy of Tempest left and see for myself if I...more
♥ Sarah ♥
Oh my goodness this was an incredible book. I couldn't put it down. It's one of those books that pulls you in so quickly and you'll lose hours of time because you become so invested in the world and the characters and the story that nothing else seems to matter at the moment!

Tempest is an incredibly unique story that brings a new version of time travel to the table. If I had to compare it to anything else I would say it sort of feels like a blend between Back to the Future, Time Traveler's Wife,...more
So I was absolutely thrilled when I received not one, but two arcs of this book. I'd been itching to read this for weeks and I was excited that I wouldn't have to wait till January to pick this up. Plus, this book is about time travel AND its from a guy's pov. What's not to love?

Honestly, I enjoyed this Julie Cross's debut more than I thought I would, even if it was different from my original ideas. Other than a few moments where I lost my connection to Jackson and the story, I was really into t...more
Julie Cross's "Tempest" is a book I know I'm going to have a hard time discussing without feeling major pangs of guilt gripping me from the inside, because it should've been a story I enjoyed. I didn't enter the book with any major expectations. The premise seemed interesting, and while weary that the time-travel didn't note any major repercussions or system it was based upon, I jumped in headfirst anyway. Because as long as the author makes it work within his/her own systemic plotting, it shoul...more
Joy (joyous reads)
Firstly, the cover instantly reminded me of an angel story so I wasn’t really gung-ho on reading this book. There’s just something about the boy and a girl falling from the sky that immediately scream angels to me. But when I read the synopsis, the time traveling element piqued my enthusiasm. Once I was in the thick of things, I was unable to look away from the pages and was quickly drawn into Jackson’s world.

Tempest is told through Jackson’s point of view, which makes this book doubly awesome....more
I loved Tempest! It was really nice to read something that is different than most books out there for young adults. It slightly reminded me of the movie Jumper, but with time travel. This book is filled with so much action and adventure that I couldn't put it down. The ending completely broke my heart. The worst part of Tempest is that I have to wait till 2013 for the second book to come out. Tempest was a great book, I'm so glad I had the chance to read it.
Colleen Houck
I am a huge fan of time travel novels and this one traveled with the best of them. There were so many twists, turns, and jumps, I had a hard time keeping them straight. I really like the cover. They did a great job designing it. I think Adam was my favorite character. I have a thing for computer nerds. =)
Rating: 2.5 stars
Year of release: 2012
POV: Masculin

This is no Ruby Red.

Though, time-travel is a complex subject that isn't easy to write of. For those who don't like time-travel, science fiction and/or reckless main characters, I'd say don't bother reading this book.

The characters

The nineteen years old MC, Jackson, is as impulsive as one can be and becomes predictable throughout the book (which gets really boring). I truly prefered the POV of Ethan Wate from Beautiful Creatures. There was...more
Jen (The Starry-Eyed Revue)
Maybe my expectations for this book were too high, or maybe it was just too hyped to begin with, but I just couldn’t connect to the characters or the story the way I would have liked. I love the whole aspect of time travel, but rather than be mysterious and science-fictiony (yup, another review where I make up my own words) like I had anticipated, it felt more like a rip-off of that movie Jumper. And not in a good way.

The premise is intriguing, though not all that original. However, the time tra...more
Imagine what would happen if The Time Traveller's Wife by Audrey Niffeneger, and Jumper by Steven Gould had a baby. The result would be Tempest by Julie Cross.

Tempest introduces us to Jackson, a boy gifted with the ability to travel back into his own past, but only as far as six hours ago. He can pop back at any time, and luckily for him there are no consequences whatsoever for the present day. No paradoxes, no alternate selves walking around, and nobody with déjà-vu.

I will admit that this is k...more
Jess (Gone with the Words)
Read this review on my blog and enter for a chance to win ARC of this book! --> Tempest by Julie Cross

When I began reading, I didn’t realize just how much time traveling, or jumping, Jackson would be doing. I was worried that I would be confused or get lost by him going back and forth so often, but it was not the case at all. The book flows brilliantly with no hiccups in its pacing.

As you may have noticed, this book is narrated by a boy. That’s right! We don’t have nearly enough YA books narr...more
Stephanie (Stepping out of the Page)
2.5 stars.

With it's beautiful cover and interesting title, I was really eager to get my hands on a copy of Tempest by Julie Cross. Unfortunately, I didn't find the contents to be as pleasing as the dust jacket. That's not to say that the book is completely bad - I can see the appeal of it to others, but it just wasn't for me.

The premise is certainly an interesting one as our protagonist is a teenage boy, Jackson, who can time-travel. I love the idea of time-travel but it can also be quite confus...more

It took forever to get things going but once I was more than just a little interested, the story ended (and in a dramatic fashion, might I add.) Normally, YA’s told from the boy’s POV are a win for me. Yet, even with Jackson being believable (sometimes likeable and sometimes not, ) I can’t say that I liked his story. Everything just took too long and towards the end, everything was a bit… too much.

He’s a boy with a lot of money as well as good fortune on his side. He’s also a boy who’d di...more
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I'm the author of the YA sci-fi trilogy, the Tempest series (St. Martin's Press). I'm also the author of the YA contemporary novel, Letters To Nowhere.

But even more importantly than the above, I'm a fan of books and an avid reader/reviewer. Keep in mind, however, that a review is just one person's opinion, one perspective. My goal is to show as much bias in my reviews as possible because this mak...more
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