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Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Vol. 6 (Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Renewal Editions, #6)
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Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Vol. 6 (Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Renewal Editions #6)

4.46 of 5 stars 4.46  ·  rating details  ·  2,223 ratings  ·  111 reviews
Just when all seems well again in the world, another enemy appears. Two new figures from the private school Mugen Academy appear and take a special interest in Sailor Moon and company. Who are they, and do they have anything to do with the strange occurrences that are suddenly taking place? Meanwhile, the appearance of two new Guardians takes everyone by surprise as our fa ...more
Paperback, 237 pages
Published July 3rd 2012 by Kodansha Comics (first published February 1st 2000)
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Jul 18, 2012 Kayla rated it 4 of 5 stars
Shelves: manga
I devoured this in all of an hour and a half. I really enjoy the Infinity Arc mostly because we get to see a lot of relationship dynamics change,along with character growth.

(Mild Spoiler Alert)

The Outer Sailor Guardians get a lot of page time in this installment. If you're a fan of the Anime as well as the Manga then you're going to get the opportunity to see Haruka and Michiru as they were meant to be-girlfriend and well...girlfriend!Although this is something that may be disturbing to some peo
Sólo puedo decir: Haruka y Michiru.

Sailor Neptune & Uranus emerge and I really enjoyed the confusion of Usagi/Sailor Moon with Sailor Uranus/Haruka. I really like seeing their relationship and how Mamaru and Usagi ar are affected. The small glimpses of Hotaru were great too being that she's my favorite character! I must say that Sailor chibi moon/ Chibi usa is really awesome and I can't wait to see her and Hotaru grow closer. Setsuna is one of the prettiest in the whole manga and I really am excited to see her again! So far t ...more

Much better than the last volume. The pacing was still a little off, but still easy to follow. Loved getting to see the Outer Senshi (my favs!). I also enjoyed the different approach to the Death Busters than the original anime. On to the next volume!
Pamela D
This is a review for all 12 volumes.

I grew up watching the anime version of Sailor Moon. I have been enjoying watching Sailor Moon Crystal and the old episodes of Sailor Moon on Hulu. When I discovered that my local library had the manga, I had to read it.

These books are so much fun and ridiculous. I will caution the prospective reader that the manga is a bit disjointed at times. The original anime did a much better job at character development than the manga. Even though the series is a bit si
I grew up with the Sailor Moon anime on Cartoon Network. So of course, when I learned that the original manga was re-released in the U.S. with a new, more authentic translation, I was excited.
I managed to get halfway through the first four volumes, and was actually a bit bored - sure, while it had some surprises here and there, it was a bit hard for me to read through the long chapters with so much science talk!
But with me also being a the big ABBA fan that I am, recently saw that Chibi-Usa/Blac
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Ashley Dawn Madsen
So, I like the beginning of this Arc, so far. & the added Sailor Guardians & their introductions were pretty rad. :3

I had totally forgotten about the kiss between Usagi & Haruka :3 Oooh, drama.
Gotta love it.

& Setsuna is back! Squee! ^o^
I'm super excited to see how the relationships pan out. Especially between Usagi/Mamo-Chan, Usagi/Haruka, Mamo-chan/Haruka & Michiru/Haruka/Usagi.

I honestly can't remember what happens with this Arc, so I'm practically devouring these volum
Nicoleta (The Cover Hoarder)
I knew it would be poorly made. I called it!

May contain spoilers! Read at your own risk!

Another complain I have about this series and i think i mentioned it before is that it's too freaking rushed. I mean they have barely finished their fight with Nemesis/Dark Phantom/Wiseman/ wateveryouwannacallhim and they already have a new enemy. Won't Takeuchi give her characters at least a breather something, I dunno it feels like she is straining her characters to their maximum potential and I wouldn't
I wish that I could read these volumes without any knowledge of what's going to happen. I wish I didn't know who the mysterious Haruka and Michiru are, I wish I didn't know what was wrong with poor little Hotaru, I wish I didn't know what the talismans are. Knowing these things doesn't exactly take away from my enjoyment, I just think it would be more exciting to be able to experience these mysteries for the first time.

