Every Breath You Take  (Second Opportunities #4)
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Every Breath You Take (Second Opportunities #4)

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Unforgettable characters, sizzling romance, and riveting suspense: These are the trademarks of beloved author Judith McNaught. With millions of devoted fans and ten New York Times bestsellers to date, McNaught is a writer whose work just gets better with each new novel–and Every Breath You Take is the book readers have been waiting for. Returning to the lavish Chicago sett...more
Mass Market Paperback, 496 pages
Published September 26th 2006 by Ballantine Books (first published January 1st 2005)
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I read it in one night. It's JM's usual story. Girl meets Uber-wealthy Alpha Male, falls in love, than something happens to make one or both think the other has betrayed them and they separate, only to come together in the end realizing how stupid and wrong about the other they were.

Yes, it was exactly like Perfect and Paradise by this author, in fact the heroes and heroines from those two novels make an appearance, and though I enjoyed EBYT, the fact that it was exactly like her others causes a...more
Alicia (is beyond tired of your *ish)
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Lea's Audiobooks Hensley
Narrated by Laura Dean

A fabulously wealthy hero (self-made of course) and a humble yet gorgeous woman meet for the first time on a tropical island and share a romance unaware that they are connected in numerous ways back in Chicago. It’s typical McNaught (and I am a definite fan) which means there is a Big Misunderstanding – this one huge. In print, this misunderstanding lasts for a good portion of the book since there is a long separation of the characters. However in the abridged audio format,...more
After reading Kingdom of Dreams by Judith McNaught and really liking it, I thought I'd try another of her books that I happen to come across in the library.

First of all, I'm a bit embarrassed to add it to my shelf because of the chagrin-worthy cover. Could it be any more raunchy? LOL.

Secondly, I didn't really care for this book as the storyline was very disorganized, and I don't think the author could decide what she wanted the novel to be about, so she dumped in a hodge-podge of ingredients t...more
I read this last April, I think, and really enjoyed it. Judith McNaught was my favorite author for many years. I stopped reading her and didn't even know she had a new book out. Well, new compared to her classics that I read back in the day, almost 20 years ago. So I found this at a used bookstore and voila, the magic of McNaught caught me up.
This is a very different setting for her. Much of the book takes place at a tropical beach setting and some in Chicago. I loved the beach part - so beauti...more
This book is beyond crap. And I don't mind good crap! This one, however, is so bloody identical to Perfect, it's almost as though she plagiarized her own work. I was literally predicting scenes and plot twists and was always right! She pretty much just took Perfect and changed the details such as names, settings and appearances. Otherwise, it's the exact same story with the exact same structure!

I guess when you come out with a book a year, it's bound to happen. Maybe an assistant wrote it for he...more
4.5 สนุกมาก ชอบมากเลย หนังสือชุดนี้ชอบทุกเล่มเลยค่ะ อ่านแล้วติดใจอยากอ่านแนวนี้อีก เดี๋ยวไว้มีเวลาจะย้อนกลับไปอ่านอีกสักรอบ(แต่ก็หนาซะเหลือเกิน) ในเรื่องมีแมทกับเมอริดิธ แล้วก็แซคกับจูลี่นิดหน่อยด้วย

บนเกาะทะเลแคริบเบียน นางเอก เคท โดโนแวนได้ไปพักผ่อนต่างอากาศที่แฟนเป็นคนจองโรงแรมไว้ให้และตั้งใจว่าจะไปพักผ่อนด้วยกัน แต่ก็ติดธุระด่วนไม่สามารถเดินทางมาพร้อมกันได้แต่ก็จะตามมาทีหลัง ในระหว่างนี้เองเคทได้พบกับพระเอก มิทเชล ไวแอท นักธุรกิจที่สร้างตัวขึ้นมาได้ด้วยตัวเอง และความรู้สึกที่เกิดขึ้นระหว่างคน...more
This was definitely a much different type of book for Judith McNaught. I did enjoy it, but it seemed a little choppy at times and a bit unbelievable. I wasn't quite sure where she wanted to take the book and the romance just seemed to wrap up too conveniently into a little bow at the end. I couldn't warm up to either of the main characters, but the secondary characters were entertaining.
Ok - so there were some good and then not so good ratings on this book. I got one of the newer versions with bonus scenes included and that must have made all the difference because I LOVED IT! So be sure you get the updated version. :-)

Book Binge Blog
I've been in a nasty reading funk. So what do I do to get myself out of it? Re-read!

