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Gears of Wonderland
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Gears of Wonderland

3.62 of 5 stars 3.62  ·  rating details  ·  221 ratings  ·  54 reviews
James Riggs lives a normal life with a mind-numbing job, an overbearing boss, and a demanding fiancee. Then he witnesses the murder of his best friend. Saved from the murderer by a strange man in a white suit, James is cast down a hole and into a world he always believed was a kid's story. Wonderland. But things have changed since Alice's visit. The Knave of Hearts has sei ...more
Paperback, 216 pages
Published October 27th 2011 by CreateSpace (first published October 14th 2011)
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I liked this book and i enjoyed revisiting a different wonderland. It was a great introduction to Steampunk for me. I was never bored of this book just i do wish it was a bit more detailed perhaps and a bit longer. I would definitely recommend this book to someone who is looking for a fun quick read.
Kim Mccarthy
To begin with I didn't like the main character. James is sort of well to be honest a bit of a spineless whiny bitch. He hates his life, he can't stand up to his overbearing uptight girlfriend to be honest getting into Wonderland is the best thing that ever happens to him. Overall the book was ok. I would recommend it to anyone on an Alice in Wonderland kick or someone somewhat into steam punk. If you're a hardcore steam punk fan I'm not sure if you're going to like it because it didn't focus as ...more
Alice in Wonderland is my favourite children's book of all time. I've read and re-read it so often that I can quote entire passages by wrote. As such, I tend to be drawn to re-interpretations and adaptions of the source material and their characters. (To whit, America McGee's long waited for sequel Alice: Madness Returns is a must play for those into console gaming.)

I stumbled upon Gears of Wonderland by accident. Having read Clockwork Fagin, I was in the mood for a bit more steampunk and Anders
Natalie Wright
If you like Alice in Wonderland, you should definitely read this book. If you like Steampunk, you should definitely read this book.
I read it on my Kindle and by 3% in, the story was off and running in a fast-paced ride. Jason is a gifted storyteller and the way that he wove threads was impressive. And while the story overtly references Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, this is a very different story. The Cheshire Cat, White Rabbit and the Heart Kingdom are all here. But what I enjoyed the most a
Eustacia Tan
Apart from fairy-tale retellings, I really like books that retell, or are based on, Alice in Wonderland (so much material to work with!). When I saw this book in BookBlogging, the pretty cover instantly caught my eye, and the blurb sounded so enticing! And happily, the book lived up to my expectations.

James Riggs is a pushover. His boss bullies him, his fiancee is getting him to give up his favourite activities. So at the start of the book, his boss's plans and his fiance's plans collide, forcin
Katharina Gerlach
I loved, loved, loved this book. It was among the best I ever read, up with Neil Gaiman, Alexander Wolkow, Michael Ende, Diana Wynne Jones and Astrid Lindgren.
The author managed to deliver bits of information in a way that I rediscovered “Alice in Wonderland” from a completely new angle. The world the main character visits is grittier that the Wonderland of Alice stories, but every difference has a reason. And the reasons are explained throughout the book without being preachy or dumped at the r
I bought this book bacause the name intrigued me. I did not do much research to find out what the book was really about...but the name drew me. Right from the beginning the book drew me in and kept me reading to the very end of the book. This book is about Wonderland after Alice has been gone a while. It is a great read, one that I am sure can be read over and over, each time you would find something different that you liked about the book.
I recommend Gears of Wonderland to anyone who has read the original Alice in Wonderland book/s and would like to revisit the mystical rabbit hole of adventure.

First off, the cover of this book is incredibly awesome! WOW! seriously, WOW! As a graphic artist it just sang to me. I also loved the coloring of the book pages being a beige-y yellow (not white) to better match the aged, warm feeling of the cover. Really nice. Great attention to the details there.

Gears of Wonderland is a retelling, or r
I really enjoyed this, it was something different and had adventure in it just like the orignal Alice books.

The story was a good concept that gave a different take while in so many ways been the same as previous Alice books. I was unsure about a male lead and was thinking how they gonna do it?, maybe a male desendent of Alice but as I read further and who James was was revieled I thought yes thats a good idea and it worked.

