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"You're going to hate me forever when you learn my secret."

Seventeen-year-old stoner Aaron Foster was offered a choice: go to jail or turn undercover narc to find the dealer who's funneling drugs into Miami's Palm Hammock High School. But Aaron has never been good at getting close to people. He's human wallpaper, a stoner wastecase who's obsessed with video games and stre

Paperback, 275 pages
Published August 8th 2012 by Flux (first published August 1st 2012)
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I've just finished reading this book - like ten minutes ago - and I'm breaking my own rule as you can see (I try not to write a review the same day that I finish the book). I'm sitting here in front of my shitty computer (I really need a laptop!) and trying to say something meaningful about Narc. So, I go and make another mistake - I google the author. And I like her and now I can't write all those shitty things I've been thinking about last night after I've read first half of the book. Like, h...more

I am giving a big round of applause to Criss-Jean Chappell for having the guts to be real here. I greatly appreciated how she handled so many aspects of this story, especially the end.

This is a hard review to write because my feelings vary so widely here. I adored the flawed, dumb teen boy main character who also is an honorable, loving brother and son. In contemp fiction we so often have a flawed male MC designed to swoon us with his bad boy ways, then he evolves into the perfect male that we...more
Danica Page (One Page at a Time)
My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

Disclaimers: I received an e-galley of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for my honest opinion.

My Overall Thoughts/Impressions: I went into this novel with no expectations. I liked the cover and the first line of the synopsis had me hooked. You're going to hate me forever when you learn my secret. That pulled me into this novel. I was slightly hesitant to read this novel because it's about drugs, but I figured I'd give it a shot.

I enjoyed this no...more
Alyssa Seno-Varga
What would you do if you were forced to make a life threatening decision that could hurt your family and friends? How do you think those people would treat you after your decision was made? What if you were forced to choose a side? NARC, by Crissa-Jean Chappell is a very alluring and adventurous book that I would recommend to any teen. People who like high school based novels would love NARC. The author really draws in your attention by her creative writing style and amazing detail of today’s wo...more
E-galley received from Netgalley for review.

"You're going to hate me forever when you learn my secret"

This sentence practically drew me in. It's very powerful. I would've read the book just for this sentence alone.

In order to protect his younger sister, 17-year-old stoner Aaron Foster is practically forced to become a "narc" and help the cops discover who is dealing drugs to the students of Miami's Palm Hammock High School. This is not easy for him. Previously, he was "human wallpaper" and just...more
C. McKenzie
When Aaron Foster is stopped for speeding and the cop finds a baggie with weed, Aaron's life takes a major turn . . . and not for the better. To keep from going to jail and making his mom's life more miserable than it already is, he agrees to become a narc. From then on the story is about Aaron's failure as both narc (at least for the most part) and as a boyfriend.

The writing is very strong. I was impressed by the cliche-free chapters that still managed to capture the teen voices. And I enjoyed...more
I really liked this book. There have been few times where I have to stop reading a book because I worry about what's happening. Hunger Games after Rue was one. This was another. Not because it was scary or dark, but because there was no one there to worry about Aaron and I worried for him. His mother existed in the sense that she's alive, but other than that, not a parental figure in the least. Had she had a bigger presence in his life, he wouldn't have gone down the road he ended up on.

I feel l...more
Jennifer Pittman
A riveting tale about a teens adventures being a narc for the Narcotics unit in Miami. Aaron must decide between being a narc, him being tried as an adult for possession/going to jail, or his little sister being charged with possession/going to jail. He decides to take what seems to be the lesser of the evils, and becomes a narc. Little does Aaron know, what being a narc involves. He is going from his normal days to having to be more outgoing and hanging out with a crowd that he normally doesn't...more
Melissa (i swim for oceans)
Narc is the brainchild of author, Crissa-Jean Chappell, known for crafting heart-wrenching, emotional and poignant novels regarding the human condition. This novel is no exception. Written from a male POV, which is tricky as it is, Narc embraces the emotional underbelly of society and brings the humanity of all its characters to life. The sparse, haunting prose isn’t flowery or too descriptive. Rather, the emotions, the themes and the pain takes center stage making the story incredibly raw and r...more
Again, I found Ms. Chappell's writing to be extremely exciting to read and finished her second book in less than a couple of days. Both of the books (the other being Total Constant Order) are written for young people, probably teenagers, but are exciting none the less. Both books lend themselves to a series and I hope that she has a sequel.
Stacey Conrad
Aaron--flipped to be an informant after being picked up for drugs.

