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The Smarter Science of Slim: What the Actual Experts Have Proven about Weight Loss, Health, and Fitness
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The Smarter Science of Slim: What the Actual Experts Have Proven about Weight Loss, Health, and Fitness

4.04 of 5 stars 4.04  ·  rating details  ·  185 ratings  ·  31 reviews
Jonathan Bailor spent the past decade collaborating with top doctors and researchers to analyze more than 10,000 pages of academic research related to diet, exercise and weight loss. The end result is this very straightforward, simple and easy-to-read book, where Bailor bridges the gap between the academic world and the everyday world to dispel the myths, lies, and corpora ...more
Paperback, 369 pages
Published January 1st 2012 by Aavia Publishing, LLC. (first published December 28th 2011)
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Rick Ballard
This book was recommended to me and promised to be a good overview of the newer science that contravenes traditional wisdom on the effect of carbohydrates on body fat. In some respects, this did follow through; he cited a large number of interesting studies and went over the purported mechanisms by which carbs affect your metabolism. Unfortunately, I ultimately came away not being able to trust his analysis of the science. From criticism of this book I've read elsewhere, it seems a lot of his re ...more
In 2011 I lost 120 lbs following nutritional advice similar to what's outlined in this book. Since then i've been working to maintain that weight loss by better understanding human physiology so a book promising to explain a decade of scientific research was too good to resist. Unfortunately I found the book lacking in several connected areas.

My first issue with the book is the lack of depth on the science. While Bailor does often go into the science he seems to do so only enough to Make the cas
So much of what we think about nutrition, weight loss and exercise is wrong; not because information is lacking, but because misinformation is rampant. In the Smarter Science of Slim, Jonathan Bailor has researched 1100 weight loss studies and boiled them down so that they are easy to understand. The conclusion: eat more, exercise less, but smarter. His SANE approach (his acronym) recommends fueling the body with nutrient=rich foods such as vegetables, lean protein, fruits and nuts to unclog the ...more
Some of the things in this book I already knew like eating a Paleolithic diet & the benefits of working out harder & deeper for a shorter amount of time though he prescribes even shorter amount than I thought. Best of all, he shows you how to do the exercises at home so no gym required. But reading it all with the backup of years of scientific research & facts combined with the way the author easily explains things really impacted me. I will admit this was a lot of info to take in. I ...more
Very well researched. Shows how everything we've been told over the last 30-40 years about nutrition and so-called "healthy" eating was based on flawed data. Stresses how the old "food pyramid" and the new "my plate" were created by the Department of Agriculture NOT a health-centric organization with the goal of emphasizing foods and what Mr. Bailor calls "food-like substances" ie: mostly processed grains, high-fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated fats which are cheap to produce and can be added ...more
Very well-written this book based on scientific facts introduces a long-term approach to health and fat loss and confronts a lot of myths. A lot of what we have learned about nutrition is actually wrong! If you care about your health at all you should read this book. The 5 stars are for the life-changing knowledge.
Todd Fonseca
If you are serious about losing weight and keeping it off – you must read The Science of Slim
Rating: 5 of 5 stars
Author: Jonathan Bailor
Format: Release date January 2012

With well over fifty pages of references, Jonathan Bailor’s “The Science of Slim”, is exactly that - a thorough scientific evaluation of the data and research collected over decades on what makes our bodies slim and what does not. While steeped in research, this is no dry academic book, but rather an engaging and interesting read
In his book The Smarter Science of Slim Jonathan Bailor presents much more than advice on lifestyle and diet. This is a complete argument relating themes of nutrition, exercise, digestion and food to their associated consequence, weight. Unlike many works in the area of diet, The Smarter Science of Slim presents informed consideration of the subject, offers no quick fix, no formulaic or unsubstantiated, quasi-religious claims. What the book does do is argue a coherent, rationally-constructed and ...more
Finally! A Take Charge of Your Health Guru - Jonathan Bailor

Reading Jonathan Bailor's intensely well researched and well written book THE SMARTER SCIENCE OF SLIM is like having a conversation with qualified guru. And Bailor is that. He has put in the research, the time, the testing, and the delicate charge of passing his concepts before the eyes of some authoritative health care providers in order to make this book and his program accessible to the layperson. He has taken the time to investigate
Alain Burrese
Jonathan Bailor is a Health and Fitness Researcher, and "The Smarter Science of Slim" is the result of ten years worth of research and collaboration with doctors and other researchers in the health and fitness areas. I think it is a very good addition to the health and fitness resources available, which are many, and recommend it to anyone wanting to increase their knowledge in this area. Obviously, just reading the book won't do you much good if you don't apply some of the material contained wi ...more
I think most of us are being extremely weary of fad diets. We know they don’t work. In fact, if we do manage to lose a few points, in the coming months we manage to find them again- along with a few more.

The Smarter Science of Slim looks at weight loss from a different angle. It’s not about counting calories, starving ourselves, or exercising for hours a day. Instead, it looks at how our bodies work and how different foods create different results.