I thought the author built a great version of wonderland and it was descr
D.M. Dutcher
3.5 stars. Both the Wonderland setting and the steampunk aspects feel thin, but it's an enjoyable tale nonetheless.

James Riggs is a quiet, mousy sort of man who is often taken advantage of. One night, he goes to his friend Melvin's for consolation. Unfortunately he discovers Melvin to be murdered, and flees the scene. But with the help of a mysyerious stranger, he ends up in Alice's Wonderland. Wonderland is changed from what it used to be before, and is now under the rule of the dictator Lahire
I absolutely loved this book!!! When I heard the synopsis of the book I thought it was going to be some kind of modern retelling of the old Alice in Wonderland story. That wasn't the case at all. Instead of a new twist on an old story it was more like a continuation of the original story.

Anderson did a great job getting my attention and I was emotionally attached to the story immediately. I thought that the main character, James, was a wuss and couldn't stand his fiance or his boss and couldn't
The book was great and entertaining, as the first Outsider since Alice finds his way into Wonderland and finds that all is not quite as it was when she left it all those years ago. Many of the classic characters are still there, but years of war have changed everyone. The adventures the protagonist, James, goes on with the Mad Hatter's daughter as they try to overthrow the evil King of Hearts are fun and exciting. I just wish that there was more whimsy and wordplay and nonsense like the original ...more
I can never pass up an opportunity to read a book that is a remake of a classic that has been updated or placed in a different era. The ingenuity of the authors doing this just amaze me ... and this book is another good example of that.

While I would have liked a little more detail in some areas, but maybe the author is going to delve into those areas in later sequels.

Overall, it was an interesting read and the liberties it took with the original storyline only helped to make the story more plaus
Laura Williams
I admit that Alice & Looking Glass are still two of my favourite books - I think they hold appeal even as I have grown up - this was a wonderful (pun intended) follow up - a "what if" if you allow me the generalization - I found it was well written and the characters were fully formed. Although covering a whole "world" I wasn't lost as the characters moved quickly across the different Kingdoms. I had purchased this based on the GoodReads rating, and I love Steampunk books, and was really ple ...more
This review was originally posted on my blog Little Miss Reader

The first thing I have to say about this book is that it's kind of short - I know 200 pages aren't that short, but if it had been longer the story would have had the space and time to evolve into something even better. Don't get me wrong - I really enjoyed this book, I just wish it was longer, more detailed and that the relationship between James and Kara would have had the time to bloom.

I think the story is very intriguing, most of
I couldn't wait to start this book, being a huge fan of Alice in Wonderland.. I liked it and liked how the author brought the original Alice in Wonderland characters into it. It's an easy and fun read. However, I wish there were more details and complexity in the characters and the plot.
Matt Larkin
Apr 01, 2012 Matt Larkin rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Fans of Alice in Wonderland
A fun ride through a Wonderland that's been radically changed since Alice's visit. Wonderland's become a Victorian Steampunk world ruled by a mad king. James, an outsider, is dragged into Wonderland, and finds himself on the run.
Amazing book until you get to the last few chapters and realise that there is not enough time to give this book the ending it deserves. I was slightly disappointed with the end.
Finally got my hands on this book! Met up to my expectations and also exceeded some.

Gears of Wonderland was a great blend of adventure, fantasy, steampunk, mystery, and romance. It WAS a tad short though; I think the scale of epic-ness would have increased if it was written like a Brandon Sanderson or Robert Jordan novel.

But nonetheless, it was still a great read.

At the beginning, I was a bit annoyed at how cold Kara acted towards James. Yeah, I get that Anderson wanted to portray a (typical but
Heather Faville
It has been years since I have read Alice in Wonderland and I, honestly, don't think I ever read the other books. I will have to fix that literary faux pas. I am, however, very familiar with the story and its various characters.

In Jason Anderson's Gears of Wonderland, we are thrust into the world of Wonderland with a new human visiting from the outside world. James inadvertently enters Wonderland and is immediately thrust into an adventure that he never thought possible complete with The Hatter,
Cege Smith
Full disclosure, I have never read Alice in Wonderland, I’ve never watched the movies, and my knowledge of all things Wonderland in general are based purely on high-level references absorbed through regular media channels over the years. So I admit that I started reading with a bit of trepidation given I don’t have a lot of exposure to the Alice story.

