Suddenly a Bride
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Suddenly a Bride (Across the Stars #1)

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Rilo An comes from a world where there are no women, and what he longs for is a life mate, which is the Earth equivalent of a wife. So he leaves his world, takes on the Earth name Chris West, and bonds with Caitlyn Davis.

But she was married before, and memories of her deceased husband still linger around her home. Will he have to become like her first husband to win her l...more
Published July 10th 2011 by CreateSpace (first published June 21st 2011)
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Suddenly a Bride by Ruth Ann Nordin
Across the Stars Book 1
I just love Ruth's books! Her hero's are the sweetest guys and you just fall for them as they try and please the love of their life. In this case our hero is Rilo An from Pandoran, a planet where there were only men left. He goes to Star Systems Unlimited and pays them to choose him a wife from Earth. He wants a woman willing to be his Life Mate and who will want children with him. He knows when he finds her that a special hormone will re...more
Rachel- Goodbye Borders
I picked this up for a challenge (needed a wedding themed book). I didn't make it that far before I started to see red. Issue number one: "He didn't like the idea that a woman might decide his genetic line didn't suit her." Poor baby, a woman might decide to not have children with you. Boo-hoo! Issue number two: "I know, but I was warned the women on Earth can be emotional. I'm not sure if that's worth it." Now, I realize it was someone else (not Rilo/Chris) that said this, but really?! Issue nu...more
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This type of story is normally right up my alley. Unfortunately not this one although the story was a good idea and characters entertaining.

Chris/Rilo left his planet to find a wife and to have kids. He pays a company to find a wife for him not giving any preference to the type of women he gets. His assigned women works as a waitress and has no idea she's about to become married via sex. Caitlyn goes from still morning her dead husband to meeting a nice customer to being chemically induced to ha...more
ThreeRs (editors be praised!)
Mar 06, 2014 ThreeRs (editors be praised!) rated it 1 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Radical right-wingers? Sarah Palin? Stephanie Meyer?
This isn't romance, it's rape disguised as an alien mating custom. It's not science-fiction, either, but a thinly veiled argument against reproductive rights.

When Rilo An arrives on Earth to meet his life mate, he has absolutely no "romantic" intentions. He never even considers that she may not be interested, or that Earth customs might be different from his own. He has no plans to woo her, win her over, or even get to know her. No, as far as he's concerned, their marriage is a done deal. All he...more
If you're wanting alien/earthling erotica, scratch this off your list.

This is a sweet, fluffy, HEA romance.
The villain in the story is the heroine's overbearing, controlling, judgmental mother. That's as heavy as it gets.
Becky ♡The Bookworm♡
I wanted to enjoy this and told myself, "That creeped out feeling is just because it's odd sci-fi." But...

I tried. Really, really tried, but it just turned out to be dadgum-messed-up-horsey-apples. I couldn't get past the overall message. It's a warped way of glorifying the act of drugging [Chris releases the so called sex hormone, MINUTES after he meets her] and raping her in a drugged up craze [which he calls the marriage/bonding/mating ceremony]. Come on people. My dream wedding certainly was...more
Shelley Chastagner
A bit of a sci-fi romance. Rilo (aka Chris) is a nieve alien in search of a wife. Caitlyn is picked by the agency to fill the bill. Unfortunately she comes with a manipulative mother. Poor Chris has to navigate the complexities of American earth culture and the nuances of dealing with an extended family. Packed with lots of funny moments and exasperation. This is another one of my favorites by Ruth Nordin.
Reread. Second time around and I still love it! I wanted to make myself familiar with the other characters again since I'll be reading the rest of the series.
I LOVE Chris! He is sooooo cute, so naive and so eandearing. Things he says that makes you go "aawwwww", i.e. "I'll go there because you're there" or "I'll do anything as long as I get to touch you". And yes, he always wants to touch her. And he's working so hard so that she loves him. Getting pictures taken with her was very important to h...more
Suspension of disbelief. If you're looking for a reason to hate it, over-analyze any aspect of it and you'll likely succeed. As a light, fluffy read, ignoring political possibilities and repercussions (although I admit that some of the outraged reviews on here sound pretty valid, if you inspect them from that point of view), it was enjoyable. A quick read and a different spin on things. At times cheesy and hard to believe, but I pretty much only require my historical novels to work within the li...more
Davida Camillo
Decent Read for Young Adults

This was my first book by Ruth Ann Nordin. This book was cute and a quick read. I am going to keep reading her books. Some fun issues are raised that people sometimes have to deal with. There is some sex but nothing too steamy but I still would keep it to 17+.
The main characters are Rilo An AKA Chris West, an alien from a planet with only men and Caitlyn Davis, a widowed waitress on Earth. Rilo/Chris decided he wants a life mate and makes a request for an earth woman...more
This was my first book by Ruth Nordin, and it probably won’t be my last. This book, although a little drawn out, was well developed, well-built and overall is easy book to enjoy. Her heroes are the sweetest guys and you just fall for them, as they try and please the love of their life. In this case our hero is Rilo An from Pandoran, a planet where there were only men left. He goes to Star Systems Unlimited and pays them to choose him a wife from Earth. He wants a woman willing to be his Life Mat...more
This was a story with a gentle plot which made it a refreshing change to tuck in amongst the more weightier dramatic plotted stories that I've been reading lately. Not to say that there is no conflict! There is that, but its resolution happens without an undue amount of angst because the two main characters are unselfish, thoughtful and mature about it when the conflict from without their relationship happens.

