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3.99 of 5 stars 3.99  ·  rating details  ·  816 ratings  ·  186 reviews
Hardcover edition of the dazzling and irresistible picture book AGAIN! by Emily Gravett, the twice winner of the Kate Greenaway Medal and the Nestle Children's Book Prize Bronze Award for WOLVES and LITTLE MOUSE'S BIG BOOK OF FEARS. Every night, baby dragon Cedric loves his mom to read his favorite dragon book. He wants to hear it over and over again until the exhausted mo ...more
Hardcover, 32 pages
Published October 7th 2011 by MacMillan Children's Books (first published October 1st 2011)
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Fabulous story. A mother dragon is telling a bedtime story to her child. When she finished the child asks for it AGAIN. The mother reads the story again, shortening the story (I can completely relate to that!!). Each subsequent retelling she shortens and changes the story, inserting subtle messages to her child. Finally she falls asleep while she is telling the story (oh yes, I can relate to that), which makes her child upset (yup, my child got upset when I pretended to go to sleep while reading ...more
So, a tiny part of me wasn't super thilled with this book, because there was no resolution. And yes, I realize, it's a 20-page story aimed at children... apparently I wanted something more along the lines of Interrupting Chicken, where there's an actual ending.

Here, Little Dragon has a pissy bitch fit, blows a hole in his favorite book, and... what now? His book is ruined forever, he's in a horrible mood, and he's still not asleep. The end?

It just didn't work for me.

But. One thousand stars for t
The Library Lady
Aug 29, 2013 The Library Lady rated it 1 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Libraries with inifinite amount of money to replace materials. HAH!
Okay, who was the moron reviewer at Kirkus who managed NOT to mention that this book has a hole in the last page and in the back cover--where the little dragon has "burned" a hole in the story?

Whoever you are, thank you for letting me spend $17 of my precious book budget on a book that will be destroyed by the first toddler whose mother/nanny lets them play with this unattended.

This is the same old kid-wants-book-read-over-and-over-and-parent-falls-asleep story, only new and original because of
It’s nearly bedtime and that means a bedtime story. Mama dragon and little dragon curl up together to share the story of the bright, red dragon Cedric who has never gone to bed. When they finish, the little dragon asks for it “Again?” Mama dragon agrees and readers will see another full page of the book that tells more about Cedric and his not sleeping. Mama reads it one more time before falling asleep herself. Readers will notice the little dragon getting redder and redder just as Cedric in the ...more
Lu Benke
Emily Gravett can't be contained on the page! Read this one again and again and again. Each time you'll find another layer and another way to understand the story. Meanwhile, everything is falling, growing, moving off the page and providing much more than the usual cute story about bedtime foibles. Her dragons have attitude in their tails! But it is admittedly "cute" as well. The same qualities of story-within-a-story that I loved in Wolves are evident here. The illustrations remind me of one of ...more
Stephanie Croaning
I debated between giving this book 3 or 4 stars out of 5. The story itself is okay, but there are better examples out there, primarily INTERRUPTING CHICKEN.

Our main character is a young dragon named Cedric who brings his favorite book to mom to read to him before bed. His book is the story of an angry dragon who is angry because he never goes to bed. (Foreshadowing?) Little dragon wants mom to read the story again, and again, and again, until she finally falls asleep herself. (Be strong, Mama D
'Again!' is a story about Cedric the dragon who never sleeps being read his favourite bed time story. Cedric likes the story so much that he asks his mum to read it again several times and eventually gets some sleep.

I like this book because it relates to the adult reading as well as the children; as there are many circumstances where a story that is really enjoyed is read over and over. I also enjoyed the illustration and the burnt hole through the back of the book which can entice the children
I'm not normally a fan of gimmicky covers for books, but the back-cover punchline on this one is adorable.
The basic story is that a little dragon is being read a story about a dragon that never goes to sleep. This proves to NOT be a good bedtime story.
The grownup dragon gets tired and frustrated when the young dragon won't go to sleep and wants the story again and again. The young dragon gets frustrated when the grownup can't keep reading the story forever, and reading books yourself is just so
Jun 17, 2013 Dolly rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: parents reading with their children
This is a humorous tale about a young child's love of repetitive readings of a favorite book at bedtime. The rhyming narrative is entertaining, but the illustrations are the highlight of the book. Emily Gravett's ability to make a simple picture become something real is wonderful and the ending is quite startling, but makes for a terrific story.

