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Run the Game

3.64 of 5 stars 3.64  ·  rating details  ·  404 ratings  ·  69 reviews
In this gritty novel from the author of Exit Here and Dead End, love is a high-priced and dangerous game: Play or be played.

Alexander didn’t believe in love at first sight until he met Patti. She’s the kind of girl you hear about in songs: gorgeous, feisty, and dangerous. Being with Patti is better than any high, and he can’t live without her....more
Hardcover, 544 pages
Published June 12th 2012 by Simon Pulse
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Haley ~ YA-Aholic
"The first time I ever got picked up at the A-LOT, I was nervous as fuck. I ain't a homo. Putting that shit in your mouth. Slamming or getting slammed up the ass. Shit makes me wanna fucking vomit. Sends fucking shivers down my spine and shit"

So I recently re-read my 'review' and realized it was kinda all over the place and just well, sloppy. Since I don't really care enough to spend time writing a whole new review, here are some quick reasons why I did not like Run the Game..

-It's marketed towa...more
Harold Smithson (Suicide punishable by Death)
A decent book for the ADULT audience

I am not into censorship. I believe that an author has a right to write anything he or she wants. What I do have a problem against is the age group that those works are aimed at. Run the Game SHOULD NOT BE A YOUNG ADULT BOOK. The f-word count reached 212 on page 90 (I stopped counting after that) and the descriptions are extremely graphic. (Not just blood, if you get my drift)

Jason Myers is famous for his gritty writing, and Run the Game is a prime example of...more
Kirsti Wright
Oct 04, 2012 Kirsti Wright rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Anyone
Recommended to Kirsti by: My best friend
Frankly, I see most of the reviews that I've read to be based off of stupidity, and closed-mindedness. I'm 17 years old, and I know a good book when I read it. It's not because I live a life like that, or even want to. But people do go through this. There are people that are power-hungry like Lars, or Burke. There are also people that fall in love daily. Jason went beyond what was expected of him. you may not see a 14-year old prostitute, and 19-year old junkie fall in love, but he symbolized it...more
To everyone saying horrible things about this book... YOU HAVE TO LIKE THR STYLE OF WRITTING. Jason Myers writes very detailed graphic scenese. That's his style..... If you don't like that style...don't read the books. Its directed towards young audience's, no I wouldn't refined this book to anyone's under the age of 18... but I read all three books that best previously written a d love all 3 of them and am reading this one now. People are so fast to say bad things about all the graphics or what...more
intense and well-paced, but not for readers who expect books to morally instruct their audience.
It's simple. You either love this book or you hate it. I loved it. The fact that people are getting mad at how grapic it is, read reviews before you buy it!! Jason Myers is known for his grafic, sex, drugs books. I love books like these. The end of the book is kind of predictable. But it made me sad still.. haha. I'd reccomend it to friends if I knew they liked these kind of books. I've read all four of his books (HUGE fan of Exit here. By far my favorite book) But I can't wait until his next bo...more
Kimberly A.
Wow. I wish I could give this book 0 stars. It was that bad.
Kelsey Trinkner
*Contains Spoilers*
Jason Myers is one of my favorite authors. While browsing in a book store, I discovered he came out with a new book called "Run The Game." I purchased it and read it. This book started off very good. The first page really sucks the reader in. And Jason Myers does a fantastic job of keeping the reader interested. Each page mentions information the reader wants and needs to know. This novel contains many ups and downs. It's a very edgy book. "Run The Game" is classified as a you...more
Heather Catlin
Raw, hardcore, not for the conservative or faint at heart. That being said, I LOVED it! This book takes a huge turn somewhere that you really don't want it to go...about a wanna-be band member teenager and his struggles with drugs, sex, rock-n-roll, friendships and relationships. Can't wait to read more from this author!
Oh my god. That ending was just heart wrenching.
Feb 01, 2013 Andrea is currently reading it
I haven't finished this book yet, but from all of the reviews I've found on this site about this book, I had to post something.
I don't really understand why most of the reviews rate the book 1 star just because of what the book is about. Okay, I get it, a lot of you felt uncomfortable, but it wouldn't be fair to an author for a book to be trashed just because of what the book is about.
For starters, the book is about a drug addict who falls in love with a 14-year-old prostitute. That's literally...more
I have read his previous books and enjoyed them all. I especially liked Dead End because I felt that the story had a heart and I really enjoyed the plot and the action. It hurts me to give this book such a low review, but I have a lot of problems with it. One of them being the labeling of this novel as a Young Adult book. I am conflicted in my disapproval of this, because at the same time I know that kids now are saturated with sex and drugs. It's the sad truth. Are there kids like Patti out the...more
I definitely understand what some people are saying by this book having no redeeming qualities. However, the only reason I somewhat enjoyed this book is because it explains a perception of life in a world I never knew existed. It definitely gave me another view that, unfortunately, is a reality for some people. The author very accurately, in my opinion, managed to capture the mindset of a nineteen-year-old drug addict. The profanity, uneducated, and rather misogynistic tone is exactly how I'd im...more
This book is discusting and has absolutely no redeeming qualities about it from the first page to the last page. The descriptions of the sexual encounters are just so wrong that I cannot help but to think the author left cutting edge and fell into I am going for broke. The supposed love story between the two main characters is a joke. If you enjoyed this book I have serious concerns about your morale character due to the graphic descriptions ie: violence, sex/anal sex, rape, sodomy and drug abus...more
Upon the first few words of this novel I began questioning how this book got published. The way the narrator talked made it seem like the author lacked talent. The story was okay but not as mind blowing as Exit Here, which is still why I have high hopes every time this author comes out with a new book. Half way thru the author kept dropping hints as to what was going on, so it wasn't as exciting when it actually happened. Although the ending was pretty crazy.
Ugh. This book was a complete and utter mess.

