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Hex Appeal (Phoenix Chronicles; The Shadowfae Chronicles, #4.5; Kate Daniels, #5.6; The Dresden Files, #11.9)
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Hex Appeal (Phoenix Chronicles)

3.84 of 5 stars 3.84  ·  rating details  ·  2,467 ratings  ·  270 reviews
Fall under the intoxicating spell of their hex appeal…

In the magical world that lies hidden beneath our own, witches and conjurers play deadly games. They know just the right spell to kill a man with one kiss—or raise him back again. And they’re not afraid to exact sweet revenge on those who dare to cross them. But what if you’re the unlucky soul who falls victim to a conj...more
Paperback, 1st Edition, 356 pages
Published June 5th 2012 by St. Martin's Griffin
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Of the 9 stories, two didn't really appeal to me. In fact, if it weren't for those two stories, I'd rank this as a 4.5 or 5. Arguably the best anthology I've ever read!

The Bigfoot story by Jim Butcher was absolutely superb! The method of delivery was clever, the characters were very quickly given depth and likability, (no small feat in a short story), the action was brisk, and the humor elicited a number of chuckles. The man truly is a genius at story telling!

The stories by Illona Andrews, Simon...more
I have to say that I am becoming such an Ilona Andrews fan girl that any anthology that has a story by them has an immediate leg up. While Andrews story was my favorite, there were enough other entertaining hexy shorts to make this a worthwhile collection for me.

In the order that I read them...

Bigfoot on Campus - Jim Butcher, Harry Dresden short, this is episode number three of "Harry and the son of Bigfoot" -Irwin's dad has a vision of his son in lethal trouble and again sends Harry in to pinc...more
Alyssa Ricks
Retribution Clause, Ilona Andrews - 4.5 Stars This story takes place in the Kate Daniels world, but follows characters we've never met before. The main character is Saiman's cousin, but a very different personality (he prefers his true form and subdues it with a magic watch to go unnoticed) and with less magic. He works for an insurance company and when a woman is murdered by her husband he and his partner are assigned to carry out the retribution clause in her life insurance policy within 11 ho...more
All Things Urban Fantasy
Review courtesy of All Things Urban Fantasy

Another solid supernatural anthology featuring some of the biggest names in urban fantasy.

Retribution Clause by Ilona Andrews (Kate Daniels’ world)

The magical world of the Kate Daniels series is unparalleled in urban fantasy. Truly. So it was great fun to read a story that takes place across the country from Kate’s Atlanta in Philadelphia. There are no character crossovers, but the hero is Saiman’s cousin and also a frost giant. The characters are impre...more
Rating and review for the Ilona Andrew's story, Retribution Clause, only.

Have you ever experienced that crushing moment of confusion and disappointment when you open a story expecting a beloved character name to jump out at you and receive something completely different? Thus was my reaction to the first paragraphs of Retribution Clause by Ilona Andrews. Adam? Color me confused, particularly since I’ve been reading Mercy Thompson as of late and firmly have that particular UF Adam down as the UF...more
So, I Read This Book Today
There are a bunch of really good reviews of this anthology, most I agree with totally. There are some great stories in this anthology, and a couple my particular tastes didn't care for. But even the ones I wasn't crazy about, I still liked well enough. As with all anthologies I read, I also found a couple of new authors that I didn't know that much about - but find that their work is worth looking into! Overall, I would say a 3.5 more than a 4 in total, but a couple of the stories threw it over...more
So I read this book a while back and wrote a review of each story, and I just found out that somehow Goodreads had deleted the whole thing. Since I borrowed this from the library, I can't go back and see what each story was but this is what I do remember:

Retribution Clause by Ilona Andrews
Probably my least favorite Ilona Andrews short. Still good, but it left me with too many questions to be satisfying.

Bigfoot On Campus by Jim Butcher
Loved this one. Butcher is great in short form and this stor...more
Hex Appeal is a collection of 9 short stories. While anthologies are not usually my favorite reads, I found this anthology to be a quick and enjoyable way to spend a freezing cold Sunday. While most of the stories ranked in the 2 - 3 star range, 3 stories stood out for me:

I'm beginning to think that there is probably not a book or story of the writing team Ilona Andrews that I wouldn't like. I mean, who would think to combine the urban fantasy world of Kate Dan...more
So I got this book for the remaining Ilona Andrews short story, but I made some other discoveries along the way, so I'll type them out. I would definitely recommend the anthology though - as such things go, it was a pretty good primer on discovering some new authors.

The Ilona Andrews story was fine - I've basically come to believe that, as much as I adore IA, they work best in longer books, otherwise things get a bit confusing. To be clear, it wasn't bad, it just wasn't great, and I'm used to lo...more
Only read "Retribuition clause" by Ilona Andrews.