Morgan--emo/goth girl, dancer who cuts herself; Aaron is interested.

I am buying this for my Ellen Hopkins kids. It's not poetry, but the same type of drama they love. The dialogue and characters feel real. I have met these kids before.
very well written, very romantic and thoughtful. I loved it, after i was done i could not stop thinking about it!
I really liked this. Sweet and heartbreaking and very, very realistic.

Review forthcoming.
Anastasia & Amelia
Aug 04, 2012 Anastasia & Amelia is currently reading it
Judging the Book by its Cover

We think it's only fair that we state the definition of a narc before we begin our usual "analyses." A narc isa general term used to describe someone who informs the proper authorities when they see others committing illegal deeds. The guy on the cover obviously doesn't look like an adult, so we're assuming he's a teenager. Ohhhhhhh, boy. Where we come from, "narcing" isn't exactly what you want to be known for. In fact "narcing," might just be the worst thing you c...more
Medeia Sharif
Aaron is torn. He can either be a narc or be thrown into jail after he and his little sister are caught with drugs; he has to protect his sister and he doesn’t want to hurt his new friends, who are taking and dealing drugs. Working as an undercover teen narc, people are onto him. He’s in the midst of speculation and danger. I enjoyed the unique premise—I’ve never read a YA novel about narcs before—and I loved the Miami setting.
Naomi Marroquin
It was one of the best books I've read in months. It is so suspenseful, LOVE.
Mlpmom (Book Reviewer)
This book was very different in the sense that it was like nothing else that I have read before.

The premise was completely new to me and I liked that about it. I liked how real it felt, the characters, the storyline and situations. It was gritty and a little raw in details. Very much what I could imagine life would be like for the characters.

I felt bad for Aaron, he was a kid stuck in a really bad situation and just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and things just went down hi...more
*I received Narc as a free review copy, in exchange for an honest review.*

First things first, is anyone looking at that cover the way I’m looking at it? I mean there’s not a lot going on with the cover, but it’s enough to make you wonder where that loner kid’s story is going to take us.

Narc is about a guy named Aaron, he’s not the most popular kid in school, and he’s not the smartest. He looks just like the guy on the cover -- alone. Until he’s caught doing twenty over the limit, with his little...more
Once Upon
Many know that I jump on any book be it YA or adult when the story is based in Florida or more specifically to Miami. Crissa-Jean does a pretty great job on detailing the locations. It helps visualize the story better when the author helps you picture the locations, people and items that you read in each page. Being from Miami myself, to me its more of a visit home. The smells, noises and people come back to me in full color when I read Narc. So every time her story went somewhere, I felt I was...more
Solid 2.5.

When Aaron gets pulled over for speeding and his little sister's caught with a bag of weed in her pocket, the officer makes him a deal: find out who the source of drug distribution is in his high school. Over the course of his duty, Aaron befriends Morgan and Skully, two girls who are themselves heavy into the school's drug culture and who have ties to the source. As soon as Aaron has the source in his sight, he's ready to spill to the police. Except, it's not as easy as it sounds. He'...more
Liza Wiemer
NARC by Crissa-Jean Chappell is a powerful novel about a boy named Aaron who gets himself into some serious trouble. I was deeply impressed with how Chappell brought out Aaron's voice, making him a sympathetic, troubled young man who is deeply loyal to family, protective of friends, and caught in the middle of his poor choices from the past and his current desire to make changes in his life. He takes some stupid risks and gets mixed up in some pretty messy things, all involving drugs. This is a...more
Jan 31, 2014 Autumn added it
How did you pick this book?: I picked this book after Mrs. Peters came to our class and gave a short summary of this book.

Significance of the title: The title relates to the main character who has become a narc undercover in order to protect his sister. Its the role that Aaron plays in this book.

