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Josh a quinze ans. Megs en a douze. Josh vit à Washington ; Megs est coincée dans le parking d'un hôtel. Tous deux sont prisonniers : lui dans sa propre maison, avec son père et son chien, elle, seule, dans une voiture. Dehors, des Perles de mort sont apparues dans le ciel et zappent tous ceux qui osent s'aventurer dans la rue. Dans ce nouveau monde, un seul mot d'ordre :...more
Kindle Edition, 288 pages
Published September 14th 2011 by Hachette Black Moon (first published September 1st 2009)
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Emily May

Many thanks to UK Book Tours for allowing me to participate in the tour of this book.

It is with regret that I have to say I would not have finished this book if it hadn't been sent to me for review as part of a blog tour. However, I ploughed on through to the very end and I was thoroughly disappointed with the book as a whole. The worst thing about it was that the story was rather boring and I didn't care for any of the characters. At one point I went online to check whether the book was self-pu...more
Sheila Welch
POD by Stephen Wallenfels is a gripping story told in alternating first person chapters by a teenage boy and a twelve-year-old girl. Earth has been invaded by alien, gigantic spheres that hover in the air and destroy any human who ventures outside.

Josh is trapped in his house with his engineer dad in Washington state, while Megs is alone in her mother’s car in a hotel parking garage in Los Angeles. Each of these main characters is distinctly portrayed. Josh’s voice sounds authentic whether he’s...more
In case you hadn't noticed, aliens have plenty of options when it comes to finally invading Earth. In POD, they opt to drop in via millions of black orbs, which stay suspended over populated areas, systemically zapping any poor unfortunate person that happens to wander outside (or be outside when they land). Yet for some reason, they opt not to attack buildings or the people within them. And so it is that 15 year old Josh becomes trapped in his house with his dad, and 12 year old Megs becomes tr...more
Tony Bertauski
First thing's first. I don't like cliffhangers. I especially don't like when they sneak up on me until I'm two chapters from the end and I realize there's waaaay too much to resolve.

Ladies and gentlemen, POD.

A well-written novel, Wallenfels tells two separate stories after giant spheres dropped from the sky and begin zapping people in the streets, essentially locking survivors inside their homes. As the days unfold, there's the developing relationship between a boy and his father and his ball-li...more
Jinky Spring
What the FUCKING hell is this?? Talk about a story that goes nowhere this is worse than Matched!

This is to anyone who claimed this as their favorite book, it was worse than shit! I loved that it was set from two points of view, I loved the realistic survival themes, I loved the mystery surrounding the aliens, I loved all the action scenes and the controlling hotel manager so what could I hate? The ending and the fact that overall NOTHING happens!

If you want to read the story briefly click here....more
A good little Sci-fi novel about people struggling to survive, which is just the kind of thing I like to read.

While I loved being in the lives of Megs and Josh, seeing how they survived and struggled for food in both of their immensely different situations, I kind of wished we saw more of the aliens. They don't really play much of a role other than floating in the sky and keeping people inside. The second a person step outdoors, they get zapped and we never find out where they go. Doesn't matte...more
I saw this in the bookshop a couple of months ago, the cover, although quite plain and simple drew me in. The synopsis on the back doesn't tell you much but I was intrigued. I decided to request it from the library and it came in a couple of weeks ago.
From the little I knew about this book I expected a Sci-Fi sort of thriller, but when I started reading it I realised that it was actually more of a Dystopian novel with a sci-fi twist.
This book is told in first person from two different character...more
This book is so intense that it's hard to believe it's for teens rather than adults. I LOVED it! Alternating between the points of view of a homeless teenage girl in a parking garage and an angst-ridden teenage boy stuck at home with his father, this stark story takes place along the west coast during what appears to be an alien invasion. One day giant "pods" appear in the sky. Any human who steps outside immediately disappears. As the days go by, the electricity goes out, the water supply runs...more
Workmanlike oh-shit-aliens disaster novel. I would have liked it better if I had a sense that the author knew why the aliens were there - maybe that will come up in the sequel. Which I will probably read, because it looks like they'll be trekking through Oregon and possibly even foraging for food and I am a sucker for that sort of thing.

