Ice Limit
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Ice Limit

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The largest known meteorite has been discovered, entombed in the earth for millions of years on a frigid, desolate island off the southern tip of Chile. At four thousand tons, this treasure seems impossible to move. New York billionaire Palmer Lloyd is determined to have this incredible find for his new museum. Stocking a cargo ship with the finest scientists and engineers...more
Published (first published January 1st 2000)
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Hans K.
I've read every book Richard Preston and Lincoln Child have written together, and this is the one that stands out the most. I feel like I can remember almost every detail. I still marvel at the impossibility of the task the Eli Glinn and co. face and tip my hat to the crew's ingenuity at every turn. I

I recommend Preston and Child novices start here, because although Relic, their first book is great, I don't think it has as strong or as sustained or as logical a plot as Ice Limit. As in any thri...more
Adam Wilson
After reading this Preston/Child novel, my first reaction to it was that it would almost certainly make a pretty awesome movie. It would make an awesome movie only if

the movie had a very large budget to make the scenes look amazing and to put some actors in that everyone loves. I say this because in book form The Ice Limit seems to

lack a lot of things. I love Preston/Child, but this may be my least-favorite book of theirs so far. Please notice the three-star rating though. I am not saying it i...more
Red Heaven
Although overall I enjoyed this book, I found it to be a tough read for the most part. It is severely hampered by being almost totally linear, and most of the book takes place in one setting, and that setting is the monotonous cold sea, snow and ice south of Tierra del Fuego. However, the plot did keep me interested enough to keep turning the pages, and the ending is a crackerjack of tension and excitement.

I found it helpful to visualize Palmer Lloyd, the extremely wealthy financier of the proje...more
Brian Steele
First, let me say that I LOVE Preston-Child's Pendergast Series. Insanely so. And this book would have had a 4 star review... right up until those last few chapters. I won't give anything away, except to say that I'm pretty sure that either the editors of the publishers started screeching about length/word count, and the duo just... well, wrote the worst ending I've read in years.

I can't even describe how far my WTF Meter went into the red. Five chapters that should have been ten, character acti...more
Doreen Dalesandro
I listened to the audiobook.

The plot of Ice Limit involves one man's aversion to failure, one man's ethics turned upside down, and two men's obsession with a very dense rock.

Hate to say it, but I am disappointed in this book. After reading Mount Dragon, I was expecting a thrill ride. Instead, the story is bogged down in character development (those pesky characters!). The best part of the story is the last 40 minutes!
A high-octane suspenseful story that will have you turning pages while the lasagna burns. The characters are relatively flat (although that is not unusual for the genre), and the plot is often predictable, but there are a handful of exciting twists and turns. If you're a fan of technothrillers, The Ice Limit is sure to please. My only complaint is that, instead of a proper ending, we are left with a half dozen fictional news articles intended to wrap up the story. It feels more like the first vo...more
What a thrill ride! This is my first Preston/Child book, and what a great one to choose! It was interesting from the first page and stayed very exciting until the last word.

I have read several of Richard Preston's book (Douglas's brother) and thought I would give the Preston/Child coupling a chance. I was rewarded. The plot was interesting, the characters realistic, the terror very real. Warning though, I do alright with violence and there was one scene that involved a fingernail which literally...more
How far would you go to uncover the scientific discovery of the century? Perhaps the biggest discovery in the history of mankind?

Sam McFarlane is a renegade scientist - he finds and studies meteorites but refuses to conform to the typical research realm of academia and instead travels the world looking for evidence to support his theory of an interstellar meteorite. He has recently lost face with the scientific community, lost his research partner and best friend, and his marriage ended in divor...more
Lady Ethereal Butterfly
I’m still so excited about this book that I can hardly form a coherent sentence about it. The Ice Limit by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child follows a group of scientist and engineers on a journey in an oil tanker to a remote island off of Cape Horn. Their mission there is to locate and retrieve, in secrecy, the largest meteorite to ever hit the planet. Every last detail of this mission is planned out meticulously, but things start going wrong and people start mysteriously dying . . .

