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Victorious (The Lost Fleet, #6)
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Victorious (The Lost Fleet #6)

4.06 of 5 stars 4.06  ·  rating details  ·  7,249 ratings  ·  230 reviews
The last book in the Lost Fleet Series
Kindle Edition, 350 pages
Published August 7th 2011 by Titan Books (first published April 19th 2010)
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Mr. Matt
The story of Admiral Geary the Lost Fleet comes to a close. Wracked by massive losses in the war, and with their economy pushed to the brink, the Syndicate worlds collapse into chaos. Star system after star system is engulfed in Civil War. Into this fray, the newly promoted Fleet Admiral Geary leads the Alliance forces to the Syndicate home system for the final battle to end this hundred year war.

The remnants of the Syndicate fleet are waiting for Geary. They are led by the same ruthless, cunnin
Finally, it is over. This series should have been half the size it ended up being. Why, because it repeated. Then the next failing of the author, it repeated. So all these extra pages, were just rehashes of scenes that had already taken place with a new noun to show that it was a different place, but the same thing happening, or all the characters talking about how that thing that happened before was just like this, or do you remember the thing that happened, let me refresh your memory by descri ...more
Mike (the Paladin)
Okay...great book, great series. I almost went down to 4 stars because of the continuing underlying love story, the unspoken (because of honor) love of Black Jack ("I'm not Black Jack") for the Captain. Still, handled well and I got passed it. At least it wasn't still with our resident politician who has been one of the great annoyances in this series, neither did the love story overwhelm the storyline.

Still one of the better military/semi-space opera reads I've come across. Dealing with two lo
Dirk Grobbelaar
At last – it’s come to this. The final instalment in the Lost Fleet series, except I see there is a new sequence that’s just kicked off with Dreadnaught. Not quite sure what that is about even though I can garner a good guess, but for now, this is where the metal meets the meat.

For a final book in a military Sci-Fi series, Victorious is perhaps a bit subdued, at first glance. There are none of the huge space battles, which pretty much defined the series up to this point, for the full first half
Kat  Hooper
Originally posted at FanLit:

Victorious is the sixth and last book in Jack Campbell’s original LOST FLEET series. (If you haven’t read the previous books, you’ll want to read them before reading this review.)

Captain Black Jack Geary and the Alliance fleet have finally arrived, battered and bruised, to their home in the Alliance system and Geary’s feet touch ground for the first time in 100 years. Not surprisingly, the Alliance senate is leery of Geary (ugh,
Benjamin Thomas
This is the final book of the “Lost Fleet” series featuring Captain “Black Jack” Geary, and as such, it has a lot of wrapping up to do. The Lost Fleet has finally made it home, Captain Geary has left a trail of destroyed and/or embarrassed Syndicate war ships in his wake, and it is time to see what is next.

Geary has built such a fine reputation over the course of bringing the Lost Fleet home and has built so much power that he could, if he so chooses, take over and become the political leader o
The 6 books in this series (the lost fleet) could probably be compressed into two or three books. Each paperback is about 300 pages long, but it feels that much less is happening in each book than the number of pages would suggest.

The strategic parts and the description of battles near light speed are really thought provoking, fun, and easily the best part of the series.

