XO: A Kathryn Dance Novel
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XO: A Kathryn Dance Novel (Kathryn Dance #3)

3.69 of 5 stars 3.69  ·  rating details  ·  4,235 ratings  ·  578 reviews
COUNTRY-POP INGÉNUE Kayleigh Towne’s career is just reaching new heights with her huge hit single “Your Shadow”—but increased fame is also bringing unwanted attention. An innocent exchange with one of her fans, signed with an “XO,” leads Kayleigh into the dangerous and terrifying realm of obsession.

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Published June 12th 2012 by Simon & Schuster Audio (first published 2012)
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Debdatta D. Sahay (b00k r3vi3ws)
Kayleigh Towne is a rising country pop star. She is gorgeous and she is talented. Her single ‘Your shadow’ has put her under the spotlight of the world – just like she wanted. But it also brings her into the focus of a crazy stalker. Her standard signature ‘XO’ means a bit more than what it is to a particular fan. At her concert the fan warns her that he is coming for her and soon accidents and deaths surround Kayleigh. Luckily Kayleigh has a friend, Kathryn Dance, she can turn to. Kathryn, who...more
Janie Johnson
I was so glad I did a reread on this book. It was even better the second time around. I have read 4 Deaver books so far, and I have enjoyed all of them. Three of those 4 were the Kathryn Dance series. And I gotta say that this one is my favorite of the 3. And I look forward to whatever others he adds to this series.

A great premise to the story that can keep your mind reeling and keep you guessing with the turn of every page. I quite literally could not put the book down. Deaver has the knack fo...more
This is what I love about Jeffrey Deaver...multiple climaxes. No, not like THAT...get your mind out of the gutter, we're talking about literature here! What I mean is, he will write a fantastic twist ending that you never saw coming, yet makes perfect sense in the context of the novel. It would be a satisfying ending to any novel...but in a Deaver book, this happens when there are about 200 pages left, and three or four more such twists to look forward to. And the most beautiful part? That even...more
Matt Allen
I'm a little worried about Deaver.

He's written some of the most well-crafted plots I've ever read. His novels are typically engaging, and I can always count on him to get me back on track if I'm coming off a subpar story. That said, the last three Deavers I've read confirm my growing concern.

Is he too comfortable? Not feeling challenged anymore?

The last Rhyme I read, The Burning Wire, was the first time I've been a little disappointed in that series. But both Roadside Crosses, and now XO, hav...more
John Bunyan
I picked this up from the bargain table at Barnes and Noble. It is the third novel featuring Katherine Dance. I have not read the first 2 though I did read the Lincoln Rhyme story she is in and she was in one of the short stories I read recently. I don't like her as much as Lincoln Rhyme but maybe because I can always picture him as Denzel Washington and I don't have a clear picture of her. Anyway the story is pretty good, about a stalker following a country singer and ... Maybe ... Trying to ki...more
-#3 of the Kathryn Dance Series-This was disappointing. Deaver is usually a master at his work. This, however, was a total bomb. I got the impression that he was writing this to fit his desire to highlight the music industry aspect of his plot. It was like he manipulated his plot and his characters to fit his theme. It was a poor choice. All of a sudden Kathryn has a hobby of recording eccentric music from rural California and posting on her website? She is friends with a very young country musi...more
Amanda Patterson
Kayleigh Towne, a beautiful young singing superstar, signs her fan mail XO.
Most fans realise this is a form email sent to millions, but Edwin Sharp loves Kayleigh a little more than the average fan. And that XO means everything to him. Edwin sends gifts, mails messages to her private address and he knows everything about her. When he arrives in Fresno for a concert, Kayleigh and her entourage are stunned.
Kathryn Dance, music lover, is in town. Dance is a police officer, an agent with the Califor...more
Ag no sis man Mr Deaver! This book was just too too much. It starts off at a good pace, interesting characters, good dialogue interspersed with interesting facts about the music business and then Gentle Reader Mr Deaver loses his marbles. He writes a convoluted stories with more twists than the Nurburgring racetrack in Germany. Then this happens then that and then the other thing. It was just too many twists. I felt quite tired at the end of this book.
A good surprise twist that works is a joyou...more
Seeley James
XO - Author Jeffery Deaver - 98,000 ~ words, $26.95 HC / $12.99 E

I finished reading XO while sitting in the front row of the Poisoned Pen (our cherished local bookstore) just as Jeffery Deaver took the microphone on stage. Perfect timing! Except … I couldn’t think of any questions to ask him that wouldn’t spoil it for everyone else. So I sat there recalling the day when the book came out. I’d ordered it without a second thought but when I went to pick it up, I read the liner and almost put it ba...more
Yara Hatem
I have decided to summarize my review in points:

1. The moment Lincoln Rhyme came in, and I was like there was no way they could have solved it without him! 4 pages he came in, did his thing, the chart and got out! I have to say that being the fan of Lincoln Ryhme that I am I was happy to see him do his thing.

