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Earth Girl (Earth Girl, #1)
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Earth Girl (Earth Girl #1)

3.76 of 5 stars 3.76  ·  rating details  ·  2,341 ratings  ·  451 reviews
A sensational YA science fiction debut from an exciting new British author. Jarra is stuck on Earth while the rest of humanity portals around the universe. But can she prove to the norms that she’s more than just an Earth Girl?

2788. Only the handicapped live on Earth. While everyone else portals between worlds, 18-year-old Jarra is among the one in a thousand people born w...more
Paperback, 358 pages
Published August 16th 2012 by Harper Voyager
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Khanh (Kittens, Rainbows, and Sunshine)
Actual rating: 4.5

I started reading this book with less than stellar (I am completely incapable of writing a review without at least one bad pun) expectations.

Really? I mean Earth Girl as a title? I know, prejudice against the title...Khanh, you stupid, immature little girl. I have my reasons, though. There have been few pieces of YA sci-fi fiction based on interplanetary plots that have been worth the time they took to read. The other reason was because the title brought to mind the kitschy mov...more
Mogsy (MMOGC)
4.5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum

When I think about Young Adult books from Pyr, words that spring immediately to mind are “distinct”, “unconventional” and “unique”. I guess that’s why I’ve been counting on this book to lift me out of my YA slump. I’ve been feeling rather burned out by the love triangles, broody heroes, and paranormal/fantasy settings in this category lately, and Earth Girl looked like the perfect cure to this particular malaise.

My insti...more
Christina (A Reader of Fictions)
Honestly, I'd sort of dismissed this book, because I saw the pretty cover and then never heard another thing about it. Only when my friend Kayla tweeted me about how good this book was and how much she thought I would like it did I look into it again. That was when I realized why I'd heard so little buzz about it: the cover I was familiar with was for the UK edition, and it's only just now publishing in the US. So, basically, Kayla knows me well and this book is stellar (see what I did there?);...more
Experiment BL626
The heroine’s character development was superb, but the world building was subpar.

+ the world building

The world building failed to respect the book’s central theme of history and ultimately its setting as an alternative reality. No explanation was offered for how all nations united as one civilization. Neither was an explanation offered for how people suddenly stopped being religious despite the brief but incredibly jarring sentence about how physicists found proof for creationism simply just to...more
On that train all graphite and glitter
Undersea by rail
Ninety minutes from New York to Paris
More leisure for artists everywhere

A just machine to make big decisions
Programmed by fellows with compassion and vision
We'll be clean when their work is done
We'll be eternally free yes and eternally young

What a beautiful world this will be
What a glorious time to be free

by Donald Fagen

Yes, Janet Edwards has indeed created a beautiful world where it only takes seconds to go from New York to Paris and...more
Earth Girl is one of those rare gems which you come across by luck, then when you read it, it completely blows you mind. It is a stunning debut novel which keeps the reader wanting more. Even when I'd finished this book it was still at the front of my mind. This doesn't happen to me often but when it does it really shows how good a book is. The story and plot were still reeling in my mind, I was analysing the events like I was there, it was brilliant. I can easily say that I loved this book. I w...more
Faye, la Patata
First and foremost, I'd like to thank my good friend since my scanlation days, Kureha, for recommending this book to me, because otherwise, I wouldn't have touched this. Not the book's fault, really. Ever since I read (and vehemently disliked) British author Teri Terry's Slated, I've become wary of English/British YA novels. But thank goodness for angels like my friend, because this novel turned out to be a very pleasant surprise. I loved it! So how do you know if this book is for you? Well, let...more
Jun 14, 2012 Matt marked it as maybe-read
There better be a:

1.) Narnia world.
2.) Terabithia world.
3.) A world for every single Disney movie,
4.) I don't know where this list is going
All right, firstly, this was a decent book. It had an interesting premise - the world was solid, and the idea was a unique spin on a way-overused setting.

My problem was the way it was written and how the events were played out. The premise might have been good, but the 'problem' of the story - Jarra's Handicap, or whatever, was resolved with boring acceptance that was barely even elaborated on. Janet Edwards simply skimmed past the resolvement of the issue, gushing on about how Jarra has done su...more
I wanted so badly for this to be a five star read.

