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Work! Consume! Die!: You Are Bored. This is the Antidote
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Work! Consume! Die!: You Are Bored. This is the Antidote

3.43 of 5 stars 3.43  ·  rating details  ·  609 ratings  ·  55 reviews
This is a book full of hope and jokes. A novella tells the story of a newly retired Frankie Boyle, lured back onto the panel-show circuit when people who fall under a certain level of celebrity start getting raped. Frankie pitches increasingly desperate ideas for new shows as he slides down the showbiz rankings and his arse drops ever closer to an obscure sodomising.

Hardcover, 331 pages
Published October 13th 2011 by HarperCollins (first published October 1st 2011)
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After his 'autobiography', My Shit Life So Far , this is neither a straight autobiography, nor strictly non-fiction. Instead the book alternates, chapter by chapter, between a fictional account of Frankie Boyle living in a high-rise flat in Glasgow and a series of non-fictional diatribes against everything Boyle doesn't like about the world. There is a very tenuous Kevin-Bacon-style link between myself and Frankie; which means that this copy, which my parents bought for me, is personally inscri ...more
It does not care what is going on in your own life, read this book and you enter into the fun and psychedelic world of Frankie Boyle. If you thought Tramadol Nights was "out there" you have yet to reach the outer galaxies of Boyle's mind with this book. He allows the reader to traverse in a world where the dreamworld and inner desires become reality. The reality that you believe in, Boyle takes his book and smacks you over the head with it relentlessly beating it out of you! Yes I have been beat ...more
Andrew Lawston
I like Frankie Boyle's stuff, and I loved his first book, the one with the sweary title.

Work! Consume! Die! is his first work of fiction, interspersed with Frankie's gag-sprinkled view of the world.

The novella, about celebrities being raped if their public profile falls too low, evolves into a crushingly banal metaphor for fame's fickle cycle. Which is a shame, as it was quite a good story up to that point.

Meanwhile, the bits between the novella chapters can only be described as an attempt to tr
Jack Swinburne
A heartless, soulless, monstrosity of a book. The kind of book that, were it a person, would be locked in the attic by its parents and never spoke of again.

I relished every page.
Brian Slevin
Crap, just rubbish. Two or three funny paragraphs padded out with drivel. Frankie Boyle may deride the TV panel show, but it's what he's good at.
In some ways maybe this deserves more than the two stars I'm giving it..there are times when it is very fun indeed and it is a book that tackles(albeit friviously) subjects that make you think..which is always good for a book.
The scatter gun approach to gags and intense negativity however drained me after a while it is so unremmitingly's almost like watching the Jeremy Kyle show on loop and then feeling that reflects humanity.
The book doesn't celebrate rubbish but it holds a mirror up
Poisonously funny, healthily bleak antidote to every sugary comedian currently doing stand-up. Divided into stories, quotes Boyle likes and edited stand-up routines, it tends to read more like a collection of very sharp one-liners than a book, which is always the problem with books from standups (except Stewart Lee's) and is best read in small chunks.
Boyle's occasionally astounding controversiality often hides more profound ideas. He's an unusual comic in that you're usually require to provide a
I read Frankie Boyle's first book after seeing him on the show "Mock the Weak". I enjoyed it enough and so I thought I'd give his second one a go on audiobook. Not read by the author, which was a bit disappointing at first, but the person they did get to read it had the same accent, so I found myself soon forgetting that it wasn't the author, himself.
There is a lot less about the author himself, in this book, compared to the first. This book was more general rants, ramblings and opinion pieces
James Perkins
He's irreverent, crass, and politically incorrect. He's also very, very funny. Scottish comedian Frankie Boyle has managed to write a book without a swear word in the title, and it's all the better for it. This volume is his take on the insanity of modern life, covering society's ills in the form of newspapers, the Internet, capitalism, criminality and social class, technology, sport, and natural disasters. He also spends a considerable time poking fun at modern celebrity, be it TV star, politic ...more
Okaaaay.... so this is definitely not a book that everyone or even a huge amount of people will enjoy. It's not an autobiography of any kind even though I suppose you do gain a slight insight into the mind of Frankie Boyle which to be honest isn't all that pleasant a vast majority of the time! It's more like his weird and strong opinions on huge amounts of random issues ranging from the war in Iraq to Wayne Rooney's hair transplant.

Now I will say that I am a fan of comedy and I'm not easily offe
After having read my last, very depressing book, I decided to read something funny to cheer myself up. In hindsight, choosing this book to read was a mistake. It should be called "Things I Would Have Said On Mock The Week". Just in case you missed him, this is what he had to say.

Frankie Boyle is frequently described as a 'controversial' comedian. This means he occasionally does jokes about being disabled or raped. Perhaps if he didn't insist so much upon his credentials as the voice of the under
Some decent chapters filled with the kind of jokes you'd expect from Frankie, interspersed with a bizarre, fictional retelling of his life. These fictional section concern Frankie being pursued by a rapist who attacks comedians whose careers are failing. It was neither thought provoking or funny, it was just there, an uncomfortable, bland filler between some fairly average comedy. It's the first book by Frankie I've read, and, despite being a fan of his stand up, I can't say I'm much fussed to c ...more
You have to be a very specific kind of person to get (endure?) Frankie Boyle's humour. You can start to understand what to expect from his definition of comedy: "tragedy plus laughter". Be warned that this book is extremely un-PC and provoking to the point of being defaming and insulting.