One thing that I found noteworthy after reading other reviews here. I assumed that the parent dragon was Cedric's mommy, but others have assumed it was
Mixed feelings about this one. Every parent hears the "Again!" refrain at bedtime (or all day in some cases) and this story within a story of a little dragon who won't go to bed captures that and remains charming in many ways. The illustrations are terrific and the story works for me until the end, which isn't really an end. I guess I wish there was a resolution, even though I do like the hole in the back cover. To break this one down even further: 4 year old- 2 stars (she thought it was boring) ...more
A dragon bedtime story! What could be more brilliant? Well, nothing, if the book is by Emily Gravett! The description may make it sound a tad boring. I mean, what could be exciting about a little dragon who wants to hear the same story over and over and over and o v e r....... ?

This is one of the cutest bedtime stories I've seen -- very funny and charming! I'd be amazed if children don't emulate little Cedric the dragon, and ask for it over and over and over!

Brilliant! And it is on my personal l
Amy Adams
The main reason this book got five stars instead of four is the last page. It just cracks me up! I really like this story because I've been on both sides--I've been the kid who wants the story read a million times, but I've also been the adult who just wants to go to sleep. I still have an internal struggle between these two.
The story really starts on the inside front cover of the book. The book itself is not that long, but the book within the book is a little more wordy. Still, I think I'd be
Most parents or child caretakers will be able to relate to this delightful story. As is the case for many youngsters, Cedric finds it hard to settle down for bedtime until he's heard his favorite story read. But once is not enough for Cedric, and he clamors to hear it over and over again. As the story becomes shorter with each reading since his mother is exhausted, readers will notice that Cedric's green scales start turning redder with each version of the story--until the inevitable occurs. The ...more
The fact that this book has a hole in the back is the first thing that drew me in. I'm a sucker for that gimmicky sort of thing! Luckily, the rest of the book can stand on its own, with or without the hole. The premise is that a young dragon is resisting his mother's attempts to put him to sleep. As she reads him his bedtime story, his frequent refrain is "AGAIN?" The mother re-reads the one-page story but shortens it each time in an attempt to get this little dragon to fall asleep; unfortunatel ...more
Do you have a child who says "Again?" when you finish reading a favorite book? You will need this one. Full review and a link to a dragon drawing lesson at my blog:
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Bonnie Jean
Another T pick from the library. T loved this story of a little dragon who asks for his favorite bedtime story to be read over and over again- we read it several times in a row this afternoon I took off one star for me because while I thought the book was way fun and I loved the burned hole in the back cover (yeah, I'm a sucker for gimmicky books that way), I could have appreciated a bit more resolution to the story (I mean, it's cute and all, but what does the dragon do now that he's thrown a t ...more
Genre: Virginia Reader's Choice
Cedric the dragon LOVES his bedtime story. He loves it so much, he asks his mom to read it again, again and AGAIN. As mom continues to read, she gets tired and Cedric gets angry, causing a surprising ending!
Themes: Bed-time story, Fractured Fairy Tale, persistance
Ways to use: This book would be fun read aloud to add to a fairy tale unit. Rather than the traditional princess story, it is about the dragon. The illustrations are SO fun to investigate. The illustration

Cedrics bedtime, keeps asking mum to read his favourite book to him again and again until mum falls asleep herself. Cedric goes from green to being red like the one in the story his mum reads to him.

Very cute illustrations - especially like the burnt page effect at the very end of the actual book.
Kalee Stegehuis
I’ve always been a fan of Emily Gravett, and Again! delivers her usual quirky charisma that I love.