I loved this book. I couldn't put it down, and when I finished reading it last night (up past my bedtime) and went to sleep, I dreamt about this world and the people in it, though more surreal and dream like, of course. My dream back log is often two weeks long, which means something that happens in the real world won't show up in Dreamland for about fourteen days. This jumped the subconscious queue.

There were a couple of consistency and other...more
Andy Angel
First things first, this review is from an uncorrected proof copy - the book will be available to buy in the shops on August 16th.
The year is 2788 and thanks to the use of portals mankind has now moved out to the stars.
Unfortunately, due to a problem with the immune system, a small percentage of humans are only able to survive on Earth. Portalling off planet would mean death unless they can be sent straight back to Earth and hospitalised. These people, know as "handicapped or apes" (amongst...more
Originally reviewed on The Book Smugglers

Nearly 800 years in the future, Earth and the rest of the universe is a very different place. Thanks to scientist Thaddeus Wallam-Crane, humanity is no longer limited by accelerated particle engines, or the restrictive harness of speed-of-light travel - Wallam-Crane's invention of "portals" mean that humanity can conquer the most distant stars, unrestrained by space and time.

Well, that's true for 99.9% of humanity. That remaining fraction, that niggling...more
I was absolutely enthralled with Jarra and her story. Now that Earth has portalling tech to instantly travel from world to world, they've explored and settled on many. But there are still those babies that are born and can't survive on worlds other than Earth. They have to be sent back immediately, and anyone who has one automatically assumes their partner has old ancient genes. These children are raised by the hospitals on Earth with every benefit, but they can never leave the planet. Everyone...more
Sie kommt von der Erde. Ihr Schicksal steht in den Sternen. Jarra ist ein «Earth Girl». Während sich der Rest der Menschheit aufmacht, fremde Galaxien zu entdecken, ist Jarra zu einem Leben auf dem alten Heimatplaneten verdammt: Aufgrund eines Gendefekts kann sie nicht teleportieren. Sie gehört zu den Ausgestoßenen, den Wertlosen. Aber Jarra hat einen Traum: Sie will normal sein, will wie alle anderen studieren. Ihre Leidenschaft ist die Frühgeschichte – der faszinierende Zeitraum vor Erfindung...more
I had really high hopes for this book but was simply not impressed. The idea for the book is creative enough but I felt the writing was unbalanced: things that I wish had been pages and pages were only a paragraph, and things that were pages and pages could've been a single sentence. Instead of expanding upon the situations that really could've let the main character's personality shine she truncated them to almost nothing and then spent multiple pages on different types of land-roving vehicles....more
This novel has a fantastic premise. A girl who is trapped on earth while the rest of humanity travels through the universe, living on newly discovered planets and just being cooler. Then she decides to go to a foreign (as in a different planet) university that holds its mandatory history course (program?) on earth (which makes sense since they’re studying human history). Apparently, in the future, archaeology is a pretty darn big deal because earth is reverting to natural status and human beings...more
I really loved this book; it was exactly the kind of story I am looking for. It is soft scifi and the fate of the world is not in the balance. This is the story of how a girl deals with her "disability" and the prejudice against her in a futuristic world.

Story The story is essentially a boarding school story in the future. Girl is considered a second-rate citizen since she cannot travel to space like most of the now spacefaring future human race. Girl fakes another identity to prove herself...more
Despite what the premise sounds like, this book is definitely not any sort of dystopian or post-apocalyptic novel that's all the rage these days in YA fiction. It's straight up science-fiction, with a more lighter, humorous twist.

I was pretty skeptical about this going in, especially when I first opened the book and found that the font was the smallest thing ever! I mean, whose bright idea was to make the font that damn tiny!? Do they want to kill our eyesight?! One look is enough to put off ma...more
Nazia Zennia
This 1 star rating was only for one reason and this reason was big enough to eclipse all the good things that was happening in this book.

Let’s start with the good. The world building was great. Descriptions were vivid and although I had no idea how the portals and the multiple planets worked it didn't matter because the story was mostly taking place on earth. The idea was also great and seemed unique with a fresh look in a used setting.

Now for the bad. I didn't like the writing. Although I coul...more
Heather Sowalla
I loved this book! As someone who has a disability I can see where our main character gets discouraged! However, her disability is really just a genetic flaw that does not allow her to leave Earth through the portal systems. Her brashness to apply to a school outside of Earth's boundaries is commendable! I applaud her for her brilliance, though I was worried during parts of the book. The fact that the first year is undertaken on Earth makes the situation slightly less difficult on her as she wil...more
Jarra is handicapped. In future-speak this means that there is some sort of anomaly with her immune system that prevents her from portalling to other planets. Her parents have thus sent her to Earth with the all the other handicapped babies or 'apes' as they're controversially called, to live away from all the normal people that reside in the other planets. That is, until she decides to enrol in an outer planet university without informing anyone of her true identity.

