The Grim Reaper's Dance (Grim Reaper Mystery, #2)
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The Grim Reaper's Dance (Grim Reaper Mystery #2)

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Casey and Death are on the run…again. This time, Casey needs to make her disappearance permanent. After obtaining new identification and throwing herself off the grid, she travels to Florida to begin a new life as Daisy Gray, fitness instructor for a moneyed, enclosed community.

But even while keeping her head down, it doesn’t take long for Casey to find herself in the midd...more
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Published February 28th 2011 by Blackstone Audio, Inc. (first published 2010)
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Rick F.
WHAT A TRULY ADDICTING READ!!! Superb pose and characterizations and a plot that is both complex and involving! Judy Clemems is the real thing!! A stay up all night read!!
Rick Friedman
Unfortunately I was unable to find the first book in this series when I came across this one, so I thought I'd give it a shot anyway. Both the series concept and the individual book concept is interesting and I'll definitely be reading more in this series.

The pacing was a bit slow at times, but the addition of the teenagers to the story helped cement this as a current-day novel. Normally I find stories in which the protagonist is tired, broke, hungry and on the run hard to swallow (people need...more
This book is obviously the second book in an ongoing series. If you haven't read the first (which I haven't) then many references in this will puzzle you, in particular, why the actual personification of Death, aka the Grim Reaper, is traveling with the mysterious Casey Jones.

I don't know if it was deliberate, but I kept thinking of the railroad man whenever I read the name Casey Jones. I didn't know if the reference was intentional, or even something the author was aware of, but it kept jarrin...more
Mallory Heart Reviews
Before I read the first of this series (“Embrace the Grim Reaper”) I guess I had expected something along the order of the standard YA Paranormal. Well, not so-very much not so. First of all, this series is not YA (although the second volume does involve a lovely cast of youngsters who would do well in any self-respecting YA novel; and the first book had a couple of late adolescents.) Instead I got much more than I expected: a series I could comfortably (and happily) term cozy mysteries-even sma...more
This is the second book in an ongoing series in which Casey (the victim of a terrible tragedy) and Death (yes...the actual death) get involved in a small town mystery. This book picks up immediately after the first book, so I wouldn't recommend reading them out of order. The mystery flows much better than in the first book, and by the end I felt I understood Casey and Death's relationship a bit better. (And no...this isn't some quirky romance where they end up together or some such.)I was disapp...more
I'm really enjoying these books where Death is a character trying to add something else to his life besides escorting souls. In this book, he's a side kick to the main character, Casey. He finds Casey interesting and he's anxious to relive his boredom. He annoys her much like a mischievous brother would but he also looks out for her and shows her a lot of concern. He does not want her to die.

Casey, on the other hand, has not been interested in living. Casey's infant son and her husband died in a...more
Stephanie Mohler
By reading the other reviews, I guess I'm in the minority- but this series isn't for me.
In the 1st book, Casey is running from her past by hitchhikng. All her possessions are in her backpack. She sticks her nose into other people's business, solves a mystery, kills someone, karate chops others, and leaves town while the people she befriended clean up her messes. Oh- 'Death' is her constant companion. Not many people see him. I'm not sure if she sees him, or if she's just crazy.
The second book (...more
Casey Jones is really Casey Maldonado, but she is on the run from her former life and the car corporation that is after her because their car killed her husband and baby son. The Grim Reaper rides along beside her. After the events in Clymer, Ohio, Casey has caught a ride with a trucker and is involved in an accident that kills him. Casey wants to know why those construction vehicles were in the middle of the road and not on the side of the road where they should have been. As much as Casey want...more
3.5 stars really, but I'm in a charitable mood, so rounding it up.

Hmm. Still enjoying this series! And the mystery was... something I really never would have expected to be of any interest to me, but it drew me in anyway.

Still liking Death, too. Although the constant musical instruments thing in this book was more irritating than the junk food in the previous one. Still, I do like Death. And while I keep thinking Casey is, well, really not always making the smartest decisions, getting involved...more
Other reviewers have delineated the plot. I see no reason to reinvent their wheel.

The Casey Maldonado series requires a huge suspension of disbelief. Honestly I find the premise preposterous. So why do I give this one four stars? Because I am willing to make that leap to for the company of, um, Death. Here Death is a constant companion, actually quite sympathetic and sometimes rather humorous.

