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One Black Rose (One Black Rose, #1)
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One Black Rose (One Black Rose #1)

3.68 of 5 stars 3.68  ·  rating details  ·  626 ratings  ·  48 reviews
Sixteen-year-old Autumn goes to stay with her friend Carley in Castleton, Maine, for the summer. All she’s expecting is a normal couple of months hanging out at the beach with friends. Nothing out of the ordinary was supposed to happen.

But as soon as she arrives she meets Holt Roth. Holt is unlike anyone she’s ever met before – and her reaction to him is even more unexpect
Kindle Edition, 144 pages
Published October 10th 2011
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Kami Dodson-Perry
Autumn is the perfect name for the main character of this book. I really like how throughout the story Autumn has kept being herself & doing what she wanted to do even though the easy path was deny her feelings & do what others wanted her to. Autumn is stronger than she realizes. In the beginning of the story Autumn does not see it. She is worried about her parents marriage & now the 2 boys fighting over her. But Autumn becomes aware of her strength as the story progresses. I am not ...more
Read From: March 20 to May 15, 2012

I am appalled that this book received the amount of positive reviews that it did. Seriously. I was not impressed. At all.

What was this? A first draft? An idea? A thought put to paper and then someone decided 'oh! I can sell this on the web!' I mean come on. If I hadn't bought this for $.99 I would have stopped reading it altogether.

It was sorely lacking in the details and writing skills department. My 17 year old sister could have done this in her sleep. It w
Samantha Young
Like stepping into a modern, urban fairy tale, One Black Rose, is charming, enchanting and utterly romantic. With vivid depictions of Maine and the two families of the Winter and Summer Courts, I was instantly pulled into Maddy Edwards lush story. Easy, smooth, addictive prose, entertaining and authentic dialogue and a plot that transports the classic fairytale into modern teen fiction, I happily spent the day within the world of One Black Rose. As well as the awesome action-packed and glitterin ...more
Andrea Heltsley
I'm not a huge fairy fan, but I LOVED this book. I'm a sucker for a great love triangle I guess! Poor Autumn never had a chance with Samuel and Holt around. From the moment she stepped of the plane in Maine, she was destined for a new life.

I wasn't a huge Carley fan, she was selfish and petulant. I did admire Nick's persistence at trying to win her affections though. Lydia and Leslie were great characters, and I could imagine them as if they were in the room with me. They give me the chills..ha
Autumn goes to stay with her best friend Carley for the summer. While she is there Autumn meets Samuel and Holt, two gorgeous guys and she feels attracted to both of them. Holt seems to share Autumn feelings while Samuel seem to give her the cold shoulder. She learns that she is destined to be with Samuel. It's not really your typical boy wants girl but she wants someone else because the boy in question, Samuel, doesn't want the Autumn but she cannot have Holt, the guy she does want to be with.

Mika Koga
where do i begin?

at first i though this book was gonna be good because Autumn was introduced as someone who wont go crazy for a guy but then as the story continued Autumn became crazy for Holt after hanging out with him for only a few times. and i really hate it when girls act that way it drives me nuts.

I don't get why people would think that both Holt and Samuel are fighting over autumn when Samuel doesn't even acknowledge the presence of Autumn. its Samuel's fault that this happened. If he j
When i first read the story (didn't read the synopsis) i was wondering what the rivarly i read find..fairies,princes,winter n summer was enjoyable.
Especially Holt n Autumn(What a perfect name for the lead!)And so was the mystery of One black rose!

Though it was annoying to see some things repeatedly written-showered, dressed, came down,cereal...argh!

It was an easy read...and short one too...should read the next in series to see how Holt-Autumn-Samuel's story will progre
I really enjoyed this book! I haven't ready many fairy books but every time I do, I fall in love again. One Black Rose was no exception. I like the main character Autumn and her tenacity. She isn't easily swayed by a persons looks which is a nice change. In this book there are a lot of questions that weren't fully answered so I'm excited to buy the 2nd book in this series and figure out what is REALLY going on. If you enjoy the magic of fairies, I highly recommend this book.
Ana Cat
Reading this at first is like dejavu. The first time Holt and Autumn met is at the airport where Holt had saved Autumn from a falling man in unhumanly speed:

"you just raced up here in your car... and you... caught him"

Ok, that's Autumn's reaction. Is something clicking in your memory now? If you're thinking Bella after Edward saved him from the truck that's about to squash her...well bingo! we're on the same page. This is like Twilight but instead of vampires, there are the fairies. Holt has als
Lucie Fuentes
I devoured this book in one evening. Easy to read, entertaining, it allowed me to escape into the world of fairies in a gentle and pleasant way.

