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Gravity (The Taking, #1)
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Gravity (The Taking #1)

3.81 of 5 stars 3.81  ·  rating details  ·  5,827 ratings  ·  646 reviews
In the future, only one rule will matter:

Don’t. Ever. Peek.

Seventeen-year-old Ari Alexander just broke that rule and saw the last person she expected hovering above her bed — arrogant Jackson Locke, the most popular boy in her school. She expects instant execution or some kind of freak alien punishment, but instead, Jackson issues a challenge: help him, or everyone on Eart
Paperback, 284 pages
Published December 18th 2012 by Entangled Teen (first published October 30th 2012)
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Khanh (Clowns, Nightmares, and Bunnies)
“Let me make sure I understand—you want me to lie to my dad, turn my back on my species, my people? Do you really expect me to trust an Ancient over my own family?”
“No, but I hope you’ll surprise me.”
I fix my gaze on Jackson. “Consider it done.”
I have no words.

This is your typical teenaged-heroine-saves-the-world book that really doesn't have anything new to add the standard range of YA tropes:

- The main character is really smart (but makes tremendously dumb choices)
- Her love interest is a sta
Jana (The Book Goddess)
NOTE: I read the early arc version - not the finished arc.

I was never really into aliens (until I read Obsidian!) and then I became quite obsessed with them. When I came across Gravity during it's cover reveal, I thought it was the perfect book. I mean helloooooo, have you seen the cover? The summary? The killer line 'DON'T. EVER. PEEK.'?? How can I NOT want this book? Obviously I was dying to get my hands on this. I had a hell lot of expectations for this book and lemme tell you, it exceeded my
Dear Ari,
You better live up to my name!!! (^.^)


Oh, it felt so good, so personal to read my name in this story.
Ari.. Ari.. Every time I read this name it filled me with joy and my heart started to beat a bit faster. It was like the book had been written just for me.
Well, you can’t blame me for all this excitement, because it’s not like it rains all the time with characters that share my name (and if you’re wondering – which you are totally not, but I don’t care – “Ari” is a girl (fi
Emily Anne
Gravity was such an addicting read! I finished the book in one day, two sittings. When I picked it up at my bookstore I thought it sounded intriguing and noticed it had a gorgeous cover, with a praising quote from Jennifer L. Armentrout I might add. Basically, I had high expectations and they were met.

The beginning started with such a unique bang I couldn't help but be pulled in. The taking is kind of creepy and different enough to make anyone know more. I truly felt sympathy for all the 10 year
LOVE this book. Think HUNGER GAMES meets the television show "V" with a hint of MATCHED and you'll have a pretty good feel for Melissa's series.
Stacia (the 2010 club)
Aug 14, 2013 Stacia (the 2010 club) rated it 3 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Fans of The Lux series, or people who don't like reading hard sci-fi

3.5 stars. This cover. It invokes the theme of 2001 : A Space Odyssey (the music intro), doesn't it?

Uh yeah...the book wasn't quite that epic. Boo.

Even so, I was still kind of vibing on Gravity, in spite of there being a severe loss of interplanetary stuffs (traveling across worlds through the use of trees doesn't quite give off the same "what a massive galaxy to traverse" feel). I actually liked this book quite a bit. It was fun! My not-super-high rating is only reflective of me wishing for
Jessica (Goldenfurpro)
This book was even better than I expected!!

This book sounds so ABSOLUTLELY AMAZING!! XD
First off it has aliens! ALIENS!!
There are very few cool teen books with aliens in it
I have only read 1 maybe 2 books with aliens in it
And it's also dystopian!! That's my favorite genre
but here's the sad part.....
Why? Why must I wait so long?
come to me october! come to me soon! so I can read this O-mazing book!
Come s
While I do love and enjoy sci-fi novels, I have rarely come about any that involve Aliens. I can actually only recall 2: I Am Number Four, and Obsidian. Both were good and a great change from the same old. In Gravity, we get another unique addition into the genre. The world Melissa has created has some holes and grey areas, but overall, the mix of dystopian and aliens is a great way to create an original post-apocalyptic world with very neat, but also very scary, aspects.

We begin this book with
- Incoherent plot, the premise lacks believability, the events and circumstances are never properly explained
- No resolution to the story
- Lack of proper background or world-building
- Incredibly dull, weak characters
- Cheesy, nausea-inducing insta-love
It may sound cliche, but GRAVITY is one of those special books that hooks you from the first page and just doesn't let you go.