Purpose: I think this author wrote this book to tell a story about doing whatever it takes to protect those you care about. In the beginning he was trying to protect his sister, and in the end he was try...more
Jessica (Step Into Fiction)
Review originally posted at Step Into Fiction

This book was alright. There wasn't anything exciting about the story but yet I liked the main three characters enough to keep reading. Aaron, Morgan and Skully made a great threesome and each character played well off the others but just the story, there was nothing exciting or unexpected that occured.

Double A, as Skully likes to call him, gets in way over his head. He's forced to be a narc and find out who the top dog is dealing drugs at his school....more
The title of this book is what attracted me to it: the use of the word narc is bold and eye-catching. I'll admit that it also made me think of the film "21 Jump Street" although I did not expect much humor from this book based on the cover.

I was right to not expect much humor because if I had, I would have been disappointed. Instead we have the story of Aaron, coerced into informing about the top drug dealer at his school in exchange for leniency toward his sister (I was very uncomfortable with...more
This review was posted at The Cozy Armchair.

I first heard about Narc when I went to a meeting at Books & Books for book bloggers and found out the author was going to have a signing there. I picked up a copy because I was intrigued by its Miami setting mostly. I don’t care much for contemporary books that deal with teenagers and drugs, but I hoped that Narc would bring something new to the table. Unfortunately, my hopes were dashed because Narc is a pretty average book.

Aaron came off as a b...more
Aug 04, 2012 Hannah rated it 2 of 5 stars
Shelves: 2012
I was so excited for Narc, since I love the cover, and the premise sounded perfect for me. It turned out to be only an okay read for me, though, and I didn't connect with the story like I was hoping I would.

I still love the whole idea of reading about a narc, and the plot is very well-done. Even if I didn't love everything about this book, I did enjoy finding out how something like this would work, how someone would go about setting up a drug bust. The question of whether or not Aaron would go t...more
Waiting For Wentworth
I wanted to read Narc because the premise definitely interested me, and I really enjoy reading books from the male's POV. I wondered how being a narc would play out in a high school setting. And I was curious how a boy could go from being 'human wallpaper' to fitting in with the 'in' crowd.

I did actually enjoy the story like I thought I would. At times the writing was good. However, I found most of the book to be rushed and a bit clunky and disjointed. Almost as if Chappell couldn't finish writ...more
Frishawn Rasheed
This story has been told countless times in YA. Boy on the fringes of teen social scene gets put in a rock and hard place position, (this one with drugs) boy finds himself in new circles, with new friends and love interests. Boy starts to like new people and places and doesn't like his decision to betray new friends. Yada...yada....

Aaron was the best part of this book. His discovery or should I say realization that the rich "haves" that everybody thinks have everything are just kids, like himsel...more
A Book Vacation
While I enjoyed the premise of this story very much, I found that it progressed a bit slowly and I never really connected with the characters. Don’t get me wrong, I liked the novel, I just wasn’t as enamored as I thought I was going to be going in. Mainly, I wasn’t a fan of Aaron, and as he’s the protagonist, that’s a big deal for me. If I’m not in love with the characters, then I automatically won’t be in love with the book; just a fact of life. Aaron was an all right guy, trying to do the righ...more
Chapter by Chapter
I wasn’t sure what to expect from the novel Narc by author Crissa-Jean Chappell. In all honesty, the description/synopsis had me both interested and at the same time nervous. I’m a teenager, I like to thing of myself as a very intelligent one because I am so against the use of drugs and illegal substances, so the idea of reading a story about a character who has used drugs in the past and is now forced to find a drug dealer and rat him out the cops definitely caught my eye. It sounded interestin...more
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Crissa-Jean Chappell was born in Miami, Florida and now lives in Brooklyn, New York. Her debut novel, TOTAL CONSTANT ORDER (HarperTeen) is a NYPL Book For The Teen Age, a Florida Book Award medalist, and a VOYA Perfect Ten. MORE THAN GOOD ENOUGH (Flux) is her most recent novel, which Kirkus calls, "compelling and emotionally nuanced." Chappell holds an MFA in screenwriting and a PhD in interdiscip...more
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