2. Again and again, Jeffery D. did an amazing job researching the theme of his book, he always gives you the feeling that he really knows what he is talking about, which may not be the case...more
2.5 stars

I expected to like this a lot more but found that there was one twist too many for my liking. Kathryn Dance is on vacation, visiting her country superstar friend, Kayleigh Towne (think Taylor Swift - though oddly enough Swift is mentioned a few times in the novel), who has an obsessive stalker shaking up her world. Dance forces herself into the local investigation as members of Kayleigh's inner circle begin to be killed.

I was excited to read this, as I myself am a huge country fan. Howe...more
I am a huge Jeffrey Deaver fan and this is the first book he has written that I didn't like. The first two Kathryn Dance books were well crafted, suspensful, and held my attention from the first page. This story of a celebrity stalker relentlessly contacting/following a young, pop star in Fresno--a friend of Kathryn's of course--should have been a short story rather than a full blown novel. The plot simply could not sustain a 400 page effort and the writing reflects unnecessary detail of the mus...more
Mystery/Crime Thriller Author or Country Music Wannabe?

“XO” is the third Deaver novel to feature body-language expert Kathyn Dance as leading lady. This somewhat unoriginal story featured Dance as a fan of music star Kayleigh Towne, a Taylor Swift knockoff if there ever was one (even to the extent of copying the infamous Kanye West disruption during one of Swift’s award acceptances). Towne is being mercilessly stalked by an obsessive fan – and when there are a couple of unexpected deaths in her...more
Jul 12, 2014 Mark rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: fans of intelligent whocunnits
Recommended to Mark by: reading "the Bone collector" a long time ago
Firstly I had to google XO when I found out it meant Kisses & Hugs I was more than curious to find out how good this Deaver book was. After my dissapointments with Deavers attempt at a 007 novel and the Lincoln Rhyme novel "Burning wire" I had taken the gentleman of my automatic blind buy list. By sheer accident I found this very cheap HC of XO and decided to give Deaver another go as most of his books were very good reads. And the Kathryn Dance character is an interesting one and the knowle...more
Gloria Feit
Some years ago, Marry Higgins Clark wrote a mystery entitled “You Belong to Me,” which was also the name of a popular song. The plot involved a murderer who slew victims in places mentioned in the song. This is the theme Jeffery Deaver has selected for this latest novel featuring kinesics expert Kathryn Dance, in which forensic specialist Lincoln Rhyme makes merely a cameo appearance.

As the book opens Dance has just finished a particularly difficult case and decides to take some time off, travel...more
Teresa in Ohio
You get what you get from Deaver. I have come to accept he is going to put red herrings all through the plot and the reader needs to sort out which is important and which is misleading. I REALLY thought I had the suspect down cold, but with 100 pages to go I knew something else was going to twist that right out of my mine. This time Kathryn is suppose to be on vacation while researching and recording Latino music. She makes plans to catch up with a family friend who is now a superstar in the cou...more
If Jeffery Deaver writes it, I will come. I won't say this is the best book he's ever written, but it's quite good - perhaps especially for those who read Sleeping Doll, his first featuring investigator Kathryn Dance, or Cold Moon, in which she played a secondary role. Dance also is a friend of Deaver's other very popular character, crack quadreplegic detective Lincoln Rhymes (in the motion picture "The Bone Collector," played by Denzel Washington).

This book is noteworthy in that it is accompani...more
Another Stellar work from Jeffery Deaver, I was excited to read this because I really enjoy the Kathryn Dance series. It is still early in the series so we continue to learn more and more about the character and that to me is the best part. Deaver writes characters who are strong, likeable, interesting, and unforgettable. This book clearly shows his skill as not only a great character writer, but as a suspense writer as well.

The very first part of the book starts out with emails from Edwin Shar...more
A mystery/thriller/stalker/killer read set in the background of music super stardom and fans gone wrong genre.

This is the 3rd in a series by Jeffery Deaver about bad things happening to musicians. I didn't know it was the 3rd one written when I got the book, but I will definitely be reading the first 2.

It is not a continued series but books based on events within the music industry. This one gave no illusion to there being two other books, so you can probably read any of them in whatever order y...more
I just finished reading "XO" by Jeffery Deaver. It is part of his Kathryn Dance series of novels. It was excellent! Mr. Deaver develops truly deep and interesting characters and then spins a tale around them and their interests besides the actual mystery. There is always a story going on at several levels. He weaves his words like a tapestry - beautiful on the front with knots and twists on the backside showing a completely different picture. Both sides are involved in the story telling.