Something that irked me from...more
Marcela (BookaholicCat)
This book was GOOOOOOOOD! So much I'm starting next one right now.
RATING: 4 stars.

"Earth Girl" é o primeiro livro de uma trilogia juvenil passada num futuro distante e foi um daqueles livros em que as primeiras páginas me fizeram pensar que talvez fosse pouco mais do que mais uma "pseudo" ficção científica que é na realidade um romance juvenil condenado e woe. Infelizmente enganei-me profundamente.

Este livro chamou-me primeiro a atenção quando o blogue Book Smugglers escreveu uma opinião quase totalmente positiva acerca do livro. Quando tive oportunidade, comp...more
Anastasia Ovsyannikova
Чуточку я не дочитала, просто сил не хватило уже мурыжить эту книгу. Начали за здравие, кончили за упокой, как говорится. Если начиналось все вполне себе нормально и даже интересно, но где-то с середины книги автора понесло, причем очень, очень резко. И дальше несло все сильнее и все дальше.
This isn't a proper review, I just want to explain my rating because this book would've been much more highly rated, but for a few things. First of all, what I DID like:
- SPACE ARCHAEOLOGY. Well technically it's all on Earth but yeah. ARCHAEOLOGY.
- The whole premise of the story.
- The universe that it is set in.


- The world building was just... uh. Non-existent. Basically everything was portrayed to the reader through HUUUUGE info dumps, and it was all from Jarra answering questions and lect...more
Earth Girl by Janet Edwards tells the story of a future where you can instantly portal from Earth to any settled planet, as long as you aren’t Handicapped. Jarra is one of the few people who are for some reason allergic to any planet other than Earth, but she isn’t letting that hold her back. Earth Girl tackles tough issues related to ableism while introducing readers to an immersive futuristic Earth (complete with awesome new slang!). If you enjoy sci-fi, then you really can’t miss Earth Girl!
Nibra Tee
I guess I'm in the minority here. I enjoyed the earlier parts of the book but it sort of fizzled out halfway through.

In year 2788, planet Earth, or Hospital Earth, has been abandoned since portalling to other worlds has been made possible. There are still people living on Earth, but they're mostly the Handicapped or "Apes." Ape is of course a racial slur. Now there's a prejudice against Apes. As they are carriers of ancient genes that make it impossible for them to survive off-world except on E...more
Dani (Pen to Paper)
Like this review? I have more! Head over to Pen to Paper :)

As soon as I heard about this book, for the first time, I knew that it would be one that I'd love. I'm a huge science-fiction geek, and I love futuristic novels too, so this ticked all the right boxes. I had really high expectations of it, and usually when I expect so much of a book, it can often disappoint me - but not in this case!

The premise is so interesting! It follows the story of Jarra, a 'Handicapped' girl, which basically means...more
One of the things I wish for on a regular basis is a teleportation device of my very own, most often when finding out about another awesome book-related event in London. It would be perfect: I'd be able to work a full day, have dinner at home with hubby and the kids and then teleport over just in time to attend a signing or book launch, after which I'd teleport home and get to sleep in my own bed and go to work again the next day. Well, a girl can dream, can't she? In any case, in Jarra's time t...more
Carolyn (Book Chick City)
Reviewed by Rebecca for - 3.5 Stars on the blog.

EARTH GIRL by Janet Edwards is a young adult sci-fi adventure which is set hundreds of years in the future, portraying a vision of mankind’s future.

In this world Earth is no longer the main planet for the human population, as humans have migrated to a whole host of other discovered planets, each with their own class systems and rules. For example, there is the prestigious Alpha sector, sexually open Beta, moral Gamma, and a wh...more
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Janet Edwards lives in England. As a child, she read everything she could get her hands on, including a huge amount of science fiction and fantasy. She studied Maths at Oxford, and went on to suffer years of writing unbearably complicated technical documents before deciding to write something that was fun for a change. She has a husband, a son, a lot of books, and an aversion to housework.

Janet is...more
More about Janet Edwards...
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