The Ice Li...more
Sep 22, 2010 Mike rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Anyone
I've read some other books by the authors separately and as a team. This one has all of their usual hallmarks: imaginative, lots of details, decent length, and a multi-layered plot.

While I might have wished for a different set of outcomes at various junctures (because you either do or do not bond with the characters), I was not disappointed in the book. To the contrary, I enjoyed their premise and the way they crafted the story. Like most of their collective work, this is not a breezy beach book...more
Susan Townsend
How much did I hate this audiobook?
......As much as I hate those sappy, overwrought personal interest stories they play on the sports channels when they run out of stuff to talk about. As a matter of fact, that's exactly what this audiobook sounds like, minus the violins. I usually like Scott Brick, but this is awful. Didn't like the story, either. It is a cheap knowckoff of Jurassic Park, rich guy funds a stupid self-aggrandizing project without regard to risk to others.

It isn't often I give...more
I love Douglas Preston but this book left me with an empty feeling at the end. The plot line was intriguing in the beginning. A nice mix of science, action, and mystery, but as the book progressed I found myself getting bored with it. I was convinced the 'mission' would fail and was just waiting to find out how (the only motivation to finish it I had). In the end I think the characters were what gave this book that empty feeling. Although it tried to be character driven you never actually bonded...more
Dee Dee Walker
I loved this book! The reason I gave it four stars instead of five stars is because the ending will leave some readers annoyed. It sort of a cliffhanger. It's a bit of a shock and then THE END! Despite the ending I highly recommend it. I felt like the ending let the readers imagination run wild. Also, I always enjoy when a author throws in information or facts that I didn't know. These authors are always great with science and logic in the books they write. They did not disappoint in ICE LIMIT....more
A meteorite has been found in a remote area of the Cape Horn Islands. The mission: a team of experts is hired by a billionaire to excavate it, load it onto a retrofitted tanker & bring it to the U.S. so it can be the centerpiece of a very unique museum. But they quickly realize that this is no ordinary meteorite and it will take extraordinary efforts to complete the mission - that is, if they even survive.
I liked this novel, even though at times the naval and engineering jargon was a litt...more
At first promisingly scientific. At least enough so to make the potboiler conventions tolerable for a time: the opening scene in which "something" mysterious and ominous occurs -- but we're not told what (duh-da-DUHHHHH,); the various stock players with the obligatory "tragic" and/or "misunderstood" backstories; and, of course, the secret agendas.... When Creighton did it, he at least made it fun, in addition to using actually "plausible" science. This book is neither fun nor plausible. By about...more
James Somahkawahho
This is one of the best Douglas Preston novels out there. The level of detail and research that went into this story is amazing. The world he builds around you will draw you in and take you along for the journey. Slowly, you will become uncomfortable, then anxious, then on the edge of your seat; resulting in you not being able to put the book down. Read this book.
Ci casco sempre. Poi mi pento, ma intanto ci casco. Questo romanzo, acquistato e letto nel 2006, costava proprio una miseria, superscontato com’era: neanche 5 euro. Per questo l’ho preso.

Una marea di parole per non raccontare assolutamente niente.

Peggio per me, così imparo a essere così cretina.

Aug 14, 2007 Rose rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Action seekers
Shelves: adventure-action
This is one of these best edge of your seat action books EVER!!! I love this book and the main character (who shows up in other books by these authors) is one of my favorites. If you like action and a little bit of adventure, high-seas and science-fiction, this is for you!
Laura Ruetz
Wow...I loved this. What happens when an seemingly impossible engineering job has been tasked to the premier engineering company in the world...and it is at the bottom of the world, at the tip of Chile? You get a book like the Ice Limit. This book treads on the fringes of being supernatural but what you do get is a solid thriller, you never know what to expect or what will happen next. As always, the range of characters is vast, and we get a tiny glimpse of the persona of each through their acti...more
Kristine Muslim
From the underwater treasure hunt in Riptide to the Quivira expedition in Thunderhead, and without counting their awesome series of Agent Pendergast novels, Preston and Child have long perfected the machinations of a great commercial novel. The Ice Limit, with its giant meteorite and being-chased-and-fired-upon-by-a-Chilean-destroyer-ship scenes, naturally makes for an entertaining read. The first casualty was a Filipino scientist, who got zapped by the giant red meteorite--which, for me, is a h...more
This was a more interesting read than I thought it would be from the synopsis on the back. Palmer Lloyd, a very wealthy man has hired an expert on meteorites, Sam McFarlane to help put together a team to uncover and bring the largest meteorite ever found back to New Jersey for his new museum from a small island near Chile. He finds and hires EES, a company owned by Eli Glinn who takes on projects that no one else can do, and he never fails once he takes it on.