The story narrates a mother’s patience with her child’s stubbornness. It is about a child’s love for his favorite story and the consequences of losing sight of necessities (like sleep). I loved the relationship between the mother and her son. I found it to be honest. You may not have experienced a tired child at bedtime who refuses to go to sleep, but Again! is accurate.

The short picturebook may no
Book review by me for the TBP blog -- Again and Dragons Love Tacos.

If you ask the three year old at my house what she wants to eat, 9 times out of 10, she will tell you tacos. If you ask the dragons in the book Dragons Love Tacos what they want to eat, they will also answer tacos. Dragons love tacos, but not spicy salsa (that sounds a lot like my three year old). Spicy salsa leads to awful, dragon-y results. I have been gushing about this book for awhile and am excited to find it added in our p
Acey Bee
'Again!' is a story about Cedric the dragon who never sleeps being read his favourite bed time story. Cedric likes the story so much that he asks his mum to read it again several times and eventually gets some sleep.

I like this book because it relates to the adult reading as well as the children; as there are many circumstances where a story that is really enjoyed is read over and over. I also enjoyed the illustration and the burnt hole through the back of the book which can entice the children
A young green dragon wants a book read at bedtime. The book is about a dragon who doesn’t sleep and is therefore a “bright angry red”. The young dragon enjoyed the book so much that the multiple cries of “again” alerts the adult dragon to read the story all over again (and again). The adult dragon obliges and re-reads; however, he is getting sleepy. The young dragon gets angry that the story isn’t read due to the slumbering dragon and therefore turns red with anger…and blows a hole in the back o ...more
Tim Roast
After a hard day's work you'll be tired. The last thing you'll want to do is read a bedtime story over and over and over again to your energetic kids who just won't go to sleep until you have. Well that's what this book is about.

The book starts with a child dragon who wants a bedtime story to be read to them by their mummy/daddy/guardian dragon, who obliges. Then the child dragon wants it read again. The mummy/daddy/whatever dragon reads it again, a slightly different version. Then the child dra
The world's most adorable dragon prepares for bed with maximum enthusiasm, because the bedtime ritual culminates in reading his favorite book. But instead of settling down to sleep, he gets all wound up and insists on reading it again! and again! His story and the story-within-the-story converge in delightful ways before the whole narrative devolves into complete anarchy. I feel like this one could be adapted into a fabulously interactive theatrical spectacle.
6/26/2013 I love Gravett's books. Parents who read aloud to young children will get a huge kick out of this one, in which the young dragon keeps insisting on having a favorite book read "again." and the parent each time produces a quicker version of the text, with disastrous result. This is the sort of book that older children can love to pieces even though it's a picture book, because it has that knowing tone. With my kids, as they started reading independently, the relentless school focus on r ...more
I could read this book AGAIN AND AGAIN! The little dragon in this book is so sweet, and his poor dragon mother, so tired and trying.... Anyone know the feeling?!?!? Let's cut the story just a *bit* shorter and put this kiddo to bed; but said kiddo isn't going??? You and your LO are going to love it- especially the end. Who doesn't love a little temper tantrum at someone else's expense? ;)
Jennifer Parker
The book started our cute once I realized what was going on, but I disliked the ending. The baby Dragon was mad that the parent fell asleep reading a story again and again and again. It doesn't show the parent explain when enough is enough. It shows a child getting angry and burning a hole in the book because he didn't get what he wanted... which was to be read a story again and again and again.
A baby dragon is having a bed time story read to him, But after the story is over, he wants to hear it again, and again and again! By the end of all the repetitive reading, daddy dragon gets so tired that he falls asleep, and baby dragon gets so angry that he surprises the readers with a heated tantrum!

Like the majority of Gravett's picture books, this one is an excellent one-on-one read for parents and their children. Each illustration spans two pages, and are sketched by the author herself. Th
Elizabeth Crispino
This was the first book we read for this year's Virginia Reader's Choice award. We loved figuring out how the mommy dragon changes the story as she gets tired of reading it again and again, and predicted that the young dragon would be upset by these changes! And of course, the kids were asking me to read it again!
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Emily has finished her final year of an illustration degree at Brighton University.
She lives in Brighton with her daughter.
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