The only world that Ari Alexander has ever known, is one in which humans are forced to play host to the Ancients. This alien race has such a powerful and frightening control of Earth, that nobody is allowed to know what they look like, where they came from or in what dark corners of the planet they hide. Most people are fine with that, but not Ari. Of course, she'd never
Gravity had the promise and potential to provide a fired-up action packed read, but unfortunately fell flat in a lot of places. Ari has always known she’s going to go to great places; she’s legally born to be a commander and has been training nearly all her life to get there. Her life’s been practically set up for her, she will marry best friend and the president’s son Law and through her training the end is within her sights. But things come crashing down around her, when she soon discovers thi ...more
Don't ever peak. In 2140, aliens, called Ancients, have come to earth. Well actually they travel through portals. Each night, Ari, as well as everyone else, must put on their patch blindfold that paralyzes them, and allow the Ancient assigned to them to enter their bedroom for The Taking. One night Ari loses her patch and opens her eyes to see her classmate Jackson hoovering above her. Ancients are not supposed to be living undercover and she knows she should report him to her father, The Comman ...more
Christina (A Reader of Fictions)
Sep 13, 2013 Christina (A Reader of Fictions) rated it 2 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: people who aren't tired of special snowflake heroines
Originally posted on A Reader of Fictions.

I am, of course, inextricably drawn to all dystopias, but the gorgeous cover on this one bumped it up my TBR pile. Plus, the fact that it's about aliens intrigued me. A straight up science fiction plot line sounded refreshing and like it left room open for serious originality. Gravity did not turn out to be quite what I was hoping for, but still proved an engaging read.

The world building of Gravity left me with copious amounts of questions. For example,
There are very few books that truly make me want to bail, hinting that there is no redemption to be found in later pages. This was one of them. I got it off of Amazon's Daily Deals push, and for me, it was awful.

Everything happens at once, there's absolutely no build, which means everyday logic gets totally bizarre: there's a war on! But also school! But things are blowing up! But we still have to go to training! Things just don't connect, it all flies in the face of logic, ESPECIALLY when you c
Blah I couldn't even finish it and I take finishing books prettttty seriously so that's saying something. The premise really caught my eye and I was excited to see where it was going but then it crashed and burned not so magnificently and imploded on itself and a little all over me too. The concept of the the taking was fantastic but then it fell into the realm of insta love which I can sometimes handle but here it was forced, awkward, not believable at all, and not to mention about as steamy as ...more
Christina (Ensconced in Lit)
I've had this book on my to read list for a while, so when it went on sale on Amazon, I knew it was time.

Gravity by Melissa West is about Ari, a teenaged girl, who lives on an Earth that has been taken over by an alien race called Ancients. Every night, an Ancient goes into each human room and takes antibodies from them so they can co-exist on earth. There has been a treaty between species that allows this to happen. Ari loses her mask that sedates and paralyzes her during the Taking, and she re
Shreya (CCReviews)
*A copy was provided for review purposes*

Gravity literally made me feel like I was floating; it made me lose my breath at certain points, and had me squealing like a love-struck girl. Everything from the out-of-this-world plot to the witty dialogue was able to hook my interest. It had me ADDICTED. I really loved how the beginning of the book didn’t start off slow but just delved into the juicy parts and got even more interesting from there onwards. As for the plot, like I said before, it was AH-
May 10, 2012 Turquoise marked it as never-to-the-ever
Seriously, people, authors are just taking this dystopian thing a bit too far now.
Okay, so I was really excited when I first saw this absolutely gorgeous cover, and when I read the synopsis I couldn't wait to get my hands on it! That "Dont. Ever. Peek." gave me the chills!!! I'm not big on alien stories per se, but this one really intrigued me and I had high hopes for it. I'm happy to say that it did not disappoint!!

Gravity is set in the 2100s, post WW IV destruction of earth via nuclear bomb and post-Treaty with the Ancients. The treaty that would require humans to help the
Oct 21, 2012 Atmika marked it as to-read
I was a little confused in the beginning. There were too many details and not enough explanation but don't give up on the book. Read on and it does get better. Once the story picks up there is no looking back. I got the book quite late for the tour and wasn't really sure that I could do a review but once I started reading I was hooked. I needed to know what happened next and I need the next book in the series NOW!. Ahh......the ending. I have so many questions. Please Melissa, if you could send ...more
Jul 17, 2012 Eva marked it as to-read
Two things:
1) There are aliens in this book!
2) How amazing is the synopsis?
As if that wasn't enough to catch my attention, here's a chapter 1 teaser that I found:

My eyes fly open, and I release a small gasp.