On the other hand, the characters (with a few exceptions) are poor, and the romantic subplots are even worse. The author's idea
The last in the series and I can say that it ended well. Just a bit of comment about the overall series first. These six books could have been reduced to five or even four. Really I wouldn't have been disappointed with three. But I did enjoy them for most part. The characters were repeating themselves a little too much, kind of like an old married couple that has been having the same argument for years. The love triangle was getting a little worn out. But enough of that negativity. The space bat ...more
Ce sixième tome clôture réellement (par opposition aux fausses fins de ... par exemple ... la pénible sage d'Honor Harrington) les aventures de Jack Geary, capitaine (et ensuite amiral) de la flotte, qui a botté les fesses des syndics à peu près partout où il passait, pour finir par les forcer à la paix dans leur système spatial central. Evidement, la bataille sera monumentale, mais elle ne sera rien à côté de deux phénomèmes si typiques de ce genre de SF : l'attaque des méchants extra-terrestre ...more
Hali Sowle
The final book in the Lost Fleet series clears up all of the threads that have been lurking. We finally get to an end of the war between the Alliance and the Syndicate, and Jack Campbell does it in such a way that it is never really obvious what is going to happen. The book starts after "Black Jack"'s return to Alliance space and after he saves what is left of the Alliance fleet at Varandal from the Syndicate, but there are members fo the Grand Council who think, despite his protests that he doe ...more
W. Derek Atkins
just finished reading the entire Lost Fleet Series (the first six books), and thoroughly enjoyed every book! Jack Campbell has crafted a story arc with many layers, each of which is well-developed. There's plenty of military action, political intrigue, personal conflict, unrequited love, and character development. The entire Lost Fleet universe is well-developed and believable. I also very much appreciate the moral dimension of these stories, for throughout the entire series, Captain John "Blac ...more
Gareth Lewry
Originally reviewed on Short Rambling Reviews

This is the final instalment of the Lost Fleet series. It neatly wraps things up in more ways than one. As individual books they don't particularly stand out, they have the same formulaic combat scenes, while it is an interesting take on space warfare, it is much the same in this book as the rest of the series. However as an overall series it is well worth investing the time in to read, the universe is rich and in my opinion well realised.

There is als
I made it to the "end" of the Lost Fleet series!

This book covers the conclusion of the Syndic/Alliance war and, of course, the beginning of the Enigmatic War. The story here, particularly the first half, shows the flashes of brilliance that kept me coming back over the course of six books. There are some great moments as the fleet returns to grapple with the Syndics and a plot twist that I genuinely didn't see coming, but once that little story arc comes to a close it kind of feels like the rest
I enjoy Science Fiction – but I never thought that I would read six books in a row! (I probably never will again.) The Lost Fleet series really dragged me in. Victorious is the last one. (As I have said before, Lost Fleet is actually one long book, maybe two.) Along the way, I think “Jack Campbell” (a pseudonym), became a better writer.

Following a brilliant return to his home star system, will the legendary battleship Captain Black Jack Geary be received well by his civilian leaders? Will our he
Joshua Palmatier
This is the sixth and last book in the Lost Fleet series by Jack Campbell. As I've said on previous reviews of this series, I don't generally like military sci-fi, but this series grabbed hold of me and wouldn't let go. I was intrigued from the very first book and none of the books in the series let me down even a little.

The general premise of the series is that John "Black Jack" Geary, woken from a 100 year hibernation after barely making it to an escape pod as his ship was destroyed, takes con
If I just review the writing you'll get the impression that I didn't like this book or the series, but nothing could be further from the truth. The writing isn't the best, but I really enjoyed the book and the series. This is an interesting ride and a good conclusion to the series. I'm glad I listened to it (audio book). The end drags a little and sometimes the "Admiral" is a little too set on the right path, but that's not what this book or series is about. This is about leadership and the "lon ...more
Zachary Machardy
To write one summary review for the previous 4 books - spaceships shoot lasers at each other (pew pew) in a novel where the author goes to great lengths to account for the time and space dilation that relativity and close to light space travel would necessarily occur. One of the most godawful romance plots ever written happens between battles (try not writing conversations in the same way you describe [space]naval engagements!).

Nonetheless, the books were thoroughly enjoyable, and they served a
Michael In A Galaxy Far Far Away...
My only complaint is that I don't have another Black Jack Geary book to read!
A satisfying end to the 6 book series. The depictions of space warfare are very similar to what C. J. Cherryh showed us in her Company Wars series. Except that Cherryh's stories were almost always dealing with one or a handful of ships. The Lost Fleet series shows space warfare from a Fleet Commander's seat.