The atmosphere is really relaxed, sulkiness is banned here even though Autumn seems to ask herself too many questions. The reader waits for responses who sometimes can be deduced before being released by the words of Maddy Edwards.
Far from being a criticism, I actually rather enjoyed it. This proves that the elements of the recipe has worked w
This book was a very pleasant surprise.
Lately, all the Paranormal YA books I read were utter catastrophes (The Iron King), disappointments (Anna Dressed in Blood), painfully mediocre (Venus City) or simply overflowing with grammatic mistakes that hurt my eyes (They Walk).
This was neither of those. Keep in mind, though, if you want to read this, it IS obviously YA Paranormal.
We get the cute 16 year old naive girl who's new in town (though to her credit she only stays for summer and wasn't plannin
This book has/had great potential. The plot was catching, the character descriptions were great, imagery fantastic. However, the storyline was lacking. I felt some key things were missed or rushed, while other parts drug on that really didn't need to be. And let's be honest, how many times does this girl have to shower?? There is no real back ground into the lore or as to the why of the tension. I have read the 2nd book and will continue to follow this series bc yes there was enough to get me at ...more
May 23, 2012 Hmr28 marked it as to-read
I am not sure why authors' don't take advantage of every single avenue of publication open to them. I know that if I come across a recommendation from goodreads or a friend I check the book out right away, if it is available and is interesting to me, I buy it. If it is not available for me to buy on the Nook, I don't and then...I forget about it. Essentially the author has lost the chance at a sale, because I am not going to remember that I wanted a particular book 1 week from now much less 3 mo ...more
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I honestly have no idea how I felt about this book. Some parts I loved, other parts just seemed to be really, really strange to me. The lead female took the 'big reveal' much to calmly in my opinion and there was just a lot of odd little things that bugged me. (view spoiler). Over all it was an alright book but it seemed disjointed and the ending was not a good one for me. It just stopped abruptly and made me feel l ...more
Aside from one glaring error, I found this book to be pretty much error free. The offending error was located at the 81% mark and read something like this:
"...he turned around and said..."
"He didn't even turn around."

What?! But you just said he did! Anyway, seriously that was the only error I saw besides one extra space between a word and punctuation.

Anyhow I found the characters very interesting and very intriguing. Autumn is fairly mature for a 16 year old, unlike her BFF Carly, but it was nic
I liked this book but it took me a while to get through it. I was able to walk away for periods of time, there was just something lacking IMO. I liked Autumn but didn't find anything special about her. She was stubborn and very reliant on Holt (a guy she barely knew)! Holt was just okay for me as well. What was so special about him? There was just a lot of depth missing from the characters for me. I liked Samuel the best and was disappointed he wasn't in more of the story. The build up at the en ...more
I love a good YA paranormal romance with that good ole love triangle, two hot guys, one all bright and shiny and one kind of dark, one independent girl who thinks she can handle it all. A great first book in this series.
I feel like not a whole lot happened in this book. Also, I'm a bit concerned that when Autumn was told she was destined to get married (to my understanding some time in the near future) her reaction was not a freak out that she was too young or that the guy was too much older than her (which by the way they both were since she is 16 and she estimated them both to be about 22) or that she barely knew either of them. No, her reaction was "but he doesn't even like me." I think you have bigger issue ...more
I love fairy books. They give me that warm tingly feeling:) This story was more than I was enticing, wonderus, and all in all lovely. It's a story about a girl who while on summer vacation visiting a friend, stumbles upon not one, but two fairy princes. She is somehow destined to be with one but falls hard for the other....all very controversial. Arguments between fairy courts, boy drama, and snarky wit are all just the tip of the ice berg in this story. There were some grammatical ...more
I was not impressed at all. The conflict between Holt and Samuel felt too drawn out. I was hoping the book would be saved by a really good ending, but no. The whole book was leading up to this grand party that was supposed to be the highlight of the summer, but it just fell flat. It only encompassed a couple of pages. The epic battle was weak as well. The ending was disappointing and too open ended. If this is meant to be a stand alone book like I think it is, you will be sorely displeased with ...more
I really would like to love this book I was kind of disappointed. I was enjoying it in some parts but I don't think everything was written out so clearly. It lacked some kind of motivation or the write up to what motivated them to do some thing or think of something. This book had great potential with an awesome idea. Plus, it helps that the characters are there to stay in your imagination basking in all their fairy Prince glory.
I'd read the next books though. It's an interesting idea and I'd b
This book was actually pretty good in my opinion. I liked the characters, though I thought the dark and mysterious guy would appeal more to the girl than the sweet sunny one. The plot was somewhat similar to Twilight, though it wasn't overly to the fact that it's not worth reading. There were some parts of this book I really enjoyed, and some really funny and quirky moments. Overall, if you are looking for a light and easy read, this is the book for you :)
This was a great fairy book, and a little different than some of the fairy books I have read. Sometimes the books with fairies that are scary looking when not glamoured kinda freak me out, so i was happy to find these fairies weren't quite like that. I fell in love with Autumn and Holt, and I am excited to find out more about Samuel, because I am sure there is more to his character that the writer kept a mystery. Great clean book for teens and adults.

I truly did enjoy her other series but this be feels a little forced. To be honest this isn't a three but a 2.5 it doesn't really make that much sense. I mean it does and it doesn't. I will continue with the series in hopes it does more however if it were longer with a better explanation. Samuel I mean I did not get that "shocking" feeling that the description indicated happened between them. Blen
Well, the story setting was really quite good, but the characters were kind of bland, and certainly lacked depth-to be honest, I had trouble connecting with them.
I had high hopes for this one, but it really did fall short, unfortunately.
Still, I'll read the next one in the hope that the characters will gain some life and interest.
I really enjoyed this book. Enough that I will be moving on to the next in the series. There were a few typos and reverse of words, but it wasnt all that bad. The only thing I really longed for was more description, in the characters in the scenery, everything was rather vague.
Alright book, but lacking execution. The ending was too open ended. I really like Samuel the best but was disappointed he wasn't in it a lot. Holt... he's nice but i'm rooting for Samuel. Autumn is very boring. But i will continue reading the sequel mostly because i want more Samuel.
Heather Taylor
I read this book two weeks ago and I can't really remember it. A girl gets caught between the two fairy courts young princes who both think she should be their next queeen. I don't remember if there was anything bad in it. I think it was pretty clean. It was good but not great.
Mar 16, 2012 JoAnne rated it 3 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Fast, easy, fun but not high expectations read
So I liked the book. There were times I was just left wanting in the story line. It seemed to be missing something.
It felt like it skimmed over parts that needed more whereas it was elaborated in areas that seemed too much.
But I still liked it.
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