Alexander Franklin is a nineteen year old junkie loser, who wants to be a rock star in New York. He goes to the A-Lot, a pick-up location for prostitues, to make money to buy drugs, and on one of these pick-ups, he meets Patti Smith, a fourteen year old prostitute, and he instantly falls in love with her. However, Raymond Burke ruthlessly controls the town of Beaver Falls (I know, what kind of name is that?), and the police are in his back pocket, so...more
I've had a book hangover with this one for weeks. I just can't get it out of my head.

Let me start off by saying that this book is not for the faint of heart. There is explicit sex, drugs, and rock & roll within. In fact, I'm not sure how it could ever be considered a young adult book. Although the main characters in the book are teenagers, the subject matter is very adult.

The main character/narrator, Alexander, would no doubt drive many people crazy (in a bad way), but I LOVED him. I'm not...more
This book was a very quick read and a very gripping novel. After I finished it it was probably a good five minutes(after reading the last four pages again) that it hit me that I finished it. I didn't mind the vulgarity in the slightest, I think it's almost refreshing to have an author write with such vulgarity because not many do and in life, that isn't always the case. The vulgarity was needed for a novel like this due to how scandalous and gritty the story line was. I enjoyed how the story lin...more
That Boul
Run the Game by Jason Myers is a book about a 19 year old young man named Alexander who meets a girl named Patti that is 5 years younger then him in the A-lot. When Alexander sees her for the first time its love at first site. But this love for Patti comes with a price because she is a hooker and and has a pretty messed up family who has abused her for most her life, however she is the toughest person hell ever meet. Alexander has to pay Burke in order to keep Patti.