Once the project is taken on, from...more
Self-contained tale of characters involved in an impossible engineering feat. Much time is spent delving into backstories of people who act completely out of character when pushed to the edge. Fantastical plot twists that are really not, to the engineer who designed the project. He seems to have any and every contingency planned for, no matter how outrageous.
This being said, I could not put it down until I finished it and like the hints that there might be a sequel.
A good book to read while w...more
I can't decide whether to give this book four or three stars. I might change my mind after I've mentally processed it a bit. For now, I give it four because I still have chills (no pun intended) from the last paragraph of the book.

The world's largest known meteorite has been found on an island south of Tierra del Fuego, Chile. Billionaire Palmer Lloyd wants the rock displayed in his museum and he pays an astronomical amount of money to transport a handful of world class engineers, a doctor, a ma...more
в «натюрморте с воронами» этот роман читает героиня-неформалка, сотрудничающая с пендергастом, его центральным героем является эли глинн, глава «эффективных инженерных решений» из последних книг цикла о пендергасте, но надо всем парит (подобно величественному дирижаблю) призрак неуловимого белого кита, за которым американский торг гонится еще с 19 века по следам германа мелвилла. «моби дик» звучит со многих страниц романа, особенно голос этот слышен там, где героями овладевает непреодолимая стра...more
When I initially read the cover for this book and saw that it was about an exploration to recover a meteorite, it didn't exactly grip me. However, because I love these authors and will read anything they write, I dove in. I'm glad I did.
In this book a billionaire funds an exploration to Isla Desolacion, a small island off the southern tip of Chile, to recover the largest meteorite ever discovered. He brings in a team of people who plan this trip in great detail in order to eliminate any chance...more
"The Ice Limit" by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child is a stand-alone novel set in the world of their Agent Pendergast novels. Characters from other stand-alones, such as "Thunderhead" become huge players in their series and EES, the company owned by Ice Limit's major character Eli Glinn, can be seen again later in the series as well. Hopefully that's the only thing to reappear in later books, though, as this adventure fell quite short of their usual mark of excellence. Sure, the characters were...more
I was really enjoying the story right up until near the end. (view spoiler)...more
OK. So Sara and I were sitting on the couch talking about endings and how key they are to the overall review of a book. I remembered I had bought this book out of a bargain bin based on the fact that it was the thickest and I was on spring break. I can't give this book one star because I have to admit that I was thoroughly entertained up to the last line of the book. No one should read this because I'm pretty sure the author just got fed up with writing and chose the worst cop out ever.
So the...more
It's inevitable to compare this pair of writers with Michael Crichton, who is probably the reference in scientifically accurate thrillers. But I must say that Preston and Child didn't seem to emulate Crichton in any way — and they did a good job not doing so.

First thing you must know about «The Ice Limit» is that there aren't any heroes. The protagonists are normal (albeit extremely competent) people, with interests that fit them well into the wide gray area between self-sacrifice and self-inter...more
I finally finished this book, and it was okay, but nothing great! In some ways it reminded me of Michael Crichton's Science Fiction stuff. In fact, like many of Critchton's works there is a team researching that each have their own struggles.

The female Captain of the ship had a drinking problem and was a recovering alcoholic. The geologist had issues with his brother-in-law. The money man behind the team was an egotistical pompous moron. The leader of the team had a great analytical mind.

The au...more
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Lincoln Child was born in Westport, Connecticut, which he still calls his hometown (despite the fact that he left the place before he reached his first birthday and now only goes back for weekends).

Lincoln seemed to have acquired an interest in writing as early as second grade, when he wrote a short story entitled Bumble the Elephant (now believed by scholars to be lost). Along with two dozen shor...more
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