The story takes place on the kate Daniels world but with different characters. One of them is Saiman's cousin, Adam, and the other one is a misterious woman with some secret powers....
....yes, it may sound familiar, but she isn't.
Liked the concept of the story, their interactions, and the fact that apparently both of them are smitten with one another, but neither of them is willing to 'fess' up.
Wouldn't mind reading more about these two.
I bought Hex Appeal purely because I wanted to read RETRIBUTION CLAUSE Clause by Ilona Andrews:
The novella is set in Kate Daniel's world, but in another city, featuring Saiman's cousin; Adam Talford. He's an insurance agent. But if you're thinking boring old salesman, think again. This frost gigant serves as a tracker/assasin when the job demands it. And this time it does: You see, insurance policies in post-shift Philadelphia may have retribution clauses. If your spouse kills you, insurance ag...more
The anthology carries novellas from—I believe--ongoing series of nine established authors of Urban Fantasy. This book, while received free for review, was already on my ‘To Buy’ list because I regularly read four of the authors and used to read a fifth one. The stories run anywhere from 30 – 50 pages and do a good job of filling you in on the different worlds and characters and tell the story without a too-rushed type of feeling.

Ilona Andrews – Retrubution Clause. This story is set in Kate Danie...more
Aspen Junge
I read this one because it has a Jim Butcher story in it (Bigfoot on Campus, which is excellent), and then I read most of the rest of them. The line between paranormal romance and urban fantasy has become so blurred that sometimes I no longer know what I'm reading. OK, sure, the book is called Hex Appeal, so what did I expect (on the other hand, Jim Butcher story, so what did I expect)? I finally got to the point where I would read the author's bio first and skip the stories where they're descri...more
As you would expect with collections of short stories, some were good and some were bad. As a whole, I didn't like this collection nearly as much as Dark and Stormy Knights, also edited by P.N. Elrod, with a large overlap in short story authorship between the two collections.

For Harry Dresden fans, it's worthing checking this book out of the library to read Bigfoot on Campus. It's what you would expect from Butcher. [It was also my impetus for getting the book in the first place.]

Unlike Dark and...more
I only read a few of the short stories in this anthology. So my reviews and rating were only based on those that I actually read and not necessarily reflective on those others that I didn't read.

Retribution Clause - by Ilona Andrews, 3.5 stars

As a big fan of Ilona Andrews, I was dying for something, anything, from the Kate-universe. This story featured Adam, who was Saiman's cousin and also of frost giant descent. He worked for an insurance adjuster and was investigating a case with his partner,...more
Sharon ✽ is an emotional book junkie ✽
**Only read Ilona Andrews' Retribution Clause**

This story involves Saiman's cousin, Adam and his involvement with a case that he is working on for the POM Insurance Adjusters.

I have to admit that I wasn't crazy about reading about someone related to Saiman since I'm really on the fence about him. BUT...I LOVE anything Ilona Andrews writes and I could not pass this up. I'm glad I didn't.

Even though Kate, Curran and the gang are not in the story, I really enjoyed Adam and his partner, Siroun. Th...more
Francesca the Fierce (Under the Covers Book Blog)
This review was posted at Under the Covers

Well the first thing that made me want to read this book was the cover. Yeah I admit it. The second thing? ILONA ANDREWS! Quite frankly, anthologies can be a good place to find new authors to read or just a collection of stories that are hard to develop because they are so short. As you can see by the number of authors in this anthology, yes, the stories were short. But some managed to convey enough of the story where I didn't feel anything was missing....more
David Caldwell
This is a very nice collection by some very good authors.

Retribution Clause by Ilona Andrews.Saiman's cousin and his partner have to execute a fairly strict clause in an insurance policy.

Bigfoot on Campus by Jim Butcher.When Biggfoot asks Harry Dresden to check in on his son, he may get more than he bargained for.

Holly's Balm by Rachel Caine.Andy and Holly are on the trail of a killer who is killing his victims again.

Snow Job by Carole Nelson Douglas.Delilah Street helps the albino vampire Snow...more
Niall Teasdale
I picked up this anthology because I'd heard about it from somewhere and thought it might be an interesting sampler for a collection of today's better urban fantasy authors. While I've heard of some of the authors, the only one I'd ever read anything of was Jim Butcher, so I came in here with no clue as to the nature of the worlds or the kind of storytelling I was expecting.