What I liked about the book i...more
Dec 05, 2012 Lindsey rated it 1 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: No one
Recommended to Lindsey by: A friend
Jason Myers is a GREAT author, but this book did him no justice. It was not a good book at all. Alexander, the main character, had no emotional attachment to anything except for maybe his penis (pardon me excuse me). All he talked about were drugs and sex. Let me know how he loved Patti after a few minutes of knowing her. They shared no connection. The sex in this book was downright uninteresting and mostly disgusting. The story didn't piece together the way that it should have. The characters w...more
May Laurentide
Dec 30, 2012 May Laurentide rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Young Adults
Recommended to May by: No one
I was very surprised to find that this book was about young teenagers hooked on drugs, and living a hard life. When i bought the book I'd expected it to be about a boy and a girl in school falling in love, like most teen-books. I agree that this is nothing like teen-books I've read. It is so violent in it's descriptions, however teens are doing this everyday. It was a fantastic book and Jason Meyers wrote it very well. The beginning is very confusing, and the ending lead a sense of dread in my h...more
Jakeem White
I believed It was an amazing heartbreaking tale....and first off I'm gonna say some people were right as being labelled a young adult novel..but at the same time , it should be... I mean most of these low reviews are basically Parents themselves. but as a young adult myself, I believe this give us a depiction of real life, because in real life, there are NO happy endings. But My opinion on the book is that I felt bad for Alexander in the ending, because he was blinded by love. But then again, he...more
I've read exit here and the mission so I had an idea of what kind of characters and situations to expect, but run the game was a little much.
for starters, I do not really understand how this is a novel intended for "young adults"; curse words are overused and the language is vulgar. as most ya novels are directed toward 13-18 year olds, there is no way I would let my child read a book of this caliber until they are 17+, 16 if I'm feeling generous.
I understand that there are people, children, wh...more
Aisha Khairi
Okay so, before I tell you what I think of this book, I want to confess that before I finished it, I peeked at the end and I saw that Alexander had said "Alexander and Patti are rockers!" so I was like "Oh they end up together, how typical. I am not surprised at all." and to reach the end of the story and to discover that they don't ACTUALLY end up together really breaks my heart. Not to mention the fact that Alexander was being fucked over by Patti. The ending was unpredictable is all I'm sayin...more
Kalie Vanderkum
This book should not be considered YA. Well, let's jut say it requires a very mature audience. It took time to get used to Jason Myers' writing and it was superfrustrating for me to read but once I got over it, it was great. Other than that I would have given it a 5 star rating. It's vulgar and in your face and that threw me off at first. Eventually, you get used to it and it's smooth sailing from there on out. I loved the music references and how real it is. There were a lot of parts where it w...more
Joshua Morris
518 pages of complete bullshit. I had high hopes for this book until I was half-way through. But like a train wreck, I had to keep watching. Jason Myers is probably one of the most narcissistic writers ever, having enough bravery mentioning himself in his own novel. Chock full of hipsters and shitty music, this book was a fail.
Actual Rating: 2.5

This book had a nice plot, but I don't think it had to be this big. There were plenty parts that could've been cut out. In the middle of the book, it started to go flat, then pick up and then do this sequence over and over again.

This book is not for people who can't handle mature content. I don't think that society would say that I'm old enough to read this, but I was mature enough to get through it, but if you're not, then this book is not for you.

At the end, there were some v...more
Lexi O.
Horrendous story and writing. I wish I hadn't wasted my time on this book. Books should make you feel as if you are gaining knowledge, this book made me feel as if I was killing brain cells. Definitely will not be reading another Jason Myers book.
when I got the book I just read the back and though it was gonna be a lovey dovey cute romantic book. I was sooo wrong it was beyond what the description said the description said nothing about 20 cuss words per page. It didn't say it was about prostitution hookers sex drugs blow jobs or anything the book was about. And why is alex so dumb? He always goes into a very description of every person like no one cares. Alex mad me so mad I wanted to stop reading the book I should have. If there was le...more
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Jason Myers was born in 1980 and raised on a farm ten miles outside of the small town of Dysart, Iowa. After
he graduated high school, he moved to San Francisco where he studied
film at the Academy of Art University. It was there, after taking a
Screenwriting 3 class that he met and studied under the inspiring instructor
and author James Dalessandro. James helped Myers grasp the value of
having great s...more
More about Jason Myers...
Exit Here. The Mission Dead End Blazed Don't Misunderstand Me - Political Talk Edition

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