Honestly, this one felt more like a contemporary romance with science fiction elements...more
Kay Bolton
Okay, I have to be a bit careful here, as I don't want anyone to think that I am slagging off the book or the author, which I most definitely am not.

My first Novel by Ruth Nordin was at first dismissed as awful, but then when I literally had nothing else to read I forced myself, and secretly enjoyed it. There is something endearing about the cheesiness of her novels. At first I thought that was an accident, but as I've read a few more I've decided that it can only be by design.

This here book, wa...more
So Chris West lives on a planet where there are only men, all the women died out more then a hundred years ago so there are only two other worlds where there are women that are compatible to his kind.
Caitlyn Davis is at her waitress job with her best friend and just living a normal boring life. Boom! Chris is assigned Caitlyn as a life-mate. This concept is well explained and it sounds like marriage from the Middle-Ages when there was no divorce. Caitlyn and Chris 'mate' and bond for life and st...more
Aw, what a sweet book. I think Caitlyn is amazing. She has a good head on her shoulders. Her understanding of situations without the normal hysterics is refreshing.

I found the conflict between mother and daughter similar to what I went through in real life. I had to laugh at a couple of points cause it match my life almost exactly. However, the man I married didn't take any of my mother's antics and quickly knocked her out of the controlling mode. :-)

Chris is really sweet and Mark is a good frie...more
Chris West arrives to Earth with one goal, to find his life mate Caitlyn Davis. Caitlyn has no clue what has happened, within a span of a few hours she has sex with a man she doesn't know, finds out she is bonded/mated/married to said man, and the icing on the cake is he is from another planet.

Chris's hope is to find a mate he can have children with and build a family, Caitlyn is that woman. Their marriage has a few bumps along the way, but once Chris meets Caitlyn's family it has him questionin...more
Lynelle Clark
I simply love Ruth Ann Nordin's story. The simplicity in her writing style and the care she take to build each character has never disappointed me. Once again in this story she out did herself with Chris, The alien from another galaxy who was forced to come to earth in search for a female. To bond and start a family with. His innocence in all that evolved women, relationships and marriage was the high light of the story. His willingness to learn and to bridge the gap was sweet.
The mother in law...more
Elly Helcl
While this book has an other-worldly beginning, it is very much so a book any married person can relate with.

The antagonist of this story is the dreaded mother-in-law...Almost all married couples can relate to that.

The "Hero" is super, super sweet. His name is Chris and all he wants is for Caitlyn to be happy. In fact, when he found out that human males sometimes abuse their women he was shocked. And that is when I fell in love with Chris.

Caitlyn is also an incredibly lovable character who has h...more
Not the worlds greatest romance book but an okay one. I wanted to love this book but I just couldn't. So I settled for liking it. It kinda moved at warped speed in spots and fizzled in others. But its still worth reading once.
Suddenly a bride was such a cute, fun story. Chris was so clueless and adorable. I loved that the book just makes you smile at some of the dorky things Chris does. I may not want to read books like this all the time but this was a pleasant surprise.
Connie Taylor
This is the first in Across the Stars series. It is a light, easy read, a book you can curl up with and have a relaxing afternoon. Am looking forward to reading the next book in the series.
Rilo An comes from a world where there are no women. What he longs for is a life mate: someone who'll complete him, someone he can love who'll love him back, someone who'll ease the aching loneliness that haunts his life.

So he leaves his world, takes on the Earth name Chris West, and makes a payment to Star Systems Unlimited for a life mate. When he bonds with Caitlyn Davis, he thinks life can't get any better. But she was married before, and memories of her deceased husband still linger around...more
Allie Ritch
I can sum this book up in a single word: fun! This author has a great voice, the characters were interesting and believable, and the love scenes were spicy. The author did such a good job of making the heroine's mother despicable that I wanted to yell at the wretched woman myself. I had a blast reading this one and would definitely recommend it to SFR fans. The premise is reminiscent of the movie Starman with Jeff Bridges, except the story line for Suddenly a Bride is, in my opinion, way better....more
didn't finish this. got half way through and couldn't take it anymore. boring and humourless.
I liked the lightness of this book compared to the heavy drama of other books that I read. Yes, there was conflict, but Chris and his inability to grasp things on Earth kept things almost comical at times. The poor guy should have hit the internet in his spare time. What kept me from giving this 5 stars was I would have liked to see more interaction between the Chris and Caitlyn in order for the love and bond to come across better. He talked more with others in the book than his wife. I also wis...more
Interesting story, liked it a lot
I set the bar pretty low (free on kindle, the plot sounded silly) but this was actually pretty entertaining. Fluffy of course but the whole alien thing was worked into the story rather well. Characters actually did ask some of the obvious questions. Some even reacted the way that real people might, when confronted with such a situation. Certainly entertaining and fun. It was also fun to have a hero who just genuinely just wanted to cherish and support the heroine, and wasn't emotionally damaged....more
ColleenM Johnson
It took me three days to find a book worth reading, that could capture my attention and keep it throughout the whole book. This is a jewel! Romance, love scenes blended in with every day life but still having that x factor that pops up at the perfect moments! A great romance with a touch of sci fi. This author has popped onto my must follow and devour all she writes list! Thank you for this book, I loved it. After reading this author's free edition of this book I am 100% satisfied to pay for the...more
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What's to say? I write a lot. I read often. I sleep little. Once in awhile, I've been known to clean the house. A number of kids live in my house and there's this guy they call dad and I call husband. All in all, it's a pretty good life. :-)
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