I really liked the plot and all the characters in this novel. Somehow though, it just seemed to drag on and on forever. I think that part of the problem was that, there would be a problem, obviously there was the overall conflict of the novel but more specifially I'm talking about the smaller, seemingly inocuous bumps in the road of the novel, and you would think it'd be something and then it would get solved right away or else, be brushed off as nothing. I felt that this novel lacked a feeling...more
Vicci Audio Nerd
Book: XO

Genre: Thriller/Mystery

Type: Audiobook.

Book rating: ☆☆☆☆

Narration rating: ☆☆☆☆


This book was really good, loads of twists and turns.

It was a HE DID IT.....NO SHE DID IT.....IT MIGHT BE HIM kind of book.

KayLeigh Towne is a singer, a very famous singer from a small town, she has a lot of fans.....One of them likes her a little too much.

Kayleigh has herself a stalker, her friends, family and lawyers know all about him.......

All around her Kayleighs friends and family are getting...more
I read this because my mum gave it to me; possibly the worst reason ever to read a book, it seems. Denver appears obsessed with the fact that every woman in the novel is defined by her reaction to the main character's weight and appearance. Fat women are jealous of her, she can read it in their body language. She is practically perfect in every way. In fact her main dilemma seems to be which handsome man who's widely attracted to her she should shack up with (in order to provide her kids with a...more
The latest novel in Jeffery Deaver's Kathryn Dance series is, as always, full of the twists and turns I have come to associate with Mr. Deaver. This story centers around country music star, Kayleigh Towne (a character who reminded me somewhat of real life country singer, Taylor Swift), and her terrifying encounters with an overly zealous and aggressive fan who seems to be stalking her every move. Complete with an appearance by another popular Deaver character, forensics expert Lincoln Rhyme, thi...more
Raza Syed
Not one of my usual reads. Deaver came highly recommended so I decided to try him out.
The book started off well about a stalker and a country singer. It was intriguing and well paced. The characters were developed fairly well. I really enjoyed about 70 -80 % of the book Then it crashed (for me). There were three major plot twists in the last 40 or so pages ! Really ???
The author let a well crafted plot turn into a one hour Lifetime special - there are plots and subplots introduced and neatly fi...more
I'm not sure why I'm not into Deaver's books. The plots are convoluted to the point of incredulity.
Don't really think I'll read any more of his books.
The publication of a Jeffery Deaver is always a much anticipated event in my house so the sight of this book in the store had me reaching for my bankcard immediately.

I am finding the Kathryn Dance series every bit as absorbing as the Lincoln Rhyme one. The interweaving of the main character's own song verses adds a certain flavour heavily influenced by Deaver's earlier love affair with folk singing.

Lincoln Rhyme and Amelia Sachs make a brief but meaningful appearance keeping the link between the...more
I read this book because I forgot to decline my book club's "Featured Selections" and it arrived the mail. I generally don't care for murder mysteries, so take this review for what it's worth, but I thought the ending was absurd (a plot twist is one thing, but the author went overboard) and that Kathryn Dance is a boring character. I know she was supposed to be torn between the two men in her life and passionate about music, but I didn't feel it. XO did not inspire me to give the murder mystery...more
It has been on my mind to venture out of JD's brilliant Lincoln Rhyme series and try this KD series for a change.

I am not sure though that i find the heroine's ability as body language expert or her "cliched personal live" to be much interesting...

This story is about a young upcoming singer Kayleigh Towne who is being, so far ,stalked by an obsessed fan through e-mails.

Kayleigh is preparing for her upcoming stage performance with her mental peace already taken away by the stalker.

She meets up he...more
Ein guter Thriller. Das war mein erstes Buch des Autors und ich war positiv überrascht! Die Geschichte hat mich von Anfang an gefesselt und mich nicht mehr losgelassen sodass ich es in ein paar Stunden durchgelesen habe ..
Das Thema stalking ist einfach gruselig und da läuft jedem ein Schauer über den Rücken. Auch die Idee mit den Songs fand ich spitze! Man sieht das sich der Autor Mühe gegeben hat.
Positiv fande ich auch das nur 2 Sichtweisen benutzt wurden. . Bei vielen Thrillern wird das mein...more
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Jeffery Deaver was born outside of Chicago in 1950. His father was an advertising copywriter and his mother was a homemaker. Deaver worked as a magazine writer, then, to gain the background needed to become a legal correspondent for The New York Times or Wall Street Journal, he enrolled at Fordham Law School. In 1990 he started to write full time. Deaver has been nominated for six Edgar Awards fro...more
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