But the basics are about the same, Missiles/Rockets and Simple weapons like "Grapeshot" (just large ball bearings shot like buckshot, only at traveling at something like .1 light speed), with
Brian Clay
First things first... Every book in this series retraces some of the events of the previous books; being the sixth book there are a lot of these little moments. Some readers have complained about this and when I first encountered it I was mildly annoyed, please understand that I read the first 5 books in a single weekend about 18 months ago. I was annoyed because I had just read about all of that stuff and now the author is spending valuable words on rehash. When I ran across the recaps after th ...more
I found the author's habit of constantly repeating what had gone before or how things worked was really wearing a trifle thin. Do we honestly need to know how the conferencing software works every time the hero has a conference? Why do I have to be told ever other chapter that Black Jack woke up after a hundred years in survival sleep? I can understand that the author does it so new readers can just pick up the book but there really is a limit to how much is required. You can't help but being le ...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Victorious, how aptly named, in that that’s pretty much the only thing that happened, victory. Yay? Well, no. Not yay because it’s not interesting. The odds throughout the story continually change drastically in the favor of the Alliance fleet to the point where nothing is a real challenge anymore, and anything that potentially posed itself as a problem was either too big to actually fight or an act of deception. It’s impossible to fight the story-equivalent of a nuclear bomb once it’s already d ...more
Not a bad way to end the six book series at all. I clearly see how the writer leads into the next little sub-series set in this universe and I'm absolutely sure that I will be reading those as well although this is a good breaking point for a while so that I don't get too burned out. Too much of a series can be a bad thing.

As usual, if you're a fan of military science fiction you won't be disappointed with this book. Campbell does a really good job of making his characters seem human even when,
Melissa Proffitt
Victorious is a good conclusion to Jack Campbell's The Lost Fleet series, turning it from being about a war against a human enemy to being the beginning of a conflict with an alien one. There were a few times that that turning point felt a little anticlimactic because almost all the fighting that brings an end to the war happens in the first five books, but the final battle in the Syndic home system was plenty serious enough to at least make the Alliance victory satisfying. Although (view spoile ...more
Book number 6.

In which Admiral Geary, fresh on the heels of his victorious return to Alliance Space, convinces the powers in charge that he needs to go back to Syndicate territory to kick their butts for the final time AND take on the unknown alien race. The Good Admiral can Do No Wrong. Except in the mind Vice Co-President Rione who's still not entirely convinced he can remain the good guy. We have Epic Space Battles, Unrequited Love, and Aliens Knocking at the Door.

Two complaints. One: an Ad
ok then instead of writing a review for each book I've decided that I am going to sum things up in this one compiled version, cause honestly the issues are the same in all six books

Right off the bat the main problem I have with this series is it being six books, it could easily have been completed in three.
Another problem I had was the lack of depth in the crew and other supporting characters in the book, the writer had 6 books to give them more of a say and story but nope, it was only the hero
So that's that. Victorious ending the six part saga with great penance and brilliance. A great ending to a great series.

At first when I started this book I was somewhat put off by it's contents; the Lost Fleet had seemingly finished the main aim of the series, yet somehow Campbell/Hemry was adding another one on. While I admit that there were loose ends to tie up, I was wary that it may have been another way of squeezing some more mileage from the story. What's more, this feeling that it wa
Daniel Cann
Book six of ‘The Lost Fleet’ series sees Captain ‘Black Jack’ Geary finally back in Alliance space where he is promoted to fleet admiral – even though the ruling council are terrified that he may stage a military coup.

Geary’s new rank means that he has the authority to negotiate with the Syndics, who have suffered tremendous losses and may finally be willing to end the war. Geary leads the fleet out all too aware that a greater alien threat lurks on the far side of Syndic occupied space.

I confes
Eric Allen
The Lost Fleet Book 6
By Jack Campbell

A Review by Eric Allen

I promised a real review on the final book of The Lost Fleet, no matter how much repeating of points made in my review of the first book I may have to do, and here it is.

After months of fighting their way through Syndic space, the Alliance Fleet under the command of Captain Geary has at last reached home. His fleet is all but out of fuel, has sustained massive damage, and taken heavy losses. But in doing so, they have crippled
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Jack Campbell is a pseudonym for American science fiction author John G. Hemry.

Librarian Note: There is more than one author in the GoodReads database with this name. See this thread for more information.

John G. Hemry is an American author of military science fiction novels. Drawing on his experience as a retired United States Navy officer, he has written the Stark's War and Paul Sinclair series.
More about Jack Campbell...
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