Good news- it makes no difference! I think the author balanced the introduction of familiar characters (the Mad Hatter, White Rabbit, Catepillar,
Michael Rose
This is a fresh and unique take on Wonderland. Alice's visit has set in motion changes that she never could have imagined and the Wonderland that James encounters is a Victorian/steampunk world where mechanical men act as assassins and flying ships roam the skies. All the familiar characters are here: The Mad Hatter, the White Rabbit, Caterpillar, the Cheshire Cat... but these are not the lovable if mad characters that Alice encountered. Viewed through an adult's eyes they are quite different, i ...more
A Voracious Reader (a.k.a. Carol)
James Riggs is a guy letting his boss and his fiancé boss him around. One evening his fiancé gets upset about a chess set he purchased when he promised to give up the ‘silly game’ and then his boss calls to tell him he has to cancel his planned vacation to come into work and cover for him. She kicks him out and he walks to his old friend’s apartment to stay the night there. However, just after he gets there a strange man comes to the apartment, murders his friend then chases James out to the str ...more
Review by Ashley Rosenberg
In Gears of Wonderland by Jason G. Anderson, James, our main character, has a typical life like any normal human being; a job with a horrible boss and an over-bearing fiance that believes his whole world should revolve around her every whim. We soon come upon events that quickly spin out of control. James finds himself falling through a giant hole and landing in an entirely different world. His day only seems to get worse when he realizes this is in no dream; he has jus
Jan 22, 2013 Magda rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: everyone who likes steampunk, Alice in Wonderland connected stories
This was my first full-sized steampunk story and I have to say: I want more!
I've started reading this because of "Alice in Wonderland" connection, kind of a theme phase I got myself into at the beginning of the year. And it was on my "to read this year" list.

Beginning is kind of annoying. You got a guy who basically is a pushover. He's got abusing boss, annoying fiance and he's only friend gets killed by a random guy. That was when I stopped reading this book the first time. Luckily I decided t
Scott Kinkade
Ever wondered what would it would be like if someone wrote a steampunk version of Alice in Wonderland? Well, wonder no more, for Jason G. Anderson's Gears of Wonderland (steampunk fantasy) is here to show you.

James Riggs has a lousy girlfriend and a lousy job. But, as he soon discovers, things can get so much worse. He witnesses his oldest friend murdered at the hands of a hulking assailant, and narrowly avoids becoming the next victim when a mysterious man in white pushes him down a hole. He en
Let me begin by saying, I love the cover of this book. I am automatically drawn to a book with a great cover, and this one's a winner. I am also new to the entire steampunk movement but I find it's a lot of fun! I love the combination of steampunk and wonderland in this book. Jason Anderson has created a story that Lewis Caroll would like.
I don't like to reveal or spoil the story with my reviews, just buy this book- it's a gripper! You won't want to put it down until you're finished. When I was
I really enjoyed this book. I haven't read much steampunk, but I thought it blended well with the other fantasy and Wonderland genres without being absurdly far fetched. Having a male lead character in a Wonderland retelling was refreshing. It's a very well written, descriptive and creative story. A quick and very enjoyable read.
An intriguing premise that doesn't go quite as far as it could have.

This is a shorter book and brings some interesting twists to the world of Wonderland but ultimately never takes these changes or explores the characters of Wonderland quite as far as it could have. We see many of the expected characters show up at least briefly and the plot is pretty easy to follow. But still I felt like it could have been expanded on more. I would have liked the book to be longer and more time given to showing
Meh. Boring characters, excessively predictable storyline. Main character's fiance told him his ridiculous obsession with chess was childish (because it's a child's game... really?) Not completely horrible, and a quick read, but wouldn't recommend it.
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Jason G. Anderson lives in Hobart, Tasmania with his wife and several cats. During the day, he helps Antarctic scientists manage the vast quantities of data they collect. At night, he dreams of other worlds and realities much different to our own. His writing interests include sci-fi, urban fantasy, post-apocalyptic and steampunk.
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