The chapters with his commentary on politics, war, sports, terrorism, celebrities and much more are some of the sharpest texts I've ever read. Blatantly direct, brilliantly funny and tragically true. His upside
Frankie Boyle presents somewhat of an anomaly to me. On one hand, I can't watch his stand up without walking out of the room, on the other, the personality of his books sweetens the darker content.

Many think Boyle is simply an offensive Scottish sociopath, who prides himself on his cutting content and brutal put downs. I, however, feel like his intelligence really comes across in his books. He's a smart guy, and very well read - you can tell it, and to some extent I think the principles of his w
Grim-Anal King
There's loads of rambling stand-up type stuff which isn't adequately linked interspersed with soemthing of a story which ends confusingly, but didn't leave me with sufficient motivation to go back to the earlier snippets to work out if there was something clever about the ending I had missed. The stand-up stuff mostly falls flat, seemingly not up to his onstage standard. Whether that's because he wrote quickly and it's half-arsed or whether his jokes depend on his inimitable delivery I'm unsure. ...more
Tom Webster
If you are expecting a stand up show in book form you will be disappointed.

Likewise if you were looking for a straight up autobiography.

However if you are looking for a journey into the surreal with the occasional sidetrip into political and social commentary then you are in for a treat.
I actually realy enjoyed this book. I never read Frankie's first book but have always loved him as a comedian regardless of his bad prestige and when I saw this book fairly cheap in a store I though it was a must buy.

I must admit that at multiple points throughtout the book I was confused at whether bits where indeed autobiographical or figments of his imagination but regardless I enjoyed it. His chapters on potitics, terrorism, sport etc. where interesting and funny although you do need an ide
Not really a book to read from cover to cover but still evidence that this man is light years ahead of most current comedians. Someone who became a comic because he was genuinely funny and had something to say rather than because he wanted to become a stand-up and was the sort of person who usually got what he wanted.
I really didn't know what to expect, but this was an interesting read.

If you're easily offended, or don't like massive doses of swearing, then this isn't a book for you!

Mr Boyle takes us on a mendering journey through modern life, with acerbic and controversial views on all manner of cultural and political situations.

In summary all politicians are w*nkers and X Factor and other talent shows are a symptom of our modern malaise and poor attention spans.

Nothing to learn there then! But interspersed
I may, now and again, bear a passing resemblance to Frankie Boyle. I'd say it's typically more a curse than a blessing. I was once referred to as the Anti-Frankie, since he's exceptionally offensive and I'm usually quite nice.

But the thing is, we actually share a very similar world view, I found myself nodding and agreeing and laughing a lot throughout. It's an incredibly quotable book, and his novella within the book is both surreal and enjoyable.

The difference between us is, I try and choose e
M Pereira
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Anton Krasauskas
I was expecting just a standard rehash of his first book with more topical material and slightly different subjects and for about half of the book that is more or less what I got. But spliced in between these chapters is a very funny story about a moderately famous comedian that has to remain famous even though he really, really doesn't want to. The style and the tone of it put me in mind of a Bret Easton Ellis novel, if Bret Easton Ellis was Scottish and didn't write about cocaine so much. I ve ...more
Wasn't too impressed with the serialized novella within its pages but otherwise highly entertaining - though dark - stuff.
Tony Lai
I think you need to be in tune with current UK news and tv to appreciate this book. It will test the limits of your humour and is very dark throughout. Boyle is known to frequently cross the line of good taste in his humour, but you are bound to find something in his jokes that you've thought about but daren't say. I enjoyed this book. Easy to read and there are even some insights into his life. It's surreal in many parts and i was forced to imagine some scenes that would never ever enter my min ...more
The half that was "bits" was great. The story part was weird, pretentious,and boring.
Very funny in parts, the political analysis sometimes better than the jokes.
I didn't expect this
Laughed out loud on nearly every single page. I actually had to stop reading it on my workbreaks and public transport because people were looking at me. Dark, psychedelic and puerile, Work! Consume! Die! combines a surprising amount of social and political commentary if you can get past the eternal anal rape gags. Also, whilst I am a fan of his stand up, I was completely unable to watch Tramadol Nights. This book falls happily between those two ends of the Frankie Foulness Scale.
This could and should have been good, the few flashes of political and social observation are great. But it all rather gets obscured by this essentially becoming an extended retelling of The Aristocrats. Which is all well and good, that gag has it's place, but I found it diluted the books message of 'Wake up!' quite severely by tagging on 'Here comes the anal rape!' at the end.

I did really like the quotes though.
Time for text speak, this book made me LOL, ROFL and PMSL.

At times I was confused with what was reality and what was Boyles' psychedelic imagination. Although know I know that Amanda Holden has a penis the world feels oddly unbalanced.

If you do not know of Frankie Boyle check out this link. If this link makes you laugh then I recommend you read his book.

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Francis Martin Patrick "Frankie" Boyle is a Scottish comedian and writer, well known for his pessimistic, often controversial sense of humour. He was a permanent panellist on Mock the Week for seven series and has made guest appearances on several popular panel shows including Have I Got News for You, 8 Out of 10 Cats, Would I Lie to You?, You Have Been Watching, Never Mind the Buzzcocks (as guest ...more
More about Frankie Boyle...
My Shit Life So Far Scotland's Jesus: The Only Officially Non-racist Comedian Contaminated Samples Frankie Boyle Live (2CD) Scotland's Jesus and My Shit Life So Far 2-in-1 Collection

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