Unfortunately, many of these made poor short stories for the simple reason that they had to expound huge amounts of backsto...more
Darkpool (protesting GR censorship)
First up: the Ilona Andrews, which is the point of me having this book out of the library. Highly enjoyable, and should tine me over until the next Kate Daniels comes out later this year.
Next: Bigfoot on Campus. I'm only up to about #3 for the Dresden Files, but really that makes no difference to my ability to appreciate this short story - which is utter gold, really. I fear the rest of the anthology can't live up to the standard of the first 2.
Didn't enjoy Holly's Balm as much as I wanted to.
Joel Neff
Going into this anthology, I had read none of the stories and only three of the authors. I have had good luck finding new fiction to read and love with some of the other anthologies and was hoping for more of the same. I'm happy to report that I found it.

Retribution Clause by Ilona Andrews

The world created by Ilona Andrews fascinates me. The idea that magic has come back, and is coming back in waves broken by periods where technology works and magic doesn't, is a novel one. Add to that strong ch...more
As usually happens to me I buy anthologies for just one to two stories and then put them up on a shelf for a rainy day. I did this with Hex Appeal, edited by P.N. Elrod.

I bought this just for the Bigfoot story by Jim Butcher. I love the Dresden files series and this short story sees Harry Dresden helping out Bigfoot again to look after his teenage son, who is now in college.

Irwin aka Bigfoot's son has fallen in love, but not with any normal human with a vampire of the White Court, and its up to...more
This is one of the best anthologies I've read recently.Almost all of the stories were excellent- whether or not they participated in an ongoing series; mostly, even if they were relevant to an ongoing series, the stories were good stand-alone and created their own context.

This had stories from a number of authors I read regularly, and I was happy to get more context into the worlds.

There's a huge variety of paranormal here- from vamps to weres through demons and fairies, etc. Spell-casters- "wit...more
Krista D.
The stories I liked, I liked a lot. The stories I didn't like, I couldn't even finish.

I picked up this anthology because of the Butcher and Green stories. Those are "required" reading by me. However, I'm at a rather disadvantage in this group since I'm not a huge vampire and werewolf fan. It rather cuts down on the enjoyment for me.

Butcher's Big Foot story was hilarious and awesome. Butcher has successfully made vampires enjoyable for me, a rare feat.

Caine's story really impressed me to the po...more
Overall: Like most anthologies, a few great stories, some okay stories and a few stinkers. Stories rated individually below. 3 stars

RETRIBUTION CLAUSE by Ilona Andrews - 4.5 stars

This story was super fun, even if you're not overly familiar with the Kate Daniels series. It's set in the same world, but in a different city, with a different set of characters who work insurance company. Like, the most seriously bad-ass insurance company ever. You'll find plenty Andrews' trademark snark, act...more
Patricia Lopes
Só li a História da Ilona andrews...

É com o primo do saiman, Adam Talford que é também um frost giant mas menos poderoso que o Saiman.

Este senhor trabalha para uma espécie de companhia de seguros, em que a sua função é verificar se “pagam” ou não os contratos, seja qual fôr a clausula, por mais estranha que a dita seja…
Esta trama acontece em Philadelphia!

É completamente independente da Kate, só o mundo é o mesmo…
4 stars for Ilona Andrews Short

5 stars for Dresden Files Short

Damn I miss reading new books by Butcher and Andrews. Thankfully both have new books out soon. Both of these short stories can be read in any order of the series. There are no spoilers.

Now this book is off to AH in Canada. :)

Adi (Reading in the Windowseat)
Loved Adam and Siroun, just wished it was a couple sentences longer. How does that always happen?

3* only because I've been on an Ilona Andrews short stories spree, and I've loved some 4* of those more than I did this one, but it was still awesome :)
"Retribution Clause" by Ilona Andrews: waaaaayyyy to short, but I loved the story...and I'm always an insatiable glutton when it comes to my favorite writer duo!! ;-)
I really hope to see more of these two characters in the future...the roots are there!
I picked up this book for the first short, Retribution Clause by Ilona Andrews.

Retribution Clause by Ilona Andrews - loved it. Got to meet more characters from that world.
Bigfoot on Campus by Jim Butcher - I have this series but haven't really been interested in reading it. That changed when I read this short. Now I can't wait to start reading this series.
Snow Job by Rachel Caine - it was nice to see how Holly and Andrew have been progressing.
Outside the Box by Carole Nelson Douglas - I'm not a...more
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Patricia Nead Elrod is an American fantasy writer specializing in novels about vampires. Her work falls into areas of fantasy and (in some cases) mystery or historical fiction, but normally not horror, since her vampires are the heroes. -Wikipedia
More about P.N. Elrod...
My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding (There Be Pirates, #1; Kit and Olivia, #2; Nightcreature, #5.5; Sookie Stackhouse, #6.1; The Dresden Files, #7.5; Dark-Hunter, #6.25) Strange Brew My Big Fat Supernatural Honeymoon Dark and Stormy Knights Bloodlist (Vampire Files, #1)

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