“About time,” he says, his odd teal and gold eyes staring into mine, challenging me to say something, but I’m too distracted by his body hovering above mine, encircled in light. Tiny sparkles shimmer from his blond hair, moving down each strand like water droplets on leaves after an April ra
2 stars.
"In the future, only one rule will matter: Don't. Ever. Peek."

Maybe my expectations for Gravity were too high. All the teasers, excerpts and reviews I read oozed awesome aliens, sweet romance and everything right up my alley. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a pretty disappointing experience.

In the world of Gravity, Ancients, an alien race, and humans live together on Earth. After WWIV destroyed Earth as we know it, the Ancients came to Earth with an offer. They fixed Earth in exchange
Four Stars: A thrilling, heart pounding beginning to a series.

Ari panics, she can't find her patch. Her Ancient is coming for the Taking and if she doesn't have the Patch over her eyes, serious repercussions will follow. It is too... late he is coming. She flings herself on her bed, terrified to move or breathe. The Ancients come every night to take the necessary nutrients from their human counterparts. As he takes from her body, she can't resist a peek, and she is shocked to find the handsome
check out more of my reviews at ***Singing and Reading in the Rain***!

With badass characters (and yes, I just said badass. But I didn't say it out loud! My parents would kill me. SHH THAT DIDN'T JUST HAPPEN) and a tough heroine, Gravity will definitely appeal to one's sense of survival and if you're die-hard fans of dystopian who love to read about rebellions and wars, but without the gory details.

Gravity's synopsis is a little disorienting, to be a little honest. I would've liked a little backg
It took me forever to finish this book. I kept hoping it would get better but I just didn't like characters very much. The world was on the brink of war and the focus was on the main character's feeling for a boy. I felt like I was reading a Twilight book. Add to that a lack of background and explanation of this futuristic world and I was ready to give up reading it halfway. It was only my stubborn insistence of finishing books that made me finish it and by then, it was a relief. Perhaps I'm an ...more
Zemira Warner
Nov 25, 2012 Zemira Warner rated it 3 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: fans of Legend
Shelves: dystopia, sci-fi
This review is also featured on my blog-YA Fanatic.

Who knew this would be such a fun and entertaining book?

When I started reading it I didn't expect much but it grew on me. First of all,there aren't many books about aliens out there. So far,I've only read two: I Am Number 4 and Obsidian(which was fantastic). I liked the world West created in this book. But I feel like the author could show us more involving the aliens and their culture. *minor spoiler ahead* But then again,we will probably see
Amy Fournier
From the first time I saw the cover and read the synopsis for this book I had been pining to read it. I am so glad that I got a chance to read this as part of the blog tour because it was really great. I have been reading a lot of sci-fi lately and have found that I really enjoy them. There aren't really many limits to where you can take a story when it has that element to it. I really loved what Melissa did with this story, and though I still have a lot of unanswered questions, it didn't have a ...more
Gravity, oh gravity I had such high hopes for you. The synopsis was so intriguing, I am not sure there was any dystopian/Sci-Fi fan who wasn't anticipating this novel. I just need to point out first that I read an early edition and I have heard many changes occurred, most of which I had problems with so keep in mind that many of the issues I will mention have probably been rectified.

In Gravity we've got two species, the humans, and the Ancients. You really don't know much on how the Ancients ar
First of all, the characters and relationships seemed either forced (the relationship between Jackson and Ari- no real passion there whatsoever), unoriginal (the development between Gretchen and Law), or under developed (pretty much every character and relationship in the book).

I can’t think of a single character or relationship in the book that actually caught my interest or made me care what might happen to them.

The plot had potential but wasn’t integrated well with the book as a whole. IMO,
1.5 Stars
Seen At Scott Reads It!
Gravity arrived on the market with alot of potential and hype. If you scroll through Goodreads you'll see tons of 5 Star reviews praising Gravity. I saw an article the other day that talked that there was possible a Gravity movie in the works. Clearly I am the odd man out here because I didn't enjoy Gravity.

Don't. Ever. Peek. In Gravity aliens are "hosting" off of humans at night to get antibodies. The humans are forced to wear some sort of blindfold so they d
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Melissa West writes heartfelt Southern romance and YA sci-fi romance,all with lots of kissing. Because who doesn't like kissing?. She lives outside of Atlanta, GA with her husband and two daughters and spends most of her time writing, reading, or fueling her coffee addiction.

She holds a B.A. in Communication Studies and a M.S. in Graphic Communication, both from Clemson University.

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