(Hilarious jacket copy from the Australian edition: apparently Washington State and LA are on opposite sides of the country. I also find it just as distracting w...more
Silvia Stefani
Per la recensione completa venite sul mio blog "My Bookish Philosophy"!
«Quindi è così che finisce?»
Per tutte le quasi trecento pagine mi sono interrogata su come potesse finire questo romanzo e la mia reazione è stata tra il «Mmm...» e il «Eh????». Credo che questo sia stato effettivamente l'unico romanzo per il quale non mi aspettavo nulla, per il quale non mi sono fatta nessun tipo di viaggio mentale immaginando come l'autore avrebbe sconvolto in modo po...more
Jacqueline Braga Fayão de Andrade
Gosto de tramas com alienígenas desde a época em que assistia a Arquivo X escondida da minha mãe (quem não lembra daquela musiquinha assustadora da abertura?).
Quando li a sinopse de PDM esperava uma abordagem completamente diferente, contudo, o autor me surpreendeu de maneira muito positiva.

Josh e Megs não se conhecem. Ele mora em Washington, e ela em Califórnia. Porém, ambos presenciaram o mesmo evento: esferas aparecem flutuando no ar, e de repente eles precisam lidar com ameaças mais perigosa...more
Aliens come, kill people. 12-year old girl in California and father-son combo in Washington must survive the invaders and other humans. About mid-way I thought it was a little lame, but it ended well. Sequel sounds possibly with the closing scene...
Ages 12+ for infrequent language and dark themes.

Totes amazing, darker than LAWKI but maybe not the dead and the gone, with lots of implications that would make for a great book discussion. Unputdownable.
This was a great book. It kept me interested the whole way through. I can't wait for the sequel! I hope he ties up some major loose ends. Overall, a must-read.
This was one of the best books I have ever read! The characters were great, and the story was intense as the alien invasion would zap anyone who went outside. I can't imagine what would happen if it were to happen in real life. its so interesting. SPOILERS!! The ending was really sad and I got emotional when I read it. I felt as though I was there.
What would have made this book better was if they explained more of what was going on and some other things. But thats okay because thats what the se...more
Sam Jones
YA alien invasion/survival story. There's talk of a sequel, which would be welcome.
Interesting concept. Well written. I'm going to read it again.
Steve Phillips
Fun! Incredibly improbable, but fun!
POD, de Stephen Wallenfels, es una novela de invasión extraterrestre, sin extraterrestres. Una contradicción, lo sé, pero es precisamente ese punto el que convierte esta historia en una lectura tan absorbente.

Porque se trata de personas sometidas al límite de su supervivencia.

Imagina que una horda de naves espaciales conquista los cielos del planeta. En medio del caos y el terror, rayos de energía volatilizan a todos los que estén en las calles o se atrevan a salir de sus casas. Después de unas...more
Bronwyn Parhad
Just started it, but right up my alley. Sci-fi, alien invaders, adults not faring too well, the kids so far showing survival instincts. But I'm only 30 or so pages into the book. Stay tuned. Just finished it. Excellent character description, action, and definitely the door is left open for continued adventures. 16 year old Josh and his dad live in Washington state when the invasion happens. Anyone outside of their homes or buildings is obliterated instantly. Josh's mother is out of town on a tri...more
Sammee (I Want to Read That)
4.5 Stars

This is definitely my kind of book! I really enjoyed it.

The story story begins with an alien invasion, where hundreds of strange spheres hover in the sky zapping any human that ventures outside. Josh is stuck in his house with his father, and Megs has been left alone in a hotel parking garage. Both have to find a way to survive...

I loved that this wasn't all about the alien invasion. Yes, it's an important (and intriguing) part of the story but the main focus in on how these characters...more
Cecilia Solis-sublette
This book is not bad. It relates the events of 30 days in a diary-type first person narrative. The pace is quick, the novel short. But, even that leads to it dragging a bit after about day 21. I admit that, rather than waiting around to see exactly how the father/son duo was going to let the family dog starve to death, I snuck a peak at the end to see if the end of the world had really come. I don't want to spoil it but...