I had missed this book's publication. I am glad that I tripped over it on the library shelves.
After reading the first of this series, I had to read the next (and the others that followed). This is an intriguing and enjoyable series.
Andrea Love
Loved It! A wonderful book with an interesting twist on the supernatural. Casey must battle with herself and the bad guys to atone for her past mistakes while maintaining her freedom. The Grim Reaper follows her like her shadow and the reader is never sure if he is there to help or to bring death to those around Casey. Humorous, exciting, and well written, Casey's story is well worth the read. I cannot wait to read more from Judy Clemens.
I really like Judy Clemens - she is smart, sassy & imaginative - definitely a 4 or 5 star writer - I am giving this a 3 star because I appreciated her writing style but simply could not get into the whole trucking theme and the overwhelming number of characters who for the most part seemed to share a personality. I fully intend to read the rest of her books, but this one just missed for me.
Good book. After two books I am still not sure why Death is hanging around but it seems to work for the series. In this book Death has an obsession with musical instruments, which is kind of fun. I like Casey but I am finding myself feeling sorry for her instead of cheering for her. I just want her to find a friend-other than Death. Good mystery and I will continue on with the series.
Lee Koopman
maybe I was out of my league with this book. Picked it up at the library for who could resist a dance with the Reaper? Anyhow, it seemed more like a young adult novel with straighforward plot and action. I did, however, love Death who played a great part and also played lots of muisic. His sense of humor appealed to me and his actions. He was a fun guy.
Tiffany Klier
By the title, I had thought the grim reaper would be more of a factor. But, in fact, it's an imaginary creature Casey Moldenado converses with continually. This mystery is an interesting installment in the heroine's life story. There's no indication that this is a series or a sequel, but I look forward to seeing more from this author.
This a swift moving mystery whose central character is fleeing from something (we know not what exactly) from her life in Ohio. She's hitchiking through Kansas when the truck in which she's riding collides with another vehicle. She has side-kick, the Grim Reaper, who is a comedic character.

This is a fun read.
Brenda Kirton
This book was easily as good as the first one. You know you liked a book when the first thing you done when you finish it is look to see if the next one is out. I do hope the author gives Casey a little time to heal in between though. Strong characters and Death can be tedious. A very entertaining read.
I'm a little disappointed that she didn't return to the same town in the first book but still really enjoyed this one. The relationship between Casey and Death is the best part of this series. Also I loved Laura Ingall whatever her married name is in this, totally cracked me up :)
Nice detective story with grim reaper twist.

I loved how Judy Clemens throw away all supporting cast from previous book and make dozen new and intresting for this book. And plus from that there was no over clued romance subplot, but focus was in main plot.
It made me sad that each book she leaves behind all the characters she has met. What a lonely existence. I also keep waiting for her relationship with death to become more fleshed out but not much changed from the first book.
I felt this one dragged a little bit while trying to build up the mystery.
The SAD part... the copy I downloaded from the library (audio) was faulty and didn't have the end! AUGHHH So I need to get a hard copy and read the END!
I really enjoy the series, although I would definately not enjoy Casey's life-style I could never get by without a shower daily or clean clothes that would suck. I really love the Grim Reaper though and his funny little remarks.
Interesting for its insight into (of all things) the trucking industry, although I find the characters to be a bit too numerous to develop into more fully fleshed individuals with distinct identities.
I really liked this book. I can't wait to go back and read the first one. I hope the series continues. The two main characters are truly compelling.
Amber Jones
Good book.

Enjoying the series.

Interested to read the next book. Will Casey go back to Clymer, Ohio???
Michele bookloverforever
a little to grim for my tastes. all grit and no glitter at all. no sparkling dialogue. no humor.
Really liking this series. Reminds me very much of a female Jack Reacher.
Joan  2
A young widow traveling with death, solving mysteries.
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Judy Clemens is the author of LEAVE TOMORROW BEHIND, the newest book in the Anthony and Agatha-nominated Stella Crown mysteries. She also writes the Grim Reaper mysteries, and wrote LOST SONS, which is a stand-alone.

She lives in the beautiful state of Ohio with her family.
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