It's been years since I read this book. I recall liking it the first time around, but not loving it. I think that's because I read the hardcover version, which is missing some key scenes. The paperback, which I always enjoy more, has quite a few deleted scenes along with some bonus material. If you're going to read it, I highly recommend you read the paperback. The blurb is misleading.

Kate is dealing with the dea...more
Decidely flat.

Mitchell Wyatt grew up as an orphan, a ‘charity case’. Sure, he had the best education money can buy, but he had no one to claim him as part of their family. He spent holidays with friends from school, but that never lasted once they found out he was a ‘charity case’. But when Stavros Konstantatos took Mitchell under his wing, he taught Mitchell everything he knew, and Mitchell learned well.

Now a self-made billionaire, Mitchell can afford the best of the best, and now that the Wyat...more
Amy Sanders
Not the best JM novel. Many of the explanations of what is happening in the story comes from the undercover cops that are observing the main characters. I like knowing more of the main characters POV than feeling like an observer.
Some of the things I liked:
I fet his story was plausible and heartbreaking. I liked that her story came out as she told him things about her life.
I liked that she was not 'quick' to give in to him as in most romances.
However, after the 'big misunderstanding' there is...more
Jo Guasque
I love this book. This has been added to my list of most romantic love stories of all time...:) when I have reached the middle part, I was hesitant to continue reading it because I don't want to read the hard part.. I mean The part when Mitchell and Kate were bound to leave the island. That part is when everything becomes too complicated because of William's murder case. But I find the story refreshing and truly romantic. Until now, it gives me goosebumps when I recall the love Mitchell has for...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Every Breath You Take
Mitchell Wyatt and Katherine Kate Donovan
5/5 Stars

Every Breath You Take is the fifth and last book of Second Opportunities series by Judith McNaught.

Favorite Quotes
“Let’s get complicated, Kate.” -Mitchell
“Thank you for the offer, but it’s better to leave things just as they are.” -Kate

“Please stop this, or we won’t end up being friends, after all.” -Kate
“We’re already friends. We’re about to become lovers.” -Mitchell

“I am trying to concede. The truth is that I felt all th
Angela Moxon
I really enjoyed this book and i don't normally read books set in current times, not romance anyway I'm more of a historic romance kinda girl or fantasy. That being said, this book was really good to me. The characters were vibrant and full of emotion. The man was sexy, even if he was a bit of a cocky asshole and the woman I could really relate to. Her feelings of despair, her lack of trust, the whole emotional roller coaster really touched me on a personal level.

The authors way of writing was...more
I've been in a nasty reading funk. So what do I do to get myself out of it? Re-read!

It's been years since I read this book. I recall liking it the first time around, but not loving it. I think that's because I read the hardcover version, which is missing some key scenes. The paperback, which I always enjoy more, has quite a few deleted scenes along with some bonus material. If you're going to read it, I highly recommend you read the paperback.

As with all McNaught novel, this is angsty and fille...more
Leslie Mesmer
I really wanted to give this a 41/2 stars but since I couldn't I did not think my complaints justified only 4 stars I gave it a 5 star rating
I loved this book. It kept me in suspense wanting to know how it was going to all come together at the end.
The author made sure to build the main characters, Kate and Mitchell slowly so that you felt like you were right with them as their relationship took place. It broke my heart to see them break-up and how they assumed things. Bout the other without ta...more
I must have read this back when it first came out and then forgot about it. That's why I'm on Goodreads! Still I liked it at this second reading. Plenty of angst. I don't really like books where there is a big misunderstanding that separates the characters but every once in a while it's okay if the rest of the book is well done. The writing is good here. The emotions are realistic and intense. The end could have been a bit longer. The mystery could have been stronger.
Does it make sense that I was rooting for the dog more than the hero?