The characters are interesting in their reactions and their fortitude. The...more
When I first read the synopsis for POD it had me fascinated. I mean, how could a story be written around a 15 year old boy who never leaves his house and only has his OCD dad for company and a young girl who is stuck in a multi-storey car park? Not the most exciting of places to write about huh? But you know what? This story worked so well that POD had me gripped from the very first chapter.

POD is Stephen Wallenfels debut novel and is a survival thriller with a sci-fi edge. The plot is very orig...more
I started this without knowing much about it other than it involves an alien invasion but since I'm really interested in astronomy and aliens (yes I believe!) I was really excited and I wasn't disappointed. I really enjoyed this book, yes this involves aliens but that's not really what it's about. It's about humans and what we'll do to make it, what would we do if we were suddenly house bound (or car park bound in Megs' case) with only the supplies we already had to survive?

The chapters switch o...more
POD was a fantastic, gripping read that literally kept me on the edge of my seat! Told from alternating point of views, POD is the story of fifteen-year-old Josh and twelve-year-old Megs, and how their lives are torn apart when Earth is invaded by alien spaceships, or what Josh refers to as “PODs” (“Pearls of Death”). Josh confined to his house with his obsessive dad, who immediately begins to draw up plans and create logs of the PODs’ every move – and it’s driving Josh crazy. Megs is stuck in a...more
Kirsty (overflowing library)
If I had to compare Pod to anything else I would say it is like the film signs in that they are both about an alien invasion but focusing on the human side of that invasion showing how ordinary humans would deal with such an event rather than the government or the aliens themselves. I thought it was a really clever book and liked more and more as the story went on.

The story alternates between two voices Josh who is 15 and stuck with his Father at home and Megs who is 12 and stuck alone in a mult...more
This was a really gripping read.

This book is actually two stories: one about Megs and the other about Josh.

I think I liked Josh's story the most. It was emotionally intense and I could easily picture myself in his place.

Megs' story was more suspenseful and had more action. It was cool, but where I was emotionally invested in Josh's story, Megs' story felt more like a suspenseful thriller.

The difference in their situations and how they handle things did make for a compelling read though and I co...more
When they arrived he was asleep in bed and besides his dog Dutch the only other person in the house was his over obsessive father. He was expecting to sleep for at least another hour before he had to drag himself out of bed and get ready for school. He expected to meet up with his best friend Alex. Instead he was dragged from his sleep by a head splitting screech and the presence of black spears in the sky.

When they arrived she had just said goodbye to her mother. She was awoken early by her mum...more
El Templo de las Mil Puertas
Una mañana cualquiera, Megs y Josh se despiertan para comprobar que el cielo está lleno de esferas que brillan suspendidas sobre la ciudad. Cualquier persona que se atreve a poner un pie en la calle cae fulminada al instante por los rayos que lanzan las EM (así llama Josh a estos extraños objetos, Esferas de la Muerte). Tras el estallido de luz no queda nada: ni siquiera su ropa. Los animales parecen a salvo de las EM, pero visto el panorama, es mejor no salir de casa.
Megs y Josh no se conocen,...more
Many people describe a book they read as “unputdownable” or “a real page turner” – what they really mean is that the story was so engaging it was hard to put down but of course they did in order to fulfil the basic functions of life. With POD by Stephen Wallenfels, I want to say this book was unputdownable and I really mean it. I started reading it one afternoon and I didn’t stop until I hit the last page. I had no dinner, I forgot all my chores and I ignored everybody’s attempts at conversation...more
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POD is my debut novel and I recently finished the sequel, MONOLITH. When I get a spare minute, I enjoy playing tennis, squash, racquetball—basically anything that involves hitting a ball with a racquet. Above all, I enjoy spending time with my wife and my Seattle-based son.

I’ve been writing since forever. My published life started with humorous essays in fitness trade journals and National Racquet...more
More about Stephen Wallenfels...
Pod: What Would You Do to Survive?: What Would You Do to Survive?

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