That being said, I honestly don't know that much about this arc. Having neve
*Miss Fame*
So we're finally treading into Sailor Moon S territory (my favorite of the animes!) so that's exciting. But now that I can see Amara (Haruka) in manga format... she's a bit ridiculous. So when we're supposed to think she's a man, she has no lashes, no sparkling feminine eyes, and no boobs... but then when she's Sailor Uranus or the few times she was dressed more feminine, suddenly you can totally tell without doubt that she's a girl - long lashes with the sparkling girly eyes like all the rest, ...more
I love this series. This volume really picked up and introduced two surprising new characters! I was shocked but highly excited that we now know Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus. I hope they continue to add on more Sailor Guardians, though I don't know if they will. I loved seeing current Sailor Moon work with her future daughter. It's so cute to see them together in their dresses! Sadly, my library only has the first six editions right now, but hopefully I'll get to continue this series in the ...more
Sarah Maddaford
This volume feels a tad disjointed to me. It could be because I keep expecting things to follow the English dubbed version. Some of the changes so far to this arc are at least simplifying things. I remember there are more enemies and the side plots (including Sailor Uranus and Neptune) took much longer to develop. I am torn between really enjoying the pacing and thinking that the pacing is overly quick by sacrificing character development. Otherwise, a good introduction into a new arc of a serie ...more
Well, it's getting towards the end of the year and goodreads keeps telling me I'm behind on my books. (Well, I'm sorry I've learned to ride a motorcycle, started working with clay, and have been working on my own books. Unfortunately, there's no pass on books when you're hard at work on other hobbies.)

Anyways, I've decided I'm going to try to read the Sailor Moon novels I've bought. (I have them all now and it only takes me about an hour to read them, six more novels to put me over my goal for t
Theresa ♫
Feb 16, 2013 Theresa ♫ rated it 3 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: A fab-fab addition to your Sailor Moon collection!
I know, I know, it took forever for me to finally start this review. Go ahead and smack me. T^T
But I will type this review today, especially since I didn't have a very hard time trying to decide what to give this volume.

So first of all, I was at the library, browsing through the shelves of manga, and then I saw...




Anyway, I drooled all over this anime in 2nd grade. OBSESSED WITH IT. All I talked about, all the time. I even tr
Jesus Flores
So after saving thins last book, here we are to see chibiusa go home and Usagui's life go back to normal, only to find out, they sentchibiusa back to be trained as sailor. New enemy, new story-arc, new sailors, new characters. Good start.

It's going to be a long wait till I can read book 7, that's sad.

Ok, aquí ya terminando de salvar al mundo, preparándose para despedirse de Rini y mandarla de regreso al futuro, y Serena(usagui) feliz de volver a tener a Darien(Mamoru) para ella. Pues no le mand
The storyline for the Infinity arc is probably one of the best known and beloved arcs for returning fans to the Sailor Moon series. It not only reveals the final sailor warriors but some of the most powerful enemies that will test them.

One thing I enjoyed that was a nice surprise to the story was that Ami and Rei both receive a larger storyline than what has previously been given to them. We've seen some great things with Minako and Makoto but not with the first two girls that Usagi teamed up wi
And here we are again at the start of another arc of our favorite odango haired superhero - Sailor Moon! I feel like each arc gets stronger and stronger in terms of storytelling and character development. There's a noticeable difference in the relationship between Usagi and Chibi-Usa. Yes, Usagi is still jealous whenever Chibi-Usa get's Mamoru's attention, but it's not as extreme as it was. And now that Chibi-Usa is becoming a sailor guardian, she's become a lot less whiny and childish.

But easil
Finally! The Death Busters. :)


Review vols. 4-7

No 4º volume de Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon continuamos a seguir a luta das Navegantes contra os misteriosos inimigos da Lua Negra.

Tal como no anime, as Navegantes têm de enfrentar as quatro irmãs "da Caça" e o Ruby. Têm de proteger a Chibi-Usa do inimigo e tentar perceber qual o objetivo do mesmo.