Good reading- nothing great. Judith you haven't moved me in years, what's going on?!?! Are these contemporaries killing your ability to wound me with your storyline of betrayals and seeming unrequited love? (Maybe I'm just getting to jaded for your formulaic romances??!?!) What gives? I still feel moved when I re-read your older material why do these affect me less? Sigh....
I copied this review from someone else but it is soo true "This is a cheesy grocery-store-novel, and I am embarrassed to add it to my list. But I am being honest and I am reading this book, and the story is actually kind of cute, except how it is about rich people who are rich with their richness and such. And it is lame, too." But is easy to read on the T to work and since I started it I had to finish
Book four in Judith McNaught's Second Opportunities series features wealthy entrepreneur Mitchell Wyatt and Chicago restaurateur Kate Donovan. The two meet in Anguilla and a hot three-day affair is born. When Mitchell gets a call to return to Chicago to be questioned in the death of his half-brother, the affair ends and a series of misunderstandings follow.

Kate returns home with the romance she thought perfect off kilter and unbeknownst to her, a lot of behind the scenes antics and intrigue ta...more
I was surprised by this book. The mystery element added was an interesting side to the romance part of the story.

Mitchell is having troubles with this new family and Kate is dealing with the death of her father. They meet and fall in love on an island holiday. Misunderstandings and mix ups lead both of them to believe that their relationship wasn't what they thought it had been.

I have read this book twice. There is a scene from the book that shows the main character observing her son and his father in the bathroom, towel around the waist, shaving. Even though the little boy had never met his father until a few days ago, he has known him all of his life...because his mother never forgot or fell out of love with the one man who stole her heart...
Es iemīlējos grāmatā un iemīlējos galvenajos varoņos. iesākot lasīt, šķiet, ka tas ir parasts romāns ar paredzamu saturu, bet es maldījos. kad liekas, ka nu jau viss būs galā, būs laimīgās beigas, notiek pārsteidzošas un pavisam negaidītas lietas. esmu pilnībā pārņemta un aizkustināta un vēlos izlasīt arī nākošo daļu. visiem, kam interesē romantika, obligāti izlasiet!
Kathy Davie
Interesting blend of the standard romance with a teeny bit of a twist. McNaught writes very well creating empathic characters although this particular story did not pull me in as much as others of hers that I have read.
WHEW!! I started this in the afternoon and finished it at 3am. I couldn't stop reading. I loved Kate and Mitch and their Carribean romance. And of course I loved the "happily ever after"!
Enjoyable read with engaging, albeit underdeveloped, characters. Both the plot and the characters could have benefited from more pages.
I'm a sucker for a romance :). It also helps when the man is totally hot, powerful, and wealthy!
Titis Wardhana
saved by the ending...

Mitchell dan Kate ketemu di pulau eksotik Anguilla dan langsung saling tertarik. Tapi karena kesalahpahaman yang so stupid (I think) mereka bubar dengan tidak baik-baik dan terus musuhan sampai tiga tahunan, sampai Kate melahirkan putra Mitchell dan penculiknya meminta tebusan 10 juta dolar.

Awalnya Kate nyenengin tapi pas ketemu Mitchell jadi mellow mulu. Mitchell bener2 songong (kerennya alpha male). Bener2 nyebelin (menurut gw) tapi ya endingnya yang sweet lumayanl...more
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Judith McNaught is a bestselling author of over a dozen historical and contemporary romance novels, with 30 million copies of her works in print. She was also the first female executive producer at a CBS radio station. McNaught is credited with inventing the modern Regency Historical romance subgenre.
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