For the most part, the nutrition portion focuse
Christian Engler
At the beginning of every new year, people make that perennial New Year's resolution that they are going to stick to a diet come what may, so they eat less and exercise more, and they see very minimal results for their best intentioned efforts. People go into diets and fitness regimens all gun-ho and idealistic, only to be left jaded and discouraged. More-often-than-not, people actually pick up extra pounds and do more harm to their bodies than before they started a fitness and nutrition routine ...more

When a book cover boasts endorsements by medical-school professors from Harvard, Johns Hopkins, and UCLA and prefatory comments by two professors at Harvard and UCLA, it almost seems presumptuous, not to mention superfluous, for me to add my review. However, these are scientists; I am the ordinary reader, the gal who wants to get those last few pounds off and KEEP them off this time. How does the book work for me?
Unlike many diet books that cite the “amazing work of Dr. ________”, Bailor’s expla
Johnathon Bailor has done his homework with The Smarter Science Of Slim. In this book, he debunks popular myths of dieting such as eating less and exercising more as being the end all to combat obesity. This book is informative and life changing. By changing what we eat, and therefore needing to exercising less, we can transform our bodies better than any fad diet and exercise craze around. Eating lean proteins, cutting out starch and sweets is a great way to begin to feel better without the nee ...more
Donald Jessop
With only a 5 star system it is tough to give a more accurate assessment than 5 stars. The book is excellent in that the position forwarded by the author is backed up by copious quantities of scientific studies. Virtually all positions have references that you can follow to examine the evidence yourself. Therein lies the difference between this and many other books on diet: facts. The author does not expect you to believe everything he says so he provides all of the background information necess ...more
Jed Brown
Amazing book. Has fundamentally change the way I eat and exercise. While I'm not only seeing instant results, I've never felt better. The great thing about this book is that it isn't a prescription or a set of rules to follow, instead it is an extremely informative, researched book that teaches you how to recognize what is good and bad for you, and the science of why and how your body reacts to food. An amazing read for anyone who cares about their health or even is just starting to.
It was nice learning about the studies conducted that proved that some methods worked better than others. I have incorporated some of the changes for myself and feel better but haven't noticed a loss in weight yet. Unfortunately the workbook to go with this program costs extra and that I won't be purchasing. I believe this should have been included in the orginal book.
This was a good read and the science seems solid. I'm giving it a try, but I have some reservations. I've seen people convincingly argue the moon landing didn't happen and the world is flat, so who really knows. It's more sane than the grapefruit diet, that's for sure. I like his honest, forward approach. We'll see what happens, but the book was good.
No fad diets here. Lotsa research, though. I find the sample cardio program and diet both a tad too restrictive, but overall, the message of eat better, eat ENOUGH (yes!), lift heavy things, and do smart, minimal cardio has worked well for me and has brought me more sanity than any crazy ass "you-will-die-if-you-eat-grains" diet.
Full of good science, but badly in need of an editor. The author has read and compiled a zillion studies on nutrition and how our metabolism works, but fails to explain them coherently. The chapters were disjointed, and he made quite a few random jumps in logic, without tying all that science-y research together.
Just what I love...a sciency diet book! Extremely well researched. I really enjoyed all the background studies he cited. The writing isn't great. Excellent, clear recommendations for action. Half the book is the bibliography. This won't be for everyone, but you probably already know if it's up your alley.
I highly recommend this book. It's not so much a "diet book" as a practical, sensible and simple way to engage in a healthier lifestyle. The science is clear, well presented, and it works. I've lost almost 20 pounds, a belt notch, one set of bags under my eyes, and I feel much healthier than I have in years!

I liked the simple message of eat real food. There are some aspects I want to experiment with on myself especially the exercise part. I've been eating sanely for over a year following the Paleo template nod have had good results, so I'm going to try his exercise template.
Body composition is largely determined by hormones. What we choose to eat –- not how much — and how we choose to exercise – now how often or for how long — has a huge impact on the hormones our bodies produce. That’s the message of The Smarter Science of Slim.
Claire Bondy
Without question the best book I have read on the topic of food and diet! I highly recommend this for anyone who wants to understand why one body is fatter than another, or why you and your husband can eat the same thing and he doesn't gain a pound!
Revolutionary info about how our ancestors ate and why the current food guide pyramid is failing us and making us sicker. All those low-fat/high carb diets probably made us fatter! An easy read with lots of stats.
Nicoll Campbell
What a great book!!!! I finally get it, am I 100% SANE,somedays Yes, somedays No but I don't feel guilty about those lapses anymore, every meal is a new opportunity to eat healthier and make smart choices
Mary Ann
Lots of science in plain English that makes complete sense! Hope I have the resolve to eat and exercise sanely!!
Hanna Blackschleger
Well written, but a little too short and some of the info was not referenced to research or studies.
Compelling reading. How could we have been led astray for so long?
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