Devo dizer que não gostei tanto do 4º volume como dos anteriores. Apesar de a história avançar consideravelmente (tudo se passa
Yay, the Infinity Arc is here! After the first Arc in the manga and anime, this is probably the one I read and watched the most. It's also probably my favorite as we finally get to meet the senshi for all the planets, with Haruka, Michiru, and Hotaru running around for most of the volume and Setsuna making an appearance at the very end. Love! Plus the Witches 5 are really fun villains and a total blessing after the confusing mess that is the Black Moon gang. Eden, can't wait for the next book!
Another solid volume, though I think this one suffered more than previous ones, for me at least, from a bit of a pacing problem. Still, it was nice to see some of the Scouts branching out and doing their own thing. Also, the introduction of three awesome new characters makes me very happy.

The plot in this volume is a lot about discovery and not so much about action, with the few action scenes being very brief. It's not even terribly much about Usagi and Mamoru's relationship (though I do love th
3.5 Stars

german review

Wieder einmal zeigt Naoko Takeuchi, dass "Sailor Moon" nicht nur das süße, bunte und kitschige Magical-Girl-Abenteuer ist, dass der Anime aus dem Manga gemacht hat. Der Manga ist düsterer und gar nicht so girlie wie man vielleicht erwarten könnte, was mir wirklich sehr gut gefällt. Leider sind die Cover in der Neuauflage, doch sehr bunt und wirken sehr computeranimiert, für mich will das nicht so ganz zum Zeichenstil das Mangas passen.

Rein von der Story hat mir der sechste
Stephanie (Once Upon a Chapter)
This review was originally posted on Once Upon a ChapterThe Sailor Moon Pretty Guardian series continues to entertain me. I liked that we got a peek at a few Guardians who aren't dying to be a part of the tightly knit group. You'd think by book six I'd be tired of the (admittedly cheesey) badd guys but I found this new round of baddies to be amusing. I have to confess that the baddie levels confused me but I've found that if I roll with it everything works out! I"m curious to see where the serie ...more
This was the first volume of manga I've read without having seen the anime first, so I was a little confused about the story until I got about halfway through.

Regarding this volume, I love the family dynamic between Mamoru, Usagi, and Chibi-Usa--they are so cute together! And [minor spoiler alert] the last scene showed a glimpse of Sailor Pluto's civilian form. I am so happy I will see more of Pluto because she is my favorite, and I really thought she was gone forever.
Siguiendo la línea de los anteriores, me ha gustado mucho. La historia de este tomo es mucho más distinta de su adaptación al anime de lo habitual, pero para bien. Como siempre, es más oscuro y maduro (a pesar de la portada...), cosa que se agradece. Además, es genial que aparezcan por fin Urano y Neptuno, sobre todo porque la relación lésbica entre las dos es menos sutil que la versión del anime.
This is one of my more favorite storylines, because of the introduction of the Outer senshi. They are fascinating characters with questionable loyalties and the manga really illustrates the doubt and confusion they present to the rest of the sailor team.

With that said, I must admit that I was very confused about Haruka. I knew going in that she was a girl, yet the manga doesn't make this distinction very clear. Haruka even says to Usagi "Does it matter?" which of course it doesn't. It just puzzl
This volume was really fun & introduces several new characters to liven things up. I look forward to reading the next volume.

Contains Acts 27 - 30
Act 27: Infinity 1, Premonition
Act 28: Infinity 2, Ripples
Act 29: Infinity 3, Two New Soldiers
Act 30: Infinity 4, Sailor Uranus Haruka Ten'ó, Sailor Neptune Michiru Kaió
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Naoko Takeuchi (武内 直子, Takeuchi Naoko) born March 15, 1967, a manga artist (mangaka), lives in Tokyo, Japan. Takeuchi's works have a wide following among anime/manga fans. She has become a well-known mangaka worldwide. Her most popular work, Sailor Moon, rose to become one of the most recognized manga/anime figures to date.

Takeuchi is married to Yoshihiro Togashi, the author of YuYu Hakusho